BTL - Volum 7 - Teaching 200

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 200
1. The doors to the kingdom of heaven are open for all those
who want to receive its benefits. That kingdom is found in the spirit
of man.
2. There is great joy in your spirit and in mine when you prepare
yourself to receive my messages of spiritual enlightenment.
3. I welcome those who are ill, sad, and in need of spiritual
love, for I will give them the healing balsam, enlightenment, and
strength that they need.
4. I send you my enlightenment because I love you. It will help
you to eliminate your sorrows, fears, and doubts. I want you to feel
embraced by my love and protected and safe from all the danger that
threatens you. My fountain of mercy overflows to heal you
physically and spiritually. Just as I help you, I also help all others
throughout the earth and in other planets, because my Divine Spirit
descends to every mansion where my children dwell.
5. If you welcome me and allow me to nourish you with my
spiritual enlightenment, you will no longer be able to reject me or
doubt these teachings that have given you life. Thus, you will offer
constant testimony of love and gratitude with your deeds.
6. Can you imagine the great joy that one experiences in the
kingdom of heaven? You have attempted to envision life in heaven.
You imagine it full of divine music, beauty, purity, and love. I now
tell you that perfect harmony reigns over that kingdom.
7. Be aware that all of you will eventually form a part of that
divine concert, experiencing the joy found in heaven, when you
attain spiritual perfection. You will then be with me and offer me the
respect that I deserve. You will hear the divine music within your
spirit when you learn that my presence is within your spirit, joyfully
perceiving all the things that I have created. I will show you these
things because they will also belong to you. Once you are with me
you will observe and feel the beautiful harmony that reigns
throughout the universe. Then, your spirit will sing a beautiful and
loving song to the Divine Father.
8. When you feel my presence within your being, you will
discover a divine concert in every scale and a revelation in every
note. You will feel so close to me that I will become the most
important thing in your life. I will welcome you, as one welcomes a
traveler who has reached the end of his journey, aware of his
accomplishments and what he expects to find.
9. My people: You have not yet heard that beautiful divine
music within your being because your spirit is still materialistic. You
need to reach a higher state of spiritual elevation to be able to listen
to that celestial concert. I am preparing the path so that you can
become spiritually enlightened.
10. Why do you believe that it is difficult for me to
communicate through human spokesmen? Do you doubt spiritual
communication from my Spirit to your spirit? If all creation receives
nourishment from me, and if all spirits are like branches on a tree,
receiving life and nourishment from its sap, how could you believe
that I am distant from you? Since I am your Father, Doctor, and
Teacher, why is it also so difficult to believe that I am not concerned
with your suffering?
11. Listen: Soon, there will be disharmony among people
because of their different beliefs. Incarnated and disincarnated
spiritual beings are perturbed and confused. They sow evil and
destruction along their paths, seeking to hurt and kill one another.
However, suffering has also arrived. The harvester has come during
this period to cut down all the trees that are not producing good
fruit. Only justice and truth will prevail during this great battle.
Many churches will disappear, although a few will remain. Some
churches will truly be following the laws of God, whereas others
will only be deceiving people. However, the sickle of justice will
continue to cut all the bad weeds until only the good seed remains
on earth.
12. During that period those who become spiritualized will
achieve the elevation and the knowledge that will give them true
wisdom. Thus, you will no longer need human science to guide you,
because your spirit will reveal whatever you need to know once you
become spiritually prepared with my teachings.
13. Philosophers, lawyers, and priests will come before me to
ask me questions. I will answer their questions and convert them
with my divine teachings. Some will be unable to comprehend me
and become confused. Others will humbly ask for my forgiveness.
They will not demand any proof from me, but I will offer it to them,
because I love them and want them to acknowledge me.
14. When scientists can no longer resolve humanity's problems
or answer their questions, humanity will seek me. It will then
discover that I have been waiting to offer my teachings and my
comfort to everyone. Humanity will then realize that this Word
comes from Christ, the One who knows how to tenderly embrace all
those who are sad and who knows how to speak gently to all beings.
The Divine Master is using the same gentle language today, as he
did in the past, when he told mankind to love one another.
15. You are living during a period of purification and your
brethren weep in anguish. Suffering will help man to become
purified giving him spiritual strength. New apostles will soon arrive
after you.
16.1 will be with you to comfort you and to make you strong so
that you will continue along your path of restitution. I want you to
convert your enemies into your friends and to become worthy to
enter into the kingdom of heaven. Once there, you will gather the
fruit from each of your deeds.
17. I speak to you in this manner so that you will begin to
practice deeds of love and charity, for your destiny is to love and to
bless everyone. Live as Jesus did, always in communion with the
Father and in perfect harmony with all the beings in creation.
18. Whenever you practice a virtuous deed, such as being kind
with a child in need, helping a needy individual, or protecting a
defenseless person, have you not heard an inner voice that blesses
you and encourages you to continue to practice those deeds? Whose
voice is that? It is the voice of the conscience. It is the voice of the
Father rewarding his child, because the child is imitating the Father.
19. If you want to become children who are worthy of my
divinity, and principle heirs to the kingdom of heaven, first you need
to become purified. The best way to become purified is by
practicing good deeds. I speak to you in this manner so that you may
realize that I am awaiting you in my kingdom. You are now
following the path that will guide you there, although you still have
a long way to travel. I want each of you to become an apostle, and
each apostle a teacher.
20. I observe that humanity practices many different forms of
worship, but I say to you, that I do not acknowledge any one religion
as being greater that another. I have taught you about love, and there
only exists one truth. Humanity will not be redeemed by any church
or priests. It is I who will save humanity. I am the wise and loving
Shepherd who takes care of you, comforts you, and loves you so
much that I sacrificed my life in order to teach you the path of life
and truth.
21. During the Second Era men believed that by taking my life
they would destroy me causing my doctrine to disappear. However,
they were not aware that by crucifying me they gave me greater life
and glory. From my cross, I blessed my apostles from all eras, all
those who have humbly followed me through the same path.
22. I also bless those of you who have presently welcomed me
and who are preparing yourselves to continue with my work.
23. My people of Israel: You are weary travelers who come
seeking my word in order to fulfill your destiny in the Third Era.
You have arrived with bitterness in your lips and with sorrow in
your heart. You and your children have journeyed through a
dangerous path, and now that you hear my spirit summon you, you
have come, confident that you will be strengthened.
24. I find some who are humbly awaiting to receive my
mandates, whereas others, after having greatly sinned, have repented
now that they are before my presence. There are also those who are
curious, and scrutinize my teaching, hoping to discover some error
in it to condemn it. Although I know what is in each of your hearts I
love you, and I welcome everyone.
25. I will use those who are humble to take the good news to
others who are awaiting me. My teachings, like pure and clear
water, purify the ones who have sinned. When an individual realizes
that I have forgiven him and have converted him into my disciple,
he will repent and never sin again. I will illuminate and offer
evidence to the one who has doubts and scrutinizes my teachings, so
that he will become familiar with the truth and offer testimony of
me to his brethren.
26. Once you have become spiritually enlightened, I will send
you in the presence of those who are educated and who speak
eloquently. You will not envy them nor feel inferior in their
presence, for I have given you great spiritual gifts.
27. Science will come to a standstill. Many scientific scholars
will become confused discovering that their knowledge is worthless,
since it has failed to bring humanity comfort and true spiritual
peace. Once they come to that conclusion, they will seek me,
yearning to know the essence and purpose of spiritual life. They will
humbly request to enter into my sanctuary, and I will permit them to
comprehend and to acquire spiritual enlightenment according to my
28. Those who will truly follow me will be the poor and the
rejected. After they nourish their spirits with the divine essence of
my word, they will arise filled with love to offer testimony of my
new arrival. Some will become prophets, while others will captivate
the hearts of men through their gift of speech, but all will perform
deeds of love among humanity.
29. Those nations that have been despised and rejected, and
those places where people live in poverty will awaken spiritually.
They will love me and serve humanity. Among them are the great
spirits that have been purified through suffering. Hidden among
those individuals are my apostles and my messengers. I will
summon all nations, and those who are inspired will soon become
my messengers.
30. My people of Israel: Some of your brethren, who form a part
of this multitude, are currently dwelling in those troubled nations,
awaiting my mandates. They pray for world peace, but there are
other beings who prefer destruction and war. Those who pray for
peace yearn to live in a place where there are no wars, so they can
live peacefully and evolve spiritually, in fulfillment of the divine
31. Man will become tired of worshiping false gods and begin
to seek my word and my presence. Once he attains a higher level of
spirituality,; the imperfect manner in which he offers worship to
God will disappear. He will no longer summon me at the rivershore,
nor in the mountains, valleys, or in the desert. He will begin
to seek me within his spirit, where he will establish the true spiritual
temple to love and worship me.
32. You will observe that many, who were once great materially,
will descend from that level, suffering great ordeals. The ordeals
will serve to purify their spirits and to seek my doctrine. They will
evolve spiritually through their own virtues, for they will realize the
true value of the spiritual gifts that I have given man. In the year
1950 you will perceive many of my prophecies fulfilled.
33. Many individuals, whose hearts have been like a dry field,
will begin to produce fruit. I say to those of you, whom I have been
teaching day after day: Prepare: yourselves and be ready to sow my
34. After 1950 there will be wars among the people of Israel.
Only those who have remained alert, continue to pray and follow my
laws, will be able to protect their brethren.
35.1 have given you spiritual enlightenment so that you will
journey along my path with confidence and teach your brethren.
36. I bless all my children, including those who have witnessed
my manifestation as well as those who have not.
37. You are living during difficult times because of spiritual
struggles and struggles due to differing beliefs.
38. I have put great importance on this teaching because you
will meet many who persist to penetrate into the mystery of my
teachings. Also, you will come across multitudes of men and women
from various religions. You will discover that in every church and
religion there are individuals who have faith and are sincere
workers, as reflected by their loving, virtuous deeds.
39. I offer grace to all of my children, because I have seen that
throughout the world, each child, even if for just a single moment,
has felt love in his heart for God.
40. Throughout the world there are those who perform kind and
virtuous deeds seeking ways to help their brethren. Truly I tell you
that anyone who .? behaves in that manner has truly united with me.
41. I have told you that the time will come when all nations will
become spiritually enlightened. The enlightenment that man
achieves will be determined by his level of spiritual preparation.
Through that spiritual enlightenment, man will gain a new and a
clearer understanding of creation and of spirituality. Thus, a new
period of spiritual evolution will begin on earth.
42. When mankind becomes unified, man will achieve a better
understanding of divine, spiritual, and eternal things. Man will
endure many ordeals, but after he experiences them, he will
understand the Divine Truth, which is ? always clear and pure.
Spiritual unification will then be achieved.
43. The doctrine that I have revealed and the laws that I have
brought you will prevail. Remember, that it is the essence of my
word that you will need to share with your brethren.
44. Also, do not be surprised that this multitude will change the
way it worships God. Truly I tell you, that soon you will realize that
the best way to worship the Father is by practicing deeds of love,
charity, and forgiveness with your brethren.
45. Many of your brethren will arrive among you, and after they
study spiritualism carefully, they will obligate you to eliminate any
fanaticism in your practices.
46. :When I manifest myself to this multitude, I observe that,
although some are listening to this teaching, they are unable to truly
comprehend it and are unaware of its true greatness. There are
others drawn to these teachings because of curiosity, whereas, others
show a lack of respect to them. Some have attempted to test the
spiritual world in order to verify its presence. How can those
individuals believe in this manifestation if they have these doubts?
Will they be able to truly comprehend what they have witnessed, if
they do not know how to attribute this miracle to the divine power
of God? What explanation would they be able to give others who
inquire about this manifestation?
47. Those who have faith are able to perform miracles with
water that they truly believe is holy. And the Divine Master asks:
Does a supernatural power really exist in that water? Truly I tell you
that the-power is not in the water, it is within you. It is in your faith
and in the purity of your deeds, because the Divine Father dwells
within you, and He is present throughout creation. Remember what I
said in the past: Your faith will save you.
48. I am the eternal miracle, the One who illuminates your mind
and who touches your heart's emotions to guide you through the
path of virtue. Still man demands more things of the Divine Father.
He has requested to see, hear, and feel those things which he should
only perceive through his spiritual senses. But in order to please
him, and because I love and understand him, I have granted his
49. That is why I have allowed spiritual beings of light to
manifest themselves through human spokesmen in the presence of
this multitude. Thus, you are able to witness this miracle and thus
believe in my presence. Those who have scrutinized this
manifestation and still question and doubt it will misinterpret it.
Thus, they will use it as a weapon to hurt you, to ridicule you, and to
judge you as sorcerers. But this manifestation will cease once it has
sowed its seed. However, you will discover that you will not lose the
spiritual gifts that you possess and miracles will continue to occur.
They will occur because you will continue to offer charity to your
brethren, allowing your conscience to guide your steps.
50. Analyze my word so that you will realize that I am not
imposing specific customs.
51. It is the essence of my teachings that you will need to
protect and you need to share it with others along your path, because
the time will come when you will no longer need these houses of
prayers. I will manifest myself along your path, in your home, in the
mountain, and in all places. There are infinite fields where you will
need to sow charity and to demonstrate that you are my disciple.
Each individual's mission will be different, but each will always be
given the opportunity to practice good deeds. You can practice good
deeds, not only with your deeds but also with your thoughts, words,
and even with a single, loving gaze.
52. Allow your conscience to judge your deeds, because it will
tell you what you need to do to manifest all the spiritual gifts that
you possess.
53. When you observe that your brethren are unable to explain
the reason for my new manifestation, arise to explain it because you
possess that knowledge.
54. The time will come when only a few of my faithful apostles
will remain with me. Do not be surprised when the moment arrives.
I previously told you that many are summoned and few are chosen.
However, it is not that I choose some and reject others. I summon
everyone, but the majority choose not to stay.
55. Many have come and others will still arrive, but only those
who carry a seed of charity in their spirit will remain.
56. This word is not only for man. Spiritual beings also listen to
it, because they have a mission to fulfill.
57. I have given you free will. You are free to choose the path
that you believe is the best path to follow, a path where you feel
love. If my word through the human spokesman does not convince
you, then seek me where you are able to truly feel me, because
everyone who follows me needs to feel me in his heart.
58. I have come to restore peace and unity among all people,
never disharmony. I have come to bring you spiritual enlightenment
so that you will be able to distinguish truth from deceit.
59. I perceive you as small children who come near me seeking
my tenderness, my warm embrace, and my wisdom to guide you
along the path of life.
60. You are still spiritually weak because you have chosen not
to learn from the divine teachings that I have given you along your
path.61. Whoever is familiar with my name and my teachings cannot
call himself ignorant or spiritually weak. Did I not previously tell
you, "I am the way, the truth, and the life"? What could you lack if
you walk through that path of love and nourish yourself with the
light of my wisdom? It is with good reason that a baby cries at birth!
The spirit knows that it is going to dwell in a valley of tears.
62. Why do you not transform this valley of tears into a mansion
of peace? Be aware that the purpose of my teachings is to guide man
to achieve the beautiful goal, "Peace on earth to men of good will."
Peace is a grace and a blessing from heaven, and it will be achieved
on earth when mankind learns to love one another.
63. That is the secret to achieving peace. I revealed it to the
world and gave man the key which opens the doors to that kingdom.
Man is aware of this, although he has not been interested in
achieving peace, spiritual elevation, and wisdom by following the
path of love. Instead, he has preferred to construct his own world
according to his selfish desires.
64. What man has constructed is fragile, because it lacks a true
and strong foundation for brotherly love. The world of vanity,
created by man, is presently crumbling. Man would like to sing a
hymn of triumph because of his scientific discoveries and progress.
Instead, he moans with pain, horror, and repentance as he observes
the result of his work that lacks love.
65. Do you think that I speak to you harshly? I am only telling
you the truth.
66. My word offers you nourishment and enlightenment.
67. If you fulfill the will of God, you will no longer weep.
Practice my doctrine and you will find true happiness. Love one
another, and you will live in perfect peace.
My Peace be with you!