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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 347

My peace be with you!

1. On this day I receive you and bless you. Your soul is prepared, attentive to the voice of your Spirit to receive my teaching. I read in your hearts, caressing you and giving you My Word, and this will be a balm to ease the sufferings of your life.

2. But I do not only comfort you in this time, but I invite you to be my disciples. I tell you: Take up your cross and follow Me! Remember my examples in the Second Time with every step you take. My coming as a man in that time has not been in vain.

3. My suffering, my word and my highest commandments are written in your soul. There is the book that I wrote in the three times, there is my word that I gave through all messengers, there are the testimonies and the deeds. You can find everything in you if you learn to enter into your soul. You are no longer little children spiritually, because you have gone through the path and are in maturity, at the peak. You, who have heard my word in the first, second and third time ─, how could you doubt this message? How could you erase the announcements I left written in your souls, since I promised you to return ─ since I told you: "I will be with you one more time. But I did not tell you in what way, I only let you know and marked the time and the events that would speak of my return ─ I foretold you everything. Now I tell you that there will be great trials so that you may be sure that the HolySpirit has descended upon your Spirit to complete His mission among mankind.

4. Now is that time! All the announcements given by Me have come true. All the prophecies of those who have spoken in Spirit and in truth have come true.

5. Here I am present, always with you, I have not hidden Myself In this time, that is, from my departure in the Second Time until my coming in the Third Time, I have always been present for mankind. My light has always shone among you, my love is the same, also my teaching and my examples, it is just another phase of revelation.

During this time I have made my word physically audible to make myself understood to you. I have used your language so that you may understand My communications, and here I am, people, full of love among you with open arms, and as the Father receives his Prodigal Son, so have I received you.

But I will make you my disciples ─ I want you to be witnesses of all My words and rallies. I want to leave the Testament of the Third Age, the precious book corresponding to this period, written in your heart.

6. You have heard my word through the mediation of numerous voices. Each of them has a commission from Me in this time to fulfill a very important part. His responsibility is very great, and when this time of rallies through the brain of man is over, I will demand accountability from each of these voice-bearers, and they will have to answer to me regarding my words, the light that I gave to their brain to be translated into words and faithfully transmitted to the people ─ the people who love me, and they will have to answer to me. But also the people will have to give me an account of all words that they have received, and when the time of full activity has come, I will demand account from all.

7. Today I have come to you as father and as master; my judgment among the people of Israel has not yet begun; I have not yet demanded the harvest from you today I still leave you time, but the Master tells you: use it to act, to study, to penetrate my teaching, which is profound so that you may love Me because of it and always follow Me

8. I have a place in my Spirit for each of you. Once you have earned this high reward, you will come to Me. Fight until then on earth and after that on the way where to send you is my will, so that you can offer me the fulfillment of your commission. Remember that I always accompany you, that my gaze follows you everywhere, that my protection for each of you is unlimited, that your pains are not unnoticed by me, that I read at the bottom of your heart and know your future.

9. So, people: love Me, study My teaching so that you may understand all that I want to tell you and that which I want to bequeath to you I as Father come full of love to give you commandments and commissions, because you are the people responsible for mankind, who must be teachers, examples, leaders. That is why I have taught you day by day, that is why my "word" has not been silent. I have given you a long time to hear Me so that you may finally open your mind and prepare your heart to understand Me.

10. In the Second Time I spoke to you for only three years. My word was unceasing. At that time I spoke day and night to the disciples ─ to those who approached to hear Me. I lived with you, you saw all my deeds. You were witnesses of my birth, have witnessed my growing up as a man. I did not hide myself from you, I wanted all my deeds to be known, but you judged me, people, without being a judge. You have judged my childhood, my youth, you have judged my passion, and though you are my creature, you have sometimes misjudged me. Though you are a part of Myself, being my child, you have judged my deeds as a father.

11. I am love and forgiveness. I looked pitifully at your judgement and told you: one day, after long trials, great experiences in your life, you will recognize the love that Jesus poured out on mankind ─ His laws, His mercy, and never again will you depart from the way He has marked out for you. You will lament your past and ask Me for opportunities to make amends for all your transgressions, to follow My instructions, and will voluntarily become servants of Me.

But I do not want to see you as servants. ─ I want you always to be my children, my disciples, because I have no servants. You are all my creatures, to whom I have given my attributes, my power, and my grace. You all belong to Me. Even if the world does not recognize me, it belongs to me, and I have the right to love it. Humanity, you cannot prevent Me from loving you, but you must struggle to keep all disruptions from your path and seek the light that will bring you to the port of salvation.

12. You have met endless trials in this time, beloved souls You have often stumbled, even your "flesh" makes you shed tears. But is not the Spirit stronger than the "flesh"? Have I not given you immeasurable power to fight against all adversity? Are you not part of my own Spirit? You have the power, the ability and the energy ─ all that is necessary to fight against all the dangers to your soul that you will encounter. I warn you today, people, for you will encounter even greater dangers on your way than those you have met today. But therefore do not stop on the way, do not allow your thinking to get into confusion.

13. I have announced to you the time of persecutions, of condemnations of men of other faiths. But you are my disciples, have the power and the light, and with it you will be able to triumph over all world views, over all "lights" that men present to you. For the time being you will not be able to show them any material books nor any material work. You will be able to present only your faith and your love, and these virtues, which are spiritual, they will not be able to touch. You will feel in yourselves that a great faith is gripping your being, and this will be enough to endure. You will be like an indestructible pillar on the path of others.

14. Even if the materialistic world-views should come to you, even if people want to seduce you through science, you should not bow your neck before them. You will feel in your hearts my love pulsating fully, you will feel my law living, which is inexorable, which is unchanging through the ages, and you will know how to pass it on to the generations that will come out of you. For I will leave this people as teachers of the other peoples. I will use each of you as the rootstock of a great tree, which I will provide with branches according to my will. The greater your virtues are, the greater will be the light of those who will follow your steps.

15. Fight for your loved ones, strive for the faith of the creatures whom I have left to your care. They bring with them grace and abilities and will take a step forward on the path of spiritualization. They will confirm your words, and once you are no longer with them, they will remember the law that their parents on earth obeyed, and they will then be faithful to it.

16. This is the story of the people of Israel ─ that people who will faithfully follow Me because I have called them trustees of my light, my wisdom. You have a difficult mission towards mankind, will not be able to bow to one side or the other. You know your way ─ know that your Father came down to you by making himself physically audible to speak to you, to guide you, since you were not yet prepared to dialogue with me from Spirit to Spirit.

17. I have made my rallies tangible and my word clear so that you may understand Me. But when this time is over, after this year 1950, you will certainly know the way to follow. You will be in dialogue with Me and your intuition will tell you how to exercise My teaching, how to bring this precious seed to the hearts in need. You will not waste a single seed, nor sow it at random, but you will put it down where the earth is prepared ─ where your intuition tells you that this seed will grow, and so you will be like a sower.

18. Ye shall arise in the likeness of the apostles, and sow the seed in the ways of men in their hearts and souls. But the book you must present will be the book of your own life, your own example, your faith and your trust in Me. This will convince more than what you could say with words. Therefore, make great resolutions already today for the fulfillment of your mission, people.

19. I will leave you in my place. The lips of the voices will be silent, but your lips will be prepared, your heart inspired. I will lead you on this path of infinite inspiration, then tomorrow you will speak of teachings unknown to you.

20. I will let you penetrate into the innermost part of the hearts that await Me. You will go out as messengers from Me to speak of the holy revelations with the reverence and love with which you have heard Me through the mediation of a man. Your mouth will be practiced, but you must pay attention to your words, for your lips shall never lie. I will watch you from the high beyond, and your examples shall remain written in indelible letters. Yes, people of Israel, step by step I will let you progress on the way to the fulfillment of the commission. All works need a certain time to be understood. I have given you this time so that you can reach fullness, maturity and take the path to spiritualization.

21. I did not deprive you of your former customs all at once, but gradually I made you give up those who were not pleasing to Me. I have taught you to pray with the Spirit, I have told you how to speak to your Father by entering into silence, meditation and communion with your God.

22. So you shall continue your way, people. Prayer will be your defence, faith your salvation. In the hours of trial my presence will be with you. Inwardly you will hear my greeting, as in this time: "My peace be with you", and you will then feel the confidence that my strong arm is in your arm, and that what you would do in obedience to my words will be blessed and confirmed by me.

23. So far you have remained like children and disciples around me, and I have lovingly instructed you, I have lowered my most loving words into your heart to nourish yourselves with them The soul feeds on love, there is no other food for it. So when you move away from this love, from this essence that is in My words, you feel the emptiness, the orphanage, the need to receive this caress. And when you return to Me, you fill again the emptiness of your heart with this crystal clear water.

24. I have filled this spring pot to the brim so that you may not feel thirsty, so that you may always be full of grace and inspiration, so that in your heart the love of my Spirit may live.

This spring will not dry up, people, even if my word ceases in this form. You will then receive my radiations, my sentences in your prayer, in your raptures. Everything will be comprehensible to you; I will then use no foreign language, but will continue to speak to you in the spiritual mode of expression in which I have spoken to you, and the greater your armament is, the higher contents of teaching you will be able to comprehend.

25. How many revelations will I give you, people! Everything that has not been said through the mediation of a man, I will tell you afterwards from Spirit to Spirit. But for this you must continue to pray devoutly. From prayer you will reach rapture, and when your soul is then lifted up, it will feel how the Divine Master makes clear his word, how it tells you everything in one sentence, and this sentence which I give you, you are to fathom, you are to make known to your fellow man, and so the people will be able to continue to study in this form after 1950.

26. I will not let you be idle for one day. When you are prepared, my inspiration will be lasting. I will always, when I meet you prepared, reveal to you great teachings concerning the soul and give you great prophecies which will serve the new generations because you will leave many teachings in writing. After 1950 I will allow you to write down these inspirations so that they will not be erased from weak memory, so that they will remain for all times as a legacy for mankind, and that immeasurable hunger which this world makes known to me ─ that thirst for love and for truth, for understanding, for spiritual revelations will be satisfied through the teaching which the people of Israel must bring as messengers into all regions, to the great multitudes.

27. The time of the all-encompassing judgment has come, and all works and all religious communities will be judged by me. A cry of woe will wring from the soul of man, since everything that is wrong will be uncovered; truth alone will shine forth. In mankind there will be an awakening, and then men will say to me, "Father, give us your help, give us a true light that guides us. And that light and that help will be the teaching of the HolySpirit, it will be the teaching which I have given you and which also belongs to all of them, because I am the Father of all.

28. My Spirit already sees the orphanage of men ─ the emptiness that everyone feels in his heart. I see how they try to fill this emptiness with earthly pleasures and find nothing with which they can quench their thirst. Everywhere they seek this relief, the balm, and find nothing to quench their thirst. But when ─ humanity asks itself ─ and with whom will we find this balm and this peace?

But the Father says to you, mankind: I await you; everything you need is in Me and is in you, but you have not known how to seek it. You have lost your way in various ways and have sought peace where it is not. You have sought true love and true light where they are not. Seek Me, and with Me you will find the love that must fill your heart, and with Me you will find peace of mind, light and healing balm.

You are already exhausted from your search and no longer knock at the doors of my Spirit. You are foolish, but I am waiting for you, and when you knock at my door, it will quickly open and let you enter. I will show you all the riches of the kingdom and comfort you concerning your former sufferings, and then you will lament the wasted time, lament your transgressions and ask me for forgiveness and a new opportunity. I will give you everything. Everything that you ask Me for the good of you and your fellow men, I will give to you. My riches are boundless, but they are spiritual. When you ask Me for this treasure, I will give you everything and tell you: Use it! For each of the graces and gifts that I give you is of eternal life and is meant for all.

29. so I have come in this time, people, and some of you have seen Me as a pilgrim who knocks from door to door with the nations of the world Some have opened their door, others have remained closed. But I will continue to knock, will fulfill my mission as Father and as Master, will lead you step by step on my path, will give you the light, and all of you will come to your senses and understand the reason for your life.

The final goal is love, the fulfillment of my laws, and as long as you do not do this, as long as you do not practice love, as long as you do not obey my commandments, you will continue to go astray. But I have set a limit, and this limit is now soon reached.

30. After that worldwide great trial that is announced, from which you shall drink the last drops of the cup of suffering, will be the beginning of the restoration. At that time mankind must repent and return to the right path. It must recognize all its transgressions and find me.

31. Yes, people of Israel, you as a witness of my rallies, who hear how I speak and judge mankind, you too listen carefully to Me: keep my words, for you are a part of this mankind. You too have shown my Spirit the emptiness of your hearts; you too have come here thirsty and hungry. You too have quenched your thirst at the fountain of love. Think therefore of those who are not yet ready to find Me because the evil in them has been stronger. But one day this evil will be bound.

32. Mankind must find a wide field to fulfill my laws, to renew itself, and to live in peace with me. I have let them go on all paths, because I want to meet them full of experience.

Man, a child of mine, who came to earth according to my will, has gone through a thousand trials that torment his soul. But afterwards, if his faith remains firm ─ how great will be the reward he will receive! After the tribulations, the confusions and dangers he will find the light of my Spirit.

33. Fear not therefore, my people, to go through trials; fear not to be in great conflict. You will not perish in them. I will give to all my children the armament to awaken their sensitivity. After the trials, the experience and the fruit, I will speak to you and tell you: "See how useful the trial has been, how you have been strengthened in it, and how healthy and whole you are now! My will is not that you perish, My will is only that you make your soul resistant and love Me and know Me in spite of the trials and hurricanes".

34. There are nations that have endured trials by fire, bitter trials, but for them I have a reward. All those who have patiently suffered and trusted in Me will have spiritual peace, will rise above all those afflictions and bear witness to Me, and the people of Israel will accept this witness.

35. My word has an effect on all areas. I have shown you all nations, people. In dealing with you, I have spoken to you of the sufferings of them and of their distress, telling you: pray, people, be celibate, repent so that you may assist those nations in their trials. You are strong because you have entered solid ground. Pray and prepare yourself to be a bulwark for others, to stretch out your hand and give mercy to everyone who needs it; you can show mercy to your fellow men even if you do not know them. Your Spirit, who has great power and is clothed with grace, can send them that good with which I have endowed you.

Therefore, I ask you, people, above all for love ─ for love, so that you can recognize me and yourselves. Love is the original principle of my law. Love is the final goal of all works; it is what I have taught you at all times. Love, Peace and Mercy ─ these virtues are in you, you don't even have to learn to love.

36. Love is not learned, but you feel it, you carry it within you, and you, like all creatures, when you were created, you received all its abilities and qualities. Therefore immerse yourselves in yourselves, seek the virtues which I have put into your being, and exercise them in your ways.

37. How happy you will be, Israel, if you can carry out your mission among mankind, if you can develop and make tangible your gifts, if you sow and reap pleasing and satisfying fruits for my divinity. The time of full activity has not yet come, but it is already drawing near. It is the time when you will face humanity and you will have to apply all light, all wisdom, so that your steps will be secure, so that your witness will be true.

38. So I prepare you and I warn you. Every day you have my word, you hear a warning, a counsel from your Father, because tomorrow you will need it. Today you are at peace because you hear Me. But there will come periods of great struggle, and I want you to be prepared for these times, that you are united, and that this union makes you stronger so that there is not a single vulnerable spot left, but the people of Israel rally around me just at the time of my departure to hear my last words, just as a father on earth, surrounded by all his children, gives his last advice, and the children await the last moments of this life ─ and it promises to love one another and to strengthen in its virtues to be one body and one will that guides humanity.

So I will leave you, people ─ full of responsibility, but also full of grace, so that you are strong in every moment.

39. I bless you, Israel. In the various houses where you gather, I bless your good practices. I give more sensitivity to your hearts and say to you: remove all that is not perfect, that does not lead to Me ─ remove it so that it may be judged by Me at the appropriate moment and the people of Israel may not receive a painful judgment, nor see their Master bleeding and dying on the cross once more because of His imperfection, but may see Him teaching all mankind full of love.

40. On this day of grace, when I strengthen you, give you my word, which is food for you, I leave you prepared and forewarned. These are the last times of my Word and I want you to hear Me in them until the last moments so that this Word may be imprinted in your soul, enlightening you and making you strong for the times to come.

41. This is my lesson this day, people Pray for yourselves and for the people of Israel who are before the great judgment. Pray for the world, which is also facing a great trial! Let not a single day pass without lifting up your soul and considering all these trials. I have heard your petitions and will willingly drive you according to my will.

42. Blessed are you, you humble ones who hope in my mercy, who, knowing that a higher will than yours reigns over you, grant me the right to dispose of your lives. I bless you, my children, your cross will be light.

43. To those of you who stubbornly ask me the reason why you have been tested, I say, 'Be silent, do not ask me the reason. Do you know your debt to Me? Do you know in what way I will cleanse your soul so that it returns to Me as pure as it came from Me? Therefore I tell you: Receive the trials I send you daily only with patience and preparation, for my power is always with you.

44. I grant you the light you need to guide yourselves rightly and lead your loved ones on the way to salvation

45. I grant you the precious gift of dialogue with your Father, which will save you in all trials. This morning my healing balm and my consolation are with you all, are with the world and with all creatures that have come forth from Me.

My peace be with you! 

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