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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 101:

1. When the sheep do not call for the shepherd, the latter searches for them to lead them to the hurdle.

2. Disciples, I prepare you to go from province to province after My departure and spread the good news that the Master has been among men. At that time the minds of My voice-bearers will be closed to this rallies, My Divine Ray and My spiritual children will no longer manifest themselves in this form. Everything will change after 1950. But if those who were mouthpieces and bearers of spiritual gifts persevere in their armament and spiritual upliftment, they will be the first to attain the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, so that they can then teach the multitudes of the faithful.

3. The lips of my disciples shall be prepared to give comfort to the needy, and their home shall be prepared to receive those who come in the desire for peace

4. Not all My workers will go away to make My truth known. Some will continue to wait for their fellow men, while others will seek them out in their villages, provinces and nations.

5. The spirit beings who have protected you will be around you and will give you inspiration, strength and faith in your ways.

6. Listen to Me first, learn from Me, put it into practice and pray for this world which is perishing and bleeding to death If you expect the Father alone to take care of the world, you are in error: you have to bear a great part of the burden of this cross.

7. Your own suffering must not make you forget those who live in constant despair and fear. Great are your hardships and difficulties in daily life, but you cannot compare them to those which oppress some of your fellow men.

8. I well know that many hearts are currently deaf to My call, far from Me, fully occupied by their ambitious plans and their enmities But why are there also with you moments in which you are deaf to my inspirations and you show yourselves careless on the spiritual way, which I have laid out for you? Do not pretend that it is the stubbornness of your flesh and your ever-increasing needs and worries that moves you away from me.

9. I am everywhere; at every turn you can find an opportunity to put my teachings into practice, for there will always be the time and opportunity for the Spirit to fulfill his mission, even in the material works.

10. Think for five minutes every day about your works, judge yourselves and make the resolution to improve yourselves more and more

11. Prayer is the defense, weapon and shield of the Spirit. Always take your refuge in it, and you will not be weak.

12. I speak to you with simple words, understandable to all. I have not impressed you with exquisite language, nor with incomprehensible philosophies, nor have I spoken to you with foreign words. The greatness of My word lies in its simplicity. Discover and fathom it.

13. Confess spiritually with me, knowing that I discover what you hold at the bottom of your heart. Let true repentance be born in your hearts and strive to come to Me ever more purely.

14. Learn all these things, and you will be recognized in your way as My disciples. Some, when they recognize your healing gift, will want to buy your secret - some with good intention, others for gain. But you are to tell them that the secret of helping your suffering fellow men is charity, and that all possess this ability.

15. You have abilities with which you can astonish the world. By means of the gift of the spiritual face you will prophesy and will be superior even to the predictions of science.

16. Through My workers, even through the least of them, I perform miracles. It is the time when the simple-minded and the uneducated thank Me, because I bestowed My mercy on him and made him My servant. For in a man with an untrained mind a high Spirit can be hidden, whom only I recognize.

17. I have seen many at the edge of the abyss sighing and sobbing because their bodily shell has been unruly and untamable. But their soul, struggling to overcome the aberrations of the flesh, has risen up to me in prayer to say to me, "Lord, if you do not come to my aid, I perish. - Then the Master turned to them to make that rebellious matter yield with a word or by a test and to give the soul power to overcome human passions and weaknesses.

18. These are those who, though poor in Spirit and lowly on earth, are today endowed with strength, and their lips speak deep teachings, and with love they heal diseases which were impossible for others to cure.

19. Would you be able to answer My questions about My previous teaching?

20. The book remains there, opened on the same page I showed you last time; but it is necessary to continue without dwelling Therefore I cause My Word to remain imprinted in your conscience so that it may come to you when you need it.

21. I am the book of life. I will make sure that each one of you is a little book of knowledge; for this purpose I am writing My teachings in your heart at this time. Tomorrow this teaching will reach all nations and homes; but already now you can say that you have had the privilege of being My listeners during this rallies.

22. I called those who thought themselves disinherited, those who seemed superfluous within mankind, those who suffered humiliation, even partly by their relatives, and placed this book of love in their hands.

23. You have seen the dawn of a new age, but because of this you cannot say that you have already experienced it all. Therefore I prepare you carefully. When you see this teaching shining brightly in the future, you shall not be confused nor blinded by its light. From disciples you are to become soldiers of truth ready to defend yourselves; for this purpose I reveal to you which are the weapons with which you are to fight. But if you have forgotten, it is not superfluous for me to remind you that the weapons with which you will be invincible are these: prayer, mercy, forgiveness, sincerity, gentleness, zeal for the just and the good, and love.

24. You were destined to live on earth and when your disappointments and hardships caused you to inquire about the hidden counsel of God, you immediately had the divine answer when you were called to hear My Word, which is caress and balm and at the same time also law

25. While you hear Me speaking as Father, as Master, and as God, you are to realign your lives because you now know that the purpose for which you were created and sent into the world is to come to Me.

26. Who but Me would have revealed to you your purpose and revealed to you your spiritual gifts?

27. My disciple John, in his rapture, saw this time, the unfolding of your gifts of the Spirit; but he only saw it. First the Divine Lamb had to come to you to unlock the sixth seal of that book of eternal wisdom and perfect righteousness so that you might understand it.

28. The path which I am showing you today is illuminated by the light of truth so that you may come to Me. In this way you will face many trials, there will be many occasions for you to study My law, to know your destiny and to devote yourselves to its fulfilment.

29. Every day brings its trials and I see how you receive them and contemplate the fruit you offer to Me Many of these trials are minor, but through them you could begin a life of improvement and perfection. But without getting to the bottom of them, you reject them, and if you do so, how can you prepare yourselves for more severe trials? The judgment I pass on your works is not severe; it is the judgment of a tender father who loves you, who advises you so that you always advance in the exercise of my law and show your peace and spiritual strength. But I seek and love all My children, I do not turn away from the one who passes away, rather I forgive him and offer him an opportunity to mend his ways and return to the right way.

Among those who follow Me are those who could not free themselves from their sins; but others, who pray fervently as long as they believe they have gained victory (in life), forget My teaching when they are hurt in their self-love or pride and allow their bad inclinations to be revealed. Who could hide himself from me, who knows your thoughts and the origin of your being?

30. While man cannot penetrate into the heart of his fellow man to defend his cause, I take care of them, be they just or unjust, I defend you and love you.

31. Listen to My words, so that you do not stumble nor bring a cup of suffering to your lips why will you not understand your destiny of love, your great mission? Why do you not do works like mine, feeling that you are able to accomplish what I demand of you since you are part of My Being and therefore endowed with great qualities?

32. I do not want you to feel hurt when you receive My Word, rather I want to instil in you new courage with it If I have once said to you, "Your will is mine," remember that when you submit yourselves to my laws, you do my will. I approve of your good intentions and decisions, and you have felt My peace and blessing descend upon your heart whenever you fulfill your duty to love.

33. Strive to do good, pray with fervor and love your neighbor Let your Spirit grow and feel strong and great in the fulfillment of his mission.

34. It was pleasing to Me that you are poor in this time; but I will not leave you without the daily bread. If I withhold anything from you, I give you for it the bread of the Spirit, the bread of eternal life, and call you benefactors of mankind.

35. The times of the visitation, which were announced by Me through Damiana Oviedo, have come. The nations are fighting each other in their wars, and hunger and epidemics are spreading over mankind. The forces of nature are unleashed. I said through the first voice bearer: "The times will change, and when you see that human science shows great signs of progress, you shall repent and learn from Me to bring a message of peace to mankind.

36. You are all enlightened and even in the remotest corner of the earth where there is one of My disciples, My Spirit will be present to spread light and power, to solve problems and remove obstacles You who have been marked by Me in this time - stand up for those who were not destined to know this revelation I am giving you.

37. Rest in this short period of time in which I bless you and give you my peace because you have to fulfill your duty of atonement; for this I have granted you the grace to accept a new earth body. My love gives you this opportunity so that you can reach me. How could it be my will that you come into my presence with pain in your soul? But you, who hear me, are to know that my word will no longer leave your conscience. But how many are there who do not want to come, although I call them: they are those who chase pleasure as the highest goal of their life, and who have only the dictate of their free will for law. I do not leave them because they do not want to follow me; on the contrary, it is they whom I seek the most, because I know that it is precisely they who will lift their eyes to me when the pain is very great in their hearts.

38. In those moments of repentance I receive all and forgive all. But while some renew themselves for their whole life, others forget My proof of love as soon as they have regained peace and health and feel strong again, and they move away even more. These have not understood how to take the good opportunity that life has given them to return to the true path. Then I call them off into the hereafter so that their Spirit can reflect on itself, outside the influence of matter and all that bound it to the world.

39. To how many human beings do I send this call day after day! They will be purified in the light of My Divine Righteousness before they return, and those who are thus purified will not again be stained with filth, because they will come with the firm intention of doing meritorious works - works that are pleasing before the Lord and worthy of Him.

40. How many of you will have to return to earth, seeking to accomplish the task they have failed to do, or seeking an opportunity to make amends for the mistakes they have made!

41. Consider that while many of you have had enough time to hear Me and learn from Me, they are in the last years of their lives and no longer have the time to sow what they have accumulated with so much love in their Spirit But do not worry, I am life and will let you live so that you sow into the hearts that seed which you so eagerly desire to plant.

42. Among the crowd that listens to Me there is not one who thinks he understands much of divine teachings, but inwardly doubts and denies this word. But what he cannot deny is the fact that his heart is trembling and has beaten in ways unknown to him. He will try to forget certain words which I addressed to him, and yet he will not be able to, and he will even lose a few hours of sleep in which he will hear the echoes of this inconspicuous and simple word. The reason for this is that his conscience will tell him that behind this word there was a light which discovered what he was hiding in his heart and spoke to him about what only he knew.

43. Here is another page of the book of life, written by my merciful hand. I have spoken to your Spirit, for at all times I have made myself known to men. The form in which I now make myself known is neither new nor alien. Only to him who has materialized can it appear strange or impossible. To him, on the contrary, who expected me, it is the most natural and right thing to hear his father's voice within himself. Only the virgins, who knew how to wake up with burning lamps, heard the voice of the bridegroom when he came at midnight.

44. There were people whom I had to call once, twice and a third time, some who not only had to hear Me but had to get to the bottom of everything to ignite their faith, and some blasphemed about My Work; but later, when I performed a miracle on their way, they repentantly and fearfully confessed that He who spoke was The Word of God, the Divine Master This is My best teaching: have patience with your fellow men; if they doubt in teaching, never return reproach for reproach.

45. Blessed are those who seek to hide from My eyes the pain that men cause them with their mockery and heartlessness. Blessed are those who do not complain and thank Me instead, for in spite of their trials My grace follows them everywhere.

46. What can you hide from My gaze that this one does not discover? I will reward you; always after the storms you will see the rainbow of peace appear. Continue to gather My teaching like a treasure, let it become a deed so that charity may be purified in your hearts.

47. There are among you those who once had their lust for evil, who felt good in hatred and depravity, but felt terror before love, mercy and humility Now they refresh themselves in their inner transformation, in their renewal. Your Spirit is already gaining power over your flesh. Now you are happy when you do the good, it gives you joy to practice mercy, and you feel satisfaction in being gentle and humble. You begin to feel shudder and aversion to corruption. There is not one who, after listening to Me, has not changed his life in any way. Who could claim that he did not feel real health flowing through his being after receiving the healing balm of the Supreme Physician on his body and soul? How many miracles has My Word alone performed! Everything I have granted you to help you overcome your spiritual slothfulness. For in this time I have not come to sacrifice myself as man, but to inspire you, so that you may earn merits to earn your salvation. Above you exists a spiritual treasure, which is the inheritance for your Spirit. When will you possess all that which I have intended for you?

48. Today no one can know how much he has already achieved.

49. How needy you feel for moments! Some cry and do not know why, they are constantly sick. Others, who are fathers, wonder why they reap only fruits of incomprehension and ingratitude, even though they have cared for their family and lovingly looked after them. And the women who had the desire for caressing and support on earth also wonder why they could not quench this thirst for tenderness in life. Siblings who are of the same blood feel distant from each other, they do not love each other nor do they understand each other. You ask yourselves the reason for all this and are unable to comprehend why the good fails before your eyes. I tell you: Once the good of some will find an echo in others and their hearts will feel refreshed by it - once the spiritual virtues and values are duly appreciated, then the hunger, the thirst for justice, for love and understanding will leave the hearts of men.

50. Also I tell you that here on earth you do not know who you are spiritual, nor do you know who is the Spirit of your wife or husband, your parents or children. Only in this way could you bear the burden of many duties of atonement, which form your cross. Carry this cross with love, do not try to find out at this time who you could be. Be content to know that you are all brother and sister children of one Father, and that there must be no enemies among brothers and sisters. Love one another, and you will advance along the path of development.

51. Eden closed its gates to mankind long ago, it disappeared, and its fragrance rose to the Infinite. The earth then turned into a valley of tears, and spiritual atonement began, the battlefield where the soul purifies itself. But a better paradise than the one you have lost is the one you will find; it awaits you with open gates. Pray so that you may receive my power and continue on your spiritual path of development. But do it with your Spirit, not with learned prayers - however beautiful these may be - if you do not feel them deeply. So love and forgive your fellow men. Then you will experience what bliss flows from conscience to heart when you follow my instructions.

52. For a long time I have been preparing you because it will come so far that you will be called troublemakers of order and spiritual peace in the world because you will be slandered. My teaching educates those who are to be patient, humble and gentle masters tomorrow, those who will answer lovingly all the questions of their fellow men.

53. Each of My teachings is a book from which you can learn all that your Spirit needs to teach your brothers and sisters later. My teaching prepares for you a new world, a new life already on this earth. But when I speak to you of this truth, and you think of the war that the nations are waging, where only pain, fear and misery prevail, then you are of the opinion that this word cannot possibly become reality. But truly, I tell you, what I am telling you is not only a teaching but also a prophecy.

54. If your science and your sin made you lose the paradise of peace, purity and brotherhood, spiritualization will give you back that grace which will be more highly valued than the high degree of development you have today, when you were still in the state of innocence.

55. Plain and simple is My teaching, so that the beginners may understand it. Although I make Myself known through sinful bodies, My Word remains as a trace of love in the heart of the people. This form of rallies is another proof of humility that I have given to My children. Constantly I teach you this virtue, for it is one of those which the Spirit is to practice most. To some I have given a humble origin in the world so that they may take the Master as an example in their lives; to others I have given a rich home so that they may likewise emulate Jesus, who, though a king, left His throne to serve the poor, the sick and the sinners.

56. The merit of him who descends from his social position to serve his neighbor, whoever they may be, is as great as that of him who, by the way of love, rises from his poor and unknown life to the height of the righteous.

57. Alas, if only there were a humble heart among you that could serve as an example to others! For how many of those who have an expression of humility in their faces sow the pride that they have secretly in their proud hearts! It is My will that that mask of hypocrisy should fall away from this people so that men may recognize you as disciples of the HolySpirit because of your humility.

58. The life of your Master is an example for all people. But since the woman lacked the teaching about her task as a mother, Mary was sent to her as the embodiment of Divine Tenderness, who appeared as a woman among men to likewise give you her divine example of humility.

59. Every time you hear Me praise virtue, you feel that human sin and imperfection appear before your eyes in all their greatness. Then, unfortunately, you bend your necks, and someone says to Me, "Lord, do You come in Your purity and holiness to humble us for our sins, You who put humility before us? I reply to this heart that it has not understood My Word, that it is only an atom of My Light and My Holiness that I bring before your eyes so that you do not feel humbled before Me nor incapable of following Me in virtue

60. Do not confuse humility with meager clothing. Neither believe that the one is humble who has in himself a feeling of inferiority, and for this reason is compelled to serve the others and bow down before them. I tell you, the true humility is in him who is able to judge that he is someone, and who knows that he possesses some knowledge, but who is willing to stoop down to the others and takes pleasure in sharing with them what he has.

61. Humility is the light of the soul, and in contrast to it is the absence of the same darkness in it. Vanity is the fruit of ignorance. He who is great by knowledge and respected by virtue possesses true modesty and spiritual humility.

62. What grateful feeling are you when you experience that a man who is respected among men expresses affection, understanding, humility to you. The same feeling you can give to those who stand or feel among you. Know how to bend down, know how to reach out your hand without feeling superior, learn to be understanding. I tell you that in these cases not only the one who receives the proof of affection, the support or the consolation is happy, but also the one who gives it, because he knows that above him there is one who has given him proofs of love and humility, and this one is his God and Lord.

63. Experience in your hearts the delight of feeling loved by your Father, who never humbled you by His greatness, but revealed it in His perfect humility, to make you great and bring you to enjoy true life in His kingdom, which has neither beginning nor end

My peace be with you!

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