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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 339

My peace be with you!

1. You come to Me with a prepared soul, full of humility and gentleness, to knock on the doors of Him who is love and eternal forgiveness for His children. And you longingly expect a word that eases your pain, that answers your complaints, or that lights up light in your darkness so that you feel happy.

2. I see you coming here from different ways, each fulfilling a different destiny. But you all strive towards the same goal and seek to become one with me to feel close to perfection. And joyfully you receive my word, which caresses and corrects you at the same time. You interpret it in its real sense and begin to love me sincerely. You no longer fear anything from me as you did in other times because you know today that I am perfect love and justice, that I do not punish you, and that it is you yourselves who have to fear because you are weak and commit grave mistakes for which you later have to shed tears and which you have to make up for at a very high price. But this experience makes you live vigilantly in order to avoid the missteps that disturb the soul and cause suffering.

3. Anyone who has understood this in this way is on the right path. You are not yet doing works of the highest perfection, but you are on the way to do them because you are my disciples. The light has dispelled your doubts, the strength of the soul has overcome weakness, and trust leads you to dedicate yourselves with true love to the fulfillment of your destiny.

4. You now imperceptibly enter the spiritual path, the life of simplicity and purity that I have demanded of you, and you feel satisfied in this new life You no longer ask yourselves why I have come back to you or whether my word shows you a new way. Today you know that what I told you in the Second Time was not all that I had to teach you, that the lesson was not completed, and that I had kept for you a time of grace in which I had to resume my teachings to show you the way that leads to spiritual life, the true dialogue with me, and the explanation of my words given in that time in which I dwelt among you, which have not yet been understood by you.

5. Think, and you will finally understand that neither in the first nor in the second time were you able to grasp, feel and believe such a great lesson But the Father, who is Lord of time and eternity, with supreme patience and wisdom has taken you by the hand on the way of life, without any haste, and today you have entered a new age.

6. Now is the time of the HolySpirit, which will soon reach its climax ─ the time of great revelations and righteousness, in which the veils of many mysteries will be lifted to be all light and clarity!

7. I have opened your eyes so that you may go beyond what you have known and enter into my treasury; for I, the Father, am not a secret to my children. I want to be known and loved by you in a perfect and complete way, as I love you. I have not yet been loved and worshiped as I should be, and you do not know what joy you would give my Spirit by a moment of understanding and esteem for the law.

8. Since your coming to earth you have had my rallies within the grasp of your minds, but when you took the first steps in the path of development, your understanding was still very small, just as the child, when he is born, is small I had to limit myself to be seen and to be heard so that you could understand Me.

9. In the first times I did not fully reveal myself because your reason would have been confused and your whole being would have felt crushed. That is why I prepared you during long ages and put you at the beginning of the way to cover it step by step, and so you would reach the present time period, in which you would be able to understand and love your Father better.

10. At all times I have sent messengers to this world, who have spoken of the survival of the soul, of its immortality and of the higher life it will attain when it has perfected From the earliest days when man inhabited the earth and had in himself characteristics of innocence, as in those of greater sinfulness, and now in those of materialism and false science, my spiritual messengers have given evidence of the high degree of exaltation in which the soul lives, which has known how to maintain itself in constant communion with its Lord.

11. But the messengers of the first times were not able to explain to mankind the great periods of time which the soul goes through, and its life in the hereafter. The patriarchs, who knew how to maintain themselves in virtue, in love for their Creator, were content to lead their family, their tribe or their people along the path of justice and righteousness. But although they had the knowledge of the existence of their spiritual, universal God ─ the intuitive knowledge of a higher life for the soul in the hereafter, they could not reveal, with all their light and virtue, the path of development of the soul and the reason for its great trials.

12. The prophets spoke with great truthfulness, almost always they came to earth in times of confusion and aberration. They warned the nations and urged them to repent and be converted, announcing great trials of justice if they did not turn to good. On other occasions, they foretold blessings for obedience to the Divine Law. But what those prophets spoke was an exhortation to practice goodness, justice, and mutual respect. They did not reveal the life of the soul, its destiny and its development. Not even Moses, whom I chose to make my deputy, and through whose mediation I handed over the Law for all time, spoke to you of spiritual life.

13. The law of the Father contains wisdom and justice. It teaches man to live in peace, to love and respect one another, and to prove himself worthy as men in my sight. But Moses did not show mankind what is beyond the threshold of physical death, nor what the reparation of disobedient souls is, nor the reward for those who are wise and diligent in their task in life.

14. Later David reigned, full of spiritual gifts and inspirations, and in his moments of exaltation, in his raptures, he heard hymns and spiritual songs, from which he made the psalms. With them he was to invite the people of Israel to pray and to offer the best sacrifice of his heart to his Lord. But David, with all his love and inspiration, could not reveal to the people the wonderful existence of souls, their development and their goal.

15. And Solomon, who followed him in the reign and likewise proved the great gifts of wisdom and power that had been bestowed upon him, for whose sake he was loved and admired, and whose counsel, judgments, and sayings are still remembered today ─ if his people had turned to him and asked him, "Lord, what is the nature of spiritual life? What is there beyond death? What is the soul?" ─ Solomon in all his wisdom would not have been able to answer this.

16. But verily I say to you, Moses with his zeal of faith and obedience, the prophets with their warnings, the patriarchs with their example, the advisers, the scholars, and the judges with their salutary counsel and good judgment left you their example, so that you would cause ─ following him ─ that your first steps from this earth on the way to the Promised Land of the High Hereafter would be safe. You should begin to exercise the good in this world, you should be righteous among yourselves to find justice on earth. Here you found the fruit or the harvest of your field work. This home was a reflection for man in those times, a reflection of the eternal life of the Spirit.

17. Later the Messiah came, becoming man, to open a new time and to give a new lesson to mankind, in which He had to make great revelations to them, saying, "You are the children of light, and I will change you into my disciples. Verily, I say to you: Whatever you see Me do, you too can do in the name of the Father. And indeed, the Messiah, in whom my Spirit manifested Himself, brought the key to open the gates to the Second Age and the power to break the seals that closed the book of life, wisdom, justice and eternity.

18. Before his arrival I allowed the human world to be visited by the spiritual world. Spirits of light and of great exaltation and also those of little exaltation worked in the Master's retinue. Both the one and the other were present in this time. The former showed themselves as humble servants full of devotion. Among them was the one to whom Mary announced her high destiny to receive the "Word" of the Father in her purest womb. Another visited the shepherds of Bethlehem to give them the news of the birth of the Holy Land, and another messenger warned the Holy Family of the danger that threatened it, guiding and protecting them on their flight to Egypt.

19. Many manifestations were seen during this time with rejoicing and the faith of many. But others ─ hostile and unbelieving towards the spiritual life ─ doubted and denied this truth. But my spiritual hosts, who had swarmed out, were attracted by the light that the Master radiated.

20. Beings of light in the service of the divine work and others who were rebellious and ignorant made themselves felt everywhere, and among that humanity the possessed appeared whom science could not liberate and who were cast out by the people. Neither the teachers of the law nor the scientists were able to restore health to those who were sick.

21. But all this was intended by Me to teach you and give you proofs of love. I granted you through Jesus the healing of His creatures, to the astonishment of many. The unbelievers who had heard about the power of Jesus and who knew of His miracles, demanded the most difficult proofs to make Him uncertain for a moment and to prove that He was not infallible. But this deliverance of the possessed, the fact that I put them back into the state of normal human beings only by touching or looking at them or giving them a command word so that those Spirits would leave their minds and both would be freed from their heavy burden, confused them.

In the face of this power, the Pharisees, the scientists, the scribes, and the publicans showed different reactions. Some acknowledged the power of Jesus, others attributed his power to unknown influences, and still others could not say anything about it. But the sick who had been healed blessed his name. Some had been possessed by a single Spirit, others by seven, like Mary of Magdala, and some by so many that they themselves said they were a legion.

22. Throughout the Master's life one spiritual manifestation followed after another. Some were witnessed by the twelve disciples, others by the people ─ in the open air and in the homes. It was a time of "miracles". Men and women received signs and calls from the hereafter. The old and the children were likewise witnesses of these apparitions, and in the days preceding the death of the Savior on the cross, the heavenly light penetrated into the hearts of men; the beings of the Spiritual Valley called the hearts of men; and on the day when the Master took his last breath as a man and his light penetrated into all caves and into all corners, into the material and spiritual homes, longing for the beings that materialized Him long awaited ─, confused and sick beings who had strayed from the path, bound with chains of remorse, dragging with them burdens of injustice, and other souls who believed to be dead and were bound to their bodies ─ then all awoke from their deep sleep and rose to life. But before they left this earth, they gave to those who had been their relatives a testimony of their resurrection and their existence. Through all this, the world witnessed these rallies on that night of sorrow and pain.

The hearts of men trembled, and the children wept in the face of those who had been dead for a long time and who on that day returned only for a moment to bear witness to that Master who came down to earth to scatter his seed of love, and who at the same time tilled the spiritual fields inhabited by an infinite number of souls, who were also his children, whom he healed and liberated from their ignorance.

23. The knowledge of these facts was passed on from one generation to the next, and the apostles were on the ways of the world, opening the eyes of that sleeping humanity, showing the way that leads to a higher life, making a breach to the High Hereafter, and explaining the teaching of their Master. They also freed the possessed, healed the sick not only of the body but also of the soul. They encouraged and looked with compassion both on those who inhabit this world and on those who live in a far-off world. They felt the pain of the one as well as the other, because for the one who loves there is no foreign, nor distant pain. The one who prepares himself is able to perceive the lament, the request or the need, wherever these may be. And these disciples taught others so that they would follow them in the fulfillment of their mission on earth.

24. I allowed these manifestations so that the world might reflect and realize that the soul does not die, that its life is eternal, and that in every home where it dwells it has a predetermined path, that its duties have been assigned to it, and that it has a task to fulfill.

25. Even after the crucifixion I returned to bear witness to my truth and overcome the unbelief of mankind. And even among my disciples I had to show myself to prove that I am life, and my life is in all created things. I caused those followers of me to see me and their fingers to touch me to free them from their torment. For after I had accomplished my work on Golgotha, they were distraught, and it was necessary that my presence should comfort and encourage them. But this was not the whole meaning of this event, it was an anticipation of my coming again, a lesson of deep meaning that I gave you when I appeared in Spirit to the amazement and joy of those beloved disciples. Then they realized that a time would come when I would come like this ─ in a spiritual way to explain everything and bring you a new message.

26. What I told you at that time was this: "What I have told you is not all I have to teach you. For you to know everything, I must first go away and send you the Spirit of Truth to explain to you all that I have said and done. I promise you the Comforter in the times of trial. But that Comforter, that Explainer, is I Myself who returns to enlighten you and help you to understand the past teachings and this new one that I am now bringing you.

27. It is I who opened the Third Age, so that, by completing a thorough study, you may know the reason for all my manifestations and have the knowledge of my revelations

28. In the Second Time ─ during the years I lived in this world, I was surrounded by supernatural events, happenings and creatures, and all this spoke of the significance of this period of time, of the realization of my promises made to the beloved humanity since the beginning of time. And today, as I bring you another lesson and let you get to know the spiritual life, I give you abilities and gifts so that you may become doctors of souls and in this way be tireless sowers, teachers of true wisdom. And for this mission I have chosen in the first place the "people of Israel" so that it may be the one that teaches the other nations.

29. The humanity of today, however great in number in your eyes, is very small compared with the world of spirit beings that surround it. With what power do those legions invade the ways of men; but they do not perceive, feel or hear the world that surrounds them.

30. I prepare you, my disciples, that you may kindle light in every soul, that you may be true friends, brothers and sisters, advisers and doctors to one another, and that your intuition may tell you who is around you and what their needs, mission or reparation is. But you, busy with this great work, are to respect and love the destiny I have assigned to every being, and are not to penetrate into sciences that make you descend from the high place on which My mercy has placed you.

31. You are no longer ignorant. Today you are taking firm steps because you began your work long ago. From the days of the patriarchs and the prophets and then those of Moses, in which you were wisely guided and advised, all your actions, prayers and words have been written down and have their repercussions in the soul. They have been the beginning which made you worthy to receive my first great revelations and also to witness my arrivals.

32. My rallies in this time shall not be barren, and for those who have heard me and have taken advantage of my teachings, it shall be a treasure of fruits of good taste. When I cease to make myself known by means of man, I will leave my witnesses, my disciples, who will continue to work, and after that I will bring forth from the bosom of this people new generations of sowers, who will make this seed multiply.

33. I invite you to let the happy days of the patriarchs return. Imagine for a moment, you who live a virtuous and simple life like that in which peace, well-being and joy of life reigned. Imagine the happy times in which man knew how to keep himself healthy and strong in body and soul through his faith and virtue, and knew how to present Me in justice, in action and strength ─ those times in which also the woman was full of virtues, tenderness, moral strength, beauty in her soul and body, womb and cradle, source of goodness and example of piety for her children, her husband and her father.

34. Remember those times when the roof of some stretched out to protect others, when hospitality and mercy, love and consideration existed. If once again you experience such days and make your own the desire to love and serve your neighbor, to promote the peace of your people, the peace of your heart and your home, I will invite other peoples to share in this joy. Here, in your company, they will find brotherhood and friendship, in your heart sincerity. Under your roof they will find honor and morality, on your table blessings, and in your words light and truth. And after those peoples who long for peace have visited you and shared in your spiritual ideal, they will return to their lands by their long or short journeys, leaving behind a trace, an example of spiritualization and truthfulness. The desire to be like you will arise in them, because they have discovered with you the mystery of peace, health and joy of life, which you have found in the fulfillment of my laws and in spiritualization, which is simplicity, exaltation and truthfulness in all actions.

35. Do you see this humanity, which rolls back and forth in its uncertainty and in its pain? Do you feel that mantle of gloom, of gloomy forebodings, that envelops your planet? The Master tells you: That world which has no knowledge of my return, nor is inspired by my word, lives ─ how far away it feels from spiritual life! But even for the enlightenment of its inhabitants, a proof, a call will suffice for them to repent and realize that the only task their souls have on earth is to perfect themselves through the trials I am sending them.

36. Many will understand this great truth before they have left their bodies in the earth and crossed the thresholds of that "valley" that awaits all. Humanity is only one step away from this realization. The veils will be torn and the eyes of all will open to face the hidden knowledge, and this world, which you consider so great ─ with its vast continents, its seas as well as its deserts, its so long ways, its people unreachable for you, its so incomprehensible races ─ will be defeated by a teaching, by a word, by a revelation. But this will leave no traces of blood, of death or pain.

37. Man will be enlightened by a word that consumes the fires. But this fire will consist of love, and the trace it leaves on its path will consist of life, health, comfort and peace. This teaching is my law, my word and my eternal work, which I offer once more to my children, and it will break out with power from the hearts of all, because it is written in every soul, and its seal is indelible.

38. What will be the beginning of this work, and how will this knowledge reach men? I have prepared everything in a perfect way: A great part I take over as my task. But I am letting you and my spiritual hosts share in this work, as well as my messengers, to whom I have entrusted an infinite number of missions, so that you may set out as legions of light to bring this revelation and explanation of the spiritual rallies that have become reality in the past times and in the present era, in which very few have guessed their scope. But this light is to reach all without distinction of social class or race. For you are not to hold yourselves back for fear of the judgment or punishment of unbelievers.

39. I will give you the instruction when you are to set to work; for it will be a time of such great and clear signs that you will hear the call of the spiritual world and the call of this world, which with its events will indicate that the hour of your struggle has come. I will speak to you from Spirit to Spirit and lead you on the way. But I want you, before you come to men as teachers, to come as doctors, and when you have sated their pain, they can drink from the spring of the pure waters of my word. First seek out the wound, ulcer or disease and heal their sufferings, and then turn to their souls.

40. Go to your fellow men as Jesus did in the Second Age and bring the healing balm before my word. But what does the balm consist of, O disciples? Is it the water of the springs that is blessed and transformed into medicine for the sick? No, people. That balm of which I speak to you is in your heart. There I have put it in as a precious essence, and only love can open it up so that it flows out unstoppably. If you want to pour it on any sick person, it will not be your hands that heal, but the Spirit that overflows with love, mercy and consolation. Wherever you direct your thoughts, the miracle will happen.

41. You can influence the beings and elements of nature in many ways to bring comfort to all. But I also tell you this: Fear not the diseases and be patient and merciful with all.

As for the possessed and those confused in their human minds, you can likewise heal, because you have this ability and you are to put it at the service of those beings who are in despair and oblivion. Liberate them and reveal this authority before the faithless. It is one of the great missions of this people to bring the light to where there is darkness, to break every bondage and injustice and to bring this world to know its Lord and to see itself, its inner being, in full knowledge of the truth.

42. Help lovingly those who, in the delusion that they still belong to this world, live disturbed and confused in their souls, to find their way out of their great error Do not use violence, but fill your heart with tenderness and compassion to treat all beings correctly.

43. Have you not brought light and comfort to these confused beings? Yes, the Master tells you. Since I have given you this knowledge, you have illuminated the way of these creatures. But how great must your faith and prayer be that you may convert these souls.

44. The battle in which the dark forces are cast down has already been fought from one world to another. The great battle is taking place in the universe, and it is necessary that man be convinced of it so that he may take up his weapons. As long as the world is preparing and approaching the final test that must bring the light, you shall pray, watch and bring the healing balm to all who are in need. Go to them in your prayer and give them protection under your spiritual mantle. For while you radiate your being in love, I will embrace the whole universe with my Spirit.

45. Pray, people, do not let your courage sink for a moment in the face of the nearness of my farewell. Strengthen yourselves by my words and ask for peace among the nations.

46. In the future do not intend to know who you were in the past and who you will be tomorrow. Just think that you have already been there, that you are there now, and that you will be there again, and that you will come to Me by the way I have marked out for you ─ that you are the Spirit of Israel, the Chosen People, to hold high tasks within my work. Make an effort so that you may attain peace on earth and happiness in the hereafter.

My peace be with you! 

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