The little drummer



In America, a statement will be made today that the dollar was adopted yesterday and converted into a gold-backed currency that belongs to the people.

In Germany today, a decision of the Bundestag on tank deliveries to Ukraine. For this purpose, the special envoy U.S. Secretary of Defence flew to Berlin yesterday and the pending decision was postponed until today.

Anna Maria prayed to the Father before going to sleep:

Father, your will be done, not mine. Please, give the German people what they deserve and send us all your divine light.

Around 0:30 she woke up.

First she sees Putin with a determined expression on his face and a posture, slightly forward, as if saying, 'Come on!'

Then she sees Melania's face with a smiling and very harmonious expression.

A strong wind is passed through her.

(Dirt of the world is disposed of).

"The sacrifice ... o Lord!" 

The Lord:



She sees a little girl, about the earthly age of 10 by height. It is an elf and she is translucent, spiritual, without material body in an enchanting little white elf dress with dainty little wings and drums with her two drumsticks with both arms and hands as if on a drum, but it is not to be seen.

The little elf, that is she herself and she feels the father about 3 m tall standing behind her.

Then she hears within herself His divine thoughts:

"There are no more battles... they are led away... they could disturb the peace....

Sandbox games..."

And then:

"They will be shot."

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