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A suitable time to save oneself - A call to TENINGEN

TTT 61 : 106 Indeed, there will be a suitable time for all to save themselves and soar to the heights. But woe to him who delays that day! Woe to him who misses the opportunities to achieve the development of his Spirit because he has devoted himself to the vanities of this world! He does not know how long the time will be when he must wait for a new opportunity, nor does he know the bitterness of his reparation. 11/26/2023 Because A.M. ate some spoiled food, she has stomach cramps, thirst, diarrhea and later vomiting during the night. According to midnight, she heard the father's words when he said: "I'm glad you're doing this. Report. In the Second World War, there was no one to change anything. TENINGEN. RELOCATE. THE FACILITIES !" * When A.M. tells her husband this, he declares her mad and she refrains from making this warning public. 11/28/2023 Dream: I am in a room where people are exchanging something for money with my husband. I see that

The final countdown

11/24/2023 TTT 47 : 11 Spiritualism I have called the revelation that speaks to you of the life of the Spirit, that teaches you to commune directly with your Father, and that lifts you above material life. Today there is a strange tension in the air - a test. "Smile!" 11/25/2023 at 0:45 a.m. A.M. wakes up from a dream: The dream was about relationship. A.M. was with someone and didn't think anything would change. Then she saw her little box with the breakfast cream cheese and how someone stuck a label on it and a second label. The first label said '03.3rd.', the second label said '03.4th.'. She realized that this was a date with another man and was unsettled because this seemed to mean a mess in her relationships. She heard the neighbor walking around above her and heard "The neighbor" and was startled and felt anger rising within her. Then she asked the man what it meant and was told: "Worst case scenario. Worldwide.&quo

DCBC - BRICS and Digital Services Act

11/22/2023  Below is the sense of what the Lord means when he says:   "It begins, in December, in Zurich... hide, put away the cell phone."   And on 11/20/2023  "You are born worldwide and it covers everything for now."   Also, the Lord said:  "Crazy ... the debts."   (the US debt, so he says it in English)  A.M. again sees a violent shaking of the giga - skyscrapers  In December, a pilot project with the digital central bank currency DCBC begins in Switzerland and in February the new Digital Media Surveillance Act comes into force, which aims to silence alternative media.  Sources:  ➤ CBDC pilot project starts in Switzerland in December ➤ Mark of Revelation 13 ➤BRICS now 10 kingdoms Rev 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet: but they receive power......   Hurry: Switzerland launches digital currency 11/14/2023 The SNB is one of the first central banks in

Message to Great Miracles Avenue

Dear brother in Christ, hello,   I am from Germany and my name is Anne Mary Hosta - Hosta is a name revealed to me by God himself in 2017 and it means: Host ....  and the A I standing for Anne  ....  Bread of life... HOST - A In 2017 I asked a Facebook friend who commutes the Schumann frequency together with Jesus and who can talk to Jesus to send Jesus to me once, because I wanted to be able to talk to him so much, because I already had an angel apparition in my youth when I was sitting on a bench and was sad that my company had to file for bankruptcy and lay me off at the end of the year. The angel sat with me on the bench, stroked my head lovingly and his presence gave me comfort and hope. He had shoulder-length dark hair and a floor-length white robe on and told me that I still had a long way to go and that I had to learn to be obedient and pray. Today, according to almost 40 years, I learned that it was Jesus back then. Since 2017, when the Lord visited me in my home becau

The nations gradually gather in the valley for judgment

11/16/2023  TTT 51 : 35 Step by step the nations go towards the valley (death) where they gather to be prepared. During the night, A.M. woke up and heard:  "Distiller. They have poisoned the water... Are alone."    (cleaning the water in the distiller) ... but she groaned: No, I can't do it anymore ... alone ... then I'll drink it too ... then there's peace ... we took normal water for breakfast ... I have a dry throat, but it could be from the heating, says my husband.... I once poisoned myself with a moldy lemon, got stomach cramps and was very miserable ... but it didn't do me any harm. We'll see. "I haven't spoken yet."  "Love!"

Even if the consciousness changes ...

TTT 45 : 54 This humanity must still struggle hard to fight the shadows of pain and to overcome its tendency to false pleasures and deceptive satisfactions. It will have to fight against its religious fanaticism, which prevents it from recognizing the truth; it will have to fight against the fatalism that makes it believe that everything is heading towards the final destruction from which no one can save themselves, and it will have to fight against its materialism, which makes it seek only transitory pleasures - sensual pleasures that plunge the spirit into an abyss of vices, pain, despair and darkness. 11/12/2023 around 3:45 a.m. A.M. wakes up from a feeling of great confusion and hears the words: "Off you go ... Crescent (Turkey) ... Niger ... Chad too ... arriving." Note: The Saudi Arabian leader said after the meeting of all Muslim states last week: if Israel does not stop now, they will intervene. "Now he is dressing warmly ... stiff-necked."   (Ne

May the Lord God prove us right

TTT 18 : 49 The spirit uses the heart to love through the body. If you love only according to the law of matter, your love will be transitory because it is limited. But if you love spiritually, that feeling is like that of the Father, who is eternal, perfect and unchanging. Around 22:30 pm A.M. has already slept and wakes up in a dream: She sees several groups of black figures acting on a piece of land She hears the words: "... all march in... then .... (a country was named, but A.M. didn't understand it, but suspects it could be Wagner mercenaries )... invade Libya and murder the Moloch... ”  A.M. wonders and asks himself - Libya? "Put" "Agrarian country .... 1000 years of peace ... it's inner peace." (Note: presumably by agrarian land the Lord means our heart and the peace of the heart. This heart is very small ... 1% of all hearts??) 11/11/2023  Around 3:45 am A.M., after wondering why Libya and not Syria, continues to hear the w

It's about power

Later: "You're not meant." "It's about power." But then why am I single if it's not about me? The Lord is tired and says: "All evildoers must go." "Gaza!" Good! The Lord means the small sacrifices that A.M. and everyone should make for the victims of Gaza. BTL 10 - T. 295 - Verse 7 - 13 Verily I say to you, in the "Spiritual Valley" there are great spirits of darkness who sow discord, hatred and corruption. There are countless spirits whose influence reaches people when they give them bad thoughts and incite them to do bad works. But these beings are not demons; they are imperfect, disturbed, confused beings who are darkened by pain, resentment or vengefulness. Do not be surprised if I tell you that their nature is the same as that of your soul and the same as that of the beings you call angels. 8 Why do you not call the evil people who inhabit the earth demons, since they also seduce you, since they al

The resurrection of man

11/8/2023 What is currently happening in Israel is not new; it has already happened several times in the past: BTL X - T. 292 - Verses 38 - 44 38 The great battle is about to begin; have all your weapons ready. You will all have your part in this battle, you will all contribute your share: rulers, clergy, scientists, the wealthy, the rich and the poor - everyone. 39 What was left of Solomon's temple when the hour of judgment came? Only the knowledge of the law that was written in the consciences. Rites, traditions, sacrifices and offerings - everything disappeared. The Holy of Holies and the altar were destroyed, but the law and the words of the prophets remained. For it was they who prepared mankind for a new age and had to clear the fields so that the new seed would sprout. 40 That Jerusalem, which the Israelite people thought was invulnerable, was destroyed, as was the temple that was their pride. This happened because I came to reign among men. But since my kingdom is

Learn to ask and wait

11/7/2023 around 2 a.m. TTT 65 : 80 Learn to ask and also to wait - in the knowledge that nothing escapes my will to love. Trust that my will is manifested in every one of your needs and in every one of your trials. (35, 1 -3) Father, please tell me if it will do any good if I remove Google. Would it avert chihad? "Think about it... if you have no more money and no weapons, how will you defend yourselves unless you .... (?)... Schwab. Nobody gets away with it... Hamas anyway." Father, please, send me a dream of what my end will be like. "A vacuum will be created. Maybe!" The Lord inspires me with a verse from one of my favorite songs, "Eine kleine helle Weise " "I'll leave everything behind and find my happiness with you." Eine kleine helle Weise  - evening song     Forwarded by Daniel (Telegram) Whenever you see that everything is getting even more tangled, speak wit