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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 275:

1. I am love, which is the reason why you will be forgiven and enjoy my gifts of grace. But do not expect only caresses and gifts from your father. Remember that I also came as Master to make you understand your shortcomings and imperfections and to teach you the way in which you must correct yourselves.

2. I am with you in your Spirit and let my light shine in your mind so that you may appreciate the value of what you are receiving at this time and at the same time realize that not everything you obtain has been acquired by merit. I also make you understand that what you have received up to now is not everything that I have to give you, and that what you long for today is also not everything that the longing of your spirit soul will hold in it once it has developed more strongly.

3. Together with the trials and lessons that life gives you, my teaching works, which explains and illuminates the meaning of each lesson. For only knowledge, experience, and development will be able to give you deservedly the title "Disciples of my divinity in the Third Age.

4. What would you be able to give to your fellow men, what would be your fruit, what would be the testimony and confirmation of the word or teaching that you would preach, if you lacked your own experience?

5. Once you are spiritualized and then meet people who suffer and despair because they cannot possess what they seek in the world, you will see their materialism contrasted with the exaltation of my disciples, whose satisfaction will be great because their aspirations and desires will be noble, based on the firm conviction that in this life everything is transitory.

6. My disciples will speak to the world through examples of spirituality - a life that struggles to bring the soul closer to the deity rather than chaining it to the false treasures of the world.

7. I know that in the times to come the materialists will be outraged when they learn this teaching; but their conscience will tell them that my word alone speaks the truth.

8. In man's life everything is transitory: his youth is a transitory semblance, his fame short-lived, his pleasure short-lived. Therefore my teaching inspires you the ideal of attaining the eternal. For the delights of the Spirit and the glory intended for him, once won, never fades.

9. People, it is so easy to give a little spiritualization to your life that I tell you: why don't you do it? Why do you not try? There is no need for you to depart from your human duties.

10. It is enough to give a touch of spiritualization to your works to no longer be only simple earth beings and become beings of the higher spiritual life, capable of understanding the meaning that the destiny of man holds within him.

11. I tell you once again that I do not turn you away from your task in the world, because there too you have sacred duties. But I say to you that you are not to give the world any more importance than to your soul's unfolding.

12. It is necessary that you deepen your knowledge of my work, that you grasp my word and understand the scope of my teachings

13. I am speaking to souls at this time, knowing that my light will pass from them to the material bodies, and that once the mind and senses are enlightened, they will become willing instruments of the Spirit.

14. You multitudes of men, who hear this word: Close your material eyes and hear the voice of your Lord in infinity.

15. At this time it is not the man Jesus who speaks to you, and whom you can see in squares and streets, on paths or in valley meadows - it is the Spirit of Jesus, present in every spirit and in every mind, it is my universal light, which pours out on all the children of God.

16. People, would it not please you to see the fruits of my teaching being brought into the world? Do you not long to see this valley of tears transformed into a land of peace? Then work with love, and you will have this happiness in your soul. Yes, disciples, in your soul, for you do not know what your home will be at this time. But it does not matter that you see the victory of light only from the spiritual valley - more still: from there you will still more highly appreciate the fruit of your works and your struggle.

17. Your hearts beat faster, and you tell me: "Master, when will our soul be able to sing this triumphal song?

18. The leaders of the churches tell Me: "Father, our efforts shall not be fruitless. But I say to some as to others that it is quite possible to reach this goal, that it does not require the sacrifice of your life to achieve this ideal. But you must observe each of my commandments that all your work may be based on my truth, and that the efforts of all may be directed toward the final goal which I have laid out for you.

19. "Spiritualization", "union", "obedience" - this is the firm foundation for the sanctuary you are to build for your Father. If you do justice to this, you will finally experience the blossoming and bearing fruit of my work and your struggle in mankind.

20. Since My word began to be manifested through these voice-bearers, I have inspired spiritualization in you, I have demanded union from you and taught you obedience.

21. The first and the last to come know these teachings, which are constantly repeated by my voice-bearers.

22. My teaching has spoken to you of spiritualization so that you may free yourselves from all outward worship of God and learn to love and serve Me in a spiritual, deep, sincere, superior, and pure way.

23. I have often spoken to you of union because if you do not unite the fruit of your gifts and your powers in struggle, if you work individually, your work will not bear fruit.

24. I have spoken to you of obedience so that all your actions are subject to a perfect will like mine, and that you never miss the way in fulfilling it. When then the rallies of my word reach their end, you will all be able to give the world a proof of the truth of my revelation.

25. Those who obey these commandments will find faith among their fellow men. But those who pass over them, and who claim to teach the multitudes in the midst of their disunity, disobedience, and lack of spiritualization - I tell you, sooner or later their deceit and hypocrisy will be exposed, and they will find themselves entangled in the greatest trials and abandoned even by the most faithful.

26. Could you call this the victory of my teaching? No, people, it is not confusion that you shall find at the end of the battle. It is peace, joy, light, in which your daily work shall culminate.

27. Do you think that my Spirit would remain indifferent indefinitely in the face of a proof of ingratitude and disobedience of a part of this people? Nay, people, I will bring my righteousness, and I will make tremble with it those who disobey Me, as I made them tremble by my tenderness when they heard my word.

28. My teaching cannot be clearer or simpler. But if your memory should fail you and you should forget her, I will inspire those who must unite my lessons to form from them the Book of My Word given in this Third Age. This book will remind you of all that has been forgotten, will make you weep with remorse as you stand in your trials, and will make you understand that in the end it is my will that is done and my truth that triumphs.

29. Why does my word sometimes seem harsh to you? It does not contain hardness, it is full of love which I have for you. For your father does not want his children to weep.

30. When I speak to you in this sound, seek behind the word of the Judge the presence of the Master and the essence of the Father, then you will discover all this

31. When I warn you and prophesy to you, know that I know your future and that I know you better than you know yourselves, because I am life

32. Learn to lift yourselves spiritually to Me in your silence Speak to me in your devotion with the Spirit, and you will receive my answer.

33. Educate your mind by getting it to renounce every superfluous thought, by teaching it to withdraw in the moment of your spiritual conversation, so that it may not be an obstacle preventing you from concentrating and freeing yourself in that blessed moment

34. How happy is the soul that achieves this spiritual preparation and this inner release. All its gifts come to light and reveal themselves! The inspiration, the revelation, the healing power, the inner word and many other abilities appear and show their essence and their purpose.

35. Branch off a few moments of your time every day and use them for spiritual prayer, then you will soon experience the fruit of that practice. Do not wait for the day when I make myself known to give you my teaching and prepare you. Because then you will again and again start anew and stumble over disturbances, which will not enable you to refresh yourselves spiritually.

36. Dedicate a few moments daily to this practice. You will always find me ready to listen to you and to stand by you.

37. True prayer has not been practiced by men during this time. Therefore they had to formulate prayers and petitions to repeat them mechanically as often as they needed.

38. Man no longer knows how to inspire himself to speak with the soul to Me. He no longer knows the spiritual language, which all should know, at all, because he does not know the procedure of practicing himself, renouncing every rite, rejecting every materialization of himself, and concentrating on the core of himself in order to be able to perceive my presence and receive the light of inspiration.

39. Therefore I tell you: the more you sacrifice your inclination to pray before symbols and to dedicate ceremonies to Me to seek the inner sanctuary, the more you will experience how your gift of spiritual communication unfolds, grows and rises, bringing you step by step closer to the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, which will happen when man knows how to pray with perfection.

40. Understand now that if it is my will that you teach your fellow men the way to attain perfection in prayer, you must prepare yourselves to produce proofs of the truth and power that exists in him.

41. Will you teach them that it is enough to close your eyes for the manner to be perfect? Do you want to deceive your neighbors by accepting behaviors without meaning, while in your inner being there is no true preparation? It does not work like this, people. For you shall not deceive yourselves, nor your fellow men, and still less your Father.

42. If you teach to pray, it is because you will be able to prove the truth, power, and efficacy of spiritual prayer. You are to heal the sick through prayer; you are to bring peace where discord reigns; you are to save the one who is in danger. Then you will really find faith, and men will want to do the same as you. Your teaching will awaken faith in hearts that will be amazed at the truthfulness of the evidence you give them.

43. do not forget: for prayer to be effective, your faith must be firm, great, so that mercy is the essence of your elevation to Me.

44. all who have achieved miracles - all who have produced proofs of spiritual power have prayed in this way. So prayed the patriarchs of the first times: from Spirit to Spirit. So Moses prayed in the desert and Daniel in the lion's den. Likewise, I did in Jesus to strengthen man in the knowledge of true prayer by proving before his eyes the power of spiritual prayer.

45. Jesus prayed in the desert before the crowd, multiplying the loaves and fishes to the amazement of the people. He prayed at the tomb of Lazarus and gave evidence that prayer, born of faith and mercy, gives health and life. He prayed with the disciples and revealed to them the power that man gains when he knows how to communicate with his Father.

46. How far has this mankind gone from my instructions! Everything in it is superficial, false, outward, pompous. Therefore its spiritual power is void, and to make up for its lack of strength and development in its soul, it has thrown itself into the arms of science and developed intelligence.

47. In this way, with the help of science, man has come to feel strong, great, and powerful. But I tell you that that strength and that greatness are insignificant next to the power of the spirit soul, which you did not let grow and reveal itself.

(4848. their origin - when the overflowing stream of their passions, pleasures and vices had made of many people reckless beings without knowledge of their duties to God, to their family and to their fellow men, this Word came to mankind as a spring of crystal-clear water for the thirsty hearts of men.

49. You are so accustomed to sin that your life seems to you to be the most natural, normal, and permissible, and yet it seems that Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon and Rome have passed all their depravity and sin onto this humanity.

50. Though it seems absurd, this is the proper hour for my word to be echoed in the hearts of men.

51. Remember pagan Rome, how, disgusted with pleasure, tired of the pleasures of the flesh, she opened her heart to receive my message.

52. Those events will be repeated, and you will see my seed rising in the nations where you have seen men most remote from the way of truth.

53. My word full of wisdom, comfort and promise of renewal will make the strings of the heart sound, which the unclean, the bad, has never reached. Those who are dead for the light and truth of life will rise again, and morality, long destroyed, will be restored.

54. If at that time the Gentiles converted to my teaching sought salvation in the love that my Word taught, the materialists of that time will seek the way to their salvation in the example that Jesus left with his life. But they will also be inspired by the spiritual light that my Spirit poured out on men at that time. What does this light contain? The knowledge of the spiritual life, the revelation of the abilities of the spirit soul, the unravelling of the mysteries that man was not able to penetrate.

55. I have made you, people, trustees of my new word. For a long time I have made Myself known to you so that you may have the certainty that it is My Presence in Spirit that is with you and that you have had enough time to take up My teachings in you, to write them down and reflect upon them.

56. For what is all this for? That when my rallies among you cease, you may not say that it was a passing phenomenon of which you are neither certain nor certain.

57. Now that you know from Me that the last day for these teachings is drawing near, you are beginning to feel the responsibility of leaving you no longer as disciples or disciples, but as interpreters, messengers and witnesses of the message you have heard from the Master

58. Some of you are full of faith, strength, and zeal, waiting for the proper hour to begin the daily work. Others, however, doubt themselves and tremble before the battle. To these latter I ask: Will it be possible that other peoples, who did not hear my word directly, may start their work before you, moved only by the testimony of what came to them.

59. What is it that frightens you? Your heart tells me: "Lord, the inability to prove the truth to the materialists and the unbelievers by hand. You have not understood Me: I have not said that you should make the spiritual, which is invisible and untouchable, physically perceptible before the eyes of skeptical men, so that they may believe in the spiritual. Above all, I wanted you to cleanse your lives and spiritualize yourselves in such a way that you give the best proof with your words and with your works that the teaching to which you profess yourselves is true.

60. It seems very difficult to you to give proofs that will satisfy him who seeks a scientific explanation for everything. Nevertheless, the greatness that I have put into my teaching is such that you will find in it the solution to every problem that appears, so that you will be able to give an answer and an explanation to every problem that appears.

61. Do you think that I have brought you a retrograde teaching? Study my word, and you will convince yourselves that it has been revealed in a way that is in harmony with both the spiritual and the intellectual development of this humanity.

62. Neither in the past nor today do I condemn your science because it is a way in which man likewise discovers my truth. Whoever seeks me in all knowledge finds me and feels my presence and discovers my laws. What I object to is the bad use that is made of that which was created for good purposes only.

63. Today people are much more capable than the former ones to understand the nature and power of God. See in this the influence that science has had on man's ability to know.

64. When men still believed that there existed only what they could discover with their eyes, and they themselves did not know the shape of the world they inhabited, they imagined a God limited to that which their eyes knew But as their minds gradually unraveled one mystery after another, the universe expanded before their eyes more and more, and the greatness and omnipotence of God increased more and more for the astonished intelligence of man. Therefore, I had to give you a teaching during this time, which is in accordance with your development.

65. But I ask you: Is it material knowledge that my revelation contains? No, the knowledge I am teaching you is about an existence beyond the nature you see and have been exploring for so long. My revelation shows the path that leads the Spirit up to a level of life from which he can discover, recognize and understand everything.

66. Does it seem impossible or at least strange to you that God makes Himself known to men spiritually - that the spiritual world makes itself known and manifests itself in your life - that unknown worlds and spheres communicate themselves to you? Do you, for example, want your knowledge to stand still and the Father to never reveal to you more than what He has already revealed to you?

67. Do not be habitual and do not set limits to your Spirit's knowledge!

68. Today you may deny, fight and persecute the spiritual teaching; but I know that tomorrow you will bow to the truth.

69. Every divine revelation has been fought and rejected at its appearance; but in the end that light has prevailed.

70. In the discoveries of science, mankind has likewise shown itself to be unbelieving; but in the end it had to bow to reality.

71. You have been unbelieving because of your materialization. At first you believed only in what your eyes saw. But you have evolved, and now you have believed in what your intelligence discovered. Why should you not believe and recognize what is beyond your material universe, once your Spirit enters that realm of infinite knowledge?

You do not yet know how much humanity will know in the future. If you compare the spiritual as well as the material knowledge of men of former times with the knowledge you have today, this will give you an idea of what human life will be like in the times to come.

72. Now is the proper time to awaken you to a new age, to prepare yourselves and prophetically announce to you all that you will yet see.

73. Understand, people, that my coming was at the right time.

My peace be with you.

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