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Speech of President Putin of Russia to Donbas from 2/24/2022 Citizens of Russia, friends, I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia. I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border. It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand des

Take your staff and rule

  A.M. Hosta 22.02.2022 TTT 28:1-2 The Immortality of the Spirit 1 This is the time when men awaken to the beauties of the Spirit, when they become interested in the eternal and wonder, "What will the life that awaits us according to death be like?" 2 Who has not wondered - however incredulous he may be - if there is not something in him that outlives bodily matter? Verily, I say to you, there is no one who does not suspect that mystery and who has not thought for a moment about the unfathomable.   When I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning, I heard the Spirit within me speak these words: "Take your staff and rule over the seven nations!" Instantly the question arose in me: what do I have to do? No one knows me! "Internet!" "The children – restrictions   - immediately end worldwide!" All Covid19 Measures are to be stopped worldwide with immediate effect, and especially with regard to all children. 7 - that is the f

The peoples are now cleaned

A.M. Hosta 2/19/2022 at 11:15 pm 19.2.2022 Vision 1: I see Putin's face, head deeply bowed and with extremely worried look. And the Spirit in me says the words: "The peoples are now being purified!" In Donbas buses are driving evacuating women and children according to RT from yesterday. A video of Queen Romana Didulo that I tried to post as a comment was Immediately censored away and I was blocked by RT. I ask: And if then all peace say - we get then again a new slave system ? Vision 2: I see a friendly picture in my spiritual eye. A friendly man sits behind the house in the garden and plays on the guitar. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping and everything is peaceful. Vision 3: Then I see another face. It has a nylon stocking pulled over its head and then the stocking (mask?) dissolves and a picture-perfect face, glowing from within, emerges. 21.2.2022 Spiritual dialogue with Queen Romana Didulo Queen and Commander-in-Chi


A.M.Hosta 2 / 16 / 2022 The Third Testament - Chapter 8 - Verse 85 + 86 85 Soon the intuitive, the inspired, the spiritually sensitive will rise and testify in the nations what they see with the Spirit, what they feel, what they hear and receive. I tell you again that My people are not limited to those who have heard Me through these voice bearers, but that I have sent My servants to various points of the earth to prepare the ways and clear the fields to which the sowers must later come. 86 I strengthen them and bless them, for their day's work is sorrowful, their path studded with thorns. Mockery, scorn, slander and perfidy follow them everywhere. But they - foreboding and inspired - know that they have been sent by Me and are willing to reach the end of the road in fulfillment of their mission. (BTL ; Teaching 284,50 - 51) Last night I prayed: Please, my dear Heavenly Father, show me the truth about Canada and Queen Ramona Didulo. During the night, my Father