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Optogenetics and frequencies

9/27/2023 A.M. gets a video from Savannah Nobel It’s about how they can turn the brain on and off with light and how they manipulate our thoughts with frequencies (word phrases) via the so called cell phone towers   379 – Optogenetics (german)   The point is that the towers, which are not cell phone towers, transmit thoughts to people all over the place in order to manipulate them such as that they should get vaccinated and so on. The spiritualization is indispensably necessary, if one would like to recognize it, in order to escape from it, because only sensitive beings, who have learned to go beyond the mind and the thinking, who have learned to become inwardly quiet and who know God's laws, have the possibility to realize, if foreign thoughts manipulate them in an uncreative and dangerous way. However, according to Savanna Nobel, we are manipulated not only with thoughts, but also with light. Optogene

On earth you can live

9.23.2023 A.M.Hosta   The day before yesterday there was disagreement in our house. My husband came from work and said that he wants to leave secretly and I should not know where to. Later I heard these words: "May not seem familiar to you, but he is a vain and arrogant  hoodlum." Last night I went to see the movie: Interstellar. The movie is about how there will be no more food on Earth and humans will have to leave Earth to survive. However, the search in the universe is unsuccessful. The co-pilot of the spaceship says, "Love alone will conquer all.”  The pilot became stranded on Saturn, where he was restored. This morning when I woke up, the King's words came to me: "He who loves recognizes one another. You don't have to look far for that."   "That's a king." At breakfast, everything was back to normal and peaceful, harmonious.   Daily watchword: DDT 64: 21 France: But I will save you, for the lamentations of

The eternal sawer

 9.21.2023 A.M. Hosta TTT 26 : 2 I am the eternal sower. Even before I came to earth and was called Jesus by men, I was already the Sower, I was already known by those who were beyond materialization, error or ignorance - those who inhabited spiritual regions and homes that you do not yet know, nor can you imagine.   Our Hope-Heaven Waits and Rapture UpdateSeptember18th, 2023   Clare shared in this video that by now many hard and cold hearts have awakened and turned to the Lord through our prayers, services and offerings. Therefore, the plans of the wicked have been frozen and we have been given more time to continue doing good and building up through prayer, love and services. Also, the Lord has told her that it will be exactly 1,000 years of His reign on earth, no more and no less.   That's how you are! A.M. thinks to himself. And he says: "The new one - rule - get lost!" That's just me ....

Consciousnesses are created

9.19.2023 A.M. Hosta   TTT 62:38 Do you think that all those who teach are masters? Do you think that all those who call themselves servants of God are my emissaries, or that I have given them the task they perform? Do you think that all those who rule, govern and command in the world have the necessary abilities to fulfill this task? No, people! How few are those who carry out the mission that has been entrusted to them in truth! While some seize a position that does not belong to them, those who should occupy it see themselves humiliated and degraded. (76, 36 - 37)   I find comfort here - Still small voice   Here the Lord says to Clare, "Only in you does my heart find comfort. You are my wife." This strikes A.M. deep in her heart. She is hurt and feels humiliated and pushed back. She draws a rune and receives the rune AS. AS means, for example, that one faithfully perseveres in one's place despite many attack

Discernment of spirits

9/15/2023 A.M. Hosta  Today is the deadline for USA to pay its corporate taxes of $1.8 trillion and they only have $2.2 trillion. Daily Lottery: TTT 41 : 48 The battle of spirits for human beings 48 Beyond your human life exists a world of spirits, your brothers and sisters, beings invisible to man, who fight among themselves to conquer you. 49 That struggle has its reason in the difference of development in which some and others find themselves. While the beings of light, carried by the ideal of love, harmony, peace and perfection, sprinkle the path of humanity with light, always inspiring it with good and revealing to it all that is for the good of mankind, the beings who still cling to the materialism of the earth, who have not been able to break away from their selfishness and their love of the world, sow or who indefinitely nourish human addictions and inclinations, sow the path of men with confusions, darkening the mind, blinding the hearts, enslaving the will, in o

Ushering in the Anti-Christ

September12th, 2023 “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” That’s found in Nehemiah 8:10. Ezekiel had a vision of cables twisting, it was the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, then the Thames River Bridge in London. Jesus began speaking, “Things like this are going to be happening all over the world. My precious ones, pray for the unsaved. Pray that in that fateful moment they will realize who I am to them and receive My invitation. Pray much for those who will be caught in these events.“ My people the evil one has cell groups all over the world who are now being called into action. These events will become more and more frequent to scare the populace and terrorize them. This is all part of the plan to usher in the anti-Christ. You must continue to be a light in the wilderness guiding each soul home, to Me. The darkness has fallen and becomes more dark by the moment until it will seem like you all are living in a world without hope.“ I need you to continue to carry the light to a