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BTL - Volume 9 - Teaching 276

  Teaching 276   1. Among the crowds of people who come to hear my teaching, I see "the last" arrive, the ones who hear this word for the first time. They had received the testimony of those who had previously been invited to my spiritual banquet. But they had refused to believe in my presence and in the coming of the Third Age. 2. But they came because they overcame obstacles and prejudices, and it was enough for them to hear the first words spoken by the lips of the voice bearer, to say, "Master, it is you, I recognize the essence of your word, my soul trembles. 3. Blessed are those who hear Me until the end of My rallies in 1950 and believe in My presence. For truly, I tell you, my essence will not depart from their hearts even after my departure. 4. My voice is currently calling large crowds of people, because for many souls the end of their pilgrimage on earth is approaching. That dejection, that weariness, that sadness that they carry in their hearts are

World peace

A small message from Heavenly Father at the beginning of Advent 2022  A.M.Hosta 11/26/2022 During my evening prayer today, these words came within me, the Lord spoke: "Conduct world peace. It is alternative. The others continue." So let us not follow the OTHERS, but our LORD Jesus Christ, who leads us Surely leads and guides in His ways and to His gates, the Heavenly City, Jerusalem, which is Zion, the Holy City and that is our purified spirit when it is is in the Father forever.  Visit me on my homepage