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Bardena - Bardenus Cell

A.M.Hosta 21.3.2022 at shortly before 6 o'clock BdWL IX - U. 259 - verses 39-40; 49-50; 39 I ask you, Israel, what do you ask for the nations? For this benefit is not for you alone. See how the nations have been afflicted by the great trials of pain. But to you I say: Israel, if you stand up for your fellow men and pray, my will will be accomplished in all mankind. 40 Men have falsified my teaching. But I have come to you to train you again with my teaching, with my wisdom, so that you may become my disciples and be the ones who tomorrow instruct the people of the world and make them feel my presence in their souls. 49 Prepare yourselves, my people, so that you may receive those who will come to you. Give them my love, teach them to love one another, show them my law, kindle in their hearts the flame of faith, and give them peace with my word, that they may feed on it in their ways. You shall teach those multitudes to seek Me from Spirit to Spirit. 50 You have come

Good an Evil have always clashed

  A.M. Hosta 3/18/2022   BTL V - T 124: 29 I am also able to give crowns, thrones and scepters in the world as I did for David and Solomon when they recognized their Lord; but I made them feel My justice when they betrayed Me and allowed them to deprive themselves of the gift of power, inspiration and wisdom. BdWL VII - T 175: 62 Watch and pay attention to My word. Do not be self-righteous because you have received my very great commissions and missions, thinking that my judgment can never reach you. Remember David and Solomon, who, although they were great in the eyes of their people, fell asleep in their greatness, violated the law, and saw my divine justice, inexorable and wise, coming upon them, when they thought that because they were so loved by the Father, they would never be afflicted by him. BTL VIII - T 238: 77 Remember the wisdom of Solomon and the inspiredness of David. Great was the splendor of their kingdoms, but when they fell into temptation, they lost every

Atlantis comes back in commercial law

  A.M.Hosta 17.3.2022 Quotation from my book "PRISCILLA" from 11/24/2017. (free download on my homepage -   At     "Testimony" "HE Himself shows Himself to her (me, Anna Maria) before her spiritual eye now, as a white cloud, as big as she is, the white cloud, it is also a bright light, a shining, as on Horeb. 'I live very close to you. Little cloud' Now I have recognized you. You are JaHuWe! For on Horeb there was not yet Jesus, only the Son, JaHuShua. Do I look like that too, like a white cloud, a glow, like the kings of Atlantis. I was once Queen   of Atlantis. "So they take their place again." End quote   Yesterday I posted a message in the Canadian chat from Queen Romana Didulo. It was an assessment of who Queen Romana is from Rob Mercury on Rumble. He had withdrawn to pray to God about it to get clarity on it.   I had therefore emailed Gene Decode to give him

Power Shift RU - US to Canada

  A.M.Hosta 14.3.2022   In my meditation I asked God: Father, why do you rule now with Romana? You said that you will rule the world. (TTT 64: 17 RUSSIA: My Spirit sees everything. The world will not be yours. It will be I who will rule over all of you. You will not be able to blot out my name, for Christ speaking to you will rule over all people ). You told me that you will rule from Germany - with me - it is love.     Quotes from my book WIND   2.11.2018 "Germany is a higher nation. It has been cleansed and purified by the tribulations of the last generations." 18.11.2018 ".... to rule with me from Germany." 20.1.2019 "The Bridegroom comes and rules from Germany. It is love." It's love. "Seven years from now, the Lamb will direct a seven-year period where they will be purified. I will bind Satan and the Antichrist (materialism) will rule the world." The Lamb rules the world. Quotations end This refers t