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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 261:

1. My word is clear, its simple expression convinces and moves both the educated and the uneducated. Given its clarity, you have easily understood many lessons that you either could not understand or did not want to accept.

2. Today you know that man can know his God without the need for an exuberance of emotions to perceive the spiritual through them. Today you know that despite your limited brain you can imagine how the perfect communion between God and man will become a reality, just as you are convinced of the truth of my rallies through the minds of my voices.

3. In those who have heard me it has become light, which is why the false and the unclean can no longer enter into their heart

4. Now is the time of light, in which man, except to believe, will understand, substantiate and feel my truth.

5. The purpose of my teaching is to convince everyone that no one came into this world without a valid reason, that this reason is divine love, and that the destiny of all men is to fulfill a mission of love.

6. At all times, from the beginning, people have asked themselves, "Who am I? To whom do I owe my life? Why do I exist? Why have I come here and where am I going?" For some of their uncertainties and lack of knowledge, they have received the answer in my explanations and through their reflections on what I have revealed to you over time. But some already believe to know everything; but I tell you, they are caught in a great error because what is kept in the Book of Wisdom of God cannot possibly be discovered by men unless it is revealed to them; and there is much that is contained in this Book of Divine Wisdom, its contents are infinite.

7. This world will take another step in the knowledge of the truth. Suddenly it will suffer confusion, but afterwards it will calm down and come to understanding.

8. Man has always struggled to attain the knowledge of truth. In the beginning he attributed everything to nature, but later, through observation and reflection, he came to the conclusion that it was not possible that so many miracles and perfect works could come to life from nothing, that a creative force, an intelligence and a higher power had to exist. This conviction strengthened the faith of the people, who in turn created cults and rites to worship the One from whom all creatures had emerged.

9. New questions arose in the human heart: "Who is God? What is He like? Does He really exist or not?" These and other questions people asked themselves about my existence and about my being, and I have always answered every call and every question.

10. God had given many proofs and revelations to men since the first days of mankind - material, touchable and visible manifestations, according to the naivety, ignorance and simplicity of those creatures, until I, when the right time had come, showed myself to the world through Jesus to personally answer all the questions of men, to dispel all doubts and prepare them for a time when they would no longer be ignorant, innocent and foolish little children, but would become great disciples, children of God, uplifted by love and knowledge thanks to the light of the Divine Spirit - people who are aware of their nature, their destiny and the reason for their existence.

11. So while some have always sought divine support and help to win in life, for others, as their intelligence developed, their arrogance grew, because they considered themselves independent, powerful, and wise. They considered themselves capable of coming up with creative ideas and of satisfying themselves.

12. Spiritualists and materialists have always existed in this humanity, as well as the struggle of world views between the one and the other, each struggling to prove that he possesses the truth.

13. My spiritual presence at this time was done to pacify you, to cause you to reconcile, to answer all your questions and to prove to you that neither those who fought for the spiritual nor those who proclaim that the only truth is that contained in material life is right. The former have sinned as fanatics, and the latter as ignorant. They have not realized that the former, like the latter, have a part of that truth, but that they have not understood how to reconcile them, to reconcile with one another, to unite them in love.

14. It seems impossible for you to understand each other; you do not believe in an agreement of such magnificence. But truly, I tell you, I know very well that this union will become a reality.

15. Otherwise you would no longer be in the perfect manner in which God created you, and you would no longer have my light in your conscience to work in a just and righteous manner, as all the works of the Father are. But it is necessary to wait a while longer so that that light, that divine part which you call Spirit, may pass through man all the way of the freedom of will granted to them, that it may introduce him into the work of renewal, restoration, and spiritual ascent.

16. You have prepared your heart as a sanctuary to receive me in it Before that you have gone through an examination of your conscience, and tears of repentance have flowed from many eyes.

17. I have heard you all and bless you all.

18. I know who has felt pain because he was weak in the trial, who had vowed to Me to forgive his enemy and did not. But when he returned to me to hear me, he immediately felt the reproach of his conscience, humbly confessed his wrongdoing and asked me for a new opportunity.

19. Know that I will make you strong so that you will no longer fall, that I will teach you with infinite patience and forbearance, and that I will give all new opportunities to prove their understanding, effort, willpower and progress.

20. Recognize that sincere repentance washes away some stains of shame, lightens your burden and gives peace to your heart. When you then feel free from your burden, remember that there are many of your fellow men who do not pray and yet suffer, so that you may pray for them in the complete conviction that my healing balm will be poured out on all the sick and needy.

21. I do not require of you a prayer that lasts for hours, but a short and profound prayer, simple in form and profound in spirituality. Those moments will be enough for me to grant you my mercy.

22. Prayer is the spiritual means that I have inspired man to have dialogue with my divinity. Therefore, from the very beginning it manifested itself in you as a longing, as a need of the soul, as a refuge in the hours of the visitation.

23. He who does not know true prayer does not know the blessings it brings with it, does not know the source of health and benefits that are contained in it. He feels the impulse to approach me, to speak to me, and to bring his request before me; but since he lacks spirituality, the sacrifice of raising only his thoughts seems so poor to him that he immediately looks for something material to offer me, because he thinks that he pays homage to me better with it.

24. In this way men have fallen into idolatry, fanaticism, rites and outward cults, suffocating their souls and depriving them of the blessed freedom to pray directly to their Father. Only when the pain is very intense, when the agony reaches the limits of human strength, does the soul free itself, forgetting formalities and overthrowing its idols, to rise up and cry out from the depths of its heart: "My Father, my God!

25. Through prayer one attains peace, wisdom, health, understanding the profound, the mind is enlightened and the soul is encouraged.

26. the one who knows how to pray from Spirit to Spirit feels sheltered everywhere, but not the one who seeks out figures and images, to whom he must go to feel their presence and feel safe.

27. Do you see how in this time of materialism the peoples are busy making war against each other? But I tell you that many people there, in the midst of those war events, have discovered the mystery of prayer - that prayer that springs from the heart and comes to Me as an urgent cry for help, as a lament, as an imploring plea. When they then experienced the requested miracle on their way, they knew that there is no other way to speak with God except in the language of the soul.

28. Disciples: You who form a community, who have received not only one lesson but a whole book, will be prepared to speak of Me as no one has ever spoken before.

29. I now give you many opportunities to fulfill your tasks - use them. Give to all, teach all. What I have given you has no limits, and through the same your heart will never be empty - on the contrary: the more you give, the more you will see it increased in you. The more you love, the greater you will be in virtue.

30. I leave my love among my people as a testimony of my presence.

31. My rallies are with you, my light shines upon the human mind to send my message of love to mankind through its mediation.

32. You shall be the messengers on whose lips my word goes from province to province and from heart to heart.

33. The present time is dedicated to self-contemplation for this people, it serves you for your inner examination, so that you may truly know whether you love Me in purity or whether you have fallen into fanaticism The hour is favorable to correct your errors.

34. By studying the meaning of the word "spiritualization," you have understood that it is an error to want to represent the Divine through forms that you call symbols, an error that becomes even greater when you consider that you then hide by outward appearance the reality that is right in front of you.

35. Consider that I always reveal myself in intelligence, in life, in love, in power, never in lifeless figures. Also today you are attending one of my rallies, which is done through the mind of a man. Why do you insist on representing Me in soulless images and figures? The person through whom I manifest myself feels Me deeply and intensely in his soul and even in his body; his joy is profound and his rapture makes him see with clarity the light that comes to his mind.

36. You are like this man. Why then do you not feel Me in your heart as well?

Think about this teaching, and you will conclude that where there is a tendency to materialize the Divine, there can be no spiritualization.

38. At present you do not all understand what "spiritualization" means, nor do you understand why I am asking you to attain this inner elevation. Can you be willing and obedient to my commandments when it is not even clear to you what I am asking you to do? But some understand the ideal which the Master inspires his disciples, and they will hasten to follow his instructions.

39. The love of symbolism and formalities, as well as the veneration of effigies, is a reminder of the spiritual childhood of mankind, of the primitive times when men needed the outward and visible to believe in the divine.

40. Human intelligence was at the beginning of its development. At that time I would not have said to men, "Explore and comprehend that which belongs to the soul. But today, since man has entered all the paths of science, since he has developed many philosophies, since he has developed intellectually in many fields - will he not finally understand spiritualism? Will he be confused by my new message? No, people, the soul of man needs and longs for my teaching of salvation.

41. Fear not the struggle to spread and sow this teaching. Already many peoples respect the sacred right to think freely. Later, people will come to know that freedom of the Spirit which mankind has not known until today.

42. Wars will continue in the world, the threat of death and annihilation weighs on peoples, because those who stubbornly cling to their philosophies and doctrines do not want to recognize the truth.

43. I give you spiritual encouragement, people, so that you may not fear failure. If I have told you that this light that I have let shine in your soul will drive away the shadows, I repeat now that I have told you the truth.

44. In this moment I envelop you in the light of my Divinity I come down to prepare you as Master, so that you may teach your fellow men with words and works of love and mercy, humility and forgiveness. But verily, I tell you, the works always say more than words.

45. Man likewise speaks of love for mankind, of brotherhood and peace, but with his works he denies his words.

46. Today, when the Father has come down to make himself known to you by means of the human mind, I tell you: do not belong to those who speak of love and carry hatred in them, who speak of good and do the contrary, and who speak of peace and provoke wars; they are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who do the opposite No, that you may see my word blossoming with you, you must speak of it through works that come from the heart.

47. Speak through the soul, for you are at the height of the time of the HolySpirit. Remain always joyful. If you should feel Me distant for a short time, it will not be Me who has distanced himself, but you, because you have weakened your soul. For I live forever in your heart.

48. The distances and the barriers between the Divine Spirit and the heart of man are created by man himself. But I live so close to you that you need not search the horizon with your gaze to see Me. It will be enough if you penetrate into your inner being with devotion and collection to discover Me in my sanctuary.

49. My revelations of this time bring you into spiritual contact with my divinity - a familiarity that your soul has always sought.

50. Still I see and hear this humanity flattering Me and calling Me with its rites, chants, word prayers and various forms of worship to feel Me close. To all I make my presence palpable, I am with all. But now a time has come in which the Lord wants the worship of His children to be perfect, that their communication with the Father is also perfect. And this is what this teaching has revealed to you at this time. Today you have learned from Me how to pray, and how to obtain communion from Spirit to Spirit.

51. In order that you might progress in this way, I urged you to put aside all rituals and outward worship. Thereupon all those objects with which you tried to represent divine qualities and also the meaningfulness or alienation of your spiritual worship of God gradually disappeared from your assembly rooms.

52.  My teaching is not only to give you strength and confidence during your life on earth; it is to teach you how to leave this world, cross the thresholds of the hereafter, and enter the eternal home.

53. All denominations strengthen the soul on its journey through this world; but how little they reveal to it and prepare it for the great journey into the hereafter. This is the reason why many regard death as an end, not knowing that from then on one sees the infinite horizon of true life.

54. You have called the teachings I have given you as the HolySpirit in this time spiritualism because He has revealed to you many impenetrable secrets It is no longer timely that a veil exists between the hereafter and man. I will reveal to you as much of that life as you can comprehend, and only that which is my will.

55. Do not look upon the grave as the end, do not see beyond it the emptiness, death, darkness, or nothingness. For beyond physical death is life, light, all.

56. Before you penetrate into those regions you must prepare yourselves; then, by the elevation of your soul, you will already now, while you are still incarnated, be able to dwell in the "spiritual valley" or penetrate into it.

57. See in your body no chain, no enemy or hangman, see in your body a weak creature that you must strengthen, for then it will be your servant, your support and your best tool to fulfill a task and to ascend to the mountain. Spiritualize it without letting it get into fanaticism, so that you can break free in your prayers and on wings of thought bring the healing balm to the sick.

58. When I spoke to my disciples in the Second Time about my kingdom, they did not understand it and asked me, "Where is your kingdom, Lord? But as the day of my departure drew near, my word no longer happened in symbols, it became clearly understandable, and all understood it.

59. Also in the present time, as the time draws nearer in which I no longer make myself known in this form, I have given up symbolic expression, in order to speak to you plainly and simply of the great things which I had withheld for you. All that I have spoken to you since 1866 will be summarized in my teachings of these last three years.

This Word, which you have heard during this time through the Divine Ray that illuminates the mind of man, has been for you the new manna for your soul. It has also been like the miracle with the loaves and the fishes that Jesus performed in the desert.

61. The time in which I will speak to you is already very short. Train yourselves and use my word and my examples so that you may set out with them to mankind to witness my teaching. Many doors will open for you, others will remain closed. Multitudes of men will come to hear you, and among them will be "deaf". But you shall sow because the heart of men is like earth. I will send dew and rain on your sowing, then we shall sow the seed.

62. Those who are destined to go to other nations will cross the borders as messengers of peace.

63. The world awaits you as a valley of atonement with all its pains, its vices, its sicknesses and its wounds, so that you may put on them the balm which I have entrusted to you, which heals all evils

64. You do not feel yourselves capable of great deeds, but I will accomplish surprising works through your mediation, through a small part of your love and mercy, of which you will even feel unworthy

65. When My word no longer resounds in these assembly rooms, you will come together to read out My teaching addresses, of which you will understand many teachings that you could not understand before. The seers will see the figure of the Master who will give you new revelations as the HolySpirit. There, in your midst, the sick will relieve their pain and the terminally ill will regain life, the mourner will find consolation, and the desperate man new hope.

66. You shall teach by the example of your own lives; I will do the rest. It was my will to let you share in this work of love, so that, by loving your fellow men, you love me myself.

67. Be prepared until the day of my last teaching address, for it will be like the last meal in the second time in which you will receive my last words

68. Those who have not obeyed my instructions, nor sought spiritualization, who have stubbornly clung to outdated customs and traditions, will have to shed tears, and later, when they read in the book I am entrusting to you at present, they will become aware of their errors Then, full of pain and remorse, they will try to correct their mistakes.

69. The light of my love illuminates the world and its paths when darkness threatens to cover them. Day by day souls rise in great numbers, leaving this life without knowing where they are going. Do not forget them, give them the light of your prayer, of your mercy. Do not worry about the beings of light, for they are already in the light and are working for you. Pray not only for men, pray for all your neighbors.

My peace be with you! 

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