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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 314

My peace be with you!

1. I have heard you once more and the union of your prayers has been the best praise you have given Me.

2. From each one of you a fruit of love, which is like a sound of harmony with your Father, detaches itself and the union of your thoughts forms a concert full of spiritual purity

3. I see with some that this tone is prayer, thanksgiving is for the benefits they have received from Me.

4. For others, this thought is full of sadness and bitterness because of the misfortunes they have met on the path. But by the union of these thoughts you form an act of faith which is homage and respect for my divinity.

5. This is the union that the Father expected from the Spirit of his children ─ this is the gift of love that you never wanted to give Him.

6. But the prayer which I have taught you at all times and which you have not always been able to offer due to lack of spiritual development is that which will guide you, and under its light you will now reach the true spiritual dialogue with your God.

7. As long as you are under the influence of my word, the world with its thorny ways will disappear for you.

8. On the seventh day your body rests from its earthly toils, and your soul ─ free as a lark ─ comes forth in desire for the inexhaustible source of my wisdom It comes to my rallies and is strengthened by the radiation of my love that I offer it in the teaching of my word.

9. I do not seek faith in some or unbelief in others. I do not seek great merits in some or small merits in others. No, people. My divine love is perfect, I am Father of all, and when I give you my teaching, I give you all the same essence, the same love.

10. If mankind in its entirety were to hear my word, there would be no blessings for some and rebuke for others. Either my reproof would be universal, or my blessing would be for all. But now is the time in which I make myself known through the human mind, and not all will witness this rallies. The number of my witnesses who are destined to hear my teaching through a voice bearer is very small. But verily, I tell you, if these witnesses know how to prepare themselves, mankind will hear my word through their lips. For all will know that the HolySpirit has taught you through the human mind.

11. For this I prepare you as Father, so that after 1950, when you have to go out to the crowds and speak in my name, my word, which is truth, will not be mixed with unfairness and lies ─ so that it will flow out like a stream of crystal clear water. For the origin of this water, which is my Spirit, is clear and pure, and that which comes from your lips must also be pure.

12. I want you to be pure always, that you may be like an oasis among men, in which all who thirst for truth may quench their thirst and not find in this water the impurity of mud.

13. When this time of instruction is over, you will tell Me: "Father, why have you been with us for so short a time? Why did You leave so soon?" But I will answer you: the duration of my teaching to my disciples of the Third Age was fixed by the Clock of Eternity, and in it you will be able to understand and continue the lessons of the past times. I have given you no other teaching.

14. I must point out my instructions to you until the last of my words, that you may not waver at the time of the trials. It is my will that you have an answer to every question, a ray of light for every doubt, the strength of my law for every weakness. Then you will be able to triumph in the fulfillment of your mission, and in doing so you will refresh your soul in the most beautiful and sublime mission which I have entrusted to you since the beginning of times, which consists in redeeming and forgiving out of love, doing good ─ not for the benefit of yourselves, but to please your Father and perfect your soul.

15. The exercise of your mission will give you peace, and once you are strong by the power of love, you will teach this humanity, which today is naked, hungry and sick, that only the exercise of good will bring the balm for their souls, which is the peace of God.

16. This will be the teaching which you will bring to men in my name, when they will no longer find the well-being and peace, which is the highest good of the soul, in science, nor in the riches, nor in the emotions of this world. Then, on their way, they will meet the humble brother, my disciple, my apostle, who teaches ─ without boasting, without trumpeting his mission, with his works of love and truthfulness. Then men will discover the mystery of peace and purify their hearts to receive perfect peace from my kingdom. For the peace of men often disappears through fear of one another. This is only apparent peace, is disquiet. With it there is no peace in the soul.

17. Fight, disciples, form in the heart of my children a kingdom of peace from which they can live in a better world, a strong world ─ not the fragile one they present to me today. For with a faint breath or arousal of the forces of nature I could destroy the vain and proud work of men. But it is the work of my children, and I respect it ─ that it bears its fruits, because I know that finally, tired of their works, they will accept the teachings of my love.

18. All my works have love and justice as their origin. All that you see, that you are able to recognize by means of the mind, even the smallest of atoms, lives and moves in the way of love and justice. For everything has been created by me, and in my Spirit there is no unfairness, nor is there imperfection.

19. Many of the great works which man shows me, and to which he has dedicated his life, strength, and pride, have not love and justice as their origin, and every work which does not have this origin will be destroyed, and men will be left as fruit only the light of experience.

20. Man has based his new life on science, by researching and building his tower of pride, his tower of Babel, from which he offers no worship to Me, does not recognize Me But verily, I tell you, man will get into confusion and in his confusion will destroy his new tower of Babel. Then mankind will recognize that since the First Times man has erected his tower of vanities, of distrust against me, and the consequences that this had in past times will be repeated in the Third Times.

21. Materialism, pride and arrogance will be thrown down, and confusion will set in among men.

22. The scholars will doubt their erudition, the scientists will find ─ when they think they have found the goal ─ an unfathomable secret. The forces of nature will turn against the scientists because they have not been used with love, and chaos will reign among men.

23. Remember that I am the beginning and the end, science and knowledge. I have given men this light, and I have rejoiced in their works when they have used them in the service of good; when they have used the gifts and abilities with which I have blessed them for the unfolding of the soul and the mind. Then they showed reverence to me, they faithfully fulfilled the task I entrusted to them. But when they have put their gifts into the service of evil, vanity, the desire for self-importance, then they have not obeyed me, have bent the way, have hurt me. But in my wisdom I have used them to carry out my divine plans, I have used them as an example for mankind, as instruments of my justice.

24. Am I an enemy of science? Am I an obstacle to the progress and development of my children? If anyone should be of this opinion, it is because he has not understood my word, has not understood the Father in his truth. For every gift or ability that exists in man must have unfoldment, because development is Universal Law.

Everything in my creation must perfect itself; you all must return to me ─ pure, perfect and multiplied. But if I have intervened in the will of man for a short time, it is because sin and human evil will has a limit, which is my righteousness.

25. Once mankind has passed through this melting pot, once the light of truth rises victoriously over darkness, then ─ o beloved people ─ people will build on firm foundations the new tower, which will be a temple of thanksgiving to God, a sanctuary of peace, where there will never be any dispute about my existence, where the knowledge of the one is the knowledge of all. There will be no idolatry, mystery, or deceit against my law. Then, with my help, people will build a world of peace in this valley of tears, where all virtues will blossom, where all sciences will be perfected. In the bosom of all institutions they will feel my voice resounding, which will tell them: "Love one another", and in their harmonious life people will recognize a reflection of the eternal homeland.

26. If man, despite his imperfections, has discovered so much ─, what will happen only when he watches and prays and feeds himself to Me? What will happen when he approaches my source of light and truth with reverence, humility and love? The HolySpirit will pour out upon men all the revelations that He has kept in His secret treasury.

When this happens, it will no longer be necessary for the scientist to rack his brains and consult his books, because his Spirit will lead him to the inexhaustible source of my wisdom. There he will find me waiting for him, always waiting for him, to reveal new and great lessons to him. Thus I will lead men from revelation to revelation, from home to home, from perfection to perfection, until eternity.

27. For these coming times I prepare you. You will all be witnesses of the fulfillment of these promises; you will all have the good fortune to be a harmonious note in the concert of the Lord.

If I avail myself of you in your offences against my law to reveal my justice, I will also avail myself of you when you live in accordance with my commandments, to reward you with my revelations, with my messages of love.

28. Today I am building a sanctuary in the heart of my children.

But in this building I must rely on the support of all of you.

29. What sanctuary does the Father mean, O people? ─ that of your soul. For at this time I see it in ruins. But I will help you with its reconstruction.

30. The sanctuary of the Lord has always existed, it has neither beginning nor end, it is his own work. It is His divine and infinite Spirit who waits for your preparation, so that you may feel yourselves within it, where everything is harmony and perfection.

31. Your planet, which is an atom in the middle of the immensity of the universe, has the task of being an image of that harmonious temple.

32. Therefore, if you come to this realization, which should not be only word or theory ─ no, disciples, which should be something that you feel and live, then you will no longer need the churches of stone. Your soul will have no desire for these places that prevent it from knowing its Lord better. It will seek freedom, and in the blessed grace that I have entrusted to it, it will find the stepladder to its perfection.

33. This will happen when man will feel accompanied and looked upon by me, when he will realize that there is no dirty dust under his feet Then he will understand that his home is a small sanctuary for me, that his world, although it is only an atom in the immensity of creation, in its entirety represents the Universal Sanctuary of God.

34. All worlds on which my children perfect themselves are like an infinite garden. Today you are still tender shoots, but I promise you that you will not lack the crystal-clear water of my teachings, and you will increase in wisdom and love more and more by watering them; until one day in eternity, when the trees will bear full ripe fruit in abundance, the Divine Gardener can replenish himself in his work by tasting the fruits of his own love.

35. Thus I prepare you, disciples, I open before you the Book of Life so that you no longer desire a particular place to worship Me ─ so that you feel Me in every place and at every moment ─ be it in the fields, in the floodplains, on the mountains or by the sea It is enough for your presence in any place that it is sanctified, because I am in you.

36. When I speak to you and teach you in this way, it is to free you from the fanaticism that you have traditionally had ─ not to create a new fanaticism among you

37. Recognize that my teaching, although profound, is simple and clear.

38. Before you are teachers, I want to see you as good disciples who learn from me, so that men do not confuse you, so that you answer every question with certainty and truthfulness, with kindness and love, because such a word penetrates most into the heart.

39. I have told you that in many cases a word of wisdom and love was enough to save a soul, that that word was not forgotten because it remained in that soul like a seal of eternal fire, and it kept that word, which was its salvation, not only in its earthly life, but even in the hereafter.

Therefore I bequeath to you my word as an inheritance, which is like a key that opens the way to peace for the souls. Do not be afraid of the ways of the cross, do not let yourselves be depressed by the misfortunes, remove the doubt, immerse yourselves in my teaching, then this power will give you great happiness. Woe to the weak, woe to those who are not strengthened by my teaching, for they will continue to stumble on the way!

40. I want my people, my witness, my disciple, to be the strong in the ways, that he may save the multitudes whom I set on his way.

41. Today you are not yet able to grasp the strength of your soul, because you are still weak in faith. But I will make this faith strong through great trials. But the trust which you have in me you must also have in yourselves, because I have given you the gifts which you carry in you.

42. Soon my rallies will end through the human mind, and after 1950 you will no longer hear me through these rallies. But you are not to turn to those who were voice bearer or gift bearer to call on me or to call on my spiritual world. Not even in the greatest trial you are to try to disregard my will.

43. Prepare yourselves so that through the power of my teachings you prevent the occurrence of many events and avoid them as far as it is my will. But when you sleep, these trials will have to come and make your work more difficult.

44. How many men and women walk in paths other than those I have marked out for you, though they have in their spirit soul the same gifts as you have If these men and women find a good teacher in you, they will know the reason for these gifts and will be able to develop them to a great extent in the knowledge of my teachings. But if they should not find a good teacher on their way, some will get into confusion, others will use their gifts to develop them according to their own imagination and will, and still others will become instruments of invisible powers, which may well be those of light, but also those of darkness.

45. So do not sleep, disciples, in regard to your fulfillment of your commission. After 1950 I will grant you a period of time so that you may reflect on your mission and in this reflection come to the unification of knowledge in my teaching. By this union you will face the events and the struggle.

46. So I warn you of all trials, and in the last year of my presence among you at this rallies I will speak to you about all dangers and will tell you the conduct to pass them

47. Hear well what I am telling you now: in the bosom of a great Church, the clergy will speak to mankind of the HolySpirit They will speak of the Third Age. They will speak of the Seven Seals. They will make a call to the churches and claim to choose the one hundred and forty-four thousand and seal them with the sign with which I have marked those chosen by my will. But I will afflict all men; among the clergy of mankind I will manifest myself through conscience and subject them to great trials. At that time I will know which of you I will use myself to give those proofs. I will speak through your mediation with the power of conviction I have given you.

48. It will not be men who make known to mankind the revelations of the HolySpirit, for in the high councils of the Lord it is He alone.

49. No man has revealed the Trinitarian-Marian spiritual teaching to you. I as Father announced it to you already in the first time through my prophets. Through Jesus, the "Word" of the Father, I announce it to you, I promised it to you as a not very distant revelation.

50. in this Third Time I have ─ by announcing myself through the human mind ─ fulfilled my promise and revealed the lessons that were hidden. It was not man who gave your Spirit the gifts ─ I entrusted them to you when you emerged from Me.

51. It was not man who drew the Trinitarian symbol on your foreheads. It was the Lord who marked you in the Spirit. It was not man who determined your task, it was my omnipotent voice.

52. How should the Father allow such profanation and deception to men? I, the Lamb sacrificed, am the only one worthy to break the seals of the Book of Wisdom, the Great Book of Life, which contains the destiny of all created things. I, the Alpha and Omega of the Divine Word, am the only one who can tell you the intimate revelations of my divinity. How could I allow the worldly-minded and irreverent one to perish the divine lessons according to his will, to dupe the ignorant and elevate himself among men?

53. Signs of these profanations (also among you) will become visible, but this will only happen so that you, beloved people, will awaken. Signs of desecration, false testimonies, false miracles will appear among men; false prophets, false rallies will appear, which will be attributed to my divinity. But this will only be a proof of the desire for progress of souls, for the coming of the HolySpirit, for the fulfillment of my prophecies and all my promises.

54. Do not delay the time of my spiritual coming among men, do not be an obstacle, by your defective preparation, to my manifestation among mankind through your works. For though you are not the Redeemer, nor are you to sound the trumpet that you will save men, nor are you the only ones in this work, yet you have been the fertile soil that patiently awaited my seed of redemption. You are a part of my legions of light, my armies of peace and truth, who are already fighting at this time for the foundation of peace. But I am preparing you so that you may live up to your mission as the strong Israel ─ a mission that you have never fulfilled at any time, but which you are to complete today, so that you may reach that home of light that awaits you, from which you will see further horizons, where you will exercise my justice and my love and rise to the level of perfection until you take the place that is given to you in the bosom of God.

55. Are these fantasies I am transmitting to you? No, people. I am giving you as men a moral teaching and I provide you with virtue so that you may live lovingly and peacefully in your home, so that your bread may not be bitter. My teaching brings prosperity, encouragement and progress, but this food is not enough for your soul. Your soul lacks a higher food to continue its journey to infinity after the death of its earthly body. For this journey I give teachings to the soul, which appear to man as fantasies ─ deep and even for the most awakened imagination unfathomable lessons. I entrust this key to your soul so that with it it opens all the doors it encounters on its path, and so that it continues its journey towards spiritual perfection.

56. My teaching contains all teachings. It is "the way, the truth and the life. Therefore you are to follow it in every moment of your existence.

57. Give the divine the highest place in your soul, and give the body what is due to it. Give to God what is God, and to the emperor what is emperor's!

58. If you learn to be righteous in your life, your step will be firm, and doubts and insecurities will disappear.

59. When once the time of your preaching comes, when your weaknesses and superfluous ritual acts have disappeared ─, when you are only concerned with what is necessary and uplifting for your soul, then you will enjoy a longer time to do my work. When you then meet someone in your way who needs what you possess, you will not show yourselves doubting like Thomas, nor like Peter in his moments of cowardice, nor will you be weak against vanities and temptations like Judas.

60. Your soul tells Me: "Master, why do You compare us to those extraordinary souls? But the Master tells you: It is true, my disciples of the Second Age were great souls who worked among men for their spiritual progress ─ a progress which the men of that time had not achieved, nor in the present one. But they were souls like you and were also human like you. Their virtue struggled against their imperfections; but since their soul was stronger, it overcame human weaknesses, and they devoted themselves to the practice of my teachings, achieved by virtue of their virtue and love the exact observance of my teaching, and the example each of them left behind was worthy of the Master who taught them.

61. You also shall give great examples worthy of the Master who spoke to you in this third time. Do you doubt me and you? I am waiting patiently for you to interpret my word, and I want you also to patiently teach mankind.

62. I, the most patient Master, explain to you clearly the lesson which you have not understood, and the test which you have not been able to pass, I again put in your way. When you pass it then, your soul will feel strong and thank Me. Then the Master will pick up the Book of Wisdom and teach you a new teaching.

63. But once this book is kept in the shrine of your heart, the Master will tell you: you are no longer disciples, you are Masters. Go to mankind, which does not know my revelations, and before them open the book of wisdom and teach your fellow men with the same patience with which I have taught you.

64. When I have shown you your faults, this was done so that you may correct them. Remember also, when you go to your fellow men and find the same defects in them, that they can be corrected with patience and love.

65. Have I preached violence in my teachings? Have I used a whip to teach you? No, disciples, I have forgiven you lovingly. You men: Have you already been patient with your companion? You women: Have you been patient with your husband? And you two spouses: Have you been patient in the upbringing of your children? If you have acted in this way, you have acted like me. If you have not acted in this way, I forgive you. But I will test you on your way of life until you have passed.

66. I leave you once more my word as a seed of love. When you sow it, remember that even the material seed does not blossom at the moment it is sown, much less can it blossom and bear fruit. All this requires love, merit and sacrifice for the upbringing.

67. The earth I grant you is the heart of men, the seed is my revelation as HolySpirit. Dedicate yourself to your tilled field, love it, bless it. For by your example you will teach new workers who will be with you the sowers of the Third Age.

68. Learn to recognize my teaching. Where can you discover it? In the words spoken by the voice bearer? No, disciples. You have my teaching in the essence of this word. When you communicate with your Lord from Spirit to Spirit ─ how can you recognize my divine voice? By the voice of your Spirit. There I will be in you forever and teach you.

69. My love will make the most sensitive strings of your hearts tremble. But it will be the conformity with your conscience that will make you hear my divine concert, and many of you will see Me in the spiritual form of Jesus. I must point out to you that the form of Jesus is not the most perfect way in which you will see Me. When I told you in past times, "All eyes will see Me," I made you understand that you will all recognize the Truth, although I must tell you that I will limit myself according to the development of each soul. But when you ascend the ladder to perfection, you will certainly see me in all my glory.

70. Do not now try to introduce Me to you in any way. Remember: If your Spirit, though limited, is essence, light is ─, what form could the Universal Spirit of your Lord take, which has neither beginning nor end? Leave the unfathomable within my Book of Divine Wisdom.

Watch and pray, and when human death once sets your soul free, I will remove for it another veil in my infinite Book of Revelations, so that it may know the Father and know itself ─ so that when you reach the beyond, you may be delighted in contemplating a better world, a wonderful world that awaits you, but which will not be the last one you inhabit.

71. Pray, people, pray for mankind With your prayer or without it I am with all. But I desire that among my children the prayer to love one another may blossom.

72. I have visited your world, and seeing your needs, I have left you a gift of love. You have not wanted to learn my divine language. But I know yours, though it is imperfect.

73. Walk firmly in my path, and you shall find it sown with miracles. Who has told you that the time of miracles is over? Is not your existence a miracle of love? Do you not suspect the danger that threatens your environment? Do you not suspect the danger that surrounds your world? Why do you not perish? Because a miracle of love protects you.

Everything that surrounds you has been created by Me as a wonderful miracle of love to make my beloved children happy.

75. The time of miracles lasts forever. I am a never ending miracle of love for all my children.

My peace be with you!

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