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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 99:

1. Be welcome, disciples, at the heavenly table Enjoy the tasty food I am bringing you in My words. Like a thief who enters a bedchamber, I have entered your heart and discovered that you are hungry for spiritual knowledge.

2. No one should be surprised by My presence. Already through Jesus I indicated to you the events that would announce My rallies as Spirit of Truth. I also told you that My coming would be in the Spirit so that no one should expect material manifestations that will never come. Consider the Jewish people as they still await the Messiah, without the Messiah coming in the form they expect, because the true one was already with them and they did not recognize Him. Mankind, will you not acknowledge My new manifestation to continue to expect Me according to your conception of faith and not according to what I promised you?

3. Awaken from your sleep and become children of light, for I am bringing you a divine seed that will give you peace and life and I want you to start sowing it

4. Do not wait any longer to believe in My call Think that in the great battle that is announced to you the judgment will be felt. I want you to be well-equipped soldiers in this battle, ready to lower faith into the weak hearts with your works of love.

5. People, banish all fear of the opinions of your fellow men, for they will not give you peace, they will not bring you to the Promised Land. Fear not men, follow Me perseveringly on this path. For in the hour of judgment for mankind you would lament from the bottom of your heart not to have been faithful, not to have been encouraged by my teaching, nor to have learned to solve the great trials in accordance with my law. Victory will belong to the persistent and the faithful.

6. My saving boat has appeared in the deepest storm night. Come to him all you who fear to perish in sin, as shipwrecked men who have lost their course.

7. The clouding of the mind, the lack of faith, the ignorance of the truth are darkness to the Spirit, and that is why mankind today is on an erroneous path How have multiplied those men who live without knowing or wanting to know where they are going!

8. I knew that such a time would come for men, full of pain, confusion, uncertainty and mistrust. I promised to save you from this darkness, and here I am: I am the Spirit of Truth. Why do you want me again as man? Do you not remember that I died as man and told you that I would await you in my kingdom? With this I made you understand that the soul is eternal, immortal.

9. It was the Divine Spirit who spoke through the mouth of Jesus and who sealed with His Blood the price of your salvation What was your verdict? To live to see Me coming as light later on the way over your conscience. I gave you proofs of My immortality and wrapped you in My cloak of forgiveness to make you understand that this blood shed on Golgotha was the most sublime teaching example of the fulfilment of a mission of love to obtain peace in eternity. This is why I tell you that you yourselves must attain your own bliss.

10. "Israelites" I have called you, because your Spirit comes from that seed which I entrusted to the founders of the people called "the people of God.

11. "Israel" was the name I gave to Jacob and to his seed. Why was this name later used to designate a race, even though it refers only to spiritual missions? I inspired patriarchs and prophets to call that people the people of God. Do you know why? Because it gave birth to a spiritual mission among all the other peoples of the earth. While some peoples held science in their hands, others held the arts, and still others held human laws, this people came with the spiritual law, the teaching of the heart, the light of eternity. While other peoples gave the world philosophers and scientists, this people gave it prophets who transmitted divine messages to the people, patriarchs who taught the way to God with their lives, apostles who lived and died as witnesses of the truth, and above all the Divine Master who became man in the bosom of the people of Israel and brought the most sublime heavenly message to the people.

12. Therefore that people were called the "People of God", although I tell you that all peoples are Mine and I love all equally; but each one brings to earth his mission

13. This spiritual seed I am making appear in the world in this day and age It will appear scattered among mankind - not as one race or in the form of tribes, but in all races, because Israel is founded in the Spirit and the spiritual is above the human.

14. My people will again appear with the mission to bring light to the Spirit. Its spiritual abilities will flow into human life as at all times. My prophets, messengers and disciples have (always) brought light and peace to men.

15. You who hear Me certainly understand these teachings. But do not be content to understand them; you must endeavor to continue to fulfill your eternal destiny, to illuminate the spiritual path of your fellows. Fulfill your mission, and once more the light shall shine in you, which shall always be present in the people of God.

16. See how your Spirit has foreseen the time in which he now stands, and he has hastened in his desire to fulfill my promises. Your heart knew nothing of my coming because in these times mankind attaches little or no importance to my prophecies; but the Spirit kept that word in its deepest innermost being.

17. Your heart was dormant; but since you heard My first Word or My first teaching, it awoke, and when it understood the Truth, it immediately realised that souls came to earth to fulfil a divine mission and not for everyone to act according to his will Whoever has experienced this awakening follows me step by step and builds a sanctuary in his inner being.

18. My word of love is given to all the chosen people. Be refreshed in him, disciples. When I sometimes correct you and even judge you, think carefully about these teachings so that each one may take to heart what concerns him. Rejoice not when I rebuke a transgression which you would not have committed, though you know those who have committed it. For in that moment your conscience will remind you of that teaching in which I told you: "Do not see the splinter in your brother's eye without first recognizing the beam you are carrying with you.

19. Remember that all of you form My apostle body which I will send tomorrow to bear witness to My Word and that you should begin to love each other already now Do you not believe that my rallies through your organ of understanding have great significance? Or do you think that this here is one of the many sects that arise today and announce the salvation of the world and then disappear again afterwards without leaving traces of My peace?

20. Observe how this seed, although you have tended it badly, does not die, see how it has conquered darkness and pitfalls, obstacles and trials and continues to germinate and develop day after day Why does this seed not die? Because the truth is immortal, eternal. Therefore, you will experience that if this teaching seems to vanish at times, it will be just when new and abundant instincts will sprout to help people take another step forward on the path to spiritualization.

21. Do not think that this only happened in this Third Time, no, even in the Second Time, after the Master and His disciples had watered with their blood the seed they sowed in the hearts of men, there were moments when it seemed as if the teaching of Christ had disappeared from the world. How many in this day and age have finally faltered in their faith and doubted that truth which had previously been their beacon and law, considering the sacrificial death of Jesus and those who followed Him to be useless. I then only needed to send new servants to the world so that they removed all untruths which men had added to my teaching and with which they had distorted it, and already the seed germinated again and bore flowers and fruits.

22. I teach you these things so that you do not belong to those who hide My truth, distort My teaching or profane My law, but to those who with all the love of their Spirit nurture and care for the seed I have entrusted to you, which is the same one that according to My will should blossom in the hearts of men at all times: as love of men among themselves.

23. You may call the Master who was with you in the world "Rabbi of Galilee", because in that land He became man. But of the Master who comes invisibly to you today, although it is the same, you cannot say that He is from Galilee, because I come in the Spirit.

24. My new teachings are the confirmation of those which I gave you in the Second Age, but they are still more far-reaching. Remember, then I spoke to the heart of men, but now I speak to the Spirit.

25. I do not deny any of My words which I gave you in the past; on the contrary, I give them due fulfilment and correct interpretation. Likewise, I said at that time to the Pharisees who believed that Jesus wanted to destroy the Law: "Think not that I have come to destroy the Law or the prophets; on the contrary, I come to fulfill them. How could I deny that Law and the prophecies when they are the foundation of the Temple that had to be built in the hearts of men in three ages and the announcement of My coming to the world?

26. As long as men remain in their blindness and ignorance, they will be the cause that God, who is Father above all, must humanize, limit and diminish Himself to His children in order to be understood. When will you allow me to show myself before you with the glory in which you are to see me?

27. You must be great to be able to imagine my greatness, and for its sake I come again and again to give you spiritual greatness so that you may experience the infinite bliss of getting to know your Father, feeling his love, hearing the Divine Concert that resounds above you

28. This is the Third Time, beloved disciples, and therefore you must add another to the previous lessons. You have much to study, but do not worry, because the teaching of this time will make you understand better those of the past times. Likewise, those who followed the law of Moses studied the prophets and did not understand the essence of the teachings until Jesus came.

29. Instead of the psalms, which in the first time you praised your Father, today you hold spiritual dialogue by means of spiritual prayer.

30. How slowly is mankind moving toward the perfection of its worship of God!

31. Whenever I come to you with a new lesson, it appears too far ahead of your stage of development. But understand that I am placing an age at your disposal so that you can grasp it while it lasts and absorb it into your life.

32. Whenever death ends the existence of your body shell, it is like a rest for the soul, which, when it incarnates again, returns with new powers and greater light, continuing the study of that divine lesson which it had not completed. In this way, through the ages, the wheat that is your soul matures. I have revealed many things to you concerning spiritual life, but I tell you that you do not yet need to know everything, but only that which is essential for your coming to the eternal homeland. There I will tell you all that which is destined for you to know.

33. To reveal new teachings to you in this time, I opened the time of Light and Spirit with My rallies through the organs of understanding of uneducated and ignorant but simple men Tomorrow, when you have understood and applied My first lessons, you will have the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, which is the highest goal you can strive for. But until this form of communication spreads among men, time will still pass, and you do not know how many ages will pass until it has become perfect.

34. At all times I have sought a form to speak to you, to make myself audible and understandable, but not always have you been inclined or willing to hear the divine voice. In view of your earth-bound nature I had to humanize myself and make myself perceptible to your senses to be felt, to let my rallies be given to you through the human voice bearer, as you have experienced it in this time. But I have announced to you that this form of rallies will end in 1950.

35. People, do not forget that your Father told you that day that He was always looking for a way to communicate with you, so that you may realize that if tomorrow you do not receive My Word through My instruments, you have reached a new period of time in which you will begin to sense the true communication between your Spirit and the Divine Spirit

36. In this day and age souls rejoice who feel the presence of the HolySpirit in that light that enlightens the mind and fills the heart with bliss and inspiration Those who have not sufficiently awakened their sensitivity to perceive Me are thirsty and lack peace. For this I say to those who receive the Divine inspiration that they call their fellow men and shake them awake through the good news of My spiritual coming.

37. This life is a constant test for man from the moment he is born until his death on earth.

38. Human life is for the Spirit the crucible in which he is purified and the anvil on which he is forged It is essential that man have an ideal in his Spirit, faith in his Creator and love for his destiny, in order to carry his cross with patience to the summit of his Calvary.

39. Without faith in eternal life man falls into despair in all the hard trials, without high ideals he sinks into materialism, and without strength to endure disappointment he perishes in despondency or vice.

40. All this men know from their own experience, for it has been necessary for them to know the sorrowful side of life and the darkness, so that they may perceive the light when it comes before their eyes. This is why I told you on this day that rejoicing is in the souls that have opened their eyes to see the divine light of wisdom and love.

41. Verily, I tell you, many will flee My teaching for fear of spiritualizing themselves; but it will not be reason nor Spirit speaking in them, but the lower passions of the flesh

42. When a Spirit lives devoted to the truth, he flees materialism as one who removes himself from a polluted environment. The superior Spirit finds his happiness in morality, where peace reigns, where love dwells.

43. My light shines in all men; it is a relentless but kind voice that speaks to all men unceasingly.

44. Do not be anxious about those who seemingly insist on not listening to me, because at the given moment they can become the most fervent and steadfast in their conversion and faith. Do you not remember the conversion of Paul?

45. I do not take hasty steps. I know that My children in the midst of eternity will seek Me at some time in their desire for salvation. Only men must hurry, for the longer they delay their renewal, the more they prolong their time of atonement.

46. The light of this Third Age has filled your hearts with the most vibrant happiness, the hope for peace in the world is rising in you anew Every day you are more occupied with the works of your Lord, with a growing desire to collaborate in this work of spiritualization. Verily, I tell you, I will reward you all the time you spend on My work. But do not neglect your duties on earth to devote yourselves to the spiritual until you are certain that I have commanded you. Then you must leave behind not only your work but even your relatives to set out for one area or another and bring the Good News to your fellow men.

47. Among this people will arise those who dedicate themselves to my service They prepare themselves so that they will not waver in the trials tomorrow. Not all the people know how to prepare for the fight, for you see that many who heard my living word remained untouched by it and that their heart is not ready to obey.

48. If only you could see the spirits of light watching over you, suffering in the face of the hardness of heart and disobedience of the people; if you could hear their spiritual sobs! Why do you not follow the infallible advice that these beings give you? Have you not found in them your loving and compassionate brother, your faithful and unselfish friend?

49. Consider that you will very soon be in the spiritual realm and that you must reap what you have sown on this earth. The step from this life to the other remains a serious and severe judgment for the Spirit. No one escapes this judgment, even if he considers himself the most worthy of my servants.

50..It is my will that from the moment you enter that infinite home, you no longer experience the fears of the earth and you begin to feel the happiness and bliss of having climbed another step.

51. Leave nothing unfinished in the world. Love people as you love your own family. Pray for people, however distant they may be from you, as you pray when one of your own is absent and suffering. Heal the sick, and as you do so, think of all those who in that hour drink the cup of suffering. Leave a trail of light through your life all the way on the vast sea you cross. Do not sleep while My Light illuminates your consciences. Remember that those who are awake receive My inspiration to pass on My message to their fellow men afterwards. Separate yourselves from all useless and evil, so that you may be worthy at all times to possess My grace.

52. Receive the soul in your midst that comes to earth to incarnate in a little child and also assist with your prayers the soul that separates itself from its body and takes leave of you Guide it with your prayers up to the thresholds of the beyond. Love your neighbors and serve them at every hour and in every difficult situation that they should live through.

53. Always live spiritually alert so that you may forgive with all your heart those who have hurt you. Think in advance that whoever hurts his brother does so only because he lacks spiritual light, and I tell you that forgiveness is the only thing that can bring light into those hearts. Resentment or revenge increase the darkness and bring about suffering.

54. Be wise and brave in trials, so that you leave this seed in the hearts of your children and they remember you with affection and gratitude, as you remember the Patriarchs of the First Times who left you their heritage of faith, of bravery, as it was with Abraham, whom a whole people acknowledged and loved as a father

55. Today these are counsels I have given you, but they are Heavenly Counsels. For I have My joy in speaking to you as Father, since I feel in My Spirit your child love.

56. People, in his day John, who is also called the Baptist, baptized with water those who believed in his prophecy. This act was a symbol of purification from the original sin. He told the multitudes who came to the Jordan to hear the words of the forerunner: "Behold, I baptize you with water, but he who will baptize you with the fire of the HolySpirit is already on his way".

57. Out of this Divine Fire were all Spirits born, they went forth pure and pure. But when they have stained themselves in their way with the sin that disobedience brought with it, the fire of My Spirit pours out on them anew to destroy their sin, to blot out their stains and restore them to their original purity.

58. If instead of understanding this spiritual baptism as the purification that man obtains through an act of sincere repentance towards his Creator, you turn it into a rite and you are content with the symbolic content of an act - verily I tell you, your Spirit will not achieve anything

59. Whoever acts in this way still lives in the times of the Baptist, and it is as if he did not believe in his prophecies and words that spoke of spiritual baptism, of the Divine Fire, through which God purifies His children and makes them immortal in the light

60. John called people to him as adults to pour that water on them as a symbol of purification. They came to him when they were already aware of their actions and could already have the firm will to remain on the path of goodness, righteousness and justice. See how humanity preferred to perform the symbolic act of purification by water, rather than true renewal through repentance and the firm resolution to reform, which are born of love for God. The ritual act is not an effort; but to purify the heart and struggle to remain pure is an effort, a renunciation, and even sacrifice for man. That is why men have preferred to cover up their sins by outward appearances, by being content with the observance of ceremonies, certain acts and rites that do not in the least improve their moral or spiritual condition, if their conscience does not take part in them.

61. Disciples, this is the reason why I do not want ritual acts to take place among you, so that by performing them you do not forget that which actually affects the soul.

62. Original sin does not come from the union of man and woman. I, the Creator, ordered this union when I said to both of them, "Grow and multiply". This was the first law. The sin was in the abuse people made of the gift of freedom of will.

63. Prepare yourselves to continue receiving in your midst the children whom I entrust to you. Be fully aware of your task and your responsibility. You will find this light in my teaching.

64. Know that the soul, when it incarnates, brings with it all its faculties, that its destiny is already written down, and that therefore it has nothing in the world to receive. It brings with it a message or a task of atonement. Sometimes it reaps a (good) seed, and other times it pays a debt. But always in this life she receives a lesson of love that her Father gives her.

65. You who guide your children through this life, make sure that when the time of childish innocence is over, that they follow the way of My Law. Awaken their feelings, reveal to them their abilities and always inspire them to do good, and indeed, I tell you, whom you bring to Me in this way, he will be overflowed with the light that radiates from that divine fire which is My love.

My peace be with you!

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