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La Palma Volcano Update

  Eruption continues, tremor rising gradually, more quakes - what it could mean Wed, 29 Sep 2021, 11:36 11:36 AM | BY: T Ground deformation at LP04 station (IGN) Since the violent re-start of activity on Monday evening, the eruption has been going on with more or less stable lava output from the vent, and volcanic tremor has been stable. During this morning, a tendency of increasing activity seems to be manifesting itself. Interestingly, more quakes have started to occur again, mostly at 10-15 km depth under the central part of the volcano. There were 6 quakes of magnitude 3.0 or above and 21 quakes between 2.0 and 3.0. The  latest magnitude 3+ quake  occurred only 1.5 hours ago, at 11.13 a.m., and was felt again by the local population. Inflation and ground deformation have picked up as well during the past 12 hours or so, after they had been leveling out in the days before. What could all this mean? We cannot say for sure, but one possible interpretation could be that the

To be distributed to ALL, who do NOT want to be "vaccinated"

All vaccines will no longer be justified after 10/20/2021: Information Reviewed. The European Union has approved 5 therapies ( ) that will be available in all Member State hospitals for the treatment of covid. These therapies are approved by decree of the European Council (European Parliament) and will be operational from 1/10, therefore they will be gradually distributed around 20/10. The vaccines have been approved on a "provisional trial" basis. However, since there is a prescription requirement for these 5 new drugs by decree, the use of the vaccine will be discontinued. Therefore, we understand why all the states said "between September it is necessary that ...". They already knew everything. You have to be patient. Do not accept blackmail. Be patient. Now that ivermectin is re-approved, there is no need for a vaccine. Excellent news. The Pasteur Institute recognizes the efficacy of ivermectin. A

Seal of the innocent blood

SEP 10, 2021 2:20 PM CASEY KLIMASAUSKAS   Some background. I am 70 years old, overweight, type II diabetes. Several month ago, I began following several of the suggestions from this newsletter: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Dandelion tea, Turmeric and Ginseng tea. A week ago (September 3, 2021), I came home exhausted. I fell into bed and sleep. Saturday, I make my first mistake. I took covid home self-test and it was positive. When I slept, my fully vaccinated wife contacted the hospital. They said this was very serious and I needed an immediate infusion of remdesivir if I was going to survive. by Tuesday September 7, all of my wife’s friends (also fully vaccinated) were fall panic mode for me to go to the emergency. So, I scheduled a phone consult. The consulting physician also went into panic on dire nature of the situation. I was given a “slot” at the local emergency room. When I got there I waited for an hour for “triage”. I was heart broken for all of the pain and

Baerbock (english)

  A.M.Hosta 09/05/2021   08/30/21 19:37 Today at noon, my husband and I discussed that if they force him to get vaccinated, he'll file for unemployment. Earlier in my meditation I heard the father say to me:   "Form party ... For you ... he can do it!" My husband should form a party for the unvaccinated the father said. I already have a name for the party: PFU (Party of the Unvaccinated). I informed my husband by SMS and he was very surprised. On 0 8/31/ 2021 I asked the father: father, this is hard, we are so tired and he said: "Shall I do it? It's 5 minutes to 12!" Excuse me. No. You are a ghost! "Don't have to go far ahead. Just start!" I got the inspiration to create a symbol and that I should take the colors red-white-black and I created a symbol in those colors. So with a divided heart I thought of a party program such as: - We demand equal rights and solidarity of vaccinated and unvaccinated people - Overc