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And the moral of the story

  A.M.Hosta 4/7/2022 My husband got a letter from the district office today asking him to prove his vaccination status by 4/24/2022 or face a fine of up to 2,500 euros. I asked Heavenly Father: what do you think about this? and then heard: "And the moral of the story, don't vaccinate the little children." What should we do, Lord, beloved Father, Jesus Christ. You have saved us many times from their clutches and you could do it again. But not my will be done, Father, but Yours. For you alone know the truth behind everything. Thank you for loving us, Father. Thank you. Now I see the open tabs in the new Tor Browser with my mind's eye and Father wants to know: "Why?" To be untraceable! That's when he says: "Practice. I don't want one that prevents all that!" "Press ... female .... You're a dynasty!" So you want me to keep doing everything publicly! I look up the definition for a dynasty and find: