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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 364

1. Full of love I come to you to enlighten your mind, to make your heart sensitive through my word

2. In this time I receive the one who hears this teaching and the one who is far from it ─ the one who has forgotten Me, as well as the one who has created a sanctuary at the bottom of his heart

3. The Master is full of joy when he sees that you are the good workers who have weeded out the weeds from their seeds and removed the straw from their grain to offer Me only the ear of the golden wheat.

4. You who work in this way have fulfilled the promise you made to your Father the moment you came into My presence, so that I would entrust to you the seeds and the plots By your obedience you remind Me of the multiplied seed.

5. The number of my workers has multiplied. But well to those who know how to sow and cultivate their fields, for they will bring in a great harvest.

6. My Father's voice sends out a call to all men. But those who live for worldly pleasures have created a barrier that prevents their soul from hearing my call. It will be the pain that wakes them up and makes them hear my voice through conscience.

7. He who obeys my law will also know how to obey the laws of men, and there will be no obstacles nor barriers that prevent him from working within my work.

8. If mankind would live within my law, they would not be slaves to their passions, nor would they empty the cup of suffering.

9. By her disobedience she has turned this earth into a valley of tears. Everywhere you hear the lament of pain, there is no unity of thought in the sects and religions, nor is there brotherhood among them.

10. I have prepared this people here so that with the power and wisdom of the Father they may reveal the message of peace, light and love which must reach all nations. I have entrusted to them a sword, a shield, and a standard, that they may fight tirelessly until my will shows them the end.

11. Beloved people, prepare yourself, and set out on your journey as in the first days, and leave this "valley" to go to the Promised Land. Trust in Me, for as in those days the waters of the seas will recede to let you pass through, and in the desert there will again be no lack of manna nor water that gushes out of the rock.

12. Once mankind will follow my teaching, they will remove from their path the painful purification they have contracted

13. Today my word comes down to you, Israel, to help you in your development, so that you may fulfil the difficult mission I have entrusted to you, so that you may be an example to your relatives and to your fellow men. For the people of Israel are to be the example in the union of hearts and souls, they are to be the mirror for all mankind, and they must see their own face reflected in the Spirit of Israel.

14. I enlighten your minds so that you may all bear witness to Me with your thoughts, words, and works. For you, who are beginners, are called to be my great disciples and later teachers among mankind ─ the good teachers of the teaching of the HolySpirit, not materialized ones, not foolish in the former practices.

15. That is why I demand from you in this day and age spiritualization, exaltation, simplicity and purity in every one of your actions and practices within my law.

16. Elijah prepares spiritually the whole world, the Spirit of Israel, for my near departure, that you may be courageous and full of light for the battle that awaits you.

After my farewell, do not fall into lethargy, and do not stop or deviate from the way that is possible, but humbly and worthily take my place as a teacher. You ─ with your self-denial, preparation and soul upliftment, with your love and mercy ─ should open yourselves to sow the spiritualist-trinitarian-marian seed on all ways and paths where the hearts await you, where the arms open to receive you, where the souls thirsting and hungry for my truth and love await the coming of my chosen ones. For soon you will set out to shake up the world, to let it no longer sleep, because this is my will.

17. O beloved people of Israel! Elijah has helped you to lift up your souls. He has united your thoughts and your will into one. He has united all souls so that my blessed ray may settle in the Spirit of Israel itself.

18. Elijah goes before you, and prepares the ways, makes the paths passable. It is He who purifies you, who helps you to cleanse even the smallest spot of your heart, so that your conscience is always calm and ready to serve my divinity and to serve your fellow men. It is He who gives you new courage on the way, when He sees you sad and depressed ─ it is He who announces the dangers to you and enlightens you in the moments of blindness and darkness. It is Elijah who comforts you in the moments of pain and leads you step by step to a single point of union ─ to a point to which all souls are called, which is the High Hereafter, and to which you will reach through the elevation of your soul, true prayer and true devotion to God.

19. Fear not the judgment nor the criticism of men. Also I will be condemned, discussed, scourged, but not killed in this time. My work, my light and my truth will not be defeated. Spiritualism, which is my teaching, cannot perish; it will continue to manifest itself, despite the incomprehension, disobedience, ingratitude, unbelief, and vanity of men. My Divine Spirit and my teaching will continue to manifest and to progress from heart to heart, from Spirit to Spirit, from people to people, and from world to world, without stopping. For there is no force, there is no power, nor a law, nor an obstacle that can stop my Spirit and my Light ─ there is no shadow that could darken my Universal Light Therefore I will always be Light, be Truth, I will always be Spirit.

20. But as I have told you: You are my children, whom I have made my disciples, that you may take Me as your model and become like my divinity, that you may fully understand your Father, who is the HolySpirit. But you will understand this by means of your spiritualization through this spiritualistic-etrinitarian-marian teaching.

21. Pray for the "first" and work also for the new generations ─ for those who come after you. If the "first" took the first step, you shall take the second, and those who come after you shall take the third. And so, from generation to generation and from period to period, mankind will come closer and closer to me spiritually, until it reaches the true spiritual elevation and the perfect worship of my divinity. But I tell you: The peace of the whole world does not depend on one heart, nor does it depend on many hearts ─. Nor does the spreading of my work, which is worldwide, which is spiritual. Everything depends on my will, but in my mercy, in my infinite love, I grant you, Israel, that you may participate in my work of spiritual perfection, worldwide peace. My children, I wanted to let you participate in my work, in this work of love, in this fight of light against darkness.

22. Remember that the world awaits you, that the nations await My people, that this world which finds no remedy, which does not know true worship of God ─ this world which does not find its God, meets you, and that it shall find Me in you, hear Me and see Me. For I want you to be my image ─ I will reflect my face and my love in your own soul and in your deeds.

23. Do not fall into fanaticism, for this is not what you are to teach. Do not fall into idolatry, for this is not what you are to give to the world. You are to give spiritually the water that quenches thirst ─ the bread that satisfies the hungry, the garment that covers the naked.

24. I have manifested myself in this Third Age through the human mind, and those whom I have blessed as "footstool" have possessed one of the greatest gifts of the HolySpirit: the transmission of my Divine Ray through them to give my Word to the world. And you have experienced very humble, ignorant and insignificant hearts, through which I have amazed you with my words of perfection, wisdom, health, mercy and encouragement ─ with my Word, which is always an infinite gaze that reads in your hearts your past, your present and your future. And always, when you have heard it in this Third Time through the voice bearers, you have felt that the Master is with you, and that He is looking at you, hearing you, and paying attention even to the last of your petitions ─ that He accepts your commission and judges each of your thoughts, each of your words and works.

In this Third Time, my HolySpirit has completely opened the doors of the High Hereafter to allow that my Spiritual World of Light, full of development, longing for the fulfillment of your commission, will come to you to manifest itself through the human mind, to speak to men, to explain my Divine Word and to heal the mental and physical diseases with the spiritual fluid ─ that fluid with which Jesus, your Master in the Second Time, healed the sick ─ a fluid of love, life and mental health.

26. My spiritual world has been your friend, your doctor, your brother, but a perfect brother full of love, patience and mercy.

27. Blessed people of Israel, to your hands have I entrusted the ark of the New Covenant. You are my chosen ones whom I turn into springs of crystal-clear water so that mankind may find with you the invigorating water.

28. In you I have exuded my spiritual gifts of grace; you are my temple in which my light and my love is. You are the ones who must set out with humility to the crowds that have fallen into fanaticism and idolatry to show my light to those who have hidden my truth and distorted my law.

29. People, you have believed in my spiritual presence because you have felt me in the most hidden part of your hearts: it is your soul that has developed over time

30. I have spoken to you through sinners to teach you to seek my kingdom. But you have materialized that which belongs to my work. You have created a stage of life which is not the one of which I have spoken to you. You have materialized the cross, which is a symbol of salvation. The cross on which the Lamb redeemed you through his divine example ─ That cross disappeared from your material eyes already in that Second Time, so that you would not turn into idols.

31. Already in the first time the Father spoke to you through His prophets, so that you would not fall into temptation and idolatry. In the Second Time I came through Jesus to give my love and truth teaching to all mankind. I have not taught you any religion, for religions are created by men.

32. Already in the Second Time I told you, "I will return to you," and I fulfilled my word. As great as fanaticism and idolatry are ─ here again is your Master, spiritually manifested. I purify your heart with my word to give elevation to your soul so that it may attain salvation.

33. Blessed is he who, having received my love, peace and light, knows how to save him who perishes, and with his prayer is also able to enlighten those beings who dwell in the "Spiritual Valley" ─ those dark forces which the light of the HolySpirit was not able to absorb.

34. You are humble, Chosen People, but I will make you great and wise in the Spirit so that you give orientation and comfort to mankind. I have spoken to you through various voice-bearers so that you may work with Me as an example for the renewal of this humanity.

35. you are the people whom I have taught spiritualization so that in this way you may give a faithful witness of your Father

36. Bring a full understanding of my work so that you may worship Me from Spirit to Spirit.

37. Be unwilling to persist in your materialism, no longer get caught in the webs of confusion and darkness In this time in which I rescue you from the mire of sin, recognize Me by My light, by My love and by My righteousness.

38. I do not want you to be divided, nor to go against my decrees.

39. Why is there a storm come up among you? Because of your lack of armament and understanding of my word. When the end of my rallies to you in this form has come, I want you to be united before your master with the satisfaction of having obeyed my commandments.

40. Be ready, my people, and do not let yourselves be beguiled by the evil rulers ─ do not let them present their law to you. For I see that they conceal my teaching and only those who make theirs known and have set out to do business with my work and present it full of secrets and materializations. It is my will that you make my work known with purity, with spiritualization. For this work is born of my Spirit and contains the essence of my Word for the renewal of mankind.

41. I want you all to set out on a real commission and remove your imperfections from my work. Know that from the beginning of my rallies through the human organ of the mind, my struggle to save you from sin has been great.

42. I still see my sheep in different ways, but Elijah as a shining beacon unites you at present and gathers you together in one single path. He sends out the call to my chosen people with a loud bell so that they may reach the port of salvation.

43. In the first time the Father saved his people through Moses. He was the chosen one to fulfill this difficult mission. He was obedient and went ahead of you with courage, and the incomprehension of the people did not let him weaken for a moment.

44. In the Second Time I came as the "Word" of the Father to become man and to make myself known to men.

45. It was a commandment of the Father and had to be fulfilled. It was necessary to live together with men themselves to bring them my teaching and my truth. My word was revealed in essence, presence and power to knock on the door of hearts and open them.

46. I have always spoken to humanity as intuition, as revelation through prophetic visions. Today, in this time, I have come in fulfillment of the prophecies in the Spirit, so that mankind may recognize and rise to the light of the new dawn. The signs were already prophesied in the First Age, and these had to come true in this Third Age, the age of the HolySpirit.

47. I speak to you clearly so that nothing remains hidden, and if I have not spoken to you in the First and Second Times about what I am revealing to you today, it is because it was so the will of the Father. For I myself have fulfilled my word and give you presently testimony of my presence with you.

48. The twelve tribes of the people of Israel surround Me, and I give My word to all, that when the time comes you may go forth and bear witness to mankind of My presence.

49. Rise in the last moments of my rallies in this form, unite as one worker, as one leader of the congregation, so that I may part with rejoicing in my heart, because I caused my people to form one body and have one will.

50. I am invincible from the sin of mankind, and you will not be able to destroy my light, my love, my mercy through your imperfections, because I am above all created things and there is no power, however mighty, that can defeat my wisdom and my might. That is why I speak to you and give you love so that you recognize me as father, and so that you worship me as God.

51. Workers of my field: I entrust to you my word as good seed, so that at the end of your work you may show it to me multiplied.

52. Fulfill your mission, that the Father may fulfill the promises made to your Spirit. Why do you want me to give you what you do not deserve? Why do you want to reap what you have not sown? Before you do that, you must strive and work. I do not want your conscience to reproach you. Be blessed, my children, because you understand your father and want to earn this reward through effort and work. You must fight for this goal, and when men sacrifice themselves for a material goal and even lose their lives, you must reach this spiritual goal where you will not lose life. For if you persevere until the end, you will attain eternal life.

53. Acquire merits so that you may reach the Promised Land. There you shall rest from the great struggle.

54. When two or three of my chosen ones come together and lift up their Spirit to my divinity, I will be with them and inspire them. In every place where you call on Me, I will be present. For I have told you that every sinful and not sinful eye will see Me and all will feel My presence.

55. You workers are under the mighty tree because you know that I am waiting for you with open arms You know that it is I to whom you must show your fulfillment of commission. Because I alone will be able to judge them because this is my business and I am the only one who can reward you or call you to account.

But you have trust in your father and know that ─ as hard as my rebuke may be ─ I with the rebuke also radiate my mercy and my compassion with you. For I love you and have compassion on you and give you the strength to withstand the thrust of my rebuke. Every one of you owns a field on my arable land, and on it you must sow and reap. I as a Father receive your effort, your sacrifice and your suffering. I see your tears and encourage you with my words that you may go forward, always forward to eternity.

My peace be with you! 

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