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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 354

1. Come again to the Master, O disciples, speeding up your steps to reach the foot of the mountain as soon as possible, from where you will hear the greeting and the counsel that your Father sends you

From the moment you begin to hear the sound of this voice I am sending you from Infinity, your soul begins to ascend, to rise until it reaches the summit and finds Me, while I give my eternal teaching of love and wisdom.

2. Thus, in each of my rallies, you prepare yourselves by ascending from the foot of the mountain to arrive at the summit when my lesson comes to its end, united and becoming one with my Spirit

3. I am currently giving you the final lessons on this stage of my rallies through man, and you are listening to them eagerly, drinking drop by drop of their essence and strengthening your faith. In this way you bring joy to my Spirit, because when my word ends in this form, you will remain as faithful witnesses. I will leave you prepared to continue my work in the hearts of men.

4. When you think deeply, you will recognize that I have taken you into my care to transform you into real apostles ─ that I have not only spoken to you through my word, but also in the trials and incidents of your lives, that I have formed and purified you in them, because I want to leave you behind as preachers of truth. Do not utter my words without feeling them in your heart, without living my teachings, so that your works in this time may speak more than your words of the past ages and give you an example of humility, submission, and spiritual uplift. I want the world, when it sees you suffering and giving proofs of soul strength, to learn to trust and even smile even in the greatest pain. If you follow my teaching, your ministry will leave a good seed in the hearts of your fellow men.

5. You can no longer lie to humanity. It has evolved to the point where it can discover both truth and deceit.

6. Let not the case be repeated with you in which the sects of the Pharisees and Sadducees rose above the people and deceived and deceived them with false examples. In this day and age no such sects shall arise in the bosom of my people. There shall be no Pharisees nor Sadducees among my new apostles. Let everyone who does not think himself prepared to preach close his lips, keep his hands closed, until he has turned into my disciple. Only then shall he allow his lips to open to speak my words and let the treasure overflow that he keeps in his soul.

This is why I have spoken much to you, to leave you prepared, so that the world may not beguile you with its theories, nor destroy the temple that you have built in your hearts. This is the reason why I have planned a long time to teach you so that my word would purify your soul, and faith would take deep roots, and even your body would participate in spiritualization, and you would thus be prepared as my instruments to reveal to the world the power and grace with which you have been clothed.

7. I have not used scientists, philosophers or scholars to carry my love seed among the humanity of this time. I have chosen the humble, the hungry and thirsty for spiritual upliftment ─ the eternally longing for the peace of the universe. These hungry and those who are deprived of the goods of the world belong to the people of the spiritual Israel. When I called these creatures to entrust them with such a great mission, I did not choose them by chance. I have chosen each soul wisely to let them hear My voice and to assign to them their way, their day's work, to give them the farmland and the seed and also the tools of the field. Because once you are prepared, O humble and poor of the earth, I will send you to the world to show and offer this light, which fills you with happiness and which will then spread all over the globe.

8. I made you expect the fulfillment of my promises, but only in the present time you see them fulfilled. In your previous incarnations you have sought the fulfillment of this my promise to return to you and have not found it. But your soul, which possesses eternal life, left its temporary shells like clothes that are torn in battle, and holds on to its hope, and at last you see your faith and your trust that my word must be fulfilled rewarded. Today you have seen the long way that leads to Me open up before your soul.

9. Have not my law and teachings of former times been the same way as the one I am showing you now? I tell you: In my teaching, which I taught and revealed to you since the first times, I have prepared you for the knowledge of what I am speaking to you today. Through Moses and the prophets I made the law known to you so that you would live among yourselves with justice and respect and pay tribute to Me through your prudent and orderly lives.

You have realized that only when you do good do you live in grace, and that I rewarded your works when they obeyed the prescriptions of the law, and that when you did not listen to their voices, you felt that you were not pleasing your father and your conscience rebuked your disloyalty.

But though you had such wise teachings before your eyes in my messengers, you had no idea that they led you to the realization of spiritual life. Mankind did not cross with its gaze the thresholds of that wonderful life which you will all possess and which is the goal for which you were created.

10. Times passed, I sent you Jesus and through Him I spoke to the soul and heart of men so that they might feel that whoever spoke to them was teaching with his life and example, so that his teaching would be taken as a heavenly message, an invitation to true life. And you have opened your eyes, your heart and your soul, and you have learned from whom the Word was. You have received His examples, His miracles and teachings, and with Him you have guessed the beauty of spiritual life. You have learned that that humble Master did not come to rule this world, that He did not come to remain on earth, and that He would pass through it only briefly, only to return to the home from which He had come to await His disciples there, after having completed His work of redemption.

11. But to where did that Master return who had come to give proof of his infinite love for men? Where did he come from who was a source of tenderness and wisdom? And where would his disciples seek that bread of life and that wine of love? How many loved Him and felt Him, and when they saw Him depart, they would have gladly followed Him to His home to which He returned, because their soul had come to life when it felt called and caressed by the voice of the Master ─ on the basis of that teaching which explained what human feelings of love, material nature and also the meaning of spiritual life mean.

12. I did not let you spurn the world, nor did I deprive men of good food, nor salutary pleasures, nor sacred duties to the family. I only put men on the moral path of this earth life, and the soul on the infinite path, which leads to me. Through that divine teaching, virtue blossomed, the soul saw the door of ascent open to the path of every being who would obey my commandments. But no one suspected that after that time I would come again with my words to continue my work, and that I would reveal to you even more than what I told you in Jesus.

13. Before I departed from this world, I told my disciples: "The Comforter will come to you, the Spirit of Truth, who will reveal to you what he has in his treasury. But you who wished to know the secrets of the Spirit's life, which never end, have been awaiting life after life, one trial after another, and each of them was the fulfillment of one of those words. You knew that the Father could not break His promise, for even in the first times you experienced that every word that comes from Him is fulfilled. And at last, in this time, you have the reward for your hope.

14. See here the continuation of my work, my coming in the Third Age as a spirit of consolation, surrounded by my great hosts of angels, as it is written These spirit beings in my retinue represent a part of that comfort I have promised you, and in their salutary counsel and examples of virtue you have already received proofs of their mercy and peace. Through them I have granted you benefits, and they have been intermediaries between you and my Spirit.

When you perceived their own gifts of mercy and humility, you felt inspired to do works as pure as those they have done in your lives. When they visited your home, you felt honored by their spiritual presence.

15. Be blessed when you have recognized their generosity. But the Master tells you: Do you think that they have always been virtuous beings? Do you not know that a great number of them have inhabited the earth and have known weakness and grave transgressions?

But now look at them: They no longer have any blemishes in themselves, and that is because they listened to the voice of conscience, awakened to love, and repented of their former transgressions. In that melting pot they purified themselves to rise up worthily, and today they serve me by serving mankind.

Their Spirit, out of love, has taken on the task of assisting their neighbors to make up for all that they failed to do when they inhabited the earth, and as a divine gift they have taken the opportunity to sow the seed they had not sown before and to remove every imperfect work they had done. Therefore you now experience with wonder their humility, their patience and their gentleness, and occasionally you have seen them suffer for the sake of their reparation. But their love and knowledge, greater than the obstacles they encounter, overcome all, and they are ready to go to the point of sacrifice.

16. Do not increase their suffering. Be obedient, understanding and obey their counsel. Return their caresses, they are your spiritual brothers and sisters, and tomorrow you will be as they are today. You too will inhabit that world, and your love, effort and repentance will wash away the stains that remain in you, so that you may become pure and pure like them. Your perseverance and love for good will cause you to send your prayers to those whom you have left on earth entangled in misfortune and evil, and you will say to the Father: "Lord, allow me to return, albeit in a form invisible and untouchable to my brothers and sisters, to bring a message of peace and health to those who suffer," and I will grant you this grace. Then you will be like angels, and nothing will prevent you from visiting the world of atonement, carrying within you that fountain of grace and goodness which I have entrusted to you as my children. And in the measure in which you let your soul overflow, you will become calmer and attain greater elevation.

17. When I let the bell sound for the last time and call my children to hear my word for the last time, the rallies of these spiritual hosts will likewise end. You will no longer hear them through the bearers of the gifts, you will no longer hear their counsel in this form. But they will not move away from you; they will continue to be there as guardian angels and protectors of men. It will be enough that you pray and ask their advice, and they will come to your aid. But do it with a pure heart so that you may feel their influence, and do not doubt their presence. For in beings of such a high degree of spiritualization there is only mercy for their neighbor.

18. What has the spiritual world taught during this time? It has brought only the explanation and interpretation of my revelations. It has not revealed or taught you anything that has not been said by me before. It did not anticipate my teachings, but it was still a prophet and a forerunner and announcer when the time of my rallies with men approached.

19. When you prepared yourselves to offer your minds for the rallies of these entities, you who have this ability have received from them manifestations of sincerity and power which are theirs. How much humility in their words and how much obedience and love for my work have your spiritual brothers and sisters demonstrated, and how they have illuminated your lives through their teachings!

20. The days of my last rallies are already approaching, and if you voice bearers and word transmitters do not prepare yourselves, you will not be able to receive my last revelations, orders and instructions which I must leave to you. But after this time ─ how much effort you will have to make to receive what my treasury holds for you. You must earn merits to receive from Spirit to Spirit what you should have received through your precious gift.

My Spiritual World, when this stage ends, will cease to be an obedient servant, and even if called in my name, it will no longer use the human brain and will confine itself to enlightening and giving its salutary advice to those who call it, and it will radiate mercy into all. I have set this day as I have limited each era in each of the times or periods of time in which I have revealed my Spirit. And in this one, in which I have come surrounded by my spiritual hosts, the year 1950 is the end, just as I have said it through all my voices.

21. Take advantage of this time! Be persevering, disciples, be striving, disciples! I am still discovering in some of you lethargy, in others ignorance of the times you are going through and of the hour approaching for the people. I see in some of you the intention to continue to call upon the spiritual world, and others with the hope that I will revoke my decision. But I will grant neither to some nor to others why they ask me.

22. Turn your eyes back and let your souls remember the events that happened around Moses as he reached the end of his life. The people saw in that man the embodiment of your father. You knew that he was spiritual powerful, just and wise in the laws and orders he commanded ─ courageous in battle and devoted in trials, full of faith, action and life. While the people rested during the arduous and long wanderings, Moses awoke, lifted up his soul to Me, and strengthened in his prayer, he looked upon his people and wrapped them in his love.

As they staggered in the battles and the lack of trust made them blaspheme, Moses lifted up his arms and called upon Jehovah, begging for strength and courage for those who followed him, and after his prayer he returned to his own to cheer them well in their struggle, and so he brought them to victory.

23. After so many battles, so many trials, the people began to trust their leader. They did not think that one day he would have to leave it, that he, like every human being, would have to leave earthly life to soar in flight.

And this day set by me finally came. The days of Moses were already numbered, and not one more would pass than those indicated. And feeling his end ahead, he climbed a mountain from which he could see the lands of Canaan, which they had not yet reached. From that mountain he embraced the people with his gaze and said, "Go on until you reach the land of promise.

24. When the people heard that the hour of death had come for their leader, their lawgiver, and their prophet, they lifted up their prayer to Me to say, "Lord, leave him with us, for we have not yet reached the gates of Canaan. Allow him to lead us there, and afterward carry him to Your bosom. The men and women were shaken, the adults and the children cried, but the hour had come and the life of the leader was not prolonged for a moment more. But this did not happen because I was not moved by the pain of the people and by the love they showed for the one in whom they saw my embodiment, but because the hour was fixed and my counsel is wise and irrevocable.

25. Moses came to me, and the people followed his successor. At that time Israel tested the power which Moses had given it. It was able to recognize the obstacles and protect itself from the unleashed elements, and so it fought and defeated its enemies. It endured the privations and did not deviate from the path that led it to the Promised Land, and it proved that the Lord was right when He called Moses to Himself. For he had fulfilled his mission and could now rest at his father's loving breast. The people had learned to live and obey the law that I had given them through my chosen one.

26. For three years Jesus lived with his disciples. He was surrounded by large crowds who loved him deeply. There was nothing for those disciples but to listen to their Master when he preached his divine teaching. Following His steps, they felt neither hunger nor thirst, there was no stumbling or hindrance, all was peace and happiness in the atmosphere that surrounded that group, and yet ─ once, when they were especially enraptured by the contemplation of their beloved Jesus, He said to them, "Now another time will come; I will go away from you, and you will be left like sheep among wolves. This hour is drawing near, and it is necessary that I return to where I came from. You will be alone for a time and will bring the testimony of what you have seen and heard to those who hunger and thirst for love and justice. Work in my name, and afterwards I will take you to myself in the Eternal Home.

27. Those words made the disciples sad, and the closer the hour came, Jesus repeated that announcement with greater emphasis, speaking of his departure. But at the same time He consoled the hearts of those who listened to Him, telling them that His Spirit would not depart and would continue to watch over the world. If they prepared themselves to bring His Word to the people of that time as a message of comfort and hope, He would speak through their mouths and work miracles.

28. With these words the Divine Spirit announced the end of that period. And when Jesus was seized by the crowds to be judged as a disturber of public order, the disciples were moved and rose up against those who accused Him. But the Master calmed their minds and told them, "Do not worry, for my hour has not yet come.

Many had the intention to scatter the followers of Jesus and to chastise the Master himself. But He, who knew the time when He would have to surrender, continued His mission to prepare that people to face the test courageously.

29. But when He surrendered into the hands of His enemies, His disciples protested and said indignantly, "Why does He surrender in this way and offer no resistance? Why does He not flee from those who do not know who He is? And one of these disciples drew his sword and wounded one of those who were about to arrest the Master. But the Master turned to him and told him, "Put your sword in its sheath, do not defend Me in this way! The announced hour has come, and that which is written must come to pass".

30. When those men and women saw their Lord in the midst of the mob, they felt that they would now lose Him forever, that they would no longer hear His Divine Word ─ that those days when the Master had let them live in spiritual regions and had moved them in their rapture up to the feet of the Heavenly Father would be over forever, and only the memory of those happy days of fellowship and bliss would live in them.

31. These disciples begged for mercy for their innocent Master, hoping to see Him free once again, preaching in the paths and villages as they had seen Him in those short years. But the tears and pleas of the crowds who loved Him were not enough, and the Master's life was not prolonged beyond the hour that was set ─ not for a moment.

32. Only after the sacrifice was accomplished, and those disciples returned to daily life, and their painful hearts calmed down, they began to study, made profound reflections, and understood that their Master had not left His work unfinished, but that it was completely finished ─ that He had come from an unknown realm, to which He returned after having accomplished His work ─ that His life as a human being and as a divine messenger had been exemplary, and that this would establish a stage, a precious time, in which He would leave a treasure of wisdom in the hearts of His faithful and show them the way by which they could reach the promised kingdom.

33. After some time they received increasing evidence that the Master was inspiring them and granting them miracles in the performance of their mission as apostles, and they observed that his Spirit spoke through their mouths as they prepared and made ready to bring his message of love to those who awaited them. These first disciples were truly representatives of Him, and because they took as their example Him who had taught them, they repeated His great works to sinners.

34. Through this mission they understood their Master much better, they felt enlightened and full of His Spirit to carry out the mission He had assigned them.

35. The divine "Word" that spoke through Jesus is the same that has now returned to you to continue His work. I have made myself known through men and women chosen by Me. They are human, simple and humble men and women who knew how to prepare themselves to accomplish their difficult mission and who, when this period is over, will continue to live among you, continue to work and make a great effort to obtain spiritual communion with Me.

36. Moses symbolically ascended the mountain, and having come to the end of his life's journey, he rose up to Me. Jesus was lifted up on a cross, and from there He swung up to unite with Me. But today in the Third Time, in which I have spoken through my voice-bearers, I will only withdraw my Universal Ray ─ that powerful ray which, in descending upon the tools I have used, has illuminated and shaken this world from one pole to another. Every creature received its light, which is wisdom and power of my Spirit. And the voice-bearers who have served me in this stage will remain in this world for some time to bear witness to me.

37. Ye voice-bearers, devote yourselves to prayer, be frugal, and carry my word always alive in your souls, and when the last day of my rallies has come, unite yourselves with Moses, remembering that this hour is like that in which the messenger, the lawgiver, saw the moment approaching to present his work before me. Become one with the Master and experience His agony on the cross, so that you may pray and as He says in that hour of death, "All is accomplished.

My peace be with you! 

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