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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 352

1. It is a blessed moment when my Spirit sets in with you ─ a day when the paths will be illuminated by my light, so that the disciples may come to these places of gathering in desire for my words.

2. People, I receive you, be welcome!

3. I hear your prayer, and because of your heartfelt request, I spread my mercy on mankind so that every human creature may feel my caress spiritually.

4. With good will and faith you have prepared your hearts and made yourselves physically and spiritually receptive to receive the divine teaching

5. Fhrough this preparation you cause my word of love to be with you.

6. Disciples, since the first times I have prepared the ways that would lead you to the point where you are at this moment ─ to the soul development that will allow you to comprehend the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit with your Father.

7. With this I make you understand that I never let you go your way at random, and that your steps in the fulfillment of my law have obeyed a divine counsel

8. As if I had been your shadow ─ so I have followed you at all times and have always helped you to walk towards the path of life and truth For once you are on it, I will not follow your steps, but you will follow my trail.

9. Here, on my path, it will be where you will discover all the gifts that your Spirit holds ─ the only way through which he will discover in himself the necessary weapons to defend himself against the thousand dangers that lie in wait for him on his wanderings.

10. To many the way of life has seemed hard and long, because they

did not want to understand that even with their mistakes and

weaknesses are those who make the cross of their existence more and more difficult


11. They lacked ideal and love, which is why, when they threw themselves into the arms of a materialistic life, they finally felt disgusted and tired. To these souls tired of the world, who have transferred their centuries-long weariness to their human part, I have brought my encouraging word during this time, which is like a fine chisel that gradually works the rough rocks of these hearts until it has given them a beautiful and harmonious form ─ not only a form, not only external appearance, but true life, spiritual life.

12. I want that from this rock only its hardness remains, which will later be the foundation of a sanctuary, in which only truth dwells ─ a church, in which my law is kept, and in which the voice of conscience is heard.

13. My effort to teach you in this Third Age through the human mind has been marked by divine patience. For when this rallies ends, I want my word to be preserved in the heart of each of you. So tomorrow, when you realize that the time of your testimony has come, you shall feel that your soul is filled with this essence, and that your lips do not refuse to speak out the spiritual inspiration I am pouring out in you. You will see yourselves surrounded by large crowds, and yet you will feel alone for moments. But your loneliness will only be outwardly because it will be enough that you contact me to feel my loving support inwardly and also the presence of a world of light, which is invisible to your bodily sight, but is perceptible to your soul senses.

14. Will you be able to feel alone or abandoned even though you know the secret of prayer that brings you in contact with the spiritual life? Will you allow yourselves to be defeated by adversity even though you have in your being the strength of your Master? No, beloved disciples, you must not lose faith and become weak on your missionary path. For then the case will come when you shed tears because you think that you are pariahs, without realizing that your tears will fall on the treasure that you carry with you in your being and that you did not want to see.

15. Fill your treasure chest already now, but being aware of what you keep in it, and being aware of all that you possess, and of the use of each of your gifts

16. I do not want you to repeat only with your lips that you are heirs of my kingdom ─ I want you to really know why you are my heirs and what your inheritance is.

17. Only he who knows from the bottom of his heart what is in his soul will know how to make my work known. Only he who is aware of all that he knows and possesses will be able to stand firm in the great trials.

18. I see that you have progressed spiritually in the time in which you hear Me. For when you take a test in the light of your conscience, you will recognize that you have become morally better, that your faith is greater, that you have received in you some of the power that my word radiates. But I also tell you that you should not be content with what you have achieved until today, but that you should continue step by step on the path of perfection without falling into stagnation.

19. Now you know the path you are treading, you know where you are directing your steps, and you have a high ideal

20. How many of you have arrived defeated by the struggle of life, without perseverance in works, without knowing where you have gone, without goal nor hope of salvation! But today you lead a new life full of trust and ideals. Is this not a step forward on your spiritual path?

21. My light has long since shone on your path to save you from the abyss into which those souls fall who do not have the light of faith and hope.

22. I, who know the pain that is coming upon men, come with my teaching to reveal to them the way to resist the catastrophes, to overcome the temptations and to gain victory over evil and misfortunes. In this way you have had another manifestation of my love.

23. I have come to you to unite you and begin to form the new people of Israel according to a promise of Me that I have given to mankind since the first times.

24. Is it not true that you have often felt, in moments of rest or meditation, that something spiritual is approaching you? It happened because my promise was written in your soul before you would even come to earth, and when that time comes, intuition reveals itself with clarity and lets you feel the moment of my presence on your way.

25. Do not believe that this intuition has been only in you who have heard this word ─ no, it has been in every soul, for my new people will form all mankind without distinction of race, family gender, color, and language.

26. Today, as the people of the whole earth are emptying pain as the bitterest cup of all times, I have found many of your fellow men meditating and even praying, after they had gone through a trial I have seen great sinners and persistent libertines pause in their actions and how they prepared to hear the voice of conscience.

27. This was the moment when the Spirit revealed my promise to the heart, and when man asked himself inwardly, "Where does this hope that lives in me come from?

28. I will tell you: it springs from my Divine Spirit. My rod of justice touches the rock of your heart to let the crystal-clear water of repentance spring from it, in which you will wash your stains of shame until you reach renewal and cause love to spring from it.

29. No matter how severely, unrelentingly and mercilessly you judge my righteousness ─ truly, I tell you, you will always find my Father's love in her.

30. Turn your attention to yourselves: You continually purify yourselves by means of pain, but at the same time you have the consolation, the balm and the strength that my Word gives you.

31. I tell you nothing new, humanity. For in the law of the first times all is said. But your mental immaturity and the clumsiness of your comprehension have caused your Father, humanized in Jesus, to come into the world to make clear to you by works the content of the law.

32. But the human generations have not been able to penetrate to the core of my word, and have caused there to be a new explanation of the law of the first time and my works and the words of the second.

33. I am presently seeking hearts, for in some I will write the commandments of my law as if they were the tablets of stone in which in the First Time my commandments were carved, while I will put on others that they may be like the wood on which Jesus was crucified.

34. Zes, humanity, there is such a great spiritual retardation among men that it will be necessary to repeat the past so that they may awaken and ─ once awakened ─ will receive my new message, which is the explanation of everything revealed in the earlier times.

35. I know how to use the moment when I meet a man of self-contemplation, of testing by his conscience, or devoted to prayer, to announce to him that the hour of his resurrection has come to true life. It is the moment when the soul breaks the chains that bound it to the world and, out of the purest of its being, emits the cry for freedom, like a prisoner who, after a long time of imprisonment, finally sees those bars open before his eyes that have been his martyrdom ─ like a shipwrecked man who, after desperately fighting the churning sea, finally sees the longed-for beach on the horizon.

36. I tell you: The trials that man has created for himself in this time are very hard, for so they are necessary for his salvation.

37. In the most beloved of every man, divine justice will be carried out to demand an account of the work of every human creature.

38. Now then, beloved people, you who have had a foreboding of my presence in some form tangible to your immaturity ─ here you have me, humanizing my word so that you may feel it and understand it. You, who have had many moments of reflection on your past, on your present and on the eternity that awaits you, are currently assuming a great spiritual responsibility towards humanity: to be witnesses of my new message ─ of this Word that you have heard at the foot of the Mountain of the Third Age.

39. Nor must you fight much against the "flesh" and against the world, so that you are no longer its servants ─ nor must you purify your heart much, so that you make it a worthy bearer of my word.

40. Therefore it is necessary that my work subject you to a constant struggle, and that the tests as wise lessons are not lacking in your lives, so that you may live awake.

41. I assure you that the one who has strengthened his faith in pain will be the one who throughout his life remains faithful to my law with the greatest steadfastness. For there are some who only feel faith revived when they receive benefits. But if what they ask or hope for does not reach them, then they turn their backs on me. But this is not faith; this cannot be the bulwark in which to take refuge in the great battles of life.

42. How important it is that man should gain the knowledge of what spiritual atonement means, so that he, in the knowledge that the soul has a past that God alone knows, may accept his cup of suffering with love, patience, respect, and even joy ─ in the knowledge that he thereby washes away past and present stigma, settles debts, and acquires merits before the law.

43. There will be no spiritual upliftment in pain as long as one does not suffer with love, with respect for my justice and devotion to what everyone has achieved for himself. But only this exaltation in the midst of trials will be able to give men the knowledge of what is the law of spiritual reparation.

44. Do not tremble at these revelations; on the contrary, rejoice at the thought that this word will destroy the idea you had of eternal punishment and all the interpretations given to you in times past by the eternal fire.

The "fire" is the symbol of pain, self-accusation and repentance that will torture the soul and purify it, as gold purifies itself in the crucible. In this pain is my will, and in my will is my love for you.

45. If it were true that it is fire that cures human sins, then all the bodies of those who have sinned should be thrown into fire here in earthly life, in life, because they would not feel it dead. Because the bodies never rise into the spiritual space ─ on the contrary, once they have finished their task, they sink into the interior of the earth, where they merge with nature, from which they took life.

46. But if you believe that what you call "eternal fire" is not meant for the body but for the soul, this is another grave error, because there are no material elements in the spiritual realm, nor does fire have an effect on the soul. What is born of matter is matter, what is born of spirit is Spirit.

47. My word does not come down to attack any faith conviction. If anyone thinks this, he is very much mistaken. My word will explain the content of all that has not been correctly interpreted and has therefore produced errors that have been passed on among mankind from generation to generation.

48. What value would my law and teaching have if they were not able to save souls from error and sin? And what sense would my presence as a human being in the world have had if there were many who would have to perish forever, in an atonement without end?

49. Hear my word, and ye shall experience from how many darknesses it shall deliver you. Hear my word, and you will discover all the revelations your soul longs for ─ the knowledge you must have and all explanations for your doubts.

50. I reveal to you in my teachings all that man should know about the spiritual life in order to be able to direct his path of life to that plane of existence.

51. So you will have an idea of the development of the soul, you will have knowledge of the stages which the soul passes through, and you will know the meaning of reparation. But if you truly wish to understand my teachings, I tell you that you must learn to leave that level of materialism on which you live, from which it is impossible for you to see the light of truth.

52. The mind is not able to comprehend the content of this work by itself. It also needs spiritual sensitivity and intuition to penetrate the core of my spiritual teaching.

53. This is the reason why I teach my disciples to pray from Spirit to Spirit. For without this way of praying, men will not be able to attain the enlightenment of their minds by other means.

54. The times ─ announced by the prophets, those in which the Spirit of Truth would come to enlighten everything, are just those that you experience. But I wanted to surprise you by announcing myself in this form to put your penetration into the meaning of the prophecies to the test, in which it is said that I would announce myself spiritually through the human mind.

55. Today, when my promise has been fulfilled, when I made myself known to men through them, I want you not to forget that one of the greatest aims of my rallies has been that you would spread in the world the way of praying and rising which I have taught you, so that man may know how to prepare himself to feel my presence in his soul, in his mind and in his heart.

56. Do you not think, beloved people, that it would be better if it were you who would announce to mankind my presence in Spirit in this Third Age, and not the unleashed elements, the unleashed storms, the earthquakes, the cities destroying, the land devastating seas, and land becoming sea? Do you not think that it would be more spiritual and human on your part to forestall these events by your love and mercy?

57. Prepare yourselves in truth and in spirit, then I will use this people like Noah, who is strong in faith, and advise him to build a spiritual ark in whose bosom men will find salvation ─ an ark built by faith, by spiritualization, by mercy, which is to be a true temple of peace, of security, and a refuge in both material and spiritual misfortunes

58. When the times pass, and men examine and investigate testimonies and signs to prove the truth of my rallies, they will understand that all that happened in these times was nothing else but one of the many signs which announced to the world the end of my rallies and the beginning of another period.

59. How much the prophets of the third age slept! Only seldom do they open their eyes and prepare themselves to see what is coming. Therefore this people does not know everything that it should know about the future, just as in other times Israel was prepared and warned centuries before an event by its prophets.

60. It had to be my word that warns and shakes you awake, as I do on this day, when I also announce to you that Divine Justice will afflict the authorized or ruling people of the earth, because they too are to purify their souls. They will be afflicted more and more because in this way I will prepare the time of peace, welfare and union, which will follow the time of trials.

61. After the new flood the rainbow will shine as a symbol of peace and the new covenant which mankind will spiritually make with their Lord.

62. You must prepare yourselves for a hard fight, for you will all have to fight against the dragon of evil, whose weapons are glory, hatred, earthly power, licentiousness, vanity, selfishness, lies, idolatry and fanaticism ─ all powers of evil born from the human heart, against which you will have to fight with great courage and faith until you have defeated them

63. When the dragon of your passions is slain by your weapons of light, a new world shall appear before the eyes of men ─ a new world, though it be the same; but it shall appear more beautiful. For then men will use it for their welfare and progress, instilling an ideal of spiritualization in all their actions.

64. The hearts will be ennobled, the minds of men will be enlightened, the Spirit will be able to bear witness to its existence. All good things will flourish, all uplifting things will serve as seeds for human works.

65. In the material world you will also experience transformation: The rivers will be rich in water, the barren fields will be fertile, the forces of nature will return to their accustomed paths, because there will be harmony between man and God, between man and divine works, between man and the laws dictated by the Creator of life.

66. Does my word appear to you as a fantasy? Then it is because you cannot realize that you are at the end of an earthly period and at the beginning of a spiritual age. Your walk through this world is so short that many of you are not able to notice the changes that are taking place in the material life or in the spiritual life. For sometimes these transitions take centuries to complete. Only the study of a mind uplifted by faith, by goodness and by prayer enables you to become aware of the influence of time on men.

67. When you, who hear me with skepticism, are once in the spiritual, you will be able to grasp this truth in all its fullness, because then you will be able to compare your existences on earth on the different occasions in which you have inhabited them, and you will be able to judge the development, the aims and the principles of every earthly stage and of every spiritual era. Then you will lament not having been able to use the experience of your soul to accomplish works worthy of those who have been students of life for so long.

68. I leave these words written in your Spirit so that, when you become witnesses of their fulfillment, you may bless my word and set out to bear witness to my teaching and explain all the events I am currently prophesying to you.

69. I know that the repentance of those who have not believed my word or rejected it will be very great when they witness its coming, and their hearts will then escape sentences asking me for forgiveness because they doubted But I also know that among them will be those who will be filled with fervor and who will turn into the most tireless sowers of my teachings.

70. Man, in order to maintain his faith as a living flame, has always needed extraordinary events to make him think and to lift up his feelings. For lack of spiritual development, he doubts the truth when it is revealed in a simple way and does not come wrapped in veils of mystery.

71. You have always sought me through pain; few are those who seek me through love and gratitude

72. Man should know himself, so that he may become aware that he is not only matter, but that he also has a noble, good part of being, which is Spirit.

73. Those who have developed higher in soul recognize Mary as Spirit, without giving her a certain form. But those who must see in order to believe, their mental retardation forces them to seek out images that represent their mental qualities.

74. If you take the Master as your model by controlling the body so that your spiritual gifts may unfold, you will be able to receive from Me everything you need to do good. But you are not to do this to boast about it before others, but to follow your Master.

75. If you seek God, seek Him in the spiritual, in the good, in the wonders of nature, but do not seek God in the images.

76. Mary is the Spirit, who is so much merged with divinity that it forms one of its aspects, as the three forms of revelation represent: The Father, The Word and the Light of the HolySpirit. In this sense, Mary is that Spirit of God who reveals and embodies the divine care.

77. Mary is the one who inspires you and encourages you to acquire merits and to receive the trials of the world in which you live with devotion and readiness, so that in the midst of the trials you may find spiritual happiness, since this helps your soul to attain greater elevation.

78. The soul shall rejoice and be partakers of God But first it must develop by inhabiting various bodies, and then continue its development on high levels of life until it enters eternal perfection.

79. My people, do not be content to only hear My word ─ fathom it, so that when you no longer hear Me in this form, you may feel strong and follow the example of your Master by doing good to mankind. Your actions shall always be based on my truth.

My peace be with you! 

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