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Angel armees blow their trumpets

  Another Warning of A Future Global Wheat Shortage Warning To Those Who Touch the Apple of God’s Eye- Israel Vision #336 DECEMBER 29, 2021 2:12 PM SHARLENE REIMER THEPROPHETICBRIDE.WORDPRESS.COM ⓘ Dec 27/21 Mon I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room to Jireh and Worthy is Your name by Elevation Worship. God is more than enough in every circumstance.   I want this to be not just head knowledge for me but become deep truth in my heart. It then touches my mind where I walk it out in faith. I am learning to respond from a place of peace and joy- the contentment that apostle Paul talks about in 2 Cor 12:9-10. My desire is to respond from this new pattern first instead of the old pattern of fear, anger, criticalness or anything opposite to the fruit of the spirit. And being in Him, with Him for Him is the only way.   Thank you Father God for Your grace for it truly is sufficient for me. Your power is made perfect in weakness, for

Merry Christmas

 Dearest brothers and sisters, would like to wish you some happy, festive days today ... With us everything will be very simple ... nothing extraordinary ... our little fir tree that I once took by the wayside and potted, it has grown into a small bonsai tree, is on the balcony parapet with some small baubles and gold tinsel crown outside ... the fish are very devout and wonder if today is a special day, because we have made everything clean and fine ... they are so sweet always ...  may you rejoice as I do that the Lord is with us and greet Him today with great gratitude and spend time with Him... we sing a few of the Christmas carols that the have made music....

The Chain Breaking Of Human Slavery

More Warnings Of The Coming Destructive Earthquake And Tsunami to San Francisco, USA Vision #335 DECEMBER 20, 2021 12:16 PM SHARLENE REIMER THEPROPHETICBRIDE.WORDPRESS.COM ⓘ Dec 15/21 Wed evg I was praising the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room. I am learning to flag with ribbons and changing the atmosphere. Jesus is always teaching new things as that’s how we grow. Once again I am praising to the Song of Moses by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The church needs to understand how to fear the Lord; humble themselves before Him, honour, revere and listen to Him and not fear man!   God said in Jeremiah 17:5 “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from humans and turn their hearts away from the Lord.” Ps 146:3,5 “Do not put your trust in princes, in humans who cannot save. Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.” In Luke 1:50 which is part of Mary’s song, she prophecies, “Mercy kisses all who fear Him, from one

We are the sea

A.M. Hosta 21.12.2021   Everyone is shouting it from the rooftops ... - The vaccination for the children is deadly - No one unvaccinated will be dismissed, but they will get no more wages and if they quit themselves, they will get a 3-month ban and no money from the state - Who wants to apply for Hartz, must prove his vaccination status   When I was immersed in prayer, the Lord said these words to me: "THE LORD BLOCKS THE OBSTACLES IN THE CHAIN !" Remember that HE also said that HE wants to build a wall ... this wall, that is us, living stones of loving children ... through this wall the war cannot get through Today I got an inner vision, a picture: HE showed me: An ocean that was vibrating and in motion - but still calm and not wild and I could look directly into it Interpretation: Words are powerful, vibrations triggering ... prayers and faith can move mountains ... and HE told me : "THE COLORS YOU APPLY TO YOUR IMAGES WORK HEALINGLY INT

Picture book for medial pictures

These pictures have partly prophetic contents. In my meditations I received visionary images and inspirations and was asked to make my own images. The Spirit showed me examples like a violet candle stump (picture 11; 26; 28; 31; 34;) or motives on my new black socks (picture 38-40 and 42-43); he recommended me to take a white shirt as background (pictures 11, 12, 14, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, 27) and because it was too dark in our apartment for the pictures, the Spirit said: "Imagine there is sun, then the light incidence is no problem!". On 11.11.21 the Spirit said to me, "A sheep is an unbelieving person!" (compare picture 18; 19) and he showed me in a vision that I should paint 2 sheep turned towards each other. (Image 19) In creating a nativity scene, he said he wanted a white halo (Image 14); or he told me to paint goldfish (Image 60) because I love goldfish so much; I should paint animals. On 11/10/2021, the Spirit told me, "Don't be surprised, I'v

The music of heaven

A.M. Hosta 2.12.2021 TTT Ch. 27: 35 You have heard that the angels in heaven eternally hear the divine concert. When you think about this allegory, beware of believing that in heaven you also hear music similar to that which you are accustomed to hear on earth. Whoever thinks in this way has succumbed to a complete error of materialism. On the other hand, whoever - when he hears talk of the music of heaven and of the bliss of the angels when they hear it - thinks of the harmony with God at this divine concert, will be in the truth. On 26.10.2021 the author received in a meditation from the Holy Spirit a morning song, which she then set to music with the title: 'Before every day'! On the Internet she found a software with which one can write notes, compose songs and select instruments for it. These compositions can then be published on and there you can also listen to and download the music at:    In her meditat