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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 102:

1. Your supplication has reached heaven, and as proof of this you feel My peace in these moments If on one occasion you feel that a sweet peace pervades your heart, you can safely say that your Creator has been close to you. If your heart beats faster and an inexplicable bliss fills you, it is because your Spirit has heard the voice of His Lord.

2. Take up your cross in the thought that My Presence is with you to encourage you in your path of development

3. All of you can and should belong to those who are enlightened by the Lord There is not one heart that does not carry within it the divine seed of love and virtue. Those who embrace My teaching to become My disciples are those who, through true testimonies of love and mercy towards the crowd, present their Master as perfect love and infinite wisdom. This is the way in which you are to make the Good News known on earth through pure works, words and thoughts.

4. I want you to achieve so great sensitivity in the spiritual at this time that one thought of Me reflected in your mind is enough to obey Me with true gentleness.

5. Those times when the people demanded an undeniable material manifestation from their God in order to believe in His word, existence, or justice are over. Those times in which the people trembled only at the terrible voice of their prophets or at the divine justice revealed by the unleashed elements, by plagues, epidemics and wars, you shall regard as past; do not desire that they continue to your days. Your Spirit is developed and should wrestle with the materialized soul until it makes it receptive to the vibrations, inspirations and messages that come to you from the spiritual world.

6. In every age I have stood by your Spirit so that it may advance more and more towards the knowledge of the truth. See to it that the hour comes in which the last veil disappears and you can see the glory of your Father.

7. Whoever - without telling anyone that he is my disciple - spreads goodness in his way will everywhere be asked by his fellow men which is the shortest way to reach the Father.

8. Whoever boasts that he is my soldier, my servant or my disciple will only arouse suspicion, mockery, contempt and condemnation.

9. After Jesus had done great and powerful works in the sight of His disciples, He once asked Peter, "And you, who do you think I am? To this the disciple replied, amazed but full of faith: "You are the Son of the living God. Thus you shall go through the world according to My will: with that gentle kindness that Jesus taught you. Then those will not be lacking who, on seeing your works, will come to the conviction that you are My disciples and that you pass on My teaching to your fellow men. Remember that I am the good way; My word has given you testimony of it. I have spoken many things to you, but you cannot say that a single one of My words has taught you anything outside My law.

10. I met you like withered and scorched plants under the rays of a merciless sun and made you feel the caress of My Word which was like a heavenly dew on you You walked on a path full of thistles and did not want to go any further for fear of injury. But after you heard My Word, you lost the fear of life, distrust and suspicion disappeared from your hearts and you resumed the life journey full of hope and faith in your destiny. For every moment that passed made the word of the Father resound in your Spirit, which is a food of eternal life for everyone who takes it.

11. People, at the same time that I am preparing you to enter spiritual life, legions of men are preparing in the world to pluck up every seed of spiritual origin from the hearts of their fellow men. I give you the necessary time so that you strengthen your faith and let the divine knowledge of what I have revealed to you unfold in your hearts. If you really prepare yourselves, you have nothing to fear from the world, neither from its words nor from its books, nor will its promises or threats succeed in supplanting from your hearts the essence of My teaching, nor the promise of the Promised Land I have offered you. You will never exchange it for the most tempting promises of the world.

12. Whenever this trial comes upon you and your enemies are watching your steps, remember that it is Christ who is speaking to you at this moment and remember how Jesus was tempted in the desert and how He overcame the world and the flesh with His strength. I want you to be the same - strong against every enemy, without forgetting that you have the mightiest of your enemies within yourselves, and that only the faith and power that comes from me will give you victory.

13. Your fight will not remain without reward; this will be infinitely greater than that which you could expect from the earth Of this high reward I will give you only a little here in this world in advance, and this will be the satisfaction to see the enemies of my truth converted to it.

14. Think carefully about my teachings, beloved disciples, then out of this reflection the strength will grow for you, which will help you not to despair in the struggle

15. Free your mind from all unfairness if you want to understand My word The Master is working on him to awaken him from that sleep in which he is imprisoned and to show him the radiant light of the new morning.

16. In My love for you I make the divine human to make it understandable to you I transform My divine wisdom into human word and cause you to hear through this spiritual gift the teaching of your Heavenly Father, who strengthens your body through His love and cleanses your soul from its stains.

17. The Father of all beings speaks to you at this moment. The love that created you makes itself felt in everyone who hears this word.

18. Before you heard Me through these voice-bearers, a hidden voice within you announced to you My presence on your way Those who were able to hear that voice in their heart, when they received the Good News, to which a brother brought them with the words, "Come, for the Divine Master is speaking at this time and awaits you", subsequently confirmed that the foreboding they had had had did not deceive them, that the announcement of their heart was reality. Verily, I tell you, these are those who stayed with Me, those who believed in My rallies because they were already expecting Me.

19. If I no longer speak to you in the form you are experiencing today, I will again manifest Myself to you directly from Spirit to Spirit, and then you will no longer doubt nor ask, "Is it really the Lord? Then you will have the certainty and the absolute faith that your Spirit begins to hold dialogue with its Creator.

20. Do not become weak in your effort to come nearer to me, because you consider your spiritual maturity to be low. You are ushering in an age of spiritualization, but you will not exactly reach perfection in your spiritual dialogue; others will come after you, and after these again others who will hear my voice, receive divine inspiration, and reproduce my messages in a way you cannot now imagine. Can it not be that it will be you yourselves who live in those times? But into these future things only I can penetrate, and only I can know which ones will come again and which ones will remain in the spiritual to no longer return to earth.

21. Some of my disciples will set the first stone, others will be called upon to set the last stone in the most beautiful building that man has built for his master.

22. This work will be the fruit of spiritual harmony among all men. Today you feel very far from being able to produce this fruit, because you realize that there is discord among men. But do not despair, for the sickle is already coming, which will cut the weeds that have divided mankind, so that when the visitation is over, you may see justice, reason and brotherhood shine forth once more.

23. Today I open the Divine Book of My love before you; do this also with your hearts, beloved disciples. But do not worry, for before I give you My teaching I pause to hear your worries and heal you from your sufferings. My desire is that when you come to Me there may be deep peace in your Spirit. I know which of you have much to struggle, and for this it is absolutely necessary that you receive great encouragement already now. Power gives you My word, which is permeated with life and health. This Word springs from the Divine Word, which penetrates into the innermost part of your Spirit at this time to realize the perfect communion between the Father and His children.

24. For some, My teaching will be unforgettable, because in their lives it will be the star that guides their steps These will come at the right time to follow Me and bear witness to My revelations. Others will stray from the path without seemingly knowing to whom they have listened, nor what the truth was that this word contained. Then they will have to wander a little further until the time of their trials has come and they will feel in the innermost part of their being the inspiration rising, which reminds them of what they once heard and to which their heart at that time attached no importance. First of all, listen to me all, no matter whether you turn away afterwards or deny me. I am sowing in your Spirit, where only I find access, because there is only one key for it, and I possess it. When the right time has come for this, the light will break forth from the depth of your heart, which I am leaving behind today in the most hidden part of your being.

25. Eliminate the dark in your life, ignorance, vice, everything that makes your body sick. Bring light into your existence and radiate the love of your Spirit on the path of life of your fellow men.

26. "Time of new knowledge" is what men have called this century, but I tell you that you should not only trust in the light that comes from science, but also in your spiritual gifts. Do not forget that man lives not only on bread, but also on every word that comes from God.

27. Keep My word in your hearts, and when you make use of it, do not do so to boast to those who do not know this teaching. Have no desire to appear as the new enlightened ones, for none of your fellow men is without light. If you are not humble in passing on my inheritance, you will not be able to give light.

28. I am currently bequeathing to mankind a new book, a new testament: My Word of the Third Age, the Divine Voice, which spoke to man when the Sixth Seal was broken.

29. It is not necessary that your names or your deeds should go down in history. In this book My Word will be like a sounding and clear voice speaking eternally to the human heart and My people will leave to posterity the trace of their steps on this path of spiritualization.

30. Leave to those who come after you the memory of your good works as an example Make haste already today to wipe out all your stains of shame so that they will not be seen by your brothers and sisters.

31. The writings of the first days handed down the history of the people of Israel, and preserved the name of their children, their successes and their failures, their works of faith and their infirmities, their glory and their downfalls, that this book might speak to every new generation of the development of that people in their worship of God That book also handed down the names of the patriarchs who loved virtue and justice, the models of strength of faith, as well as the names of the prophets, the seers of the future, through whose mouth the Lord always spoke when He saw His people on the brink of danger. It also handed down the names of the corrupt, the traitors, the disobedient, because every incident, every example is a teaching and sometimes a symbol.

32. When I dwelt in Jesus among men, I made use of the essence of those writings, of the meaning of those works, only when necessary, to transmit My teaching; the material and the insubstantial I never praised. Do you not remember that I mentioned the righteous Abel, that I praised the patience of Job and remembered the wisdom and glory of Solomon? did I not remember Abraham on many occasions and speak of the prophets, and did I not tell you with reference to Moses that I had not come to dissolve the Law he had received, but to fulfill it?

33. If Christ was the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, even then I could only praise the good and would have to destroy the evil.

34. My life transformed the lives of men. My death opened the eyes, blinded by the darkness of materialism, to the light of truth, and the worship of God took a great step towards perfection, because the love of the Messiah gave people a new vision of Divine Justice. As if a new God had appeared among that people, My teaching and My works made the world know the truth, which men were not able to see before.

35. God, the immutable, could not have changed in His inmost being toward His children. It was man who discovered the true nature of the Father when he rose spiritually to his Creator on the stepping stone of love and spiritualization that Christ showed him. Even when my apostles taught the crowd in front courts, in synagogues or in marketplaces and had to refer to the past times, they used only those examples that left a true spiritual statement and renounced everything that was useless.

36. Now that I have come to you with a detailed spiritual teaching, I have not forgotten that you all feel the need to research those books, because on every occasion, in every teaching, I have taught you these things and reminded you of what was - the examples you must not forget, the teachings that have eternal life; I have not forgotten the examples that you must not forget, the teachings that have eternal life But I tell you once again: even now I have only spoken of the spiritual. Do not think that I forbid you to read that book of the First Times, because you are the Trinitarian people. Do you not know that I said, "Study the Scriptures"; but now I add, "Pray before you read, that you may find true light in your study and not fall into error, as many have done because they gave a false interpretation to the event. Read, research, but you will find the explanation of the meaning in my words of the Third Age.

37. Why should you in this time leave your imperfections, your false spirituality, your disobedience and your habituation to the holy to those who come after you? Do you think that your works will make you worthy, that historiography will pass on your names?

38. When the time has come, I will enlighten you so that My people, the witnesses of My rallies and My Word, will form from My teachings the Book to reach all men, so that men may find in it only the Divine Essence of the Master, His Eternal Truth, His Love and His Revelation, and never discover the all-too-humanity of the voice bearer

39. Those who have been My disciples in this work will know how to separate the chaff so that pure wheat remains; for for My seed to germinate, it must be pure.

40. Today I am present before your spiritual gaze, so that you may see Me by means of your spiritual faculties. Through these I give you My Divine warmth so that you feel Me in your hearts. I want to turn you away from everything unnecessary, from everything bad. I entrust to you a garden where you can cultivate all virtues. It is necessary to counter sin; consider how evil has blossomed.

41. I see that your heart trembles with delight when you hear Me speak in this way because you feel the hope that men will renew themselves. While you listen to Me, you feel the impulse to go in search of the erring, the sinner, the wicked, to speak to him with My truth and to turn him from the evil way. I bless these noble feelings that are beginning to awaken in your hearts, but I tell you If you have not first corrected your faults, if you have not purified your hearts, it will not be appropriate to appear before your fellow men to point out their sins. My word alone on your lips will not accomplish the miracle of converting men, the example of your life will be necessary for it. Then my word will be accepted as truth.

42. When My disciples at that time scattered over the world to proclaim My teachings, they were not content to repeat My words, but they also taught them with their works, and when they said that they testified to Him who died on a cross for love of men, they did so with words and with works, dying as their Master did as a sacrifice. I tell you: He who defends a truth and dies for it will be believed. Yet I do not demand this sacrifice from you. I do not want you to die to prove My truth, I want you to live and testify with your life My Word, which teaches you to love one another.

43. A new happiness awaits you: that of serving your fellow men, helping them to rebuild their lives, to turn them away from the bad ways.

44. See how indispensable your armament is to be able to take up the weapons of truth and to help it to victory in the struggle?

45. Many are those who, after having heard My divine Word, have given testimony of it But when they did not confirm by works what their lips have spoken, they were rejected and mocked. But as soon as this testimony was accompanied by good works, it set fire to the faith of some, and made others pensive.

46. All my teaching is to prepare you for this battle of which I speak to you, strengthening your faith and illuminating your Spirit, so that your witness may be powerful.

47. Again and again I tell you that men intuitively expect the coming of something unknown. This foreboding gives you the light of the Spirit, which burns like a lamp in expectation of the fulfillment of my promise.

48. Will it not be you who bring the Good News to these hearts? Yes? Then hear and comprehend the Master's teaching, obey and love the Father, and you will be worthy to serve your fellow men.

49. If you strive for the immortality of the soul, fear not the coming of death, which puts an end to human life. Expect him prepared; he is under my command, and that is why he always comes at the right time and rightly, even if men often believe the opposite.

50. The seriousness is not that man dies, but that his soul, when leaving the body, lacks light and cannot see the truth. I do not want the death of the sinner, but his repentance. But when death once becomes necessary - be it to free a soul, or to stop the fall of a man into ruin - then my Divine Justice cuts the thread of life of that human existence.

51. At that time, when the crowd, enraged by the adulteress' misstep, was only waiting for My judgment to kill her, since people believed that this would be the only way to erase completely the sin of that woman, I showed them that forgiveness and the Word of Love are life for the heart and death for sin. The meritorious thing is to achieve that the sin dies, but the creature lives on. Therefore, it was not necessary for that woman to disappear, but her sin.

52. If it were not so, I would have already destroyed you in My aversion to sin. But see, not only do I not take your life, but I even give you one body after another so that you may learn this blessed teaching on earth - a teaching which, because it was not understood by mankind, became the cause that "The Word" of God became man, to teach you with His birth, works and death, what man's true destiny is in this world. This is the teaching that you have not lived, that you have not applied. What does it teach you? Humility, obedience to the Divine Will, self-denial out of love for others, devotion to an ideal of spiritual upward development. Whoever fulfills this task on earth will have no reason to return to it, since he has already left his good seed. In this, Christ will serve as an example for him, who, after having set a perfect example for mankind with his life, no longer returned to the world as a human being.

53. Learn to leave this body in the bosom of the earth as soon as the hour comes for it, if you want to continue to live for those you love and if you want them to feel you. If you do not want to sink into silence and emptiness and instead continue to work on your brothers and sisters on earth because you understand that this is what is truly called life, learn already now that just as your Spirit gave up its spiritual home to live on earth, so will it have to give up the vanities of the world when it returns to the spiritual world.

54. If men had learned to leave their bodies and all that they had on earth with submission, their death would be easy; but as long as there is earth-attachment and rebellion, it will be the pain that separates the soul from the flesh, combined with fear for both parts.

55. Study My teaching, disciples, and you will understand why I told you through Jesus, "My kingdom is not of this world".

My peace be with you.

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