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Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger

July 24th, 2023 / Still small voice    Greetings dear Family, today the Lord wants to speak to us about exercising self - control when dealing with our anger, to avoid the traps of falling into sin. Growing up I had my first real taste of visceral anger, directed at me, when I was about eight years old. It was Easter time and I was thrilled at the prospect of having my first and very own Easter basket. Imagining that it would soon be filled with yummy chocolate treats and candies. Most of you know, that my siblings and I were appallingly deprived of sweets and junk food in general in our youth. This year was going to be the exception....I couldn’t wait to see what my parents were going to put in our baskets. We picked out our grass, dyed Easter eggs and I tricked out my basket to the nines using a wide variety of colored markers and ribbons. I was so excited Saturday night, I couldn’t sleep and didn’t even mind the anticipated, extra -long church service the next morning. Upon

Goldstandard is coming

12.7.2023 41 days until the BRICS meeting in South Africa. Gold-backed currency. Videos In 41 days - The end of the Euro and Dollar Gold price shock: BRICs want gold currency from August! 13.7.2023 5:30 I woke up and heard these words: "All of you who have your accounts at the UN are directly affected. I tell you, pack your bags ... I see Putin." I see again the shaking of skyscrapers that I have seen so many times... "Zurich!" The banking construct in Zurich will shake and collapse. Jesus Christ is my Lord. I remain in nothingness, Lord, waiting for your coming. I wait for peace.  Amen.   14.7.2023 I heard: "November ... Germany."  15.7.2023 I heard: "In November, all Western countries withdraw from the UN and the Russian bear calls." BRICS!!! 42 states have already applied for admission to the BRICS - states. Scholz was with Putin for that too. ADDENDUM 6.8.

Reason for the heat

9.7.2023  Temperatures up to 38 degrees were reported for today and in the afternoon heat thunderstorms with squalls and hail in the center and southwest of Germany.  About 1:30 last night I woke up and heard the inner voice, it said:  "Heat. Global. Electronic.Heavy thunderstorms and hail. They want to ruin the crops.  Pray. In the afternoon."

My answer to God

7/8/2023 A.M. Hosta  All kinds of thoughts come to me and even the thought of suicide creeps in. The only thing that can give me advice is my heart, my conscience. I ask my conscience how I should behave, which way I should go, because I don't find that in books, nowhere, but in my heart, because it's about my personal destiny. That comes within me:  True joy is felt only by fulfilling one's duties according to the law of love, because otherwise one listens to Satan and runs to ruin, and then feels miserable and bad. And what is my duty? What is in the law of love for me?  Stay! To stay with the Father, no matter how difficult it is and whether I understand it or not. This is the only way and there is only this one way for me. Taking the cross and carrying it, no matter how hard it is and whether I understand it or not.  Please, give me your grace to do this, my Lord and my God. Amen. ------------------------------------------------  Visit our homepage: https://www.friedens

My Words to Young Satanists

July 7th, 2023 In Psalm 37:7 we read, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” Amen. Jesus began speaking, “Just remember that the curses you speak against My prophets, you are speaking against yourselves. You cannot, with impunity, wish evil on others without it visiting you even up to an increase of four - Fold. You are wise to pray against what is planned against you for this season My Beloved, but remember, no matter what happens, I have your back. They are permitted only so much and no further.” “Thank You Lord.” “But do pray for them, they would make wonderful Christians, Jesus continued . “You see, the y do not understand the principles governing love because they have not known love, not real love, self - giving, self – sacrificing love. If they had experienced this, they would turn away from cursing and reviling Me and My vessels and join in the fight against evil. As it is n

Dance with me

July 6th, 2023 The Lord bless you with His joy and His peace, Heart Dwellers. I have a wonderful message to share with you. It goes back to the early days when the Lord was dancing with me, and He has been wanting me to go back in that direction, but I have been waiting on Him for a message that would take me there. And today He - oh goodness, He did something beautiful, and it is so reminiscent of the early days when I was on You Tube before I got kicked out. Anyway, during prayer today , during the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet is the time when I listen for the Lord’s voice when everyone else is praying. And what a beautiful message He gave me, but He began by taking my hand and walking me out to the dance floor and just dancing wi th me to waltzes, one after another. It is interesting because I prayed and said ‘Holy Spirit, please pick the songs that the Lord wants played and I put it on shuffle, and many of them were waltzes, and they were just so perfect. All I can tell you

Nothing happened with us

7/5/2023 A.M.Hosta  I was extremely exhausted and therefore, in order to be able to sleep, I took a melatonin tablet at night. (The sleep hormone of the pineal gland in tablet form, which is now also allowed in Germany).  The Lord said:  "Mine was in court a couple of times... because of ... (me!?)"  You're talking about Clare?  When I was young (24), you told me:  'You have found favor with God, He wants you for Himself.'  And when I asked you, 'Can't you take me with you?' You answered me:  'You still have a long way to go. You must learn to pray. You must learn to be obedient'.   And when I asked you, "Is there anyone down here for me? You answered me according to some hesitation:  'There is. When he comes, you don't have to worry about anything. He will do everything.'  Well, after waiting in vain for 30 years for this one and he didn't come, I got married in 2011 in October and you took 'yours'. Because I saw t

Pray Against Brutality in War

July 1st, 2023 - Still small voice   May the Lord Jesus strengthen you all, dear Heart Dwellers. I do want to make mention, that I believe President Putin may have dodged a bullet or two this week. Ezekiel and another Heart Dweller had dreams that he was in great danger, but the danger may be past. We never know until the Lord tells us, and so far, He has not mentioned Vladimir since those dreams. Please keep him in your prayers - he is connected to a “Dead Man’s Switch,” which means if someone kills him, they blow up the world as well - It is hard to tell but that is the scuttlebutt. But I have felt extreme fatigue and difficulty staying awake for at least four days. Jesus began, “You are under a heavy cloud of intercession. All of you feel it, and it comes with different symptoms. Right now, it is a heavy looming, so very heavy looming. Everything is in preparation for the third World War. Last minute arrangements are being carried out. There will be glitches that I create to hold th


A.M.Hosta  2.7.2023  During the night I woke up and had a vision:  Before my spiritual eye appeared an aged, bent woman. Her dress was red with other shades and I saw her suddenly turn ashen in the face and then she was gray.  After that I had a second vision:  I saw the divine light shining on another entity and it was filled with it.  Then the Lord said to me:  "I just wanted to show you that in the whole world there are countless dead and living beings."  Later he added:  "The difference between the two is called SOLIDARITY!" "Practice!"  And I generated this scripture to go with it:  TTT 41 - Connection between this world and the hereafter.  Stray and ill-willed Spirits   27 This time is different from the First and Second. Today you live in a chaos of unleashed visible and invisible elements.  Woe to him who does not watch, for he will be defeated, and he who is equipped must fight! 28 Thousands of invisible eyes are watching you; some to ambush and b