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Conversation between Jesus and Anna Maria Hosta

From the EBook 'HOSTA' (only available in German) - Conversation between Jesus and Anna Maria Hosta on 1.5.2017 Quote: Jesus asks Anna Maria, "Who taught you to worship me?" My parents, i. my mother in the first place, by her example. Then the usual representatives, Priest, teacher, then Mary, your mother. Why do you ask this? "Calm, tender, devout, pious, loving" Loving, that's what I learned in UMA, the Osho Commune. "I can not imagine that one learns to love there."  (Leader of the UMA) is called FIL = friend of the inner light. He was sent by Osho. "Your songs. They're doing so well. " Which songs do you mean? "They sound like music." What do you call songs? "As you go. How it is. How you swing. And take pictures. Your fire. " No wonder. If you created me. How could it be different? "Tender, heartfelt, deep, intoxicating. I can not get enough. " It's just t