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A.M.Hosta 28.1.2023 What Marc is saying: keep the faith. It's all good. And I think, what if it degenerates into a full-fledged war? And I hear in me: "bombshell" (Means: In a fighter plane fit 2 bombs). "The ascended masters (Scholz &Co) are masters of stupidity." I see myself greedily devouring a morsel .... "Why don't you practice renunciation? Once again .....!" The puff pastry ... I baked sausages wrapped in puff pastry. I repent... Please forgive me, Father. Kaufland now carries cereal and pasta made from beetle flour (with toxic quinine from the beetle shells in the flour). That night I saw Putin - I met Putin. He was very kind and gentle and humble from the heart, but he was in deepest sorrow. So I met him and I felt that he loves us, as his own people. He wants to negotiate. Shyly I said, "America. They are forcing us. But Putin wants peace. They are forcing him too. Father wants us to pray unceasingly now and to fast and make sac

The little drummer

A.M.Hosta 1/20/2023   In America, a statement will be made today that the dollar was adopted yesterday and converted into a gold-backed currency that belongs to the people. In Germany today, a decision of the Bundestag on tank deliveries to Ukraine. For this purpose, the special envoy U.S. Secretary of Defence flew to Berlin yesterday and the pending decision was postponed until today. Anna Maria prayed to the Father before going to sleep: Father, your will be done, not mine. Please, give the German people what they deserve and send us all your divine light. Around 0:30 she woke up. First she sees Putin with a determined expression on his face and a posture, slightly forward, as if saying, 'Come on!' Then she sees Melania's face with a smiling and very harmonious expression. A strong wind is passed through her. (Dirt of the world is disposed of). "The sacrifice ... o Lord!"   The Lord:   " POLICE!" Vision: She sees a little girl, a

65. Parables, Comfort and Promise

Chapter 65 - Parables, Comfort and Promise Parable of the bad caretakers 1 In a desire for mercy, a crowd of hungry, sick, and naked people approached a house. 2 The stewards of the house were continually equipping it to serve those passing through at their tables. 3 The landlord, owner and master of those lands came to preside over the banquet. 4 Time passed, and the needy always found food and shelter in the house. 5 One day that master saw that the water on the table was cloudy, that the food was not healthy and tasty, and that the tablecloths were stained. 6 Then he called to him those charged with the preparation of the table, and said to them, "Have you seen the sheets, and tasted the food, and drunk of the water? 7 "Yes, Lord," they answered. 8 "Then before you give food to these hungry, let your children eat of it first, and if they like the food, give it to these guests. 9 The children took of the bread, the fruits, and what was on the

64. Prophecies

XVI Prophecies and Parables, Comfort and Promise Chapter 64 - Prophecies The fulfillment of old and new prophecies 1 What the prophets have declared will be fulfilled in this time. My new word will reach philosophers and theologians, many will mock it, and others will be outraged. But while this happens, their amazed eyes will see the fulfillment of the prophecies I have now announced to you. (151, 75) 2 Those prophets of old did not receive any legal authority or authority on earth, they were not forced to submit to any authority, and they concentrated only on obeying the commands of their Lord, who put his word on the lips of those chosen by Him. 3 Full of faith and courage, nothing kept them from their task of teaching my law to the people and dissuading them from religious fanaticism by making them aware of the indifference and errors of the priests. (162, 7 – 8) 4 Humanity, does the pain, misery and chaos that surrounds you in this time seem to you to be unpredictable? 5