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BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 204

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7 Teaching 204 1. I receive you, people. The gates of my kingdom are opening to welcome you and to pour out my love on you. I give you in this moment what you need according to the faith of some and the need of others. 2. I seek the sanctuary of your heart, I give you the light of truth, which is the light of love, whose mighty power moves creation and keeps everything in it in order, in harmony, in balance. This is why I teach you to love, so that you may know the mystery of life. Be generous so that your love may be like a song that delights the heart of the afflicted. 3. It is in your hands to recognize and fulfill your task. Your destiny is to let the soul triumph over every misery and sin, to exalt your whole being, to ennoble you and make you worthy. I want you to rule your body without violence, that you do it with wisdom and at t

Visit the poor and sick with Christ at Christmas

You, people, who have experienced privation, loneliness, cold and also   being orphaned, and who therefore so sympathizes with those people who weep for hunger and thirst for righteous- ness ─ come to Me, and together we want to   visit   in the spirit the sick, the afflicted, all the poor and forgotten in the world. See how I extend my mantle to lovingly cover all humanity and tell it: Stop crying, do not be sad, awaken to faith and hope, if you pray and "watch" again with true faith, these days that will come with pain for humanity will be shortened. Do you see those crowds that are full of blessing? It is soldiers who have engaged in a short armistice during the battle to offer me a few minutes of prayer and commemoration. But their joy and bliss are deceptive. They eat and drink to relieve their suffering. There is a great pain in their heart. They are suffering, people, they are suffering a lot, and especially on this Christmas ni