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BTL - Volume 6 - Teaching 143

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VI - Teaching 143 - 174  Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 6 Teaching 143: 1. I strengthen your Spirit to stand firm in the coming struggle, for great will be the struggle of ideologies, teachings and creeds. Verily, I tell you, when the persecution of spiritualists begins, new apostles will rise full of faith and courage. They will be the ones who will proclaim that I have truly been with you in this time, and they will be pioneers and prophets in their peoples. Among them will appear those who write down my inspirations, who fathom my teaching and see spiritual visions. 2. In that time I will manifest myself both in men and women, in youth and children and old men. 3. The whole world will receive revelations, rallies and visions, for it is written that every eye will see me. 4. I have made myself known in the scientist's workplace, and my presence has amazed him. I have surprised the armies in

Btl - Volume 5 - Teaching 142

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume V - Teaching 111 - 142  Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 5 Teaching 142: 1. My love descends upon you to demand from you the fulfillment of the commandments which I have taught you during your existence. I see that you are full of grace, anointed and prepared for the fulfillment of your mission, and I want to reap the fruits of the seeds I have given you. I will rejoice in your humility and good will. If I have offered you that the world will be full of grace and blessings through your intercession, it is because I have given you authority to see your good works multiply beyond this earth. Through your intercession the needy souls will obtain light. For, verily, I tell you, not only this world is going through an epoch of difficulties and trials for its purification, but also in other spheres there is atonement and pain. 2. Make My teaching your own, feel My Word; as it is gentle and loving, so it is se