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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 362

1. The Master receives you in his infinite mercy so that you may hear his word.

2. The Father tells you Understand what I am entrusting you spiritually so that you may prepare yourselves to spread this message among mankind. For soon will come the time when you will no longer hear my teaching through a voice bearer. I have announced it to you, and my word is that of a king and must come true.

3. Since 1866 I have prepared the mind of man to transmit my word, and this rallies is now approaching its end.

4. My work is not new. You are already in the Third Age, in which mankind is developed.

5. Has my word confused you, beloved people? I met you in different ways: Some in fanaticism, others in idolatry, attributing the fate of men to the stars, and still others who denied my presence in this time, and therefore I met you weakly. I have come spiritually in this Third Age to nourish you with my word.

6. In three times I have taught you, but in this Third Time some have denied the truthfulness of my Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Work and have again fallen into idolatry and confusion, thinking that they are doing my will.

7. Already in the First Time, my work began to manifest itself by revealing to you a single true God.

8. In the present time I have prepared untrained brains through which I have given you my word For I have always sought simplicity.

9. In the same way I trained the mind of Moses, a simple man full of virtues, a great Spirit. Through his mediation I gave the law to my people Israel and led them through the desert for forty years to bring them to the land of promise.

10. In the second time "the word" of Jehovah came to become man, as the prophets had seen it. But before that Elijah came to pave his way.

11. Now you are in the third time, the time of the HolySpirit. Since 1866 I have prepared the human organ of mind to serve as a footstool for my Divine Ray, and since that time I speak to you through men and women.

12. This is the era in which the soul is to lovingly bow the body, and the body is to be obedient to the command of the soul.

13. The soul will develop from step of the ladder to the next, and so it will fulfill its mission, which it could not finish in the earthly body.

14. Where is the deceit? Where has my work been made a business, where has my word, given at all times, been badly interpreted? I have always asked you for my temple in your soul. But your confusion was great when you built churches of granite instead, and adorned them abundantly with stone ornaments and images made by man.

15. Mankind: I have found you becoming idolaters, seeking my Spirit in limited figures. Do you not remember that in the Second Age I brought you to the banks of the rivers to give you my teaching? Did I teach you idolatry in those days? No. Now, at this time I am seeking the temple in your heart ─ the temple which will not be destroyed by the elements because my work which you will make known will be as clear and pure as my teaching is. In this way fanaticism and idolatry will be destroyed.

16. I want to see the temple of your heart always prepared so that I may dwell in it. You shall not adorn it with wild flowers, but with the good works of your heart, with prayer. In this temple I will see a torch whose light never goes out: faith. In this way, when the elements are unleashed, you will be the lifeboat for your fellow men.

17. Come to Me, O beloved people, so that the manna of My Word may be in you. Let its essence be life in your soul. I have come at this time to give you again my law, my truth and my love.

18. Consider the humanity that is in need because of its sins. You must set out to help them by giving them my teaching so that they may rise in prayer.

19. Israel: The time of battle has already come for you, and the moment is not far off when mankind will drink a very bitter cup. Then you shall rise in prayer and feel the great pain of your fellow men. But understand that out of love for you and for all mankind, I have shown you the way to fulfill the commission by spilling my blood until the last drop, and through this I have come to prepare the world with my word - through yourselves.

I am the Comforter of the afflicted, I am the loving Father who encourages you in your ways. The nations lament, they need my word, they seek me and do not understand how to find me. They are whipped by the whirlwinds, and in the seas of their wickedness they find death. But you, people, shall rise as a brave soldier so that mankind may be with Me in this time.

21. Israel, I prepare you with my power. Rest on my law, repent, so that the world of sin may be at your feet.

22. My word gives you the light of truth.

23. I will not see this earth covered with dead bodies. I want mankind to rise out of the grave like a new Lazarus and you help them to find eternal life with the power I have given you.

24. People, what did you lack to set out to fulfill my will? Rise up with the cross of fulfillment. Blessed is he who does his duty, for I will give him all that I have promised, and when you then come to my kingdom, I will tell you: "Welcome, beloved people, prepare your heart like an open book, that you may write my divine teaching in it.

25. I am among you because you need my light. In this Third Age you have not yet spiritualized your hearts, but I have come to prepare them lovingly.

26. I give you comfort and have tested you so that you may become aware whether you have used my word. Fulfill my law and you will find true happiness. However, whenever you have disobeyed, you have felt only pain.

27. Many have recognized Me, have heard My voice, and have risen up with Me Even the world, weary of its materialism, seeks its Father. You, however, are my chosen ones whom I have nourished with my word so that you may call on your fellow men to receive the light which I have given you.

28. I have prepared you because I want you to do works of true love as I do.

29. Men are confused, they empty the cup of suffering and do not know what I have given them in my works with so much love They have given in to temptation in their hearts and have let the tares grow, although this is not my will.

30. In the third time I have served men of good will. In some I have found good will, in others inspiration, and in others obedience and following my teachings.

31. But verily I say unto you, temptation cometh upon my people, to deprive them of my grace and my light. Great is the Master's struggle, but I pour out my mercy on my Chosen People, because I see the white robe I have given them torn.

32. All that your soul lacked, I have granted it. I have given you my word that you may spiritualize your heart.

33. Prepare yourself, my people; the world needs you. Recognize how it stirs up its wars, how temptation has afflicted it, and therefore men cannot rise up. But I am currently enlightening mankind so that they may receive my peace.

34. My kingdom consists of peace and love. I demand of you, my people, a little good will, a firm resolution and an infinite desire to serve mankind. I want you to feel her pain in the most hidden part of your being, that you may have mercy on those who have not heard my word and are only struggling with their sufferings. Recognize, my children, that in all places the cries of pain resound, that humanity is shaken, that the guilty are purified.

35. Multiply among your fellow men the seed of love, use your gifts so that they may obtain salvation. For you are those who are qualified to do it, because I have placed in your hands the key to open the doors of my new revelations to mankind.

36. When you have fulfilled your mission, I will receive your multiplied seed. You are the lamp that shall light up the darkness of the nations.

37. Understand that what I have given you is eternal because I have put it into your soul I have put my work into your hands so that you may work for the salvation of mankind. I have given you the law by which the nations shall be ruled. But do not stray in the way. When you collaborate with the Father in this spiritual work, do not perform rites or nourish idolatry. Explore my divine teaching, comprehend my divine purpose, which I give you by inspiration, since I connect with your soul.

38. I have sent you into this world, you are my servants. Some are incarnate and some are in Spirit; and these have made themselves known by means of the prepared brains. They have come for reparation. Love exists in these my servants, because they have sprung from me. They are enlightened, because I have flooded them with my divine light and have given them all as gifts. But they in their humility will be servants and not masters of mankind.

39. Elijah came into the world in the second time as a forerunner of my coming. He was the prophet of truth whom I sent because mankind was led by false disciples, and it was necessary that all would return to the hurdle, because all must reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

40. In the Third Age I sent Elijah again, but in Spirit, to make himself known through Roque Rojas, so that man would thereafter receive my rallies through the voice bearers.

41. Feel the suffering of mankind, because it does not discover the lifeboat, it cannot see the light of the new dawn.

42. In fulfillment of the prophecies of past times, I have come in this third time in the Spirit and have made myself known by means of the human mind. My Spirit illuminates mankind from the "cloud.

43. I am the truth and come to prepare the hearts so that they may know my way and become aware that I have not forsaken the world.

44. I am with you as an open book. I am currently giving you the same teaching as that which your soul received in the former times. But now you are developed, and therefore my Divine Word has manifested itself through the human mind.

45. I send my Universal Ray to teach and awaken your soul and make it realize what its reparation is and how it must set out to fulfill its mission. For the times have passed too quickly for her, and she has not been able to achieve the necessary development in her various reincarnations.

46. You have not understood how to control your body to make it willing and obedient to my law. For you have felt weak and have been tempted because you have not strengthened yourselves with the essence of my Divine Word.

47. Though I am the Judge and the Almighty, I have not forsaken you nor condemned you, though you have violated Me and broken My law.

48. Again I have made known to you how you must come to the perfect way I have laid out for you so that you may find the life of the Spirit

49. All of you have come here in this time to fulfill the mission I have assigned you But when I saw you sleeping, I spoke to you and called you to account because you did not listen to the voice of your conscience.

50. I have poured out My Divine Word on you like crystal clear water. I have put my love and the essence of my Word in your heart as a perfect and unique teaching. But what was the example that you have set for your fellow men?

51. The world has not realized the greatness of the Work I have entrusted to your hands because of your lack of preparation People have not felt in their hearts the peace of My Divine Spirit; they are divided and nourish different ideals, seeking new deities and new laws to call themselves the representatives of God in this world.

52. I have spoken to you with righteousness so that you may recognize your faults and be an example to others. For you are the children of light, the taste and salt of the world, recognized as the people of spiritual Israel.

53. I am your Master and I send you my light to remove all darkness from you, to turn you into good disciples who follow my teachings and convert their fellow men.

54. I have spoken to you about the apostles whom my mercy chose in the second time. I granted them a proof that they would believe in Me and follow Me.  When they realized that they were really with the Master, they offered Me on their knees to follow Me to become my disciples, to become preachers of my law, my work.

55. Their hearts were as fragile as yours. It was necessary that the Master imprinted syllable by syllable in their hearts to turn them into good disciples. After they had received my teachings and all the proofs of love I gave them, it was my will to send them out so that they would speak of what they had heard from me.

56. But before the Master would depart, it was necessary to examine their hearts. That is why I sent them out in various ways to see their confidence, courage and conviction of my truth. But when they were without the presence of the Master, they felt like little children, their courage sank, their will became weak. Still the upliftment and confidence in themselves was low. So they experienced bitterness and shed tears. But the master united them again to instill confidence and love in them.

57. When I came into this world, I was not inspired by any human ideal, nor did I accept teaching from any religion or science. I myself was the knowledge, the perfection, God Himself, who became man in this world to faithfully fulfill the Mosaic Law, which had been misunderstood.

58. When the crowd gathered to hear the teachings of Jesus, my apostles turned their attention to them and reverently heard my word. One sentence was enough, and already they recognized the infinite mercy of the "Divine Word". One word was enough, and already they created a book of immeasurable wisdom and knowledge of the teaching I was spreading. For I gave them a perfect teaching so that my elect could confront mankind and lead them on the way of love, peace and understanding.

59. Never have I left you; always have I committed myself for you, for all mankind, giving to each one what is lacking, so that your soul could strengthen and it itself could break the bonds that bind it to materialization

60. Once more I have come, in this time in Spirit as power and love over this mankind, since it has lost its way and men let the call for war sound ─ now, when the forces of nature are unleashed, trials and diseases afflict the countries and the homes are provided with mourning flour ─ now, when the hearts sob and the tortured bodies go their ways of life, without orientation, still to find a hand, which benevolently offers them bread, strengthening and help.

61. The loving Father cannot abandon humanity in its insecurity, in its pain or in its tribulations. The prophecies which I have given you are now coming true.

62. Depart from materialization so that you may fulfill the divine and spiritual law which I have given you. It is perfect, pure and full of light, so that you may find life, mercy and know how to lead yourselves on the way of love, understanding and morality.

63. Your heart has not bowed to my love, your darkness and lack of understanding have not allowed you to discover the meaning of my teachings in the perfect light I am pouring into your souls and your hearing has not heard Me Do you want Jesus to come down to become man so that you may feel Him with you and touch with your hand His wound, His clothes? No, this time is over now.

64. Beloved disciples, verily I say to you, I am pouring out on you at this time my HolySpirit and the essence of my Word into your heart.

65. As Father I receive everyone who hears my word, and everyone who is ready to set out on all the ways that my will indicates to him

66. I come in this time so that you may once again feel faith, trust and the warmth of my love ─ so that you may live with me for all eternity, so that you may refresh yourselves and read my revelations and teachings as in an open book.

67. My Divine Spirit is in this time like a shining star before your soul. I give you my light and my love so that you may always have trust in your Father and Creator. For the time has come in which I want to see you with armor in your soul. I no longer want you to say that your father has departed from you. No, my children, you are not alone.

68. I will not see you on your way with distraction in your soul, for the light of noon illuminates your heart.

69. In this time I give you that which I kept for you in my treasury For this it is necessary that you seek me in the most hidden part of your heart. It is necessary that you fulfill my Divine Law so that you do not err and do not bring confusion to your fellow men, but understand and fathom my teachings and be my true disciples who follow them. Thus there will never again be blindness in your spiritual eyes, and your ears will be prepared to hear my voice, so that you may truly feel that the Master, the Savior of the world, is settling in your heart and making himself known from there. Thus you will bear witness before men.

70. For this world to be cleansed, it is necessary that you spiritualize your life, that you be a living sanctuary, turning away from what does not suit you, and cleansing your soul from leprosy and filth

71. Without knowing what you have come for and why the Father has called you, you have come here and I have received you and prepared you lovingly if for a short time pain afflicted you, I have thereafter comforted you and given you life, encouraging and encouraging you with My mercy to repent of the bad works For I really want you to present yourselves pure and purified before me.

72. If it were not so, you would not have been seated at my table in this third time, you would not have agreed to make use of the water that purifies you, and you would be going astray. But the voice of the Father resounded in your heart and brought back your sensitivity, and so you were able to appear before your Lord.

73. I will prepare you and strengthen you when your faith threatens to perish. It is I who set it on fire that you may nourish it, because I do not want it to go out. I want you to cleanse yourselves from stains through your preparation. For you are really the chosen ones, and I want that you once free your fellow men from darkness. For this, you must recognize your God from the bottom of your heart and spread the knowledge of my teaching in the world by lighting a torch in every heart. This is the divine service that your God and Lord expects from you, and that mankind also expects.

74. I have taught you to lift up your soul and to connect it with the Divine Spirit. I demand renewal from you and tell you: your Father is all love and mercy, and I reveal Myself in the fullness of my creation. I have taught you how to pass on my love, I have set you free and you are no longer in bondage, because I have burned all unclean things that were in you, and this fire has purified your works and your thoughts. I have torn the bonds that bound you to this world.

75. You went astray ─ on paths that led you to death. Therefore my word taught you as the voice that corrected and woke you from your deep sleep. I have reminded you of that which you had forgotten. I ennobled you and turned your heart into a sanctuary.

76. This is my struggle to save you, to take off the blindfolds that covered your eyes, to teach you to know Me in My truth From the pariahs you were before, I have transformed you into the children of light, into the chosen children who wear the best clothes, even while they are still incarnated. It has been my will that you become aware of my presence so that you may prepare yourselves and live in my kingdom.

I have wanted you to be the first to see Me spiritually and to feel Me so that you may bear witness to your fellow men. Say that the hour has come, that they prepare themselves so that the unbelievers have faith. Tell men that my kingdom is present in their own soul. Knock on hearts from door to door to wake up the sleeping, for with them death has taken over.

77. Men have unleashed wars to defend their perishable thrones and possessions Go and tell them that the Prince of Peace has come to fight against evil. But this fight is done with weapons of love and light. For I have heard the sighing and weeping of widows, the lamentation of orphans, I have seen the restlessness and hostility of men.

78. Go to them and tell them that the living God has come, that they have no need of the idols created by their own hands, nor of the material temples ─ that the God of love, light, and peace calls all his children to renew themselves and listen to the voice of conscience.

79. I say to you: Welcome be "the Prodigal Son. You have wept much because you have encountered wickedness and have departed from my eternal mercy. You have seen only the abysses, the deserts. But now look to the springs of living water, which have quenched your thirst forever. See the tree of life, which gives you its fruit and its shade under its foliage. I offer you shelter and food, and I will eliminate your materialism of the past times.

80. I entrust to you the Gospel that you are to preach, so that mankind may recognize me and rise in desire for my love. Tell your fellow men that as a father full of love I await them with open arms. Tell them that now the time has come for their spiritual union ─ for lifting up their boundaries and eliminating the aloofness among them. For to me you are all my children, and I love you all equally. Bring these messages to them, go to them as representatives of me, and take me as an example on your way, so that your words are full of encouragement, comfort and life.

81. Fight in your way of life and conquer the darkness of the world. Eliminate idolatry from your hearts; prepare the way for all to come to Me. Wherever you let the call resound, it will not be you, but I who make his voice heard, and wherever you go, there I will be.

82. The Father tells you Prepare yourselves, for I will dwell in your hearts. If you are worthy of it and your souls are strong, it will not be you who will bestow the gift of humanity, but I with infinite love.

83. Understand that I will serve you. You must prepare yourselves to bear witness to Me and show mankind the standard of peace and law as a haven of salvation for the shipwrecked. Speak without fear of the theories, the false teachings of spiritualization. Tell them that the Father does not want the ruin of mankind, that He seeks the salvation of all His children.

84. Say that you too have come to Me without anything good, that you too have been deaf and blind to the truth Say that the inveterate sinner who has lost faith will be able to save himself, that I will know how to cleanse and purify his soul. Therefore do not be afraid to descend into the abyss to save your fellow men. Climb up the mountains and give there also. But be humble of heart, gentle and virtuous. As your guide, I will give you the light of the HolySpirit, which is poured out throughout the universe.

85 If the wrong interpretations of your fellow men oppose your walk, tell them that those who are healthy do not need a doctor. Watch and pray, rise spiritually to Me. For I will tear down the tower of Babel, I will destroy the idols, I will confuse the learned, I will show my light, I will take blindness from men and uproot enmities and bad intentions. I will cause the dead to rise up, that those who thought themselves great may recognize their smallness, and I will cause the proud to bow down before me.

86. I seek the salvation of the soul, and in this time of great struggle you must speak to those who want to crucify me anew

87. The Father tells you If you love Me, fulfill my law, work on yourselves. If you feel weak or lack something, ask the Father, for I will hear you. But ask for what is right, and I will fill you with my grace.

88. If you prepare yourselves, I will make you my apostles who reveal my love But do not boast and do not take giant steps so that you do not go astray. When the time comes, Elijah will equip you with the light of the HolySpirit.

89. I do not take back the gifts I have given you, nor do I change them. They will remain in your soul forever, and when you reach the top of the mountain, you will see the fruit of your struggle.

90. Guide yourselves with my most perfect teaching, carry peace and quiet in your hearts so that you give to others

My peace be with you. 

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