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Teaching 332

My peace be with you!

1. I meet you in prayer, O beloved disciples, with your soul asking for the peace of this world. It is what I have been teaching you ─ it is what I have revealed to you once again: that you are the messengers of peace, the bringer of this blessed gift in this time when he has departed from this planet because man's heart rejects him and only insecurity, hatred, the breathtaking life and restlessness penetrate him. As messengers of peace, and since you cannot physically go to all places, ways and regions of the earth to bring this divine message, I have taught your soul the elevation, the transmission by means of spiritual prayer, so that it may radiate bliss, charity and blessings on all your fellow men.

2. I have told you in my teachings that you should ask Me not for certain nations but for the whole world, for all your fellow men, without regard to races, nationalities or social classes, and your exalted soul, staying for a short time in the High Hereafter, should see from there only the great universal family of the Father, should look upon the suffering, the misery, the pain of all, and for them you should ask Me. From there you can see those beings who are higher than you in higher spiritual worlds, and you are to ask them for help, as I have taught you to respectfully call upon the spiritual world to receive inspiration and protection from it. In this way, O disciples, you will love with all-embracing love.

3. People say that in the Second Age Christ taught teaching love for one another without distinction of races. But in this third time I tell you: I as Christ taught you in the Second Time the all-encompassing love. But I had to begin by teaching you the love among you as human beings, so that ─ when the time has come ─ you could love each other with spiritual love ─ no longer only without distinction of races, but without distinction of worlds. I want your soul to include everything in this love which I am now teaching you ─ that you, loving your Father, love all creatures ─ that you love each other in your world with an atom of love with which the Father loves you ─ that you love everything created by Me, that you are not indifferent nor reject what I have inherited and entrusted to you.

4. Man does not always interpret my teachings correctly. I have never taught you to disregard or refrain from enjoying the good fruit which my laws approve and allow. I have only taught that you should not seek the unnecessary, superfluous, and love it much less; that you should not make use of the perishable, the unlawful, as of fruits beneficial to the soul and the body. But all that which is permitted for the soul or the heart and serves it for the good, I have recommended to you because it is within my laws.

5. I have given you another teaching: That your soul should know how to cast off its body when the time of recall has come for it ─ that your soul, when it has to cross the thresholds of the beyond, knows how to make it renounce its hold and its connections with the earth. But truly, I tell you: Once the soul has detached itself from the body, it does not become blind to the earthly goods. Rather the opposite, ─ says the Master to you, then I allow your soul to attain greater knowledge, so that it may admire the works of creation even more, so that it may penetrate even more into the meaning of life, so that it may begin to embrace everything with its spiritual wings, so that its gaze may cross those horizons that were like boundaries for its intelligence on earth. Then she begins to truly love the Father and the divine creation with true universal love. Then, for the soul, every human position, clan or class disappears. Then it no longer loves only those who belonged to it as an earthly family, and begins to love all its neighbors with spiritual love. This is the love that I have taught you at all times. But if there are disciples among you who have heard me only a little during this time and therefore fear not being able to do justice to my work nor to understand it, and therefore envy those who have often heard me, who have often received my word during this time, then I tell these in truth: Be unconcerned! Whether disciples have heard me often or little means nothing. For a moment of enlightenment can suffice that your soul transforms itself in this moment and becomes a master, an inexhaustible source of love and inspiration.

6. Bring this my word as consolation and trust it ─ you who have heard Me only little! For truly, I tell you: On your way you will meet those who have not heard Me once in this Third Age and you will see how among them the great apostles of spiritualism, the great intuitive prophets, the great inspired ones will appear. You will see the gifts of the HolySpirit manifested among humanity and unfolding through intuition. You will see men communicating from Spirit to Spirit, and then you will say, "How happy are we who have been able to hear the Master at least a little, for these fellow men have never heard Him through the human mind.

7. Do you not remember that Mark, though he was not a part of my twelve chosen ones, was a great apostle of my teaching? The child of the apostles who knew how to keep in his heart the teachings of the Divine Master, to put them on paper and leave them to mankind as a Golden Book. In his childhood he heard Me in his earthly innocence, but he allowed the hand of the Master to write the Divine Message in his heart. Do you not remember that Paul, though he had not once heard the Divine Master, was converted. Although he was the persecutor of my apostles, he loved me and inwardly exalted himself until he became one of the great soldiers in my teaching.

8. The same will happen in this third time. I will likewise leave you a book written externally with material letters, and enlightened internally by the light of the HolySpirit, that you may drink from this fountain ─, that through my teachings you may obtain the strength and spiritual light for the great battle that awaits you. For you shall all have the same degree of armament, strength and spiritual knowledge, to turn your attention to humanity, which has been made fruitful by the pain, by the wise trials, which there are in the way of every creature.

9. I want that when the great trials come, you are not the ones who are surprised, but your fellow men; that no crown or royal cloak may intimidate you, that no scaffold or threat may frighten you, that no slander may make you cowardly, that there may be no insult to hurt your heart. Then the world will be surprised when I can reveal myself through you in wisdom, in humility, in justice and love. But I do not want to reveal these qualities only through the word ─ I want to be present in your works. Remember that in past times, in the early days of Christianity, it was the blood of the Master, the blood of his disciples and apostles, the blood of the martyrs, that "spoke" best. For the heart of men was hard, and if a truth and a word was not sealed with blood, it was not believed.

Today neither the Father nor the world will demand your blood, nor will your life be demanded of you to seal my truth with him. But they will still demand proofs, and you are to give them these proofs, and they are to consist of love, of revelation, of spiritualization, because your fellow men thirst for them. When you offer crystal-clear water, when you offer the bread of life, the world will believe you, and through you it will believe in me.

10. I have told you, disciples, that you will be confronted with the great churches and the lesser sects; but fear neither of the one nor of the other. The truth I have entrusted to you is evident; the Word I have taught you is outwardly clear and simple, but in its meaning deep to infinity, and they are powerful weapons with which you will fight and conquer. But I tell you: A people on earth, full of materialism and unbelief, will rise to deny you the right to call you Israel, to deny your testimony of having experienced the renewed coming of the Messiah, and that people is the Jewish one. Have you not thought of them? That nation awaits in its midst the coming of its Messiah, its Savior, who will bring justice to it and set it anew above all the nations of the earth. That people know that I have always come to them, and in this third time they will say, 'Why should God come to another people? ─ But see, here are my teachings!

11. Already in the early days of your world I began to train the seed of Israel in the human race. From generation to generation I have worked it, I have perfected it, until the time came when I formed a family of souls chosen from among all the chosen souls to begin the creation of a people. With wisdom I selected each soul, each human being, to make my people complete.

12. After each soul of the same was formed and strengthened and developed in its abilities by my mercy, and every body was prepared with grace according to those times, I let it spread over the surface of the earth. And to this people I have always spoken; I have always sought the possibility to be with them and to get in touch with them through their patriarchs. I spoke to the tribes of the people through its kings and its prophets, made myself known through its leaders, to always lead them on the right path, to remind them that I am above all created things ─ to remind them of justice among themselves, so that this people would be the defenders of the other peoples of the earth ─ so that it would be the living torch that would illuminate even the last corner of the planet ─ so that it would be the blessing of all nations and the oasis of peace for all those in need.

13. For this I blessed it mentally and physically, for this I granted it fertile land, which overflowed with milk and honey. I tested it in its great transgressions to make it strong, to steel it so that it could know good and evil, light and darkness, abundance and hunger, freedom and bondage, and also allowed it to be tempted, and in the great temptations and upheavals that struck the people, some fell, and others remained faithful to Me. By those who fell, the others suffered, and by the weak, the strong were afflicted. But what was the weakness of some and the loyalty and steadfastness of others? The weak fell into unbridled love of earthly goods, into lower passions, into boundless striving for power, into bad cults, into hypocritical cults. The steadfast did this in their humility, by recognizing and loving the Creator through simple worship and healthy customs.

14. Never did I leave this people defenseless, for I sent prophets to them in their sufferings to raise their souls, so that they would not let their hope and their faith in me sink. But when these prophets admonished the materialized ones, the rich of the earth, who in the human glories admonished the vain ones, they rejected them, persecuted them and often killed them.

But in the hearts of the steadfast, the faithful, the word of those prophets remained like a burning torch, and through all the prophets the Father announced his coming to his people to free them from bondage, to bring them justice, to place his kingdom in the heart of each of his children. But those promises, those prophecies were interpreted in different ways by the two parties of the people.

15. Now when the Lord came to his people as Messiah, as Saviour, some have long awaited Him as God of love, of justice and of peace, as Father of all comfort and of all balm. The others awaited Him as an invincible soldier, as a warrior who would lift up His people and bring them to the annihilation of the hostile peoples who had captured and ruled the people of the Lord. They expected that His hands would hand over the great earthly riches, the temporal goods, to bestow each of His children and each of His tribes. Then, when the Messiah appeared on earth full of gentleness and in human poverty, in all humility, He was felt and recognized only by the faithful and persistent, whose soul and heart was receptive to the high lessons, the divine message that the Lord brought through Jesus.

16. But among those who awaited the rich and mighty God of the earth, the warlike avenger of all the insults the people had suffered, their disappointment was great, and so was their rejection. But that master of goodness and humility wrapped all his people in the same love when he realized that they had split into empires. In Samaria as well as in Judea, He gave His word, pouring His love, His balm, His miracles, His teachings and prophecies into one tribe as well as into the other.

Yet He continued to be rejected by the "carnal" Jews, by the materialized Jews ─ by those who trembled at the revelations of the Spirit, by those who did not want to see the way that leads to the High Hereafter. On the other hand, He was recognized and loved by those who expected the coming of the kingdom of heaven, the bread of eternal life, the truth about all men, the love for all creatures, and since that time this people went their way in division.

17. It was necessary that the Father, after his parting (in Jesus), should snatch from the hands of his people the land that had already been entrusted to his ancestors. To some it was snatched as an expiation and to others as a reward; for that land of Canaan, that lovely Palestine of old, was prepared by Me only as an image of the true land of promise for the Spirit. When those possessions were taken from the people, the materialistically minded Jew was left behind on earth as a homeless person; but the other part ─ the faithful, who have always felt my presence, remained devoted to my will, without pain at having lost that legacy of past times, knowing that a new grace of the Father had been entrusted to them: the legacy of his Word, the Divine Word, his sacrifice, his blood.

18. In the present time, in which my people Israel are already living in the Third Age, I still see them divided into two groups: one materialized, made rich by the goods of the earth as their arbitrary reparation, which makes even the foundations of the world tremble with its power, because it has put its strength, its talent, the gifts of grace which the Father poured out on its Spirit, at the service of itself, of its ambition, of its greatness.

See how that people, even within the limits of their materialism, have given proofs of strength in their sciences, in their will, in their intelligence. At the bottom of their hearts, they keep resentment for the former famines, enslavements, humiliations; but today they rise strong and proud to humiliate other peoples, to intimidate them with their power, to dominate them. Today, it is itself full and looks with satisfaction at the millions of hungry people and at the great popular masses of slaves ─ slaves of their gold, their power, their science and their striving for recognition.

19. But I also see the other part of my people, that of the steadfast and faithful ─ of those who have always been able to feel my presence, of those who have always recognized my coming among men, of those who have believed in my revelations and who have been obedient to me in spite of everything and have fulfilled my orders.

That other part is not only you who have been witnesses of my rallies through the minds of men at this time; for a part of the spiritual people of Israel is scattered over the whole world, and in the place where everyone is, they receive my caring love, feel my presence, feed on my bread, and expect me, not knowing from where I would come, nor in what way, but they expect me.

But those who know very well how I came, how I made myself known ─ those who are prepared for the times to come are you who represent a part of the 144,000 chosen by Me from the twelve tribes of that people ─ one hundred and forty-four thousand who will be like 144,000 captains before the numerous people of Israel, leading them into the Great Battle in the Spiritual Wrestling of the Third Age.

20. Do you think that my people will be divided forever? Verily I say to you: No! For you the teaching, the light, and the trials have come, for those my righteousness and likewise afflictions have come. I now lead them with great strides to the awakening of their Spirit, and though they will certainly deny my third coming into the world in the first moment, as they denied the second, I tell you: Not far away now is the time of their conversion. They live in their old traditions, but I see through the Spirit and the heart of the Jewish people and let you know that they cling to their traditions more for comfort and fear of spiritual revelations than for their own conviction. They shy away from the manifestations of the hereafter; but what I will propose to them is: the renunciation of all that is unnecessary, the exercise of mercy, love, and humility.

21. You will have to face them, and you will both take up your weapons: the one to the word, to the thought, to prayer and to the proofs; the other to their endowment, their power, their tradition. But I will be present in this confrontation and I will cause my righteousness to prevail, I will see to it that spirituality triumphs, that the Spirit rises above the flesh, bending and humbling it, and then the reconciliation of the tribes of Israel will come, the union of the Lord's people. Once that people is prepared ─ Truly, I tell you, they will fulfill their mission until they have completed the great mission that God has entrusted to his chosen people from the beginning of time, which is to be the firstborn and the trustee of the Lord's revelations, so that he, as the eldest of the brethren, may guide the rest, share his grace with them and bring them all to the right hand of the Father.

22. Divided, the people could not triumph over the other nations of the earth. But truly, I say to you: I want that just as those in the Third Age gave great proofs of their strength and light within the human life, so you too give proofs of your spiritualization ─ give proofs that the power of the Spirit is greater than the human powers, so that it triumphs over them in battle.

23. Understand, people, that you may carry out the mission which the Father has entrusted to you, so that your soul may soar up in peace, may finally reach Me, and may love from My kingdom all creatures with the all-embracing love which I teach

24. Many things I have spoken to you in this time, but from all that I have told you, you shall learn a lesson which I have given you on this morning of grace The all-embracing love!

25. How many times Jesus was met by His disciples as He spoke to the various creations of the earth! How often was the Master surprised in his conversations with the birds, with the corridor, with the sea! But they knew that their Master was not raptured, they knew that in their Master lived the Creative Spirit of the Father, who had given language to all beings, who understood all his "children", who received praise and love from everything created by Him.

26. How often the disciples and the people saw Jesus caressing a bird or a flower and blessing everything, and in his eyes they discovered gazes of infinite love for all creatures! The disciples sensed the divine delight of the Lord when he saw himself surrounded by so much glory, so many wonders that had come forth from his wisdom, and they also often saw tears in the eyes of the Master when he saw the indifference of men in the face of such glory, the dullness and blindness of human creatures to so much splendor. They often saw the Master weeping when he saw a leper shedding tears because of his leprosy, or men and women lamenting their fate, even though they were surrounded by a sphere of perfect love!

27. You know very well that my Law teaches you to love Me more than anything ─ not because the Father's heart contains selfishness, but because you are to understand that ─ in order to love creation and yourselves ─ you must understand My Love through yours to feel it for your fellow man That is why I say to you on this morning of grace: I want your love to become all-encompassing ─ but in me, in that you first love me, then love one another and then everything created by the Father, all creatures, the perfect works as daughters of the Father, and therefore your brothers and sisters.

28. Give sensitivity to your soul and your feelings. Let your body, though it is transitory in life, share in this refreshment, rejoice in existing, delight in the radiations that nature gives it, be satisfied and refreshed by them. Because this physical life is also a source of blessings, of warmth, of energy ─ it is comfort and caress, is nourishment, is peace.

29. Let your body feed on it, let it participate in this banquet, says the Master to you. Do not hide him nor remove him from nature, do not cause him to reject this source of life, do not let him reject what I have given you with so much love. Then he will fall asleep in peace when the moment comes.

But your soul, from the hereafter, from its liberation, will continue to regard the material creation more than all the works of the Father, and will then appreciate it better than it does now. And though it will no longer feed on material life, though it will no longer have to be content with it nor live within it, it will be in harmony with everything, will admire everything, and will love in the Father.

30. My word will suffuse you with peace and be balm for your soul and for your heart. You have spoken to your Lord and continue to speak to Him in the language of the soul ─ of that language which contains reverence, which is a song of praise to my divine ear, which is a caress of the child to the Father, which is a hand reaching out to Him who has all things and is able to do all things.

You confess with me, hide nothing from me because you know that my gaze encompasses everything, pervades everything, and you feel contrition towards your conscience because of the transgressions committed on earth. But truly, I tell you: I, who count your good works and your transgressions daily from one morning to another, write down more good works and record fewer bad ones.

31. Do not stand still, O disciples! As I have always told you, let your walk remain firmly on the way of good and progress, because there are times coming when only good things will help man, when only virtue and truth will keep him on the way of struggle and confrontation.

The days are drawing near in which deceit will come to an end, in which falsehood, hypocrisy, selfishness, every bad seed will find its end through severe afflictions, falls and blows.

Therefore the Master says to you: Become stronger and stronger in goodness! Be convinced, my people, that you cannot receive evil for the good you do. If you reap an evil fruit or an evil reward for the good you do on earth, that evil fruit is temporary, it is not the final fruit, I tell you in truth. You must persevere until you reap.

32. Be good workers in the corridor of the Lord, and always observe the workers of the material earth. Are they forsaking their already risen seed because of a temporary storm? Truly ─ no! They wait until the bad weather is over, they watch and pray for it and await the harvest. And how often has this harvest of perseverance been truly full of blessings and abundance!

You too, despite your good deeds, take the misfortunes as temporary storms, as proof of your virtue, but always trust that my seed, which you have sown well, will give you good flowers and good fruit when the time comes.

33. Verily I say to you, the soul is like a seed, is like seeds which you know. ─ I speak now in a figurative sense. They too germinate, take root and grow, blossom and bear fruit. But I must tell you something more: not all souls germinate at the same time, not all blossom at the same time, nor do they bear fruit at a fixed time. Some do it earlier and others later, even if they were sown at the same time. Understand this and apply it to the past, the present and the future of you and all humanity. For from this you will draw great conclusions, great revelations and far-reaching answers to the questions and doubts of men.

34. When you penetrate into my teaching word of this day, you will discover in it a certain intention of the Master: That of strengthening your soul to bring to mankind the true revelation of the reincarnation of souls. The intuitive knowledge of this is preserved by all men. In all peoples of the earth they sense the mystery that contains the past, present and future of each soul. For some it is theory, for others it is a possibility, for others it is fantasy, and others deny it flatly. Nevertheless, I discover that they think about this truth.

35. The humanity of this time forms legends, fantasies, and even the most backward tribes, even the peoples hidden in the primeval forests suspect the secret of the soul's reincarnation, and this because the earth is prepared, has become fertile, because the human soul in its developments has been able to reveal to its body a part of this "secret" ─ as you call it ─ Now all that is missing is that my people, my taught, my faithful ─ those who have always expected me, who have understood to receive my revelations and teachings, come to give men confirmation of this with living word, with reasons of reason, through truths. Then men will awaken to a new knowledge, to a new life, which is nothing other than the kingdom of God in the heart of men, the spiritual kingdom in the souls of men themselves.

36. I speak to you with the same word with which I spoke in the Second Time. All good things spring from my word. If you seek the balm in him ─ my healing balm flows inexhaustibly down on your sufferings. If you have asked Me for the absent sick, they will be absent for your body, but not for my Spirit nor yours, and in them is my healing power. If you ask Me for my blessing or my protection for your undertakings, verily, I tell you, my love and my light is on them. I take you by the hand because you trust in me as in a saving leader, and I will really lead you to victory. I will strengthen you and encourage you in the pitfalls and in the trials.

37. You ask Me for those who are absent, who are "workers", who are disciples in my spiritual work I am there with them, I have been on their way, in their prayer, in the fulfillment of their commission. Like torches of light I have set them up in nations foreign to you, so that they may be like angels of peace, like guardians, who are surrounded by my spiritual world. From the moment of their departure they have been inspired by their guardian angels so that their earthly and spiritual steps on the way are safe, and therefore, when the Master demands their fulfillment of the commission, those workers can say with satisfaction: "Father, we have worked in Your name.

When will they return to this land? The Master has prepared the way and the time, and they will again be in your midst, and their words will echo in your hearts as a testimony of the great revelations which the Father has given them ─ of the great miracles which their eyes have seen, and this will give you strength, will be an incentive for the future when you too will cross borders and set out for other brotherhoods.

38. should I not cover the whole world with my mercy? Since I am teaching you, who are currently human creatures, the all-embracing love ─, how could the Master only deal with some and forget others? My gaze rests on all and my cloak likewise, my balm overflows all, under my cloak of peace some feel it and use it. Others make war, destroy each other and insult each other.

39. You ask Me: "Father, why in this year of reconciliation, in this year of spiritual union and love, which mankind has called 'Holy Year', are men plunging into murderous wars?

The Master replies to you: "Do you watch and pray! Today you are not yet able to penetrate into the meaning of these trials, but truly, I tell you, the soul of men is already close to awakening, and for this purpose, a little more pain is needed, it is necessary that they empty that cup which men are preparing for themselves at this time. They will be their own awakening, they will be their own judge, they will be their own judgment scales. I allow it so, and I forgive them and caress them. I pour out my light into them, so that; if it is possible for them to reach truth through my light, they may reach it in this way, and not through pain.

40. When my Universal Ray ascends, I will leave it to you to pour out from the beyond your spiritual peace and blessing on all mankind.

41. This is my lesson. Continue to follow my teachings! Continue to go step by step and make sure that in your heart and soul the spiritual union with everything is getting more and more strength and weight.

My peace be with you!

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