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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 312

1. The Master is among you again in the fulfillment of His promise. He wants to entrust to you another leaf of the book which He will leave as a gift of love for His people ─ another leaf, beloved disciples, which will be read, studied and understood by future generations.

2. Who but Me could have revealed to you that you live in the Third Age? Who but Me could have told you that you are the people of Israel? You know this and believe it because I have taught you. You are these, those and the same in Spirit, and I will unite you in one family.

3. I am He who created your family, and into a single home I have distributed souls of different tribes. In one and the same family there are souls from the tribe of Levi, Simeon, Reuben, Judah ─ members of different tribes, and when peace reigns in them and they love one another, the longing of the Father has begun to crystallize in truth and in Spirit: the union of all men.

4. Homes and families of Israel: Whenever you feel that temptation is felt in your midst, seek solitude, call on Me and tell Me: "Master, come and give us Your strength, give us Your sword, and do not allow Me as a father to misjudge my children; do not allow Me as a husband to misjudge my companion, or as a companion to misjudge my husband. I will hear your prayer, defend you and help you, for this is my will.

5. Today I come to the ones who are mine and I have rung the loud bell calling you to gather together in this third time. Once again mankind will look spiritually at the united tribes that make up the people of Israel.

6. Already in the First Time I bestowed many blessings on you. The nations or countries in that era had no greater wise men than Solomon, no more enlightening messengers than my prophets, no more beautiful and chaste women than the Israelites, nor more perfect men than those of my people. I brought forth in their midst the gift of wisdom, inspiration, beauty. I caused the gifts of the HolySpirit to blossom and you knew then that you were the Chosen People of God ─ you knew that your Lord was with you and caressed you ─ you knew that I was your strong hero And yet you have become accustomed to my gifts, to my caress and to my presence. Hence the righteousness of the Father came upon you.

7. The "tribes of Israel according to the Spirit" are very numerous. Of each of them I will choose twelve thousand and mark them on their foreheads. But the "people of Israel" is not limited to 144,000; the chosen people are immeasurably great.

8. The Master taught you in the Second Time that many are called and few are chosen; but all the "people of Israel" are called, and I will

144,000. In all of them I will put peace, spirituality and the beginning of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

9. The time is approaching when men will attach more importance to the soul and will be disappointed by materialistic science, which will cause it to fall into pain, disappointment and lethargy. But then the people of Israel will come, shaking awake the sleeping, raising up the fallen and raising up the "dead", as did the voice of Jesus, who said to Lazarus, "Arise and walk.

Once men are spiritualized, when their minds and feelings are lifted up, they will know that which they have never experienced through science. Then they will rise up in harmony, with brotherhood, with noble thoughts, to live in the kingdom that I have inspired man.

10. In your Father's house there are many "dwellings" which are the infinite steps of the ladder that leads to perfection. From there the "spiritual world" descends to make itself known among you. You have asked Me many times from Spirit to Spirit about the reason for the existence of those immeasurable number of stars and those planets that shine above your world, and you have said to Me, "Master, are those worlds empty? But I tell you: The time has not yet come when I reveal it to you completely. When man attains spirituality, only then will he be given great revelations, and he will be able to commune from Spirit to Spirit with those beloved beings of my Divinity, and then the exchange of thoughts will take place between all the brothers.

11. But you shall know already today All worlds are inhabited by my creatures, nothing is empty, all are blessed fields and gardens, cared for by Mary, the embodiment of divine tenderness.

12. The HolySpirit will once again transmit through your mouth high teachings unknown to you and to humanity. When, beloved people? Then, when spiritualization and devotion to your mission reign among you.

13. I see that the bread with which man is spiritually nourished is not the bread of my table. Everything has been polluted in the course of time, everything is stained and has left the heart and hand of man unclean. But I have come to you, people, and have manifested Myself through sinful bodies like yours, to give you a word that is unadulterated and pure at its core. But do not judge my word and my rallies superficially, for in them there is much of human imperfection. Seek the meaning of my rallies, and you will see the loving face of your master, will hear the tone of his voice, which your soul still remembers.

14. My apostles of the Second Age, whom you must take as your example, besought that the HolySpirit might come upon their Spirit, and spoke under his inspiration. Likewise you shall prepare yourself, people. For the Spirit can speak through the body under the inspiration of the HolySpirit.

15. Watch therefore over you ─, that your mind may not be defiled. Keep your heart pure so that you may receive that dew of grace which I am sending you ─ that crystal clear water which must be kept in the wellspring of your own being to quench the thirst of the world.

16. Do not fear the judgment of men, beloved people, fear the Divine Judgment, if you should deserve it through your transgressions

17. Never be ashamed to gather together in such humble places as this, where you hear my word

18. If you should be asked whether these places of assembly are your temples, you should say quite truthfully that this is not the case, that you are currently building your temple in the soul.

19. Some will marvel at your revelation, and others will mock your word.

20. Do not feel offended by the mockery of your fellow men, being aware that he who does this is unable to recognize the truth because of his ignorance. You will find compensation for this in those who come to you to explore you, and then be surprised by the inner peace that radiates through each of my true disciples.

21. But you shall never mock those who are idolaters in their religious fanaticism. For even though they seek me in material forms, they worship me in them. You need not point out their errors to your fellow men to achieve that they are eliminated. Rather, you would arouse their wrath with it and still increase their fanaticism. It will be enough to put my teaching into practice with the spirituality it demands to bring the errors of your fellow men to the light of truth.

22. You will have to summon up much patience, great mercy and true love if you want mankind to learn soon to recognize the spiritual content of my word and to show true reverence for it, and to recognize in every human creature a spiritual and earthly brother in God.

23. Who has told you that you are only spiritual brothers and sisters? Surely you will now rack your brains to understand that the same origin you have spiritually is also your physical origin, since everything has come forth from me. Moreover, I remind you that on earth all mankind has come forth from one Father and one Mother.

24. Why then do you not love and acknowledge each other as brothers and sisters, although your spiritual bonds are eternal and your human bonds are so deep? Verily, I tell you, this is so because of the lack of spiritual knowledge among men ─ despite their religions.

25. On the day when people, inspired by the light that emanates from the Spirit through self-observation ─ to enlighten the brain and heart of man ─ discover their essence, peace will begin to germinate among men. I also tell you that ─ once man awakens to the spiritual light ─ there will be nothing and no one who will stop him on his way of a tireless seeker for truth. Never again will he lose his spiritual freedom, which he has gained after many pains and many tears.

26. It will not be necessary that I make myself known all over the world through voice bearers so that the nations awaken and men free themselves from darkness. Those who think that I must strengthen my word until the whole world hears them are in error. For this would mean that the brain of man is the only means at my disposal to let my messages reach the soul of men. But I now prove to you the truth of that old prophecy, in which it was revealed to you that a time would come when the Divine Spirit would be poured out on all "flesh" and every spirit.

27. Verily, I tell you, this time announced through the prophet is just this time in which you live ─ this now beginning age, which you know as the Third Age.

28. The merit of this people will be to carry this divine message from heart to heart and from province to province, so that those who are awakened by the light of this new dawn may receive in their hearts the seed of my word as soon as the earth has become fertile by the dew of my grace

29. In that second time I let only one people hear Me, and it was only three years that I spent on giving My word to the world.

30. I brought you the seed, and taught my disciples how they should sow it. After they had learned from Me, I entrusted them with the wide fields so that they would till them.

The merit of those sowers is that they did not press their Master to stay with them longer than it was written, nor did they raise objections by saying that there were still many peoples and nations who needed to know this seed. They knew that they had inherited the truth from their Master, and that this was enough for them to conquer darkness, to convert the world, and to cause that divine seed to continue in all human generations.

31. Remove from your minds every erroneous idea you sometimes form, and confine yourselves only to what I have revealed to you from the first days of my rallies, knowing that every one of my words is a law, and that every law must be obeyed

32. Beloved people: Your hearts are filled with satisfaction at the thought that you are my disciples in this third time. But I tell you that you must never allow vanity to blind you. For if you were to succumb to this weakness, you would no longer listen to your conscience when it reproaches you for your transgressions. He who does not begin to purify and ennoble his human life cannot expect to develop himself upward spiritually, for his steps will be misleading and his works will have no seed of truth.

33. Consider, then, that in my lessons I sometimes descend from spiritual teaching to counseling, so that you may behave correctly in your human life. I then speak to man's heart, exhorting it to renew itself, making it understand the harm that vices do to the body and the evil that they do to the soul. I have told you that the man who lets himself be dominated by vice has forgotten that the Spirit must not be defeated ─ that he has forgotten that true strength is to overcome evil through virtue.

34. That that man defeated by flesh has degraded himself, has violated his self-respect, has sunk from his high rank of a man to a poor being too cowardly to fight.

35. Instead of bringing light, bread, and wine to his home, that man brings shadow, suffering, and death, makes his cross and that of his wife and children heavy, and hinders the spiritual development of all who are around him.

36. I have spoken to the heart of the wife, mother, and wife, who could not keep purity in her heart, nor give the warmth of tenderness and understanding to her partner and children.

37. How could men and women increase their soul life if they had not first corrected the grave errors that exist in their human life?

38. My work requires that his disciples be able to bear witness to this through the sincerity and truthfulness of the actions in their lives.

39. I ask both the one and the other, Do you have children? Then have mercy on them. If you could see their souls even for a moment, you would feel unworthy to call yourselves their parents. Do not give them bad examples, beware of raising a cry in the presence of the children.

40. I know that at this time, as never before, there are problems within marriages ─ Problems for which those concerned find only one solution: separation, divorce.

41. If man had the necessary knowledge of spiritual knowledge, he would not make such grave mistakes, for he would find in prayer and spiritualization the inspiration to solve the most difficult entanglements and to pass the hardest tests.

42. My light reaches all hearts, even the afflicted and dejected, to give them new courage to live.

43. My strength is given to the weak so that they may soon rise up ─ with the iron will to transform their dark and empty existence into a radiant life through knowledge, virtue and spiritualization.

44. Disciples, I want you all to preach by example, that you do not pretend, that you do not trumpet truthfulness and do the opposite, that the fruit you reap instead of being bitter is tasty.

45. People, therefore do not forget that you must first do justice to your life on earth, so that you may thereafter find fulfilment in my work.

46. Before you continue to lament your sufferings in the world, pause to reflect for a few moments, so that you may discover the reason for your troubles.

47. I agree that you may search until you find the cause of your pain, so that you may apply a remedy. For it is up to you to avoid that the pain penetrates into your home. I assure you that you will not only find the cause of all that makes you suffer, but that at the same time the method of healing your sufferings will be revealed. My mercy will melt down on those who have known how to pray and meditate, and this mercy will be like balm in your soul and body.

48. I will prove to you that the promised Comforter has come to you to dry your tears and turn your pain into peace.

49. Come to Me all who carry a hidden sorrow in your hearts You are secretly carrying a pain in you that a betrayal has inflicted on you, and your bitterness is very great because it was a very beloved being that hurt you deeply.

50. Become still within yourselves so that prayer may enlighten you and you may know if at any time you were not the cause of your betrayal Then prayer will strengthen you in the thought that you must forgive those who betray you in your love, your faith, your trust.

51. Verily, I tell you, the very moment you forgive the one who has offended you, you will feel my peace full; for in that moment your Spirit will have united with mine and I will spread out my mantle to forgive you and cover you both in my love

52. I steel you for the time of battle. Therefore never think that your sufferings of today are unfruitful. What do you want, people? You still need that it is pain that teaches you its lessons.

53. This time of trial and teaching for your soul will pass, but it will leave its seed of faith, experience, wisdom, and strength in each of my disciples. After that, the times of battle will come, in which you will be persecuted, slandered and mocked ─ even by those who call themselves your friends. But you will be surprised to find that you will not become fainthearted in the face of betrayal, that no one will then be able to disappoint you, because you will have learned to forgive and to be understanding and forgiving towards your fellow men.

54. I will bless my disciples whenever they forgive, and will bless those who have been forgiven by you.

55. You are not alone in the world; in your surroundings are floating beings in infinite numbers, who assist and inspire you in all the steps of your life.

56. In order that you may receive this spiritual influence and light, it is necessary that you pray so that you may always be entitled to the assistance of high beings.

57. Be sensitive to the spiritual influences, and there will be no more reason for you to stumble on the way

58. It is a narrow path that presents itself to your eyes, and it is necessary to watch and pray so that you do not cross its edges. On it I will always meet you, because those who come to me on this path are truly free from vice and from falsehood.

59. Will you enjoy the invisible visit and the influence of the spiritual beings of light? Will you likewise free yourselves from those who are at home in the shadows of their materialism and error. Then I tell you that the secret is to live a quiet, simple life, to live with love, to nurture the seed of virtue in your home.

60. My blessing comes down on all. But while some know how to accept it and take advantage of its benefits, others reject it and thus rob themselves of all the grace it contains.

61. Those spiritual hosts of which I have spoken are likewise a part of my blessings which I am sending you. My messengers and servants hurry the moment they receive the divine inspiration to assist their brothers and sisters who inhabit the earth ─ this planet that has been turned into a valley of tears by man.

62. Only my teaching will be able to bring you into contact with the spiritual world and bring you closer to each other, as it is due to all the children of the Lord, who ─, since they possess Spirit ─ cannot be separated from each other, nor allow matter to form a barrier between those who inhabit the earth and those who are in the spiritual.

63. Allow my word to continue to work your hearts until it has made you truly sensitive to the pain of others.

64. You will never be able to fulfill your spiritual mission completely until the strings of your heart have become sensitive.

65. Do not let yourself be stopped in your preparation, remember that every second that passes, cries of pain sound out of this humanity, your sister.

66. When you first came to the rallies of My Word, you presented to Me the burden of your sufferings, your lamentations, and shed many tears, believing that no one on earth suffers as much as you do. The reason for this was that your heart lived only for itself, and your eyes were closed to any need or suffering of others. It was necessary that you would hear my word, which is the eternal source of truth and light, so that the dark bandage that covered your eyes would fall and let you see reality. But the truth is that your sufferings, although great, seemed small to you when you began to look at other peoples of the earth, through which the war had been waged, which had been caused by enmities, striving for power and the thirst for revenge of men. Then you lowered your head in shame and said to Me, "Lord, forgive me. Today I realize that when the pain in my heart became violent, I began to blaspheme, although I should have thanked You, because my sufferings were incomparably less than those of other people. But it was my ignorance that made me be unjust to You. Today I see my error, I ask You for forgiveness for all my insults and I implore You to grant all that I asked for myself to those who carry an immeasurably heavier burden than that which I carried.

67. How different is your way of praying today when you compare it with the one you used before you heard this word! Why? Because your way of feeling and interpreting the divine teachings became different.

68. Now I tell you, disciples, that you must not stop nor persuade yourselves that to exercise true mercy, it is enough to feel compassion, as you have done until now No, people, for much is to be purified, to be made sensitive. There is still much selfishness that must be fought, as if it were weeds. There is still much cold that must be transformed into spiritual warmth, so that in your soul finally the feeling of love may rise, which is the source from which compassion, mercy, and all noble and high feelings spring.

69. Then you will be able to undertake works and tasks that you would not feel up to today because you still lack the strength to do them, which springs from true love

70. So, people, do you think that you must wait idly for the hour when your soul will be enlightened by this inspiration and your heart will be filled with this ideal? Do you believe that by merely hearing my word you can make the strings of your heart sufficiently sensitive? No, people. At the same time that you hear my lessons, you must turn to those who suffer, in order to be in contact with pain, to taste of the cup of suffering of your fellow men, and to directly experience with your senses the misery, the orphanhood, the repulsive vices, the diseases that fill you with terror, the darkness that darkens the confused organs of the mind, the hunger, the thirst, and the renewal of souls.

71. Only in this way will you be able to become masters of those who suffer much in life. For if you should prepare yourselves only by study in my words and by prayers, if you want to face reality and have the intention to comfort, to convert and to heal, you will find sadly that you are poor in comparison with those who have suffered what you cannot imagine, and that these rather could be masters of you because of what they have suffered, what they have experienced and what they have been through. Then your lips would have to fall silent, and you might think that my teaching is not sufficiently comforting and strong to ease men's sufferings and to awaken in them faith and hope in my justice, in my forgiveness and in my love.

72. Where can you practice the lesson you receive to prepare yourselves more and more? The opportunities are so abundant that if you can observe ─ you will find that not a day of your life passes without at least one opportunity to practice mercy in any of the many forms in which it can be practiced.

73. Through the gift of intuition that I gave to all men, you can discover many things that are hidden in the mystery of the hearts ─ many tragedies that affect not only the earthly life of your fellow men, but also their souls

74. How can you penetrate into the intimacy of those hearts without hurting them and without desecrating their secrets? How to discover those hidden sufferings that overshadow the lives of your fellow men? I have already told you: intuition, that faculty which is part of the spiritual gift of the visionary, and which should receive its full development in you through prayer, shows you the way to alleviate the pain of each of your fellow men.

My peace be with you!

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