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What will be saved

  A.M.Hosta 28.11.2021 Last night I woke up and heard these words speaking inside me: "...that man is the difference from that which is fruitful ...subtract...minus...wonder not." What result should I not wonder about? "News!" You are God, who can understand? Maybe you mean like this? If you subtract from life the man who is without Spirit, what remains is Spirit - Spiritualism? "Flee!" You want me to strengthen and grow on the stony wind, yes? It is better for man to be allowed to die than to have to toil as a robot? "Atonement!" To make amends? As atonement? I did it wrong with the idea of emigrating. That's what comes of looking more at people than at you, dear Father! Vision: I see my husband admiring women in ball gowns with fine lace ruffles. Purify him, Father, so that he may find peace. "Calm!" "Saving is a code, a secret language that only the Spirit understands." It is subtract

Stony Wind

A.M.Hosta 27.11.2021 The issue is to emigrate as a group to a distant land to create a parallel society in the face of massive threats from the state apparatus against the unvaccinated. I heard these words in my Spirit: "First ripple (my music) and now this stony wind" (Lockdown Uninoculated). "Hang in there...I'm coming." Yes and thank you for feeding me once again. "A daughter who is a daughter knows nothing will happen to her." "Stay!" I get to choose, I get to stay and nothing will happen to me because my father is there for me. Vision: I looked into a forest with deciduous trees and on the forest floor, where the light still shone, there were leaves scattered on the ground and a snake was crawling along the ground. My numbers today: From TTT - Chapter 40 - The Forces of Good and Evil. 56 Evil has grown among men, my people. Goodness, virtue, love   have been weak in the face of the invasion of evil, diseases,