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The Borgification of humanity

  July 20, 2021 Mike Adams Science paper documents “self-assembled magnetic nanosystems” for cybernetic biocircuitry The average person living today has little idea how far the development of self-assembling nanotech biocircuits has progressed. So-called “fact-checkers” (professional propagandists and liars) deliberately mislead people into thinking there’s no such thing as a self-assembling graphene-based biocircuitry system that could be feasibly injected into people and called a “vaccine,” but the published scientific literature lays out a comprehensive, well-documented body of research that shows this technology is quite real… and has been tested in biological systems for at least two decades. A “self-assembling” system means that a person is injected with instructions that set into motion a process where a structure is assembled inside the body, using resources available in the bl

Transgender genetic manipulation and transhumanism

  A.M. Hosta 29.8.2021 The Third Testament – Chapter 44 – Vers 38 Those people who think so are caught in the sleep of ignorance. Those who think that this world was destined by Me to be a valley of tears and atonement are mistaken. The Eden that I offered to human beings can and shall return, for all that I have created is life and love. A third vaccination is scheduled for September and a fourth and fifth vaccination are planned. As I meditated last night, I observed my only barely perceptible thoughts and then I asked the Father and came into connection with the Divine Spirit. I asked Him: Father, where else should I buy food? He replied: "Just have to look." "Live!" "Passport" (apply for a passport) ... "Patience". I'm not supposed to leave here, but to protect this area. "Transgender genetic manipulation!" Is that coming too? "You are strong. Come on!" "Transhumanism. Global!"

Why do people get vaccinated ?

A.M. Hosta 8/18/2021 Father said: "You weep for yourself instead of listening to your conscience!" DDT - Chapter 55 - Verse 2 Now you must understand that I speak to all your hearts, sending you messages and warnings in many forms, so that people may reflect and be awake to My law, like the wise virgins of My parable.   The reason why over 4.6 billion people have been vaccinated is not so that they may still do this and that. In their blindness, they do not see the real reason why they are getting vaccinated. The real reason is that they do not believe in God, do not obey Him and do not acknowledge Him as their Lord and Savior, but deny Him. They do not understand that through his sacrifice on the cross, he has the sole power to save them if they ask him, so that they may live. And since they do not know him, he does not know them, and so they go astray and lost. It was their own negligence not to perfect themselves in their life on earth for lack of faith, ob

Hundredthousand Times

A.M. Hosta 8/14/2021 From 8/16/2021 you have to get tested if you want to go to the hairdresser. In order not to have to be tested, A.M. decides to let her hair grow. Her husband is forced to get tested three times a week at the nursing home and to wear a medical mask while on duty. These are government measures that restrict personal freedom and free will. The Third Testament states: TTT - Chapter 34 - Verse 9: Man on earth is a prince to whom my love and my righteousness gave this title, and the commission he received from the beginning was to rule over the earth. 8/15/2021 A.M. and her husband watch a video of Alcyon Pleyaden about the truth about Covid19 and this full truth triggers depression and fear in both of them about what the elite has planned with the free people.   ALCYON PLEYADEN 91 - NEWS 2020: Covid against children, DNA vaccinations, corporate destruction, protest of 9/17/2021. (German subtitles )   S

Is there also something beautiful for the future ??

A.M. Hosta 8/8/2021   A.M. put her hand craniosacral to reconnect the body regions energetically because she has pain in her legs, hearing the Spirit speak into her heart: "Always take breaks!" "Food service!" Day in and day out she has to organize meals and she says that's hard. "Weather disasters ... the area is protected!" The threat of weather disasters is the reason for her anxiety, which causes her this pain. Vision: She sees in her spiritual eye white fireballs - big and small." A.M. is worried about the announced fireballs that are to hit the earth.   Compare:   Meteor shower on Aug. 11-12, 2021, dated Aug. 5, 2021.   As she watches this, her husband grinds something through his teeth in his sleep. "R. (her   sister) ... weather ... hang there and .... Vacation!" When it rains a lot, heavy ma