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Light and Shadow - A lesson for the Germans

  A. M. Hosta 16.6. - 18.6.2021   DDT - Chapter 10 - The Messiah Expectation in the Jewish People 6 The world was not ready in the present time to expect Me as the people of Israel expected Me in those "Second Times". My great prophets had announced a Messiah, a Savior, the Son of God, who would come to liberate the oppressed and to enlighten the world by the light of the "Word". The more that people suffered, the more they longed for the coming of the Promised One; the more they drank of the cup of humiliation and oppression, the more they longed for the presence of the Messiah, and everywhere they looked for indications and signs that would speak to them of the nearness of the coming of their Savior.   16.6.2021 Today is the appointment at the Citizen's Office to apply for a new identity card. "Then they have you ... All-around surveillance". If they arrange three cell phone towers in a triangle, they can monitor you all around! &

Your Holy Genome

  Exposure – Lynne Johnson  -  JUNE 10, 2021 2:13 PM MSG This letter is addressed to Bible believers. “God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth” (Gen 6:12). As a result of the Covid-19 vaccine scheme Mankind’s genetic code is more corrupt now than it has ever been since the Pre-Great Flood era. Presently, humans are corrupting their flesh by injecting themselves with Coronavirus mRNA, giving themselves Coronavirus characteristics and permanently altering their DNA. The method used for corrupting flesh is different today than it was back in Noah’s time, but the outcome is the same; mingling the genetics of a different creature with the genetics of holy Mankind. In the book of Genesis, verse 6:12, we learn that all flesh had corrupted their way; this refers to cross-breeding between different species, which had become common during this era of time. Apparently, the male and female chromosomes of a variety of s

Dark Matter

  JUNE 13, 2021 6:52 AM EWM On 20/5/21 I had a vision where I saw someone opening his mouth. Then all this black liquid just came out of this person’s mouth. I asked the Lord about this vision. I felt the Lord say, “These Covid-19 vaccines will cause all types of sickness and diseases on those who have taken the jab”. Again, on 28/5/21 I had a vision where I saw a large advertising billboard standing near a suburban shop. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere this black liquid just poured down across the face of the billboard. I asked the Lord about this vision. I felt the Lord say, “They are pouring down black goo into the earth right now”. Folks we are in the last days now. There is no going back to the good old days. Satan and his minions know their time is short. They are doing everything they can to destroy humanity from this earth. Use your power and authority and faith in Jesus and pray against these evil, wicked demonic technology the enemy is using against us like:

The Three Divine Bodies merge into One

A. M. Hosta   6/9/2021 I heard in the spirit these words: "If the poor had not been brought the word and works...."   (then they would not have been able to grow and develop.) ... and "The woman (the whore of Babylon) was let through to show you where the paths lead. Come to me now and seek the ways of peace."   For this I have generated the following numbers:56 and 35 TTT 56: 35 Once again, as in times past when the messengers of my teaching went out from the East and brought the knowledge of my word to the West, so again at this time the world will see my messengers bringing the light of this message to the nations and the homes . Apropos: Mary Magdalene is a wonderful example of a 'woman' who shows that also these ways, when she, the woman, begins to love in truth, lead to happiness. All by grace and as a gift from the Father. BTL (Book of True Life) - Volume XII - Teaching 352 - Verse 76 Mary is the Spirit so merged with Divinit

It's harvest time

A. M. Hosta 6.6.2021   From the parable of the bad stewards of the house DDT Chapter 65 - Verse 3 The landowner, owner and master of those lands came to preside over the banquet.   During my DELTA scan (quantum technique that works on the subtle level and scans the whole body-mind system for disharmonies and eliminates them with vibration) it turned out that there is nothing wrong with me, except for some small, minimal disharmonies that have been harmonized on the spot. However, there are still pains left from stresses, in my legs and in my hip. I heard in my mind these words: "You will soon be victor!" I sat down and meditatively looked at these areas of pain through breathing techniques. I saw a green reptilian head appear in my mind's eye. Then I fell asleep and awoke to this dream: I don't remember exactly the beginning of the dream. It was about someone being wished a happy birthday. The other day I already had an impulse that so