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Come and pray with Me

Words from Jesus to Anna Maria Hosta from EBook 'HOSTA' from 14.4.2017 - quote:   Anna Maria has a vision: God raises the child and presents it to all peoples. Hosta, his son.   Jesus:  "hordes"   Anna Maria should take a Rhema and get the following Rhema:   Psalm 91 - Come and pray with me (written as a personal prayer) Your prayer Who sits under the screen of the Supreme   and under the shadow of the Almighty remains   He speaks to the Lord:   You are my confidence and my castle My god I trust   Because you rescue me from the trapper's noose   And the deadly plague   You cover me with your feathers   And under your wings I find refuge   Your truth is a shield and armor   I'm not afraid of the horror of the night   In front of the arrows that fly during the day   Before the plague that goes around in the dark   Before the destruction that rages at lunchtime   Thousands are falling next to me and   Ten thousand to my right   But it does

You yourself are HOSTA

Words from Jesus to Anna Maria Hosta From EBook 'HOSTA' from 4/11/2017 - quote: Anna Maria asks Jesus for forgiveness for her doubts about the pregnancy. Jesus says,  "You yourself are HOSTA, the host, the weapon against Satan and his plans. There is no one greater than you, which makes me so happy and pleases me so much. You will experience, the divine law of love. You will shine bright from the rising of the sun up to their decline." Jesus anointed her to become Hosta, the host, the weapon against Satan's plans. "You have no idea what state the world was in and where it is now. Peace." !!! But the enemy sees Anna Maria's glowing heart, he has her in view and he sees the blessings that she receives.

Red Heifer Vision & Interpretation

Red cow - heifer From EBook 'HOSTA':  Quote:  Words from Jesus to Anna Maria Hosta: "Peace for all time. I give you all peoples. You have freed her. The seed is spread. The cow is slaughtered Satan will not exist anymore. Your character has outscored his eyes You were obedient to me And you passed all my exams. " From EBook 'HOSTA' - 6/4/2017 - quote: Jesus: "She rules. Dairy cow. It gets you through the mark and leg when she calls. " Red Heifer Vision & Interpretation-A CALL TO ACTION   Full Text Quote:May we all listen to the Lord's call to fight, Heartdwellers. This is a new day!Ezekiel had a powerful vision today after receiving communion. He saw, held over America, a red heifer - a young female cow who had never had a calf used for the temple offering. Levitical-born priests came, but Jesus was the one who slaughtered the cow, and when he did, the blood ran down from the sky and covered America.When I came