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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 88:

1. How pleasant the song of the birds and the fragrance of the flowers is to Me; but verily I tell you, I tell you, your prayer caresses My Spirit more when it is wrapped in pure thoughts and with firm intentions for improvement reaches Me

2. You doubt to obtain the innocence of a bird or the beauty of a flower because you judge yourselves only by your poor clothing or any physical blemish of your body shell; but you do not see the Spirit, this being endowed with beauty and heavenly grace Spirit is light, intelligence, love, wisdom, harmony, eternity, and all this is missing from the birds and the flowers. Seek the beauty of the Spirit, it will be in you like a mirror that faithfully reflects the face of the Creator. Do not strive so much for your outer beauty, although I tell you that you should neglect nothing of your being.

3. The purity of the body does not contradict spiritualization, but do not forget that Spirit comes before the body. Remember that I have told you before: Keep the vessel pure outside and inside.

4. If anyone should think that My Word is too simple to come from God, I tell him that he must remember that it is the simple and uneducated people who have come to hear Me, and I must speak to them in a way that they understand Me But if you want deeper ideas and explanations, I tell all those who have judged my rallies to be poor that they should prepare themselves inwardly and unite with my divinity from Spirit to Spirit, which corresponds to what I expect from men. Then their minds will reach such a deep inspiration that they will have to tell me that I am not to speak to them in such expressions that only God can understand. Again I tell you as in the Second Time: "I have given you earthly teachings and you do not believe. How should you believe if I gave you heavenly ones?

5. When the heart contains good faith and the mind is free from prejudice and unclear ideas, life is better appreciated and truth is recognized with greater clarity. If, on the other hand, there is doubt or vanity in the heart and error in the mind, everything appears unclear and even the light appears as darkness.

6. Seek the truth, it is life, but seek it with love, with humility, with perseverance, and with faith.

7. Do not think that I feel myself hurt when someone does not believe in my presence at this rallies, for by nothing is my truth affected. How many people have doubted that a divine being exists who has created all the wonders of the universe, and yet the sun has not ceased to give them its light because of it.

8. How many doubtful paths and how many superfluous riches did you have to leave behind to follow this trail! But how soon you felt peace and strength as compensation for your renunciations. The reason for this is that you could not belong to My messengers if you had not changed your life before.

9. It is the lamps of faith that illuminate the world, and I want you to be the bearers of this light Alas, if you understand that you could achieve everything with faith and good works!

10. Get yourselves a supply of "weapons", for the bad times are drawing near. See how the evil in the world has borne fruit. Above the so great disorder and confusion the light of My Spirit shines brightly and penetrates all the nations of the earth. Nothing will be able to darken my light. Pay attention to how I haunt the Spirit of men at every turn and show them the truth as a sure way.

11. It is necessary that you know that this life has been given to you so that your Spirit may succeed in taking a step forward on the ladder of perfection and progress. But it is not enough for the Spirit to know these teachings if he is not listened to in the attempt to reveal them to the flesh.

12. At this time hearts are arid fields where the Spirit could not germinate its seed, and that is why, knowing long ago that mankind would reach this degree of materialism, I have given you the promise to come back - a promise I am currently keeping among men.

13. I have come as the Divine Sower to seek your soul lost under the shadows of sin, to plant in it anew the seed of love, telling it to sow and nurture in the heart entrusted to it; I have come as the Divine Sower to seek your soul, which has strayed under the shadows of sin, to plant in it anew the seed of love

14. See how you are horrified at the news you receive from the nations at war, which has caused you to pray. And I say to you, it is good that you pray, but beyond that you must be anxious that peace also enters into your heart so that love and mercy can flow out of it when you want to share these gifts with someone.

15. Today you have the task of making peace among men, of bringing them to reconciliation, of encouraging them to love one another, because in the background of this sublime mission there is an ancient debt that you have to your Lord and to your brothers from the different peoples of the earth. Who knows what he sowed in times past? Who knows his works in past lives?

16. The intuitive knowledge that your Spirit poured into your flesh was not enough to make you suspect and thereby accept your task of reparation. I had to humanize myself and make my voice audible to you through men to let you clearly recognize everything that you absolutely wanted to regard as mystery and which is as natural as it is for the body to be born, grow and die.

17. If your science gradually reveals to you the deep secrets of human life - why then should a higher science, as it is My divine Wisdom, not enlighten you with the knowledge of the spiritual and Eternal Life?

18. I have made a start by letting you know who you have been and who you are, to give you afterwards an idea of who you will be

19. "Grow and multiply" I said to man when I let him appear on earth. Similar words I spoke to your Spirit when I made him arise to the light of life.

20. After this is known to you - who then can know to where the soul can reach in its upward development? Who of you can imagine up to where those have reached in their perfection who have come very close to me?

21. The soul is like a seed, which I have planted in every man. Love it, let it grow, guard it; it will develop in you and multiply in virtues and perfections that will serve your happiness and the glory of Him who gave you existence.

22. I receive your attribute of love and bless you. Also those come here who ask Me for a solution to their problems on earth, those who have lost the peace of the soul, weary of material needs. They all come and carry in their hearts a bundle of sorrows. But when they feel My presence, they forget their grief because they realize that the best healing balm is contained in the divine word. I accept the sacrifice of each one, which consists of faith for some and love for others.

23. Here you have me as father and as master. I come in Spirit, but do not doubt My presence, because your human eyes do not see Me.

24. From perfection I come down the ladder of spiritual development, which was shown to Jacob in a revelation, so that My Voice would be heard in all planes of existence.

25. So that mankind would have the certainty that I speak to them spiritually and that it is My Heavenly Voice that pours out its teachings on your spirit, I have made myself known through the intellect of ignorant and simple men to announce to you in this way My dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

26. This message is destined for all mankind; but now I entrust it to this people so that they may let it reach the nations, peoples and provinces as messengers of their Master It is the light that will cause people not to blindly approach the times of battle.

27. The world should not expect a new Messiah. If I promised to return, I have also made you understand that My coming would be spiritual; but men have never known how to prepare themselves to receive Me.

28. In those days men doubted that God could hide himself in Jesus, whom they thought was a man like the others and as poor as anyone else. Nevertheless, later on, in the face of the powerful works of Christ, people came to the conviction that in that man who was born in the world, grew up and died, was the Word of God. But in the present time, many people would accept my coming only if I were a human being as I was in the Second Age. The proofs that I come in the Spirit and thus make myself known to mankind will not be recognized by all, despite the testimonies, because materialism will be like a dark bandage before the eyes of some.

29. How many again would like to see Christ suffer in the world and receive a miracle from Him to believe in His presence or existence. But truly, I tell you, on this earth there will no longer be a manger to see Me born as man, nor another Golgotha to see Me die. Now all who rise to true life will feel Me born in their hearts, just as all who persist in sin will feel Me dying in their hearts.

30. Transfer all that Jesus did in His time from the material into the spiritual and from the human into the divine, and you will have His Passion present in your lives.

31. Some of those who ardently awaited Me did not feel My Presence the moment I came to them, because they had a preconceived opinion of the way I was coming, and this opinion did not correspond to reality When I presented myself to these people here, they awaited me with a presentiment which was the intuitive feeling of their Spirit; but they had never conceived of a certain form of My coming. So it happened that when Elijah the Pioneer announced My word to them - making himself known through the organ of understanding of him who was chosen among the first called of that time - and he inspired those witnesses of the first rallies to prepare themselves inwardly, they were filled with bliss and faith because they felt that the Lord came to men and that the form of His appearance was in accordance with what the prophets of the first times proclaimed and what the Master later promised.

32. Beloved disciples, you who have heard My Voice many times in the time of My rallies through the human organ of the mind - refresh yourselves in the teaching I am giving you, for tomorrow you must explain it to your fellow men.

33. If I occasionally repeat the same lesson for you, pay attention that I always give it to you in different forms so that you may understand it better

34. Though you are all children of light, since you were born of me; but while some of you have stood firm in good stead and have taken care that your light does not become dim, you others have strayed into false paths which lead the soul into darkness The base passions, selfishness, pride, materialism, ignorance and every vice are the dark forces that cloud reason, suffocate sensations and lead men astray from the path indicated by the voice of their conscience.

35. How enormously many souls have strayed from my ways and have seen their inner light go out. But the hour will come in which they themselves will set out on the search for the clarity of my light because they are tired of wandering in darkness.

36. Out of my Spirit sparks of light sparkle in infinite number, sparks that settle in every one of my children similar to the manna that fed the people in the desert.

37. Everything that you see happening in this time, both spiritual and material, was already announced.

38. There were men in past times who foretold everything that mankind would experience at that time. These men were my prophets, children of light, who admonished the nations so that they should direct their steps into the ways of good. Those prophets foretold the darkness of tribulation and destruction as a result of mankind's indifference to the calls of their Lord.

39. Now you who feel unworthy of My grace might ask yourselves, "How is it that there have been men to whom God has shown His light and whom He has made His voice heard when He gave them His messages, and on the other hand He has hidden Himself from the eyes of the majority of His children? To this I answer you that those men who were able to unite with My Spirit enjoyed no privilege whatsoever. They only made sure to keep the light of their Spirit pure to allow the thought and inspiration of God to be reflected in their minds.

40. Did I not tell you through the mouth of one of these enlightened ones that a time would come when every eye would see Me? now I tell you that this time will be the one in which men will prepare their Spirit to feel My Presence Where is the privilege of a few when these are gifts that are proper to every Spirit?

41. Just as you have experienced that your human science was able to transform the lives of men, so will you also experience how My Teaching will transform your existence in a short time

42. Reason, justice and love will take the place that belongs to them in the hearts of those who have sought to live without virtue, although this is the most essential content and reason for existence, both of the Spirit and of the body

43. But once men live in truth, you will see a new worship of God coming forth from the hearts of men, full of simplicity and spiritualization. Religious fanaticism, prejudice and idolatry will fall away, nullified by the light of truth that every conscience will radiate.

44. Men will be great in virtue and humble before my will and my law, and those who thought they were gods on earth because they only strove for earthly power and despised the treasures of the Spirit will have to go through severe trials.

45. Work with me because I will let all take part in my work, and so you will finally see all reality become what I have announced to you.

46. Give Me dwelling in your Spirit. Understand that I am looking for the imperishable temple, which you are to build for me here. I want to live in your heart and make My presence palpable in every one of your works, and I long for the indelible lamp of your faith to burn inside this sanctuary.

47. Disciples of the Third Age: unite all of you in My Word so that you may achieve that the moment of departure to spread My teaching may be prepared for you

48. Your responsibility to me and your neighbor is immeasurable. Make the truth shine, live for it and, if necessary, die for it.

49. Remember that your Father's love in Jesus became man and that that life was dedicated to proclaiming and defending the truth. Take your Master as an example; but if you feel too weak to follow My steps, let Me enter and live in your heart and I assure you that My Presence will strengthen you in the struggle.

50. Why do you fear not to be useful? turn your eyes to the past and remember that in the Second Age, although there were men in Judea who were considered wise and others who boasted of being pure in heart, I did not choose either one or the other to form My apostle body There were twelve poor, uneducated, simple and humble men who listened to My call when I said to them, "Come and follow Me.

51. Now I tell you that I do not serve the learned or the righteous, but the humble, the hungry for peace, love and light So go out into the ways of the earth without fear that men will crown you with thorns through their ingratitude, through their mockery and hardness, and trust that the time will come when they will understand the message you brought them.

52. Forgive the insults that men may do to you, saying with My words on the cross: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", and remember that men wear such a heavy cross and such a painful crown that none of you can imagine.

53. Bear in your word as well as in your eyes and in your heart the dawn that announces to those who suffer the dawn of a time of righteousness.

54. In former times your heart was a tomb in which you kept My name as something without life. Today this grave has turned into an altar on which the torch of faith is burning. Why should this altar not be transformed tomorrow into a spiritual stepladder on which you ascend, causing all those you have saved to come to Me?

55. The time of your preaching is drawing nearer and if you enter it prepared as it is My Will, you will be surprised to hear yourselves talking about events you have never experienced, thought or heard

56. All this will happen when your steps on the path of true life begin to become secure, and for moments you will feel yourselves in the Kingdom of God

57. I see that many of My disciples are animating hope and firmly believe that the power of My love and the persuasiveness of truth must transform this humanity.

58. Others, on the other hand, are skeptical because they do not understand that world I am announcing to you at this time - with men and peoples who love one another, and with a humanity that knows how to offer spiritual worship to its Lord, free from all self-deception.

59. When you believe in Me, you may trust that My power is infinitely greater than that of the sin of men, and that therefore man and his life must change as soon as sin gives way before the light of truth and justice.

60. Can you imagine life in this world once men do the will of God?

61. Think, reflect on all this, so that the desire may gradually take shape in your hearts that this time may come, even if those who experience it are not you, but the children of future generations.

62. I tell you again that you must not be afraid to confront it. So tell your fellow men with the greatest naturalness that the Lord has come to you.

63. Tell them that he who died on the cross was Jesus, the body in which Christ was hiding, the living temple in which the Word of God dwelt; but that Christ, the Divine Love, lives and comes to His children in the Spirit to teach them the way that will lead them into His Spiritual Kingdom.

64. When they ask you where I was until the hour of My coming, tell them that I was in every Spirit, waiting for the hearts of men to desire Me and for their voice to call Me

65. Yes, people, you shall speak; you shall speak so that the deaf may hear, and you shall tell everyone that I have not come today as a man, which is why the lovely Mary did not come to earth at this time to serve Me as a mother When you are asked about her, say that her Spirit dwells in the Shrine of the Eternal, from where she sends to all her children the radiations of her infinite motherly love.

66. I read in the depths of your heart, and while some say that it is not possible for me to come to you because they consider that your sins make you unworthy of such great grace, others think that these very faults are the reason for My presence among you. It is pleasing to me that you take into consideration and do not let my word pass carelessly, because your progress will depend on your reflection and your study.

67. Do you notice how I have read in your hearts? This is why I tell you that the lashes are further from your eyes than My presence from you. So whoever is ashamed of his sins, recognize that I am forgiveness and purify himself by My Word.

68. Estimate the value of each one of My teachings, listen to Me attentively, awaken. Remain conscious that I have indicated the year 1950 as that of My farewell. But do you want me to end My Word before that time because of your lack of love and interest in it? This year is already approaching, and what do you want to offer Me then? Will you deny me again and crucify me? Watch and pray, and when that hour comes, you will be strong.

69. If I withdraw My Word before the time appointed by Me, you would have reason to feel orphaned But if I finish it in 1950, you will not be able to justify any dissatisfaction since you have received everything in the time of My rallies.

70. Woe to those who forget my word although they have heard it, for they will shed tears in their desire for their Lord and will find in their path only false Christs who will seemingly speak to them in the same way I made myself known, but with a word without essence of life and without truth, which will confuse them Would you not consider it painful if a false light let you lose the way, which my word paved for you with so much love? That is why I often speak to you so that you remain full of my word and you recognize its core of being.

71. You are all sinners, but I have received you as disciples for all has been My teaching and all have I heard; the lamentations of men reach Me With the same love I receive and pay attention in their needs to the rich miser, the powerful, the monarch, the rulers like the fratricide or the villain, the humble like the hungry for justice. I have answered all their prayers without ever stopping to judge their religion or creed, since this too belongs to the freedom of will with which every Spirit has been endowed.

72. That is why I send my light to all, because everyone who loves his religion or cherishes a spiritual ideal is in search of truth and eternity.

My peace be with you!

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