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Compulsory vaccination and the purification and liberation of peoples

  The Third Testament - Chapter 55 - Purification of the earth and mankind in judgment. Audio Files: A.M.Hosta 31.1.2022 Last night during my meditation, in which I fell asleep, I had a dream: I see outside, in the open air, single military men targeting our home, in lurking position, 3 - 4 soldiers in green uniforms, determined to overtake us. We press ourselves against the bushes so that they cannot see us - we hide from them. Then we run through the forest. It is steeply downhill. We run very fast, so fast that we fly, and then we arrive at the end of the room, like in a narrow backyard, and we're about to jump when I hear myself saying, 'Even if we escape them, we'll still be Chinese for many years.' So totalitarian surveillance. Queen Romana Didulo is raising money for the Canada Trucks - thousands of miles across Canada. She organizes crowd funding to finance the demonstrat

Instruction of the Lord about spiritualization

A.M.Hosta 27.1.2022 TTT 14: 54 When these teachings are understood, mankind will understand to give the material its and to give the divine its place. Then the idolatrous cult for the predecessors will disappear. 55 Man shall recognize and love his Creator from Spirit to Spirit. I refer to my contribution of 1/26/2022 "The hundredth monkey". My husband was told by management yesterday that he should not resign because 30 constitutional complaints against the forced vaccination of nurses are underway in Karlsruhe and they would probably still be employed beyond 3/15/22 and their unvaccinated status would be recognized. Also, yesterday afternoon there was a debate in the German Bundestag on the subject of general compulsory vaccination, where it was first only a matter of consultation, not of already enacting a law. There are three alternatives: a) CDU wants to present its

The hundredth monkey

A.M.Hosta 1/26/2022   Last Friday, 1/21/2022, the Father said to me: "In 4-6 days I will straighten you up!" I had painted a rose with many shades of red and there was aggression in the air. The Father told me: "Paint the rose white." I did that and the aggression disappeared and the Saturday walk was peaceful again, the counter-demonstrators were neatly cordoned off by the police, your friend and helper, so that their gloating did not succeed. The father had told me that the colors I paint would have an effect on the collective. Above all, Saturday and Sunday were filled with an inner darkness that I had never experienced before, as if hell was about to launch a general attack. On Monday it became a little lighter and yesterday, where we fasted, with water and bread, it became friendly and light again. This morning around 8:30 according to my morning meditation HE said triumphantly: "Humanity is free. Now comes the light, the love, th

Sing the song of Nineveh

  A.M.Hosta 1/24/2022   Jonah 1:2; Jonah 3:4-7; Matthew 12:41 Word of the Lord to Anna Maria on 1/22/23/2022: " Sing the song of Nineveh of love and freedom. The loving word and spiritual power will guide you." Soprano Flute; Harp G minor   1. Nineveh's people appear at the Third Time; Yes, they will condemn our race, for they repented after the preaching of Jonah. and behold, here has come more than Jonah. KV: Sing the song of Nineveh of love and freedom. The loving word and spiritual power will guide you.   2 We sit there by the streams of CORONA. Our eyes overflow with tears. Our days are darker than midnight, for mighty is the evil that creeps around us. KV: Sing the song of Nineveh of love and freedom. The loving word and spiritual power will guide you.   3. The mat'rialist has no' sack, will not fast, no end to his murder of man and animals. Only a few are those who seek the Lord and fight for him with swor

Omicron - Irradiation at night - 5 mm wave bioweapon

Omicron is not a variant but an irradiation, a millimeter wave ... at night the limits are 15 times higher than the legal limit ... Switch off router and cell phone at night ... protect yourselves with Schungite stones --- pay attention to your nutrition HOLD ON AND READ This news concerns us all - last night someone lost his life. Dr. BISCARDI WOULD HAVE REPORTED THIS ALL TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION! IT IS NO COINCIDENCE THAT AT THE SAME TIME THEY ALSO MURDERED THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, DAVID SASSOLI, WHO SHOULD HAVE WELCOMED THIS RESEARCH ON OMICRON, WHICH IS NOT A PATHOGEN BUT A RADIATION !!!!!!!! * OMICRON I said weeks ago that it is not a variant but an irradiation, a millimeter wave. * Now I'm going to tell how the Omicron variant is descending on unsuspecting people at night, infecting them even when they sleep at home behind closed walls and doors. * Omicron is not a variant, but an irradiation. As indeed everything about k0b1D 19 (84) Why does it come at nig