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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 92:

1. For you that day is a feast day, when ye shall hear my word. You who have faith refresh yourselves, and you who have doubts torture yourselves because you want to see me as man, to have the absolute certainty of my presence.

2. But do not worry, the master tells you, because even without seeing me or touching me you will finally believe. While my word convinces you, at the same time it makes all spiritual fibers of your being sensitive, and finally you will feel the spiritual revelations close to you when peace knocks at your doors or love approaches your heart, when death passes or temptation lurks. The best inheritance I will leave you will be this teaching, for he who knows how to interpret and practice it as it requires will attain the highest peace of the Spirit. But whoever falsifies it in its interpretation or in its application will have to weep bitterly. But these will not be able to blame me for it because their conscience will tell them that this pain is the proof that they were outside the law.

3. On earth, too, your parents leave you an inheritance of teachings and advice, and those who follow and observe them constantly reap good fruits in their life's journey. But those who do not listen to their words and forget them, and who attach more importance to the material goods they receive as part of their heritage than to the lessons of love they received, are exposed to the fall and changeable destinies. Ask yourselves: Would it be just for these children who have been absent to say that it is their father who punishes them when they feel the hardships and sufferings that are the consequences of their disobedience? No, My children, it is your works which always give you a reward or a punishment.

4. Beloved disciples, I am giving you at present My teaching of love in the midst of this scantiness where My rallies take place, is My Sanctuary, that spiritual temple where no rites are celebrated nor the false splendour of liturgies blinds you, where you hear only one voice, sometimes loving and consoling, sometimes profoundly wise, and sometimes severe and righteous.

5. This is the reason why you never tire of hearing it and always feel conquered by it; for although My teachings have outward similarities among themselves, you have discovered that they are different in content and gradually bring you to the spiritual knowledge of My truth.

6. You come from different parts of the earth to hear me, and I call you representatives. If you are a family man or the mother of a family, I receive you as representatives of the home; if you are a child, I receive you as representatives of the family. If you come from a certain region, I receive you as representatives of it, and if you come from a far country, I call you representatives of your nation. To Me you are all My children, My beloved disciples, whom I teach without preferential treatment.

7. To those who doubt My Words I tell them to wait, to keep doubt in their hearts and close their lips, but to open their ears, their minds and their hearts, because now is the time of surprises and miracles that only those who are prepared will be able to perceive and confirm

8. The last battle is already being fought, and it is necessary that you have weapons to fight and a shield to defend yourselves. But since this judgment is not what the world has expected, it has not realized that it is already in it. Everyone who has awakened, if he has mercy on his fellow men, let him warn them and bear witness to the Good News among men. I see among this people many who are silent, although they could speak to bear witness; others, however, who have not understood My teaching, speak of it incessantly without knowing its meaning and significance, and thus often fall into irresponsible falsehoods. To these I tell that they should study and prepare themselves first, so that there is no reason for anyone to be confused or to judge My work badly.

9. I also point out to you that he cannot call himself my disciple who uses my word as a sword to hurt his fellow man or as a scepter to humiliate him. Neither can he who becomes agitated when he speaks of this teaching and loses his composure, because he will not bring about a seed of faith.

10. A prepared disciple will be that one who, when he finds himself attacked in his faith, in the holiest of his convictions, knows how to remain calm, for he will be like a lighthouse in the midst of a storm.

11. Hear me untiringly, so that your faith may increase and you may satisfy the desire to uplift your soul.

12. In this time I will bring about that the teaching I gave you in the Second Time, which many have not grasped and others have forgotten, will be understood by all, and also that it will be followed by all because of My new teachings

13. You who have received these revelations are destined to announce to mankind My new rallies through the human organ of mind Who shall bear witness to this if not you? If you expect the dignitaries or clergy of the religious communities to bring this Good News to mankind, you are in error. For truly, I tell you, even if they would see Me, they would not open their lips to say to mankind, "Behold, there is Christ, go to Him! No, disciples, it will not be they who proclaim Me, nor will it be they who open new paths for the people of this time. My word, on the other hand, prepares you ceaselessly so that you may faithfully speak of what you have seen and heard, and above all so that you may confirm it with your worship of God and your works of love for your fellow men.

14. Let My word fill you with power so that you may not be weak in the trials. Remember that the path of virtue is sometimes sown with thorns and temptations.

15. Understand how delicate this work is, beloved disciples, and also all that you must fathom and observe so that you do not fall into error, nor sow discord among your brothers

16. Keep My word, and you will be strong, because I will build temples that will withstand the strongest storms.

17. No one tell Me that he feels too tired to tackle this daily work, for it will not be the Spirit who speaks in this way but the flesh I tell you that it is enough to detach yourselves a little from the material world in which you live to feel free from burdensome burdens. The mature Spirit does not feel fatigue, it is the body that gets tired in the material struggle. This spiritual mission, carried with love, does not oppress and does not make you tired; instead, it eases the hardships of your life and strengthens the body and the Spirit.

18. I must tell you, disciples, that he who feels love for his neighbor knows no weariness. Do you think that if I did not love you as I love you, I would have accepted the judgment and sacrificial death to which you subjected me then? But my love for mankind gave Jesus powers, and in him I accomplished my work of redemption. Understand: Just as your love is for your neighbor, so will be the strength with which you can bear their insults and the toil that your task may prepare you.

19. Pray, become strong in good, so that you may remove your imperfections and feel more worthy of my love every day.

20. In this blessed hour, My Divine Ray has touched the minds of My voices in the various places of assembly dedicated to this rallies and this light has turned into words of life for the Spirit of My people This manifestation is similar to the one where the manna fell upon the starving people and nourished them in the days of need in the desert. Let no one fear to be forsaken, for you have experienced that I have given you proofs of My presence at all times.

21. Do you not feel how My caring love is gradually turning you away from all that is useless and harmful? It is because it is pleasing to Me that you purify yourselves in the spring of pure water which My teachings offer you so that you may be worthy of My revelations so purified.

22. Listen, disciples: The time announced, in which My Spirit would pour out on every spirit and on all flesh, in which mankind would have spiritual visions and symbolic and prophetic dreams, is now. Pay attention to how the spiritual gifts are felt by people from different faith communities. But among all of them there is one - unknown and inconspicuous - in which the spiritual rallies have been clear, accurate and rightly done. In her I let my voice be heard as master, revealed the final purpose of these spiritual gifts and showed her the safe way to carry out her mission.

23. This is My people, (the Spiritual Israel), upon whom My revelations will descend, the successor of that ancient people who were called Israel in the First Times, and who are now resurrected in the world, bringing with them in their Spirit the task to make My Truth known to mankind.

24. This people hears My voice in these times and feeds on Me as the vine of the Eternal Vine. All its children are to give the world the fruits of the tree from which they took life. My word will make them fertile like an irrigation with the purest water and will equip them so that they will never be irrigated with unclean water, because then the taste and the sap of the spiritual fruit of this people would no longer be that of the Divine Tree.

25. In these times of materialism My teachings of love have been forgotten because of the darkness that envelops mankind. But I tell you that you should seek them in your Spirit from which they cannot be wiped out, for there all your gifts of love remain there secretly as an indelible lamp which illuminates the path you are to follow until you have obtained the reward I have promised you.

26. I now gather My people to give them My wisdom. Only I can discover those who are to serve Me. In three ages I have sought disciples to give them My teaching and prepare them as My messengers. In each of these ages I have manifested myself in different forms, and my presence has surprised men because they did not know how to prepare to expect me, although they knew that the time had come that these events would happen. When I stood opposite them they did not recognize me although my word offered them the always same essence; because the purpose of my teachings has been the same at all times. I tell you: Whatever the form is in which I reveal myself before you, you can recognize me because I always show you my love. The forms which I have used to make myself known to men have not been a mask to hide me from their sight, but a means to limit me, to be understood, to put their faith to the test and to instill confidence in me in them.

27. You who are not sure about this rallies - keep silent until after a certain time you are convinced.

28. Many of your doubts have arisen from seeing imperfect beings in these voice-bearers, and this makes you think: Is it possible that the Divine Spirit speaks to us through this means? But I ask you: Where are those who are pure in heart, and the righteous, to make Me manifest in them? I do not find them on earth, neither among the old, nor among the virgins, not even among the children, and still less among the philosophers or among the scientists, nor even among the clergy of the various religious communities. So I have sought among the common people those who, apart from an unspoiled intellect, possess sufficient Spirit development, and they have served me with true love.

29. If I make My Word heard to you through human lips without making Myself visible, it is to give you the opportunity to acquire merits and to repeat that Word which I gave you in the Second Time when I said to you, "Blessed are they who do not see and yet believe.

30. Once these times of My rallies have passed, you will understand that I chose you as the most worthy means - since you are My children - to express through your organ of mind My Love and My desire to raise you up to Me

31. Do not doubt the value that you represent for me. I have proved My love to you from the moment I sent you into the paradise of My creation. There I have given you everything that you need for your refreshment and preservation, but also for your spiritual upward development. In this lovely garden you can meet and love your Creator, discovering in your own Spirit the abilities and qualities of Him who gave you existence.

32. Man on earth is a prince to whom my love and my justice gave this title, and the commission he received from the beginning was to rule over the earth.

33. Above the divine gift of his freedom of will I placed a shining beacon that was to illuminate his path of life: conscience.

34. Freedom to work, and the light of conscience to distinguish good from evil, are two of the greatest gifts that My Father's love bequeathed to your Spirit. They are in man even before he is born, and also after he has died. Conscience guides him and does not separate from him in despair, nor in the loss of reason, nor in the agony of death, because it is deeply united with the Spirit.

35. When you understand all this what I am teaching you - do you still think that it is unworthy of My Spirit to manifest Himself to mankind through My own children? how poorly do you know your Father, and how little do you know yourselves!

36. This is a time of surprises, of signs and wonders, and you must be awake so that My revelations do not pass unnoticed by you Observe, feel and think. Not only the Divine Word speaks to you - the whole creation likewise speaks to you incessantly in its language and shows you the way of your duties.

37. I find you at this time qualified to understand the Book of Spiritual Wisdom and to achieve great progress, if you know how to concentrate in the innermost part of your being and allow your Spirit to light the light of his faith and thus illuminate his path of development.

38. If I once told you to listen to My teaching and keep silent about it, it was because yesterday mankind killed My prophets and even Jesus, your Master But not much time passed until men realized that all those revelations and prophecies which they bequeathed to them were fulfilled. You who already have this experience - would you dare to reject my prophetic word once again and thus prepare spiritual death for my new mouthpieces?

39. Seek in the testimony of My prophets of former times the announcement of this rallies through the human organ of the mind, and indeed, I tell you, you will find it there If men have not found these prophecies to this day, it is only because they read it without understanding or interpreting the Divine Word.

40. I receive all those who want to hear My teachings, both he who hides doubt and even ridicule and those who would give their lives to affirm that this rallies is truth. But I have not demanded this sacrifice from my disciples, only that of their perseverance, if you call the fact of loving and persevering in good a sacrifice.

41. The day of my farewell is already drawing near, and you must prepare yourselves for it. Remember that I will leave you no material goods; my inheritance is wisdom, love, and power. I leave you the book of My Word, which contains all the teachings you need to be properly guided in your life.

42. Faith shall accompany you wherever you go If in the past you forgot Me in the hours of joy, now you remember Me whenever there is joy and peace in your hearts and thank Me. Also in the hours of pain you seek Me in loneliness, in the intimate turning of your being toward Me, to entrust to Me all your complaints in the desire for the strength you need.

43. You should always respect the faith or the religious convictions of your fellow men and remember that the heart of man is my temple. If you want to penetrate into his inner being, you should do it with love and pray before you lift the veil of this sanctuary.

44. Do not act like those who without awe and respect cross the thresholds of this sacred place which is the soul, extinguish its light, desolate the offerings and destroy the altar; for then you will become defilers and profaners of My Temple

45. In many hearts you will find altars of fanaticism on which an idol rises. This should not disturb you, you should understand that the sacrifice is good, that it is sincere and that it comes from a sincere heart that turns to Me. - In this way I teach you respect and charity, the only key with which you can open hearts.

46. Remember that I have revealed to you now and at all times the form in which you are to offer worship to your Father Many of you have been informed of this, but when you consider how the various religious communities and sects have complicated the worship of God, think of the struggle that must arise in humanity when the ideal of spiritualization comes to the fore in the world, fighting for simplicity and purity.

47. Although fanaticism for traditions, false religiosity and idolatry has taken deep roots in the hearts of peoples, do not be grieved at the thought of the struggle that awaits you, for your faith will remain steadfast. Remember My Word that I invite every heart to exalt and draw near to Me, and that My disciples will be protected and strengthened by My love in this struggle that awaits them all over the world. No one will feel dependent on his own strength, and his faith will lead him to victory.

48. Understand why I am manifesting myself to you with persistent zeal I do not want you to sleep or that you are filled with fear of imagined dangers. Seek the spiritual ascent in this world and have no other idea than that you are looking for brothers and sisters and not for enemies - brothers and sisters to whom you are to bring a message of brotherhood and spiritualization. - O disciples who are fearful and weak in your faith, I tell you, you must understand My teaching and draw strength from it so that you may feel strong and feel no fear of the struggle that is approaching.

49. To help you in your task, I prepare your Spirit and your flesh so that they may with courage, serenity and faith survive the confused circumstances you encounter on your way

50. Fear not the rejection of your relatives and friends, do not lose heart when they despise you for this cause. Already now harden your heart to my teaching, which is the best anvil.

51. Be humble in these trials, behave with dignity and fight with humility so that you may forgive every offence if you want My seed sown in you to bear the fruits of love and germinate in the hostile and arid soil of the human heart If you want to take me in Jesus as an example, remember that I as man was misjudged, persecuted, rejected and mocked from my birth until the end of my way, which was the cross. Even in the hour of my agony many enjoyed my pain and celebrated my death.

52. But this memory should not discourage you, it should not seem difficult for you to exercise My teaching This also seemed difficult to my disciples of that time, and yet they fulfilled their mission. They saw their Master triumphing over the world, defeating death, accomplishing His work of redemption in His way, and that is why they were able to follow His traces after His departure, they made charity their law, and out of love for their fellow men their true life.

53. They are a beautiful example for you, disciples of the third time, to whom I say: Come to me, sick of body and soul, because I will not reject you because of your weakness. Hear My word, and it shall be like the balm that heals your wounds.

54. How many of you are surprised to discover in your eyes tears of emotion when you hear My Word, while just a few moments before you had given yourselves to the vanities of the world!

55. I have been giving you this teaching for a long time now and I still do not see the disciples transformed into disciples; but I shall continue to give you My Word until I have made good Masters out of you; I will not let you forget My Word It has pleased Me to choose the clumsy ones for the knowledge of this world because their mind has the simplicity and clarity necessary to possess to understand spiritual wisdom. I chose the poor because when they felt clothed with my grace, they humbly appreciated the value of the spiritual gifts I granted them. But the rich, who only strive for earthly power - how insignificant to them appear the abilities given by God, and how few have turned to me in their desire for pardon and gifts for their Spirit. But I am always ready to pour out my secret treasures on each of my children at the moment of their armament.

56. I teach these poor whom I have adorned that they must not only keep this treasure for themselves but that they must share it with their brothers.

57. The Spirit, knowing that he has within him gifts which his Lord gave him, rejoices and struggles to keep them. He is aware of their development and strives to make this jewel shine, which has been entrusted to him.

58. Remember, then, that he who departs from My way after having received an inheritance is ungrateful not so much to his Lord as to himself, for every stage of development he has reached has cost him an effort, a suffering, or a reparation.

59. Know ye not that he that walketh outside the law deprives himself of his virtues and gifts of the spirit? This is why I helped you in this time to give back to your Spirit all that he had lost and why he felt weak and in need of help. You will all receive light; there will not be one of you who does not feel the awakening of his Spirit and the longing to rise above the human. The "plants" that were parasites will be transformed into flowering and fertile ones. Because I love you, I will always give you an opportunity to save yourselves. But you must remember that any opportunity you do not take will make your return to the path of salvation more painful.

60. Today I come to separate you from the ruling corruption so that you may hear my word in peace and at the same time reflect and fathom it. Be aware that the thirst of the soul is quenched only with the pure water of love and mercy.

61. If you have had servants in the world and have been honored, you must renounce all this and become useful, diligent and humble servants of your fellow men. You have often served the world, but now you are to serve God in obedience to My instructions. The world has brought you joys, but now it is time that you prepare your soul to enter the spiritual world where you will have full satisfactions when you have lived in fulfillment of My law of love.

62. Use your stay on earth to love and give goodness instead of bitterness Pay attention to these creatures here, through whom I give you My word, and you will see how they have loving words for you in the moments of My rallies, despite the annoyances they reap in their lives. Can you imagine the life-giving power that the teachings of Jesus had then and the delight of the crowds of people who listened to Him? It was the voice of the Kingdom of Heaven before which the disciples' souls prostrated themselves. Every time the lips of the Divine Master opened, His words fell like balm into the sick hearts and healed many wounds. But was the path that Jesus walked a flowery path? No, disciples, His passion for Golgotha began in the manger of Bethlehem, so that the Word, which was the voice of Him who suffered for your salvation, brought about firm resolutions for improvement in many hearts, transforming the existence of many human beings who had lived in darkness and who afterwards felt enlightened by the love fire of His Word.

63. Those who had been dead for the life of grace rose to new life full of hope and faith, and those with selfish, hard and cruel hearts wept with remorse and felt urged to do good and to love those whom they had looked upon with indifference and even contempt. Many of these miracles of conversion I alone saw performed, because they went unnoticed by many of my disciples. And now, at this time, these miracles are happening again when the life essence of this Word is received. Among the multitudes who hear Me, I discover people who were lost in vice and who are reshaping their lives and rebuilding themselves by practicing the virtue that they had previously disregarded. I see the families uniting to follow My footsteps and the marriages strengthening their bonds in the ideal of spiritualization which My teaching has inspired them.

64. I see among My workers also those who were once pariahs on earth and slaves of sin and who today have freed themselves from it, and I see those who bore a burden of suffering and who now have peace in their hearts and know how to share it with their brothers and sisters

65. The reason for this is that My Word, through the human organ of the mind, has the same power, essence and persuasiveness as the one I gave in Jesus, although the teaching I am giving you today comes from lips that sin and profane How will My dialogue with your Spirit only be once you have attained greater sincerity? O disciples, make an effort, develop the gifts of humility and active charity, in this way you will give your soul the opportunity to purify and uplift itself! Hold on to Me, so that you may live eternally.

66. I saw many of you wandering around with death in your heart, without finding a hand to show you the way of virtue and peace, until the echo of My Word reached you and His Voice, which called you, made you awaken to a new life and experience the joy of returning to Me

67. Your soul had remained blind, dumb and deaf to every spiritual activity, but in its essence it longed and hoped to acquire this knowledge This inner struggle was not understood by your mind, and that is why you found no explanation for the lack of peace and joy in which you lived.

68. Then it happened that My Presence shone out like a beacon in the darkness of your soul, and immediately you recognized Me and said to Me, "Lord, You are the One I so longed for. And since then I accepted you as My disciples and taught you to spell the first syllables of this book, which revealed to you day by day the contents of its pages.

69. I chose you for the humility of your hearts so that you would devote yourselves to Me and take My teaching everywhere and in this time of corruption and misery sow My Seed of Love in the hearts of your fellow men, which is the appropriate field for the change of mind and virtue; I have chosen you for the humility of your hearts so that you would devote yourselves to Me and sow My Seed of Love in the hearts of your fellow men

70. I have come to bring to life all souls who had died for grace, and to teach you what you could not find in either the sciences or philosophy: spiritualization

71. Religions sleep a centuries-long sleep of routine and standstill, while the truth remained hidden But those who know the commandments of Jehovah and the Word of the Divine Master must recognize in this voice speaking to you now the voice of the Spirit of Truth promised for these times.

72. Mankind demands supernatural proofs to believe in My existence and in the immortality of the soul, and verily, I tell you, I will give it those proofs in this time of great events and fulfillment

73. The new generations will not hear My Word in this form because for them I have provided for dialogue from Spirit to Spirit

74. I expect from you the fulfillment of My assignments. I will speak to you through the voice-bearers until the year 1950, the time when I consider this epoch as finished. But I do not want you to be weak on this day of righteousness because you will then fall apart and fall prey to error. Be prepared so that you hear the voice of conscience and feel responsible for all your assignments.

75. Pay attention to the health of your body, take care of its maintenance and vitality. My teaching advises you to have loving care for your soul and for your body, for both complement each other and need each other in the difficult spiritual task entrusted to them.

76. My way is narrow, but it is safe. Make no longer vain repentance exercises and do not make unfruitful sacrifices. Take from nature what is necessary for your material life and rise up to me in the desire for spiritual nourishment.

77. Beloved people, carry peace in you, so that, just as you have been comforted in this time of pain, you may know how to comfort those who are weakened under the burden of the great trials in life.

78. You who have been healed and have received gifts and graces from the Father will be called by men tomorrow the spiritual rich.

My peace be with you.

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