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23/23 - 23/24 - 24/25 April 2021

G2 Solar Sturm Wolke für Erde vom 22.4. erwartet am 25.4.2021 Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth - CME Incoming / Geomagnetic Storm WATCH

The genie goes out

A.M. Hosta 19.4.2021   DDT - Chapter 22 - Verse 52 52 And as Father I fulfill every fervent request, gather your tears, heal your infirmities, make you feel that you are forgiven and absolved of your stains, so that you may remake your lives.   USA has declared a state of emergency and that is because of what is happening in Ukraine and USA considers that as a declaration of war against Russia. Father says to this: "There is resistance .... If, then only within the soul." O Jesus, cover us with your precious blood. Wash away all the filth of sin and renew us by the Holy Spirit. Say, what have I not repented of? Anna Maria is thinking about her sins and about those of all mankind, when Father says: "I have immersed them in the great water." We have to look at God, not Campi... Yes, I dreamed that - 2004. Then I dreamed of the great flood that is to come, and that my silver thread has risen from the depths into which I have fallen. Now the

Garden of Eden

APRIL 18, 2021 4:36 AM CHRIS GERMANY  Dear brothers and sisters,   Please let me share an experience during a dream session I was given last night (April 17th, 2021). For me it transports an extremely essential knowledge which I hope is helpful for you, too.   The dream itself was weird and not really of interest. Due to its content it carried a lot of fragments of individual information, persons, feelings etc. And it confused me extremely because I could not understand what I should be told. I was flooded with half true situations, behavior of persons and long-time-ago feelings. I found out that even when I tried to understand the given situations they were so weird just to trigger some bad reactions or feeling in me.   Once I understood that this is given from the adversary to trigger bad emotions in me I got the Word [“Garden of] Eden”. Then things speeded up!   With a single word it was clear to me: The devil tried to intimidate me in the place he longed to be –

Ribonucleic acid (RNA)

  A.M.Hosta 4/14/2021   "Ribonucleic acid... give attention" (Carrier of the genetic material in every cell - RNA or RNA) But why do I have to watch out for what? “To forbid vaccination. You do it right. You can do it. Heaven" Vaccination is an intervention in the DNA structure. One layer is destroyed (the divine genome) and replaced by another one (that of Satan). "Digitized!" "Lock down now" I've seen it. Curfew 9 p.m. - 5 a.m. Stores close except groceries. "Rest. Sleep. Marry." "Systematics" "They want everyone to get vaccinated." Yes. They'd like that. I'd rather die right now than let them make an idiot out of me. "Antibodies look... Cell." Oh, because if I have them, then I'm immune and they can't vaccinate me. "Bill Gates!" He owns the shares and all those who get vaccinated are on his account. "Harvest!" Yes I know -

The 3 day darkness is spiritual - it is within us

  A.M.Hosta 5.4.2021 Last night I felt an anger rising in me because of a wind that was stirring me up. I coughed in protest and immediately felt it grow dark in my heart. I tried to pray and calm my heart, but the wind was still blowing and I felt somehow helpless, not knowing how to deal with it. For the third time now I am under this wind and each time I somehow did not react well. The first time, the Spirit in me said, 'Let's not go from being the best to being the most spiteful.' Notice. I'm really coming soon.' The second time, I immediately knelt down and prayed until I became calm in my heart again. The third time I coughed in protest and that was a big mistake because it is unloving and careless. Then that night I had a dream: I feel surrounded by a loving community and there is peace among themselves and everyone is happy. But a woman becomes abusive. I get carried away and give the leader a spiteful answer. This draws circles and gets sy