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Prepare your hearts

June 29th, 2023 “Make your hearts ready, My People. Consider what is most important in your life. Weight these things now before calamity strikes your nation. What means the most to you? Your wife and children? Your affluent lifestyle and social status? All that you have worked so hard to accumulate over the years. This is a wakeup call to dwarf all other wakeup calls. You will be forced to choose between the things you hold dearest in your lives and Me. You will no longer be able to sit on the fence or skate by, you will be backed into a corner where you will be forced to see your wife and children die, or you will deny Me. “There is no more middle ground. “If you die before you die, when you die, you will never die. Die now to all these things to follow Me. My mother also had to choose this sacrifice. She knew My fate and why it had to be that way, she prepared all her life, from the time Simeon told her that a sword would pierce her heart, until the very moment that it did. You see,

Father Hezekiels Vision 5-24-23

Ezekiel 5-24-23 June 28th, 2023 Father Ezekiel’s Vision: Mother Clare:  Ok, you have been in a bay of a cargo plane. You are looking out the window of a cargo plane? Father Ezekiel: The back. I am facing backwards in a cargo hold. Mother Clare: Ok. Father Ezekiel: The doors are wide open. Mother Clare: Mm. Father Ezekiel: There are one, two, three, four - That I can see, there are four nukes in the back of this thing. Mother Clare: Oh. Father Ezekiel: There are rods - what do you call those rods? Mother Clare: Uranium? Father Ezekiel: Uranium? Mother Clare: Radioactive rods. Father Ezekiel: Radioactive rods. There are rods inside each one. Mother Clare: Mm. Father Ezekiel: It is not just eight Mother Clare: Multiple rods? Father Ezekiel: It looks like there are three of them in each one in the cargo hold. Fires - I mean the flames are really leaping high in Northern California and Canada - and the smoke and the muck are from the fertile valleys, th

Where is Goldie ? (Our Goldfish)

21.6.2023 (beginning of summer - with light portal summer solstice)  TTT 26 - The spiritual connection between the worlds 16 Then you will discover that this is not the only world struggling to improve itself. You will learn that on all planets the Spirit is developing, that on all of them it is stirring and growing in fulfillment of its destiny, and I want you to equip yourselves to make a covenant with all your brothers, to exchange with them in that holy desire to know, love and assist one another. 17 Do it in my name and in unconditional obedience, by means of your thoughts. If you begin this exercise, little by little you will correctly understand their requests, their teachings and their benefits.  Today I had to take the car to the MOT. Where is Goldie? When I came to the new pond afterwards, I saw with horror what had happened. A big goldfish was lying with his back on the water and was hardly breathing. I fished him out with a net and put him in a bucket of fresh water. Then I

The european war

June 20th, 2023 Lord, please grant us your great and loving mercy on the unsaved, the sick and dying and those who are unprepared for death. Help them to make the right decision before it’s too late. Amen. Jesus began, “Things are very tense in Europe right now, all over the continent they are preparing for war and believe if they can stop Russia now, they will be safe. But Russia will not be stopped because I have spoken My judgment on those countries for their idolatry, child trafficking and witchcraft. I will cleanse the dark holes of torture that lie beneath their fine cities but are full of rot and corruption. Russia will not be stopped until I have used her to punish the nations who have abandoned Me and fully embraced the devil. That is My final word to them. “In the meantime, there are pockets of true Christians that I will deliver out of the mayhem that is coming to them. I will have mercy on My faithful ones who are praying and lifting up the lost to be redeemed even in the m

Presidential election

When I woke up from sleep around 1:45 a.m., I heard the Lord say to me in a thunderous voice: "catholic!!!! ..... it sounded like a court .... "argue!!!" I began to justify and defend myself, saying to the Lord that I had not been Catholic for a long time...finally the Lord relented and said mildly: "offend .... to put it out in the deep!" TTT 49: 6 No one will be lost; some will arrive sooner on the path I have shown you, and others later on the paths they follow.   A video by Clare du Bois Divide and conquer  June 13, 2023 May the sweet peace of Jesus guard our hearts and minds, and fill us with the Holy Spirit and with the Lord's love for one another. Amen. As you know, we have the opportunity to use a building in the city for our worship services, but the people who own the building have a different idea of what they want. So I felt that I really had to seek the Lord to find out what He wanted, and when I did, He began to speak to me and said, "Lov

Bridge over troubled water

A.M.Hosta 7.6.2023   Last night I woke up around 1:45 a.m. when I energetically heard the following words in my Spirit: "The return to the afterlife!" It was immediately clear to me what was meant by this. In the last time I asked myself of the frequent one, when my book at present in work: "The big faith!" would end, whether there would be still another book and if yes, what the new book title would be. And with that, this question was answered and the Lord added: "The Conclusion" "The Return to the Hereafter" will therefore be the next book and at the same time the last book. Then the Lord said: "Why don't you sit down and you will learn everything." He saw my thoughts, because I had many questions. And he went on to say: "Don't blind me against ... pride. She likes me!" "Separate!" I saw in the Spirit a finger with a cut. You mean Clare's father cheated and separated from he