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Teaching 336

1. With great tenderness I come down to you, that your souls may know my law. In this time I have shown you wide horizons so that you may walk in the way of light, perfection and truth.

2. I do not want you to stand before men tomorrow without knowing my teaching and follow a false path which I have never shown you. For I want to leave you prepared so that you show the way of truth to those who have not heard my teaching, and you do not seek out the blind and ignorant to receive instruction from them. For they will have nothing to teach you.

3. You are to be humble and give witness to mankind by your gifts of my rallies, that they may call on my name and believe my presence among you in this third time. Give no occasion for your fellow men to tell you that you have had the wrong master, that you are ignorant, that you are without virtues, and that you are not strong.

No, Israel, I do not want this pain to be in my Spirit, nor do I want mankind to reproach you for your lack of preparation after my departure. I want those who have not heard Me to be moved by the remembrance you hold of my rallies through the human mind, and to nourish their soul with my teachings written down by my gold feathers.

4. I want you to convert the sinner with your counsel, and strengthen with your words of encouragement the one who is depressed and desperate. Man does not live by bread alone, but the mercy I leave to you for mankind is spiritual. To you will come those who, though they possess material riches, are without peace of mind and health. You shall also give them what I have entrusted to you.

5. Testify yourselves that you are not wrong when you follow me. For after my rallies through the voice-bearers have ended, you shall continue to be the faithful soldiers of this divine cause ─ of this teaching, which has no blemish, and which you shall not be ashamed to spread among mankind. You shall bear witness to my truth through your works. I do not want you to make this teaching known to the world only through the word.

6. I leave my law written in your Spirit, so that you may make it known to your fellow men, so that mankind may be led by it and no longer stumble in its way.

7. At this time men have heard me, they have received my teaching ─ the truth, which I have clearly revealed to you Then they thought a lot about the way to teach mankind in this knowledge, which they themselves did not understand in the beginning.

8. You shall prepare yourself, O Israel, so that you will not be surprised by your fellow men. I do not want you to show yourselves ignorant before the foolish. Nay, my people, you shall speak with words full of conviction and with confidence in yourselves, explaining my teachings and the revelations I have given you in these times, and the reason why. You are destined to teach him who is ignorant and show him the way to his ascent.

9. The new generations must seek me. For I will send developed souls to earth, and these will from their tender childhood on not listen to the foolish words of the world because their soul makes them understand that those teachings are not satisfying, and then they will turn to you, my people, so that you show them my spiritual work in full clarity.

10. Whenever you arise in prayer, you shall remember my words. So you will not be surprised in your ways, and will be able to give my teaching to anyone who needs it and asks for it.

11. I am your Father who speaks to you continually so that you may understand Me, so that after My rallies through the human mind you may feel full of My peace and set out to fulfill your mission with enthusiasm, obedience and action.

12. I do not want the pain of humanity to go unnoticed by you. I want you to feel their distress ─ the epidemics, the plagues and every suffering, and I want you to pray with love that they may receive my mercy.

13. All the insults which men do to you, they will not do to you but to Me, and so they will cause pain for their souls with their own hands. But you are to receive the despised one with patience because the time will come when all will be convinced of my truth and will know that you were not mistaken.

14. Many will say, "If God is among us ─ why does He not command that the wars end? But you will know how to answer your fellow men and tell them that at the time of the Divine Judgment the Father will allow the proud to destroy one another. But after that I will set a limit to the fight so that they may receive peace from me.

15. The Word I entrust to you is light on your way so that you may keep your peace of mind in the midst of chaos. Remember, Israel, that every one of my words has satisfied you. But do not listen to this teaching only out of habit; actually follow what you learn from your Master.

16. Know, O Israel, how much my Spirit must fight against sin and unbelief. When I see that my children have understood Me, my Spirit is filled with joy, I bless you, and your obedience reaches the Father like the scent of flowers.

17. I do not want you to weep bitterly tomorrow, Israel, and say to Me with a vision directed to heaven: "the sects and the churches have attracted the great crowds to themselves, to whom You have given the light with so much love"; I will not allow you to cry bitterly, Israel Yes, my children, but they will pass on the wheat together with the weeds. They are hearts that have not been improved by your word. But verily, I tell you, they intend to scatter the sheep of the sheepfold with false words. But I am power and will cause the crowds to recognize with full clarity that my work is as pure as snowflakes.

18. Do not be surprised, my people. Live ever watchful and be the faithful watchmen. Do not fear the words that your own brothers and sisters tell you to convince you that you are in error.

Remain steadfast, for great rewards I will give to the "soldiers" who are faithful to my cause ─ to those among you who face these difficult times of confusion of worldviews, creeds and religions. You are to esteem all your fellow men in the same way as you esteem my work, and you are to point to the teaching which I will leave to you again. When men make fun of you, let them do so, for the light of my HolySpirit will reach them, and then there will be repentance in their hearts.

19. Be steadfast and live vigilantly, for difficult times are waiting for you. In these times men will come to my work and try to explore it. But truly, I tell you, I will help you through it, this is my will. For when you are shrouded in darkness for a short time, I appear as a shining light to enlighten you and rescue you from the maw of the hungry wolf, and to show you the way of light and truth.

20. I, your Master, make known to you all the glories that surround you and those that you carry hidden within you, without you perceiving them because of your lack of spiritualization

21. I want you to know all the power with which I have endowed you, so that you may do good and climb the mountain, always leaning on the staff of my truth.

22. Life has always been painful for man because he has always ignored many of the gifts he carries within himself. How could he have made use of them, since he knew nothing of their existence?

I have often found men depressed and sad because they thought themselves incapable of freeing themselves from the yoke that means life for them at this time. And that is why I have pleasantly surprised you with my voice that calls you, with my word that instills faith, courage of life, joy and hope in you.

23. Only faith can make the soul feel strong, and that is why with my teaching I ignite faith in some and enliven it in others. For in the future you will have to represent a strong, exemplary, obedient, and law-abiding people. But its strength shall grow out of its faith in my law.

24. I will see no more tears in your eyes; I will not see how you bear the heavy burden of your life without spiritual ideals and instead full of sorrows and physical sufferings.

25. Feel now as beloved children of your father. Learn to ask of me what you need for your welfare. Remember that I am the Divine Comforter, so that in your tribulations you may not be overcome by fear. Know that pain should only serve to steel your heart, not to weaken it. It should leave you purified, but not bitter.

26. Achieve already on earth that bliss which will fill your soul, and which shall give you its first fruits in this world, so that you may continue on the path of life without discouragement.

27. Spiritualize yourselves in the inspiration of my teachings, so that I may be fully manifested through your being

28. Did I not at that time give you my body? Understand then that you possess it. Let Me manifest through your mediation as if I were doing it in my own body. Then you will truly have spiritualized yourselves and do the will of your Father.

29. Open the door of your heart and let me enter so that you may be comforted in your sufferings. I, the Lord of beings and worlds, come to you with the humility of a beggar, and my only request, my plea, is that you love one another. For through your understanding and insight you will love and adore Me.

30. Every child is part of my Spirit, therefore you do to Me what you do to your neighbor, to Me. Do you not grieve the suffering of others like your own? Why do you feel like strangers, when you are the same Spirit and the same "flesh"? You are my work, which I created from the beginning so that it may develop and perfect itself over the course of time.

31. Today, in this era of great trials, only your faith will allow you to prevail, and fervent prayer, which is a powerful key to open the doors and familiarize you with your itinerary, will stand by you.

32. Your work to bring to your fellow men the Good News of my rallies in the Spirit will be very great because the humanity of this time is less gullible and less pious They will present their doubts and unpreparedness to you, and you will have to fight persistently. But do not despair when you encounter these obstacles, fulfill your mission in this period of time, and you will experience with satisfaction how this world will be enlightened by the brotherhood and peace so long desired and requested by those who have always trusted in the victory of light over darkness.

33. On this day, which is already near, those who dwell on earth will be able to appreciate love as the reason for this life and for all the beauties and perfections which the works of love have accomplished in all times. Then you will know why I have come in this era, and what the result of your efforts is ─ while others will be in the "Spiritual Valley" and from there will see with inexpressible delight the seeds they sowed in this world multiplied.

34. Be sensitive to every inspiration from Me, be obedient and simple. Let Me become recognizable through your gifts, let Me reach your fellow men through your gifts. Let your lips speak out my words of consolation in the ears of those who suffer and express my wisdom in the ears of those who need light. Let your hands serve Me to caress and your eyes to look with mercy, tenderness or compassion.

35. You must be satisfied with Me to do the works I have taught you. Then you will know that Christ pours out his truth into all souls and waits only for their elevation to reveal his love.

36. If my teaching seems so strange to you that you think that you have never heard such words although you know me, I tell you that your amazement is the consequence of your failure to investigate the core of what I revealed to you in past times. Therefore, this teaching may seem strange or new to you, although in reality this light has always been present in your life.

37. Today your mind is like a fragile boat being tossed around in a storm. But it will not capsize, a wonderful power will protect it. Every flash of lightning will be a spark of hope in the deep night, and when the storm finally ends and the new day comes like a message of peace, a prayer full of faith, love and gratitude will escape from the innermost part of your heart. You will feel that your soul has emerged strengthened from the trial and will experience a certain enlightenment that you did not know before and that will allow you to clearly see what has been darkness and mystery for you.

38. Only when you have transformed yourselves inwardly will I send you into the world to spread My message For only when spirituality is genuine in the disciples will they know how to pass it on as they have received it from me.

39. Also I tell you that before I send you to spread this Good News, I will have healed your wounds and bathed your being in the consolation balm I have poured on this humanity

40. Come today to hear this word ─ come to the source that overflows with knowledge and mercy so that you may truly begin to know me because you do not know me.

41. Every time your lips or your thoughts say to me, "Lord, have mercy on me, have compassion on my pain ─ Lord, do not deny me your forgiveness", then you prove your ignorance, your confusion and how little you know Me.

42. Tell me that I should have compassion on your pain? Ask Me that I should have mercy on my children? Beg Me to forgive your sins ─ Me, who am love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and compassion?

43. It is good that you seek to move those who have a hard heart on earth, and that you seek to arouse compassion in those who have not a trace of compassion for their neighbor with tears and pleas; but do not use those phrases or thoughts to move Him who created you out of love, and to love you eternally.

44. Do you now understand why I told you that you know very little about Me? sometimes, when the cup is very bitter in your mouth, or when a painful trial goes to the limit of what your powers can bear, you call My Name and tell Me: "Lord, remove this punishment from Me, do not make me suffer any more".

O you men, who in your darkness do not realize that it is not I who wants to keep you in pain, but that it is you yourselves who create suffering, who fill their cup with bitterness and then accuse Me.

45. Come to this source of light here, so that your soul and your mind may be enlightened, and then begin to get to know me as father, as master, and as judge For I as a tireless master have been with you, Israel, without looking at your disobedience and your lack of understanding, your lack of reflection and study of my law. By my divine word I make you know your faults, your weakness and ignorance. I have given you the time to set out to work in the fields which I have entrusted to you as your inheritance.

46. It is the mission which the Master has at all times entrusted to the disciple, so that he may work in the face of the suffering and bitterness of men

47. My word has spoken to you according to the preparation and elevation of the soul But I come down to the world of sin and darkness without impairing my divine light. I come to you that you may renew yourselves. But when I have called you to account with my divine word, you suffer because you have felt that my word has touched your heart to awaken your soul. The word your body heard was not to its liking because your materialism prevents you from recognizing the divine intention, the core and inspirational power of every word I have given you. Therefore I say to you: Dematerialize yourself and allow your soul to break its chains and rise up to Me so that it may hear My divine Word and your material being may understand through the soul what the Master is handing over to you.

48. It is my will that you be the Israelite people who bear in your heart the seeds of love and divine peace The world expects mercy and compassion from your God, and just as in past times, it expects to see the true disciples of Jesus.

49. The people expect your struggle like that of the disciples of the Second Age. But sometimes you have lost heart, and when you hear that your fellow men blaspheme and slander you by calling you deceivers, you behave like Peter and deny me on the way, denying the grace with which I have prepared you, and lose it by falling back into your materialism.

50. You must convince the unbeliever, raise up the fallen, and give words of comfort and love to those who suffer.

51. Men in their freedom of will call for unity, that peace may reign on earth. They strive for harmony and want to show the world that there is light in them, that they are gifted with the power to make peace. But those deceivers want to snatch from your hands the jewel of inestimable value and the ark of the New Covenant, which I have given you in your responsibility, and want to make you once again the servants of Pharaoh, slaves of darkness ─ of those who, because of their foolishness, carry with them chains of wickedness, the egoism of their self-importance.

52. I have not only spoken to you of the fulfillment of the commission of my apostles of the second time, and of the fulfillment of Moses' commission. No, Israel, I have spoken to you of the fulfillment of the commission of Jesus of Nazareth. He gave you then a most perfect example.

53. Of this very power of Jesus I have given you something so that you may set out as He did to come to the aid of your suffering fellow men.

54. I have given man no other laws, nor any other teaching, nor have I shown him other ways. It is men themselves who have paved the byways on which mankind now walks. But you are on the right path and enjoy my love and my light.

55. But will you, people, that the stones may bear witness to my presence? No, Israel, for this would be cause for pain and bitterness for your soul and body.

56. It is not my will, chosen people, that you should perish, and that mankind should not recognize you as my disciples, as the teachers of tomorrow. Therefore the Master says to you: Study and research so that you may understand my divine purpose, that the world may know the tree of life and come to it.

57. Beloved people, short is the time span in which you will hear my divine word through a voice bearer. But of the number of my people not a single soul may be too little or too much. One hundred and forty-four thousand must be gathered before my presence at the end of 1950 to receive the last instructions to which you must conform in order to fulfill your difficult mission, to set out on the way to the nations and bring light, mercy and truth. In this way, through the fulfillment of the mission of my chosen ones, the world can enjoy the peace of my Divine Spirit. Therefore the tireless Master gives you another syllable of His teaching to study, interpret, and follow.

58. My rallies are characterized by light, by peace, and by love for you. I show you the way in which you are to renew yourselves. I am teaching you to walk on it so that you may feel strengthened by my love. This will be the power that will make you walk firmly, that will transform you into true disciples who will give a faithful witness of my presence to humanity.

59. I make you free so that you may no longer be slaves to sin. I give you the light so that you may know the truth and build a sanctuary in your hearts, presenting your faith to Me like a torch, so that your soul may soar up to Me and be in communion with Me.

60. I no longer want you to say to Me: "Lord, why are You far from Me, why do You not hear Me, why do I feel alone on the path of life? Beloved people: I never distance myself from my children; it is you who distance yourselves from Me because you lacked faith and you yourselves rejected Me and closed the doors of your hearts to Me.

61. The world misjudges you and has caused you pain. But when you cried out to your Father, out of mercy I gave you the best "clothes" because my mercy is great and I did not let you perish. For I am the haven of salvation for you and for mankind.

62. I have nourished you with the best food of my heavenly table, and I have washed your feet so that you may go your way like your Master.

63. I leave my word written in your heart so that you may be the children of light who bear witness of my presence among you ─ that you may be the staff of mankind and you may show the lifeboat ─ that my light may shine in darkness and you may teach the world to rise up and commune with my divinity from Spirit to Spirit. Therefore I prepare you, people, so that you may be the servants of the Third Age, who give the crowds the bread of life and the crystal clear water. The children are degenerating in this time of corruption, confusion of concepts and materialism. The world goes its way like a blind man, it is the dead who are dead for the life of grace, it is humanity that perishes and gives me the cup of suffering to drink once more. Show them the light of the new day, let them feel my presence and tell them that the Father awaits them with open arms.

64. The moments are already short in which you will hear my word through a voice bearer But my divine word must be like a book opened before mankind. You are to present it written in your heart, in your soul, as the light that illuminates you, as a torch to guide mankind. For it will come to you in various ways in the desire for the fruit which you have received, and you will have to give it to it so that it may have life of grace within it. It is the fruit of the tree of life, and everyone who feeds on it will not perish, because he will have eternal life in him. And you, who have nourished yourselves from this fruit, you must allow your soul to rise up and ─ to rise up ─ breaking all your chains ─.

65. Fill your heart with peace and good will. Be souls of light who show themselves to the world as free souls who knew how to build the true Church to their Lord.

66. I will see that you give life to the "dead" and light to the "blind" by bringing my message to those who would not hear me and converting hearts to faith. This is the golden seed which you are to show your Father in your hands. This is why I raise you up and give you my teaching, which is a treasure of immeasurable value for your soul. For I have made you feel my peace in my words and have inspired you with it to walk in this way, which is flooded with the light of my HolySpirit.

67. I have not looked at your faults, you have Me now only as Father to give you my word, so that you may see yourselves renewed by his observance and filled with my mercy. I want to see you clothed with my spiritual good deeds, all equally enlightened by the light of my HolySpirit, so that you ─ united by love, faith and good will ─ be the strong Israel that makes my work known to the world, so that in you my ambassadors, my messengers ─ see the souls that have really prepared themselves to lead men.

68. You receive my teachings day by day. I am the Master who constantly instructs you, so that in the future, when you have spiritualized, you may sing a spiritual hymn of praise.

69. I give you my power that you may follow my divine trace. I enlighten your minds so that you may clearly understand your Father, so that you may interpret my word correctly, and the truth is revealed in you, which men seek in different ways.

70. You, beloved people, are to bring this message to mankind so that they may understand the Father's law in the light of truth. For I see that in its great errors it interferes with my high councils and wants to penetrate my secret treasuries searchingly, although it is not prepared for it and has not yet understood me either.

71. My teaching will be the clear mirror in which mankind will look at itself, so that with humility and meekness it may allow My Word to convert it and prepare it, so that it may love Me, renew itself and men love one another

72. I have given you the standard of my peace so that you may make it palpable to the world. But the peace I have entrusted to you is that of my Spirit ─ is that which inspires your Spirit ─ is that which is born of my love and through which mankind will become aware of my presence. It is this peace that I have given you so that you may feel it fully on your way, which I have paved so that you may experience no pain. For this you have created for yourselves. But your soul possesses great gifts and power so that you may triumph over suffering, which cleanses and purifies you. For truly, I tell you, it shall not be only pain that brings you nearer to me, but obedience to my law, your good works.

73. You shall feel bliss in the exercise of my teachings and so ascend the mountain. Understand that you have a difficult mission to fulfill. You must leave, like your Master, a trail of obedience among humanity, an example of humility, so that it may be like a shining trail, and that future generations may follow your example. You must leave them the way to spiritualization. You are to be the sowers of truth, so that the world no longer falls into the abyss ─ into enmities that have nourished it at all times.

74. Prepare yourself, my people, for the world hungers to understand my truth. Bring comfort to them, for their purification is great. But I also tell you that the mercy I have kept for you in my treasury is great. But before you receive it, you must become worthy to earn it. Once you reach the fulfillment of your mission, you will realize that you have it in the innermost part of your being.

75. Verily I say to you, you are no longer needy, nor weak, nor blind. For my light has enlightened you so that you may bear witness to my presence in this time. It is my will that your descendants may find with you a quiet place of peace, in whose shadow they may rest. Welcome them, bring them to the source of grace without looking at their ignorance or their wickedness. If they come with leprosy, heal them because you have the healing balm, and if a murderer comes to you, cover him with your spiritual mantle and make sure that he repents of his crimes, so that he may seek the water that cleanses him of his stigma, that redeems him. When these soul-suffering people come to your doors because they desire my word and my light, you shall deny them nothing. You are to be the servants of your fellow men, because I have prepared you for this, so that you give my mercy.

76. So everywhere you go there will be welfare. Men will recognize me and feel my presence and have faith in their hearts. So the world will be able to turn away from its idolatry. Men must seek me spiritually, must love one another and nourish peace and good will by loving one another. But you are the ones who will bring this teaching, you are to be like a ray of light in their darkness.

77. Your struggle is near. You will realize that it is the fight of light against darkness. Then you will become soldiers of my cause, you will wave your standard and take up the sword of my word and see your master's armies fighting against the darkness of this world.

78. This is the time when I enlighten all souls, when I deliver the world from the bondage that it has endured for centuries. But is it necessary that I make myself perceptible in this world of evil, of enmities and evil-doing, in which wars thrive, in which sin has borne all its fruits. It is necessary that it can purify itself like gold in a crucible, so that it can rise to the life of grace and man has eternal life in his soul.

79. But the Father says unto you, I do not destroy the most precious thing of creation, which is the soul. No, beloved children, I will only cleanse the world of its corruption, so that a new humanity may arise, in which the multitudes will feel me and fulfill my law. People will love one another, will eat the fruit of the tree of life, will quench the thirst of their souls in the inexhaustible fountain of grace, and my HolySpirit will illuminate them like the royal star. Then you will see that mankind will praise Me and bless Me.

80. Beloved Israel, you are the chosen and the prepared ones, so that you may continue to fight and work so that this world may see the New Day.

81. People, make the beginning, because you are the first to set an example. Present my work as I have entrusted it to you. Be the true spiritualists who carry within themselves the gifts of the HolySpirit in all glory.

My peace be with you! 

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