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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 340

1. With love and mercy I remind you of My words I gave you in the Second Time when I taught you to love one another and to leave clear traces of My love in your way

2. I taught you to love your God more than all created things. But in this Third Time I turn again to your soul to give it my love, my light and my mercy.

3. Do not depart from my bosom, for you do not know what the future will bring you, and I do not want you to be weak in that time. You are the Chosen People who will set out to show the world the safe way and give it syllable by syllable the teaching I have entrusted to you. But my work is not another religion ─ it was the people who created the religions according to their intelligence. My work is a teaching, is a law that I have brought to you since the beginning of time.

4. In the present time, mankind empties the cup of suffering and says, "It is the punishment of God. But the Father tells you: "I am love and I do not punish you. It is you yourselves who have obtained your purification." In this time I give you the teaching, and you receive it through the word, through intuition, the gift of the seer and revelation. I strengthen your soul so that it will not be surprised by the temptation, which always wants to lead you away from the way of light.

5. I hear those who say to Me at the bottom of their hearts: "Make us worthy to be a part of Your apostle body. But I tell you that after 1950, I will train new disciples and servants of Myself who will receive My messages through intuition and through inspiration, so that they may speak to mankind.

6. You wonder what is the meaning of the "seven steps of the ladder of heaven" and your Master tells you with certainty: the number seven means spirituality, it is the spirituality I want to see in my Chosen People of Israel You must come to Me with all your virtues and developed abilities. On the seventh stage or stage of your development you will arrive at Me and see that heaven opens its gates to receive you. I do not leave you for a moment, and if the pain is in your heart, it is not because I have left you, for my love is infinite. The reason is that the Father has allowed pain to come to you so that you may be awakened and awake.

7. You, beloved people, are with me in representation of mankind You form a part of the tribes of Israel, the 144,000 marked out of my chosen people. But some of you are in the spiritual, and others in the material.

8. This message of peace and comfort you shall bring to all places on earth, because the need of mankind is great. I have filled your travel bundle full to bursting with my gifts of love and have put a sword in your hands so that you may remove the darkness that wants to stop you on your way.

9. In this third time I have laid the table for you and given your soul the spiritual food. For it is the HolySpirit who enlightens you so that you may attain spiritualization.

10. Elijah has been the forerunner in this third time. He has united you in the obstacle of my love and helps you to go on in this way, so that you may learn to forgive and love one another. Everyone who follows my teachings will reach the light and peace of mind, and joy will overflow in his being.

11. In my love I have granted you freedom of will so that you may come to me through your own will. But since you were not able to rise up, I have come to you to teach you the way with the tenderness of my divine love.

12. The true spiritualist will be recognized not by his words but by his good examples. To help you in your ascension, My shining ray comes to your world to enlighten and uplift your souls.

13. People need my love, my word, which must reach to the bottom of their hearts. The Master struggles tirelessly to make your souls more enlightened every day so that, freed from ignorance, they may rise to higher regions.

14. The gates of my kingdom are open, and "the Word" of the Father comes to you with infinite love to show you the way anew.

15. I have come again to mankind, but they have not felt Me, because I have appeared spiritual and their materialism is great. Since your soul sprang from my Divine Spirit ─ why then have men not felt me? Because they have bound their souls to materialism, to the lower passions. But here is the Lamb of God, who comes to you as light to enlighten you and bring the truth.

16. My word is the food for your soul, is the crystal clear water in which it will purify itself to receive from its God that which comes to you. Do not seek the treasures of the earth, seek the eternal treasures, so that you may know the glories that surround you.

17. Rise in difficult moments, when you feel sad and depressed, in prayer, so that you may receive mercy from your Father.

18. My people, you feel low because you have lacked faith and trust. But truly, I tell you, if you lack faith, you will lose courage and your soul will feel weak, sad and dejected. I want you to put your faith and trust in your Father so that you may obtain all that you need. Love that you may be happy, be good and undemanding, suffer with patience and forgive the insults of your neighbor.

19. I have called you to receive my teachings anew, and that you may let me dwell in your heart and do my will ─ so that I may reveal myself through your mediation through good works.

20. In the Second Time I, Christ, revealed Myself through the lips of Jesus of Nazareth, and as men called Me life as man, this message of light continued to illuminate your world, and so it will at all times.

21. Fathom every word of mine, then you will be able to reach the light of truth, and your soul will become ever greater and ascend the perfect stepping stone of my spiritual light.

22. My light has always been with men and has revealed itself through my messengers. The Apostles of the Second Time ─ enlightened by the light of the HolySpirit ─ have sown the spiritual seed of my teaching. In the Third Time I teach you with infinite love, whereby I likewise make use of the human mind, so that once you feel yourselves full of this light and mercy, you bring these rays of light and mercy to mankind. Just as I teach you, so teach ─ as you receive from me, so bring my word to your fellow men with infinite love. Do not point to the transgressions of your neighbor, because I have not come to betray your transgressions. Walk in my way and sow roses, even if you have to reap thorns. If the thorns hurt your heart, I will heal your wounds. I will give you healing balm, comfort and strength of soul.

23. My people: there is tribulation in the world; but verily I say to you, it shall not be for ever. For I have come to remove the darkness of the world and leave its spiritual light, so that this great tribulation may be removed forever, so that mankind may feel happy, as it is my will. But do not blame the father for your sufferings, nor for your wars, because this has not been my will.

24. I have offered you peace, unity, brotherhood, and good will, and have taught you how to love one another. I do not want warriors in your world, nor pain to take possession of you. It was the people who wanted it that way because they did not know how to love and forgive one another. I as Father have forgiven you, for since your sin was great, your tribulation was also very great. For your pain I have forgiven you because everyone who suffers and weeps deserves the compassion and mercy of your Heavenly Father, and in this time I dry your tears.

25. Love and forgive so that you may come to my kingdom and wear a garment of light on your soul. Your Master shows you the way so that you can save yourselves. But just as I reach out my hand to you, you are to reach it out to your fellow men and lead them gently on the way and show them your love and your good will.

26. What has been the cause of your pain, my people? Your faults. They have turned into thorns that have wounded your hearts. But my love heals your wounds.

27. I say to you, give no reason for your pain. Come in my way with the white robe of virtues, that you may enter the kingdom of heaven.

28. You are to be a part of the spiritual hosts of luminous beings, because I have given you the light of the HolySpirit that you may shine like the stars in the firmament.

29. I say to you again, I am the truth, the way, the light, and the life. Come to Me because I call you to make use of these high qualities of my Divine Spirit.

30. At this time I show your Spirit broad horizons so that you may free yourselves from materialization and reflect on all the good you can do for mankind

31. With willingness and obedience you are to carry out my orders and control your body, so that you do my will in the cooperation of soul and body.

32. You have my love and my spiritual benefits. You who have my peace shall pray for the nations that are in chaos.

33. I make myself felt in the hard heart of men ─ of those who have the intention to stir up wars ─ so that they may realize that my will is stronger than their warlike intentions. If the heart of those men remains hard and does not let itself be changed by my will, my justice will be felt all over the world.

34. Pray for mankind, beloved people, fight and work so that through your mediation they may receive my mercy. For this is your mission and the reparation that your soul has in this time, that you may earn merit.

35. Sleep not, O Israel, advance with the light of the HolySpirit in the fulfillment of your difficult mission. In this time the youth go forth, and like Cain the brothers rob each other of their lives.

36. Rise, and bring to the world my light and balm for their great sufferings. Fight with the lightsaber and save the world from its sin. Eliminate through your prayer the evil influences that beguile men. I want the world to recognize you as messengers of my divinity, and in this time in which I judge you all, I want you to be my servants in whom I have placed the light and power to smash the dark machinations of the world.

37. Protect your children in this time from idolatry. In the various religious communities many ask me: "Lord, You said that You would return. Why do you not reveal yourself to us?" These are the people who have not understood Me, for I am fulfilling My word at this time and doing My will among My chosen ones, so that they may be the ambassadors who awaken humanity and bear witness to My presence at this time.

38. Israel: In this third time, great multitudes of people await you. You should be like a rainbow of peace and light when you bring them the Good News.

39. It is necessary that ye speak to them that hide my word, and that distort my teachings. Speak to them in all clarity; I will stand by you to make your stand with them. For it is men who are the reason that my work will be criticized tomorrow and my law will be falsified because they have added something to my work that does not belong to it.

40. Mankind will accept my teaching out of conviction, but my true servants will not act as masters before men. Tomorrow you will have to set out courageously to accomplish your mission in places near and far, so that the world may go within itself and fulfill my will. But how many trials await you, Israel! How many of my children will rise like hungry wolves because they want to destroy you! And if you are not prepared, you will feel great pain, although this is not my will. Be prepared and obey every one of my instructions so that there may be bliss among you and in mankind.

41. You let your life pass you by and tell Me that I should forgive your transgressions as you forgive your fellow men But truly, I tell you, only lips repeat those phrases learned by heart, but it is not your heart that offers me a real and true fruit of your works.

42. Sometimes, when some trial is upon you and you wrongly ascribe it to a divine punishment, you tell Me: "Lord, since I have forgiven my brother ─ why do you not forgive me? Instead of saying, "Father, forgive me if I have perhaps not forgiven my brother with the truthfulness and sincerity with which You have taught us.

43. If you would learn to meditate daily for a short time, and if your meditation were on spiritual life, you would discover infinite explanations and receive revelations that you could not obtain in any other way.

44. Your soul already possesses enough light to question me and receive my answer. The soul of man has already reached a great height of development. Observe your fellow men from humble circumstances who, despite their lack of knowledge, surprise you with their profound observations and with the clear way in which they explain to themselves what is something inexplicable to many others. Do they draw this from books or schools? No. But out of intuition or necessity they have discovered the gift of meditation, which is part of spiritual prayer. In their seclusion, shielded from influences and prejudices, they have discovered the way to enter into contact with the Eternal, the spiritual, the True; and some more, some less, all those who have meditated on the true essence of life have received spiritual light in their minds.

45. Man will discover the truth by means of his Spirit; all will feel my presence; for I have already told you at that time that every eye will see me when the time has come.

46. Now this time in which you live is just that time announced by my word and my prophets of former times, in which all men shall see me by means of the sensations and abilities of their Spirit.

47. It will not be necessary for them to see me limited in a human form to be able to say that they have seen me, but it will be enough that their Spirit feels me and their intellect understands me to be able to say quite truthfully that they have seen me.

48. Love and faith and intelligence can look infinitely farther than your eyes can do. Therefore I tell you that it is not necessary that I limit my presence to the human form or by means of any symbolic figure to cause you to see me.

49. How many of those who saw Me in that Second Time or went with Me did not even know who I was. How many, on the other hand, who did not even know when I was born as a man, saw Me in the Spirit, recognized Me by My light and enjoyed My presence because of their faith.

50. Open all your eyes and prove by your faith that you are the children of light.

51. All of you can see Me, but for this it is essential that you have good will and faith.

52. The gates of the kingdom, that spiritual home to which you are to go to know everything, are open in expectation of your soul.

53. Do the utmost in this life to have the necessary power to ascend to the light when the liberation of your soul occurs But be great in love and in forgiveness, in mercy and in light, so that when the hour arrives for you to leave the body, you will easily rid yourselves of your earthly burdens, and then you will be able to reach the home of peace freely on the path of ascent, without stumbling.

54. To help you in your development, my word comes down again to men to show them the way of salvation. Lovingly I take men of good will by the hand to lead them to the light and to show them at every step on the path the beauties never before discovered.

55. When I speak to you of beauties, I do not refer to nature, because for this you have awakened and developed your senses. I speak to you of the beauties of spiritual life that you do not know. For since you have been cold or indifferent to them, you are content with images or figures created by the human mind.

56. I give you the keys to open the doors to your eternal bliss. These keys are the love from which springs mercy, forgiveness, understanding, humility and peace with which you shall go through life.

57. How great is the happiness of your Spirit when He has dominion over matter and rejoices in the light of the HolySpirit!

58. The trials of this life cause you to lose faith for a short time. But trust in Me, I encourage you to fulfill your mission, and day by day I will continue to strengthen your faith.

59. I have prepared you so that through your mediation the purification of mankind may happen ─ so that you may bring my light to the nations that are facing their great problems. Humanity is sobbing and seeking freedom to enter the path of spiritualization.

60. Every day I await the arrival of my new disciples to entrust them with my work and make them an example of humility and a pure mirror for humanity. They are to set out without boasting that they are my chosen ones, and fight and work as preachers of faith to bring my light to the world.

61. Great is the number of the multitudes who hear me in this time, but few are those who have prepared their heart as a sanctuary of my divinity.

62. Short is the time for my rallies among you, and therefore I will see you prepared. I say to you, my children, the gates of my kingdom await you, as it was when you crossed the wilderness with Moses in the First Days to enter the land of Canaan. You are like the "Prodigal Son" in that you return to my Father's breast, feeling again my caress and having my teachings, and when you came to Me naked, I covered you with my spiritual mantle so that you would not feel ashamed. I have shown you a new day and have given you the food of my table. For I have seen your falls, and as a father I have felt your pain. But in this time I have brought you comfort, my word as the bread of eternal life, my peace and joy in your life, so that you may feel yourselves in the arms of your Father.

63. The spiritual world also felt happiness when it saw that you are with me again. It has joined you to work in my corridor, to receive the needy and the sick, to drive away darkness and to give balm to the mentally ill.

64. Just then, when you move away from me, I watch over you all the closer so that you do not fall into the abyss, because my love is boundless. It is you who I have rescued from the stirred up waves to show you the saving harbor. I will lead you on the way, and my spiritual world will protect you and help you to rise up to me.

65. The number of my servants has multiplied, but few will be the ones who will be obedient after my rallies through the human mind have ended. But I tell you that you will then spiritually have my rallies. After you have received my teachings page by page, it is now your task to set out to make the call to mankind.

66. You carry in your soul the gifts of the HolySpirit and my love so that you may be recognized as the spiritualist Trinitarian Marian people.

67. The HolySpirit will enlighten you, the book of teaching will remain open, and syllable by syllable you will understand all that your Master has given you in this time It will be the Third Testament that will come to mankind ─ the word that I have brought to you in this Third Time through the human mind.

68. When the light of my HolySpirit enlightens you completely, you will prepare yourselves with sincerity and love so that you take its meaning from my word and bring it to mankind as food and balm.

69. The sighs and sobs of this mankind come to Me. But I ask you: Who has wounded you? you are silent, and therefore I tell you that it was your faults that tormented you For men have strewn their way with stinging thorns without wanting to understand that they would have to walk on them later.

70. Sometimes you think that it is an injustice to suffer the consequences of the mistakes of those who walked on the earth long ago. But which of you can affirm that you were not among those who sowed the path with thorns? Many people will smile at this teaching, but it will not be their soul that mocks it ─ it will be their heart. For man has always been skeptical and unbelieving when it came to the spiritual. But it will be enough for me that my word is known to them, so that despite their irony and unbelief something in them tells them that this word can contain a core, which they cannot recognize out of stupidity.

71. Which one who knows my teachings will still seek to escape Divine Justice? ─ No one.

72. How many people, having lived a sinful existence, have seen themselves without suffering and pain throughout their lives, and when their last hour in the world has come, they have believed that they have ridiculed Divine Justice, or at least escaped it. When they are then in the "spiritual valley," those beings ─ instead of finding themselves in the eternal torment of which they have been spoken to in the world ─ have seen themselves with surprise wrapped in a breath of light and peace, which was suitable for reflection and examination of conscience. Who had to tell them in those moments that they would have to walk again the path they had taken on earth? Then the soul feels the burden of a wise and implacable justice upon itself. But it is materialized and does not comprehend anything of eternity, nor of spiritual perfection. It rebels because it considers unjust all that which is necessarily just and loving.

73. If you all already had this knowledge, the way in which you bear your toils and sufferings would be another. There would be no despair in your sufferings, but on the contrary, you would have the inner satisfaction of fulfilling a reparation to purify your soul, and instead of blaspheming and rebelling ─ making that reparation longer and more painful ─ you would strive day by day to lighten the burden by hoping to feel your soul free of blemishes.

74. In this Third Age, which is that of judgment, in which spiritual reparation must reach its climax to make way for a new age, I make my voice heard in the world to wake men from their sleep and show them the way to transform their cup of suffering into a wine cup of eternal life.

75. I have revealed to you the way to shorten the days of tribulation, to deliver you from the thorn with which you have hurt yourselves, and I have told you that I do not want you to continue hurting yourselves along the way I fight your faults by giving light to your mind so that it understands the causes of its sufferings and knows how to avoid them. In this way you will no longer blame fate or your fellow men for everything that happens to you. For the thought of being responsible for it yourselves will not make you wait until your misfortunes cease, but you will immediately set out and use all your effort and willpower to free yourselves from the yoke of suffering, sin and ignorance.

76. The light is spread all over the world, no man who hears this word will have the right to say that it has brought him into confusion Before this teaching reaches the peoples of the earth, my spiritual presence will have awakened them, and they will foresee the coming of good news. My message will come to bless you, to comfort you, to help you to free yourselves from materialism and rise to a better life closer to the truth.

77. So, disciples, if you have to return to the world one or more times, let this happen so that you may reap tasty fruits that were formerly nurtured by you, so that your soul may experience the satisfaction of having before it the opportunity to finish some work that has been started.

78. Do not leave this planet without first having completed the work commanded by your Spirit.

79. How painful it is for the one who must return to find that work which he has hardly begun, and which he must now see united with new tasks, responsibilities and efforts!

80. I come to help you make up for your mistakes, to reveal to you the mystery of replacing in one day a lost year and in one year a badly used century, thus enabling you to take possession of eternity.

My peace be with you! 

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