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A.M. Hosta 

Today is the deadline for USA to pay its corporate taxes of $1.8 trillion and they only have $2.2 trillion.

Daily Lottery:

TTT 41 : 48

The battle of spirits for human beings

48 Beyond your human life exists a world of spirits, your brothers and sisters, beings invisible to man, who fight among themselves to conquer you.

49 That struggle has its reason in the difference of development in which some and others find themselves. While the beings of light, carried by the ideal of love, harmony, peace and perfection, sprinkle the path of humanity with light, always inspiring it with good and revealing to it all that is for the good of mankind, the beings who still cling to the materialism of the earth, who have not been able to break away from their selfishness and their love of the world, sow or who indefinitely nourish human addictions and inclinations, sow the path of men with confusions, darkening the mind, blinding the hearts, enslaving the will, in order to make use of men and turn them into instruments of their plans, or to use them as if they were their own bodies.

50 While the Spiritual World of Light seeks to win the spirit of men in order to open for it a breach toward eternity; while those blessed hosts labor ceaselessly, increasing in love, becoming nurses at the bedside of pain, counselors at the side of man who bears the burden of a great responsibility; become counselors to the young, protectors of children, companions of those who forget and live alone, the legions of beings without the light of spiritual wisdom and without the uplifting feeling of love likewise work ceaselessly among men. But their aim is not to facilitate your way to the Spiritual Kingdom - no; the intention of these beings is completely opposite, their aspiration is to dominate the world, to continue to be the masters of it, to perpetuate themselves on earth, to dominate people and make them slaves and instruments of their will - in a word, not to let them take away what they always considered theirs: the world.


Last night I went to prayer because of great dangers that surround us such as these:


Is there a SECRET PLAN to sacrifice parts of Israel for PEACE & SECURITY? TEMPLE MOUNT & RED COW  (in german)

On September 15, the Festive Days in Jerusalem begin with the Feast of Trumpets (Shofar blowing) and followed by critical days with a possible False Flag event by the US, which is insolvent and a possible major event.



According to Irlmaier (A video by Savannah Nobel on BitChute), a murder of international significance is to occur after the Day of Atonement (9/25) to get the wheels of war rolling. As Ezekiel of Still small voice saw in a vision, they roll worldwide from north to south - in Europe from Paris to Rome - and then directly to Sukkot (Valley of Jacob in Israel) where they gather for the final battle. That's where Jesus Christ is supposed to come in, and C.E.R.N. with a three-day eclipse.

But these are not reliable dates and everybody may check for himself what is in it or what will happen.

In the night I woke up around 0:30 a.m.  and the Lord, Jesus Christ, spoke to me these words:

"13 and 23"

That means, he gave me today's daily lottery directly and I looked up in the Third Testament which scripture it is about:

TTT 13 : 23 For the sake of this love, I entrusted Mary to him when they stood at the foot of the cross, so that he would continue to find love in that heart without blemish, and he would be strengthened even more at her side for the battle that awaited him.

This chapter speaks of John, who persevered under the cross with Mary, the mother of Jesus, when the Lord said to him, "Son, behold your mother ... Mother behold your Son."  

This is John, the evangelist, who was always faithful to the Lord and who always loved the Lord, and anyone who lives like John is also John. A few years ago (cf. HOSTA), it was revealed to me that my husband is the nourishing father of Jesus, St. Joseph. A soul can also incarnate several times on earth at the same time in different bodies, with different names and in different places. 

Yesterday we painted a wall of our garden hut with linseed oil, because the wood was already quite faded. This the Lord took as a good deed to grant graces.

He said:


Continuing, He said:

"Son.  Kinsman."

He obviously means my husband, Rainer, an immediate descendant of Father, who is related to him and belongs to the heavenly family.



There are severe trials ahead of us in which our faith in Jesus Christ will be put to the test. If we are asked if we believe in Jesus Christ, and say that we believe in Jesus Christ, we shall be brought before the executioner. This is what "religion" means, and "rain'" means what the Lord once told me years ago:

 "There will be a heavy rain and when the Russian army is on its way to southern Germany, they will get stuck in the mud with their overloaded tanks and wagons and turn north."

A.M. asks the gentleman, "What do you mean 100 years? . so she had heard... and he answered:

"Bringing in a new people ... Buddha."

Note: Does this mean that the NEW world ruler will exercise the rule of evil for 100 years?


A.M.'s husband wants to visit youth friends and A.M. accompanies him. They drive to the Wilhelma in Stuttgart, where they want to meet. In the morning they set off with different feelings and small jibes ensue. The Lord is not with them, but A.M. prays the Divine Mercy rosary during the whole trip to Stuttgart, hoping to strengthen her soul for the hustle and bustle there in the Wilhelma. In addition, there she deviates from her plan to drink only a coffee and eats a schnitzel, which she regrets very much afterwards, because it tasted absolutely not, but was very dry. She feels guilty and she is. Her husband says that the visit is a support for the zoo because the animals can get food from the entrance fee. And it is also an act of love to meet old friends again, which he has done many times before when they met at Wilhelma, quite harmlessly, just to exchange ideas.


During the night, A.M. woke up around 3:30 to a dream:

"There were many people on a sunlit area and it was bright day around them. Only two figures were there, completely shrouded in darkness, who agreed that they would not be vaccinated. They were the black sheep in the midst of a happy crowd that was "In the Light".

The Lord let A.M. know that all these people were poked and said to her:

"You too!"

"Experiment! I've been waiting for this for a long time. Defense has limits."

The Lord means that A.M. sinned when she ate meat and when she hugged her husband's friends to greet them and to say goodbye, and that now she is no longer protected.

"Too close!"

the Lord told her. A.M. understood. It was a sin to meet for pleasure, to eat flesh, to embrace, and to drink Satan's blood, which dripped down on her through that closeness, so that she became infected with it.

A.M. was frightened and was now struck to the core. She went down on her knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness. He said:

"I am sorry. Don't wait. I'm not coming."

Now A.M. began to pray:

Lord, Jesus Christ, eternal Lord and Savior, you said all who call on your name will be saved. I beg you, Lord, my Savior, have mercy on my soul, save, dearest Lord Jesus, my soul. I believe you have the power, one drop of your precious blood has the power to save my soul. I became weak, evil showed itself in me, but you remained strong and died for all. Please, dearest Jesus, heal me.

A.M. generated a scripture and got this:

TTT 40 : 8

8 In the denominations, people recognize the power of evil and have personified it in a human form. They recognize it as having a powerful realm and have given it various names. People are afraid when they believe him to be near, without understanding that temptation is rooted in the passions, in weaknesses, that both good and evil stir within man.

9 Evil prevails in the world at this time and has created a force, a power that manifests itself in everything. And in the spiritual there are legions of imperfect, confused spiritual beings, inclined to evil and revenge, whose power unites with human wickedness to form the kingdom of evil.

A.M. prays further: I did pray, during the whole journey there, for strength and power, Lord, my God. You allowed me to sin, but you are merciful and you also have a healing herb for me, Lord, please have mercy on me and have mercy on my soul.

A.M. generates another scripture and this time she gets this one:

TTT 31 : 97

Salvation, Redemption, Eternal Salvation

97 I, that Master who dwelt in Jesus and loved you in Him, promised the world that in another time I would speak to it and reveal Myself in spirit. And here is the fulfillment of My promise.

Today I announce to you that I have reserved for your spirit wonderful regions, abodes, spiritual homes, where you can find true freedom to love, to do good and to spread My light. Can you doubt this after I have fulfilled My former promises to you?

Thereupon the Lord still said to A.M.:

"Dop stay."

"Thank you!"

A.M. is told to thank the Lord for the salvation of her soul and for the salvation that the Lord has given her.

She now also prays for her husband and for his friends for the salvation of their souls.

A.M. has learned in this experience that the vaccination or the spike proteins and their transmission are not the problem at all and that the distinction is not to be seen in vaccinated or unvaccinated, but the distinction lies in the decision that each individual makes in his heart, again and again, until the end of his earthly days, in every moment.

The distinction lies in the respective decision whether we give space to the evil that dwells in us and follow it and infect others with it (transfer of our wickedness to others) or whether we give space to the good that also dwells in us and follow its impulses and set a good example to others (transfer of our purity through our good example to others).

The evil are all the interjections from our heart inclined to evil

Goodness is all the input from our heart that is inclined to goodness.

Both are in our heart

The innocent blood of Satan is actually the spirit inclined to evil, which is contagious, or, on the other hand, the spirit inclined to good, which heals and purifies. The precious blood of Jesus is his book of life, of knowledge, which he left for us to study and be cleansed and healed by during our study. Every word from him then drips down on our heart, our soul, and causes cleansing and restoration in us.

It is up to us to make the right choice and decision, to overcome temptations through vigilance and prayer, and in case of sin, to repent of it immediately after realizing it, to ask the Lord for forgiveness and for purification and restoration of the original beauty of the soul.

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