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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 260:

1. You return to Me at this time to hear my new teaching, to receive the law gazette of my teaching which you had forgotten, and to seek the book of my revelations which men also had hidden from you

2. I have opened another chapter of the Book of Life before you, the Sixth Seal, which contains infinite Wisdom, which I am revealing to you at this time in a simple and understandable way. This revelation explains to you the secrets that you have not been able to penetrate.

3. The Sixth Seal is completely opened, and I show you one of its sides after the other

4. Whenever your preparation has been great, when you have heard Me, you have obtained great divine revelations. You are the heirs of the Book of Wisdom, which is why, when you prepare yourselves, the contents of the Sixth Seal will pour out in you, so that you may be the witness who confirms that the voice he heard was My voice, and you bear witness to it through your works.

5. If the Father would not reveal Himself to His children, could He expect from them a perfect understanding and love? Remember that over time I have manifested my teachings with ever greater simplicity to your Spirit.

6. I must tell you that although you are living in the time of the HolySpirit, you do not yet fully know Me, you do not have a perfect idea of who I am, nor have you understood what I have revealed to you. But your love will bring you to the goal of the journey of life, encouraged by the word of your Master.

7. You are going through a spiritual desert, being illuminated by the light of a divine beacon. It is not hot sand that burns the soles of your feet, nor are there sunrays that hurt the skin of your face. It is not the lack of water and bread that torments you, and yet - the life you live through, with its sacrifices, its hardships and misfortunes, is likewise a desert that you cross slowly, but with the firm hope of reaching the kingdom of peace.

8. Elijah is the leader who, during this time, leads the people, showing them the way and encouraging them in their struggle.

9. This wandering will leave progress and perfection in your soul Recognize, however, that if you were apprentices in the first time, you were disciples in the second time, and in that time you receive the training to become masters. You must be vigilant, for men will begin to investigate my work, which some will consider scientific. Then you are to announce to them how the spiritual teaching will transform the world, and bear witness to it with your works of love for your fellow men.

10. I do not oppose man's science, for science is knowledge, cognition, light. But my teaching is above all human knowledge. In my words I speak to you of the spirit soul, of the knowledge of the spiritual, the divine, of the knowledge of a higher life, which is beyond all that is substance and matter. Verily, I say to you, that science which men have developed for the good of mankind, I bless.

11. Now is the time when much will be said about the soul and science. Science is not only a privilege of those who train themselves physically to study it. For it is light that springs from the spirit soul, which receives it from God.

12.  My divine teaching is a higher science that teaches you to perfect the soul. For this I have given you the brain and the heart, so that you may refine your thinking and your feeling there.

13. The teaching I am giving you now has no limits, is all-encompassing, is infinite. In it you will find the true knowledge of spiritual and material life.

14. I see you able to understand my teaching and to penetrate its secrets. Through material science you have learned the laws that govern material creation - laws that are condensed in your own body.

But as you have come to know what was previously a mystery to you, you have become aware that you are before the thresholds of the beyond, where you have felt the heart of the Father, who is constantly trying to communicate with you. If you know my teaching, what can be unknown to you?

15. Therefore I tell you that my teaching gives you the higher knowledge that will prevent your heart from despairing in the presence of the scholars of this world

16. To understand the meaning or significance of any event in nature or in your life, you need not consult the books of science. It will be enough for you to prepare your mind and purify your heart, so that inspiration will flow from your lips.

17. My love for you is so great that although you are still so immature, I have offered you My Kingdom and have come down to you to give you My blood!

18. This people, whom I am teaching at present, will therefore not be greater than the others, but they will be more responsible for what I have given to them and what I have revealed to them. Your task is to let the others share in what you possess, to make them like you, so that, though you have been the first to receive, you may be the last out of humility.

Do not fear that those who come after you will make greater progress than you. The more you give, the more your knowledge will increase. If, on the other hand, you should not pass on what you have received from the Father, your soul will remain naked, your heart empty, and your hands without power. You will then have lost the treasure, and the book will be closed. Your mouth will remain silent and no longer speak of spiritual teachings, and you will lose the healing balm that Jesus entrusted to you.

19. Your mission among men is one of peace and love. This mission had your Spirit already in the First Times - the one in which you were child pupils of My law, in which I used you as instruments to give teachings and examples to men of all times. In the Second Time you were disciples of Jesus, hearing from My lips what the twelve apostles heard and spread, so that all the people would be witnesses. Therefore, after my departure, many disciples of Christ and many martyrs arose.

20. People: In this time, when I come as HolySpirit, I will leave you trained as masters capable of direct communication with divinity.

21. Most human creatures will not hear Me through the mind of man, but they will receive my teaching through you. Already the time is drawing near when I will abolish forever this form of giving you my word in this world. But many peoples who did not hear me will hear me through you. Today my covenant with you will be sealed not with my blood, but with my light.

22. You will not have to ask men what you are to do, nor stutter or fall silent in their questions. You carry the Master within you, who will speak to you and inspire you. Your prayer will receive enough strength and power to perform miracles.

23. See how the world, in the face of its great needs, is reflecting on the promises made by Jesus in the Second Age to return to humanity, and is studying the prophets of former times in the hope that the events that are taking place in this era are the sign of my imminent coming.

24. If you, as followers of my work, should feel inferior and contemptible toward your fellow men, you will be considered stupid and ignorant.

25. It is only a phrase I use when I tell you that I make myself known through the ignorant. For a brain that lets my inspiration pass reveals light in the soul, and light is wisdom.

26. I tell you anew: Fight! For as long as the soul is on the path of development, it will be exposed to temptations. Therefore I teach you and give you strength to overcome the bad tendencies. When your soul is strong, it will give strength to the mind and firm will to the heart to overcome the lusts of the flesh. When man lacks light, his soul does not develop. Then all the vicissitudes of life have their effect with power in his heart, and he is like a boat capsizing in the midst of a storm.

27. When man is prepared spiritually, it is as if he wore an indestructible armour against the insidiousness of temptation.

28. I have revealed these teachings unto you, that if ye fall or stumble for a moment in the way, ye may know your trespass, and seek again the way to recovery.

29. If you are humble, your spiritual riches will increase in the life that awaits you. Then you will have the peace that gives you the most beautiful sensation of your existence. And in your Spirit is born the longing to serve the Father by being a faithful guardian of all that I have created, by being a comfort to the suffering and peace to the peaceless.

30. It is not only my Word that announces to you my presence in these moments, it is your own soul that deeply feels Me in the midst of that peace I am giving you

31. The Master is with you. Your soul has settled down at my heavenly table. Verily, I tell you, at this table there are no privileged places, all are equal because they are embraced by My mercy.

32. My love pervades your being so that you may love your neighbor as I love you, and that there may be no first or last places in your hearts. If you had already set out on your way to the nations, the provinces and the villages, you would find a humanity without love, without mercy, you would discover pain and misery everywhere. Everywhere you would find suitable land to sow my seed.

33. Mankind feels my presence without knowing in what way I have manifested myself, and in its fearful prayers it tells me that only my blood will be able to save it, that if I give it my bread, it will not perish in hunger and thirst for love, and that only my light will bring a solution to its conflicts Her painful and desperate voice asks Me, "Why don't you come? Why don't you come close to him who calls and begs you in his pain?"

34. They do not know that there are people who hear Me day after day and receive the presence of My Spirit who by His grace transforms pariahs into servants of divinity

35. If they knew that I would soon divorce again, they would judge you as ungrateful because of your indifference to their need for consolation, for a spiritual word, a ray of light, inexorably

36. I am currently preparing you for the time after my parting so that you may remain united despite the vicissitudes of life, because "The Word" will continue to vibrate spiritually within you, revealing great inspirations to you. When you come together to talk about spiritual rallies, you will receive divine inspirations from Me and in these moments you will feel the warmth of the Master's heart and the sweet weight of His hand resting on your head. Then it will seem to you as if you hear my beloved voice which will give you my peace.

37. I will give you a drop of healing balm, that when you are persecuted you may perform miraculous healings among men. For during the great epidemics, when the strange diseases, unknown to science, break out, the authority of my disciples shall be revealed.

38. I entrust to you a key with which you will open the rusty lock, that is, the most unruly heart, and even prison gates, to give freedom to the innocent and save the guilty. You will always live in peace and trust in Me because wherever you go, you will be protected by My angels. They will make your mission theirs and accompany you to homes, hospitals, prisons, fields of discord and war - wherever you may go to sow my seed.

39. Then the light of the Sixth Seal will shine with power, which will be like a universal torch whose rays will be seen by all, and the name of my teaching will be known among mankind.

40. this corner of the earth, where I have manifested Myself in this time, will be a reflection of the New Jerusalem, which will open its "twelve gates" to give access to the foreigners who will come in great crowds and ask where the Master has been in this time, to ask for testimony of the miracles He performed and the proofs He gave to study His Word and to observe those who were His disciples Many will bring the scriptures with the prophecies of the past times to determine whether I have really been among you.

41. Of my disciples some will remain where they are now. But others will have to set out for other lands, and they will see on their way as apostles and missionaries the battlefields where destruction and death have left their trail. They will see the dead cities, the ruins and the misery. Then the battle will begin to bring back the "dead" to a life of faith, light, and love. But if men should doubt the truthfulness of my "workers," I will do wonders through their mediation. Then the unbelievers will be converted, they will weep, and the multitudes of men will overwhelm the hearts of these messengers with their pain.

42. Ye know not by whom ye shall then be called and received. But wherever you go and with whomever you turn yourselves, you must always speak with humility and gentleness. You will interpret the law, the revelations and teachings of past times and what has been revealed in this time by the HolySpirit. You will speak figuratively, but you will be able to explain my figurative expressions and parables so that the adults will understand, the children will awaken and the old will not be troubled.

43. Those who convert to this word will join the "workers" and set out to win hearts and souls for Me.

44. The argument will be fierce but fruitful, because the pain will have made the hearts fruitful before.

45. Recognize the changes that will come about because of my teaching!

46. Material violence will be destroyed, science will be confused, pride humbled, and passions dampened.

47. The soul of man, which is already unfolded by reason of its development, will soon understand and acquire the revelations of my teaching. Behind materialism, self-interest and vanities there exists the spirit soul, which is in anticipation of my coming.

48. See to it that the seed which you shall sow is as pure as I have entrusted it to you

49. You will meet people who think differently from you, who feel and live differently, and whose customs, circumstances, laws, teachings and rituals are also deeply rooted in their hearts

50. You will be witnesses of the struggles of world views and teachings, some of which partly follow my law, while others turn away completely from these principles. I will allow them to confront and fight one another.

51. In this confrontation you will see the great religious communities make more use of violence and injustice than of love and mercy. You will see their efforts to bind the weak to themselves.

52. Decomposition will be seen in all, because truth has its own weapons to defend those who cling to that very truth. But when the question arises in men, "Where is the truth?" you shall answer, "In love.

53. Disciples, your joy is great because my word is still with you - this word which gave you life, which sustained you in the hours of trial, and which nourished you. When you became acquainted with Him, you experienced how your wounds closed and your life was transformed.

54. How many aspirations related to the material died in your heart, to the great joy of your soul, which saw the opportunity to take advantage of life by doing good works with spiritual seed! You turn your eyes to the past and judge how you were in the past and how you are today. In doing so, you notice the spiritual progress you have made and thank Me from the bottom of your heart.

55. When you have committed transgressions, I have corrected you lovingly without betraying you with others. For I do not want that the world among you sees infirmities and improves you. The world is cruel, and in its justice there is no mercy.

56. Allow my spiritual world to correct you. They are your best friends, are your brothers and sisters in love, who do not trumpet out their works of love. From how many abysses and dangers have they saved you, from how many bad decisions have they turned you away. How many times have they closed your lips so that the passion of your heart does not vent itself in words that could have been a judgment for yourselves!

If you have failed in a bad undertaking that you thought was good, they have then mapped out a good path for you. They are tireless at your side as nurses and as protectors. They too will no longer communicate when I stop speaking. But do not withdraw all love from these beings because they will be very close to you and continue to grant you their help.

57. My work will not come to an end because I no longer speak to you and neither will my spiritual world. On the contrary, then the time of perfect dialogue with the father will come, in which you will hear his voice spiritually.

58. My word will not be heard as Moses heard it on Sinai, materialized in the roar of a storm, nor humanized as in the Second Age on the lips of Jesus, not even by human voices, as you have heard it at this time from the HolySpirit. Everyone who prepares himself will obtain the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, which will not be the privilege of only some.

59. It is most natural that souls should be able to communicate and know the language of the Spirit from which they have come.

60. Spiritualization will bring the awakening of sleeping gifts or abilities and the sensitivity of all the fibers of the heart.

61. My presence will be felt. When you speak of my work, you will be inspired by me and speak with sentences of immeasurable wisdom that will surprise even people with much knowledge. Those who make great progress in this communication will receive not only words, sentences or ideas, but whole teaching addresses of perfection. Your hands will be able to write like the "feathers of gold", like those of the apostle John under the inspiration of the HolySpirit.

62. If you are surrounded by unbelievers, by scribes and priests, and feel yourselves full of my Spirit, tell no one that it is the Father who speaks through your mouth. But I will continue to speak to mankind through you. In this communication your eyes shall be open and your soul raptured, amazed at what the lips reveal at that moment.

63. The gift of prophecy through seers will also be released and will reveal to you secrets not yet revealed to you and let you see the future. But the seer shall never be a judge or expose his fellow men.

64. This will be the communication from Spirit to Spirit in some forms, through which I tell you once more that in 1950, when my word ends among you, my work will not be finished. Its destiny, its mission on the whole world will continue.

65. You are to prepare yourselves, then whenever you are gathering-whether in these church houses, in your homes, or in the open country-you will feel my spiritual presence in these gatherings.

66. But beware, for false disciples will also appear, trumpeting that they have direct communion with the Father, and will convey false instructions and inspirations. I have taught you to discern truth from deceit, to know the tree by its fruit.

67. I will test the one and the other, and you will see the true disciples standing by their faith and the false ones falling by their weakness.

68. When I give my last teaching, I will see those who have not used my teachings sadly; but among those who understand the meaning of my farewell, I will see satisfaction because of their progress.

69. I will leave you as guides to come to Me, leaving you the prayer-not the one that the lips speak, nor the one that you say through songs, but the one that is pervaded by pure thoughts and noble feelings; I will leave you the prayer that you will be able to pray for Me

70. If you should be fought because of these behaviours, do not be afraid. If you are condemned because you do not kneel before altars and images, fear not either. Your moment to speak will come, and you will convince by truth. You will show that your worship of God is neither public nor external, but internal and spiritual. In all this men will look for errors and will not find them.

71. Be persevering, and you will see how the idolaters will recognize their error and destroy their idols with their own hands.

72. Verily I say unto you, rather shall heaven and earth pass away, than that my word be not fulfilled.

My peace be with you! 

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