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Eye Ball

WORLDCOIN ➤ WORLD ID ➤ You will accept the Antichrist! A.M.Hosta 29.8.2023 In the above video, a new technique of Antichrist is presented, called Eye Ball. It is a bot that is scanned with a cell phone to identify that you are a HUMAN, not a robot. Mensch, Mensch, Mensch ( 6 - 6 - 6 ) the mark of the beast. Then you look into the eye and have your own eye lens scanned. This Orb is to be used experimentally in 35 cities in 20 countries on 5 continents and all who participate accept the Antichrist and worship the beast. In addition a video from 24.8.2023 of Clare Du Bois (Still small voice) Quote: They will follow the beast August 24, 2023 May the Lord give you courage and hope, dear family. When I came to pray today, I asked the Lord, "What is on your mind?" He said, "The whole world will follow the beast. They will see him as their salvation and the end of all their problems. Even the Christians will disagree about him. Those w

They Will Follow The Beast

August 24th, 2023 The Lord impart courage and hope to you, dear family. Coming into prayer today I asked the Lord, what is on your heart?” He said,“ All the world will follow after the Beast. They will see him as their salvation and an end to all their troubles. Even Christians will be divided about him. Those who follow the prosperity gospel will love him. The apostate pastors have made the way clear for them to follow, they will even see him as the fulfillment of Bible promises of wealth and security. He will meet every one of their needs. Even now this generation has been conditioned and groomed to receive him with open arms. Those who worship success, pleasure, wealth, and health will be devoted to him. Renouncing Me will be a minor detail.“ My precious ones, you who love Me so much, you will have much to suffer from these evil ones. Indeed, your poverty will be detestable. While you are hunting for your next meal they will be sitting before a table full of food. You will be

With what fire the earth is purified

  A.M. Hosta 27.8.2023 TTT 9 : 20 Remember that Abraham was required to sacrifice the life of his son Isaac, whom he loved dearly, and whom the patriarch, overcoming his pain and love for his son, was about to sacrifice in a test of obedience, faith, love and humility that you cannot yet comprehend. But he was not allowed to finish the sacrifice to the Son, because on the bottom of his heart he had already proved his obedience to the Divine Will, and this was enough. How great was the inner rejoicing of Abraham when his hand was stopped by a higher power and prevented him from sacrificing Isaac! How he blessed the name of his Lord and admired his wisdom! (308,11)   Jesus Christ said: The first cleansing of the earth was by the waters of the earth. At the time of Noah and the Flood, the redemptive and spiritual work of Christ did not yet exist. In our days, we do not have to sacrifice, but only give our lives to Christ, follow His law and serve Him.  The second purification of the earth

Bible prophecy before our eyes

8/26/2023 A.M.Hosta  Last night I spoke from spirit to spirit with the Father and made the request to him to give me a companion at my side, who is able to strengthen my faith ... This morning I found the following suggestion from YouTube in my YouTube channel: BRICS 11 ➤ Egypt ➤ Ethiopia = Kush ➤ Iran = Persia ➤ BIBLE PROPHECY before our eyes.    (german) The following words of God that went out to me fit this: I quote: "On 9/8 God said to me,  "The unipolar world direction is being dealt with!" And God also said to me: "I want to throw Putin on the earth in the valley of Sukkot" (reference to the biblical final battle and destruction of the evil one and his whole following ?? And he has said: "This is our marriage!" as he has promised to Abraham that the children of God (the heavenly (spiritual, Israel, those who have spiritualized - on earth) will inherit the land ...  "I want to throw PUTIN on the e

Cottage party

16.8.2023 A.M. Hosta   TTT 42 : 56 This is a material comparison, so that you may understand the relation that exists between each man and the others. The good have to suffer from the bad, but the good are not completely innocent if they do not work for the spiritual progress of their brothers and sisters. However, as an individual, everyone has his own responsibility, and being part of my spirit and similar to Him, he has will and intelligence to contribute to the progress of all. (T. 358, 18 - 19) Contribute to brother K's progress? But how? And to Father's as well. Pray for the whole family. And for Rainer's, too.  Only brother W. has come back. He is the only one of the whole family who has realized that friendship is possible. I am very grateful to him for that. He is the only one who healed the family picture with me.  17.8.2023 TTT 52 : 27 Verily I say to you, my kingdom will not be established among men as long as the tree of evil still has life. This power must be

The "I" of the B.R.I.C.S. reports in

Narenda Modi - Indian Prime Minister  10.8.2023 During the night I was very restless and could not fall asleep. In order not to disturb my husband, I went to the couch. Around 3 o'clock I had a dream:  I was in a meeting. There were gentlemen in black suits and it was very dark in the room. It was night. Three men got up at the same time and came toward me. They said to me, "Come with me!" It sounded very harsh. It was an order and I stretched myself and said, NO !!!!  They were visibly taken aback by this and stopped. I tried to get away from them, because their intention was clear. I managed to duck into the crowd and escape through side alcoves. I fled outside, where it was also night. I called on the Blessed Virgin and took refuge in a nearby cathedral.  Thereupon I tiredly fell asleep again and woke up around 6:30.  Vision   I see the face of the Prime Minister of India clearly. I do not know him, only from pictures. He is in black and his expression is quite frosty

A fork comes

by Anna Maria Hosta August 09, 2023 8/1/202   Once again, in my distress and lack of clarity, I consulted the rune cards and as a perspective for what is to come, I got the rune 20 MAN. Meaning: unconscious and conscious are balanced. Factual discussions. Solutions can be found in arbitration processes. Constructive thinking is given. 8.2.2023 I heard in the spirit the words: "Lotion. You are destined to redeem." Note on Lotion: I generate a daily Third Testament lotion each day using my all-in-one random generator app. Here, the Lord specifically prompted me to do so. I have generated Numbers 16 (chapter 16) and 44 (verse 44) of the Third Testament Chapter 16 - The Divine Law Verse 44: I want you to love one another as I love you, and also love yourselves. For I have not only entrusted you with the leadership and direction of a certain number of people, but the first duty you have to Me is to take care of yourselves. You are to love yourselves, knowing th