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Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Teaching 250:

1. Which soul that hears me speak of the land of promise does not feel the longing to live in it? The purpose of my rallies among you is to help your soul to reach the world of light and eternal peace, from where one can perceive the glory of your Creator. At all times a way has been laid out for you, so that you would reach the gates of that eternity, of that life that awaits your soul.

2. I have forgiven you and relieved you of your burden of atonement, so that you may advance more quickly, clear up your guilt and feel strengthened to begin the journey anew. Great is the mission and the struggle you have on earth; but it is even greater in these times of wars and catastrophes, in which you must learn to pray with such devotion that your soul - invisible and untouchable to others - is able to stop the spread of war and spread the mantle of peace over the nations.

3. This nation in which you live is not the New Jerusalem, for this city awaits you spiritually. But it has been chosen for my rallies in this time, and it will be like a door that will lead you to the white-shining city that my apostle John saw in his rapture.

4. Your city will be entered by foreigners, and you shall regard them as brethren in the Spirit, without disrespecting them because they are of another race.

5. Raise your thoughts for a few moments and I will cause to your heart the noise of war, the lamentation of men, the pain of mothers, the weeping of children, so that you may understand your mission and begin to fulfil it Now is a time of judgment in which you see how the rich miser and the powerful and even addicted nations are deprived of their power, as well as the one who has taken foreigners without the permission of his owner to increase his wealth. The day has come for him, too, when he must watch as other hands take away from him what he has unjustly possessed.

6. You in your material poverty think that you are exempt from my judgment. But I tell you that you are mistaken because you too can become rich misers, of the spiritual wealth which I hand over to you.

7. Today I have asked you to lift up your thoughts to try to feel the pain that the nations suffer. But I have seen that you are not yet able to feel the pain of your fellow men, even when the air you breathe is permeated with this pain. Will it be necessary that you too go through that trial and empty that cup so that you may understand the pain that oppresses mankind? Your heart is still hardened, and the crystal clear water of love does not flow from it.

8. Blessed is he who sets out to serve his fellow men because he has seen the hardships that afflict them. I will let him rest at my breast after he has finished his work. Remember, when life smiled on you, you looked indifferently on those who suffer. And others, after they have come to know misery and have attained a glorious life - instead of helping those who knock at their doors, they drive them out of their presence and tell them, "Go your way, suffer and fight, as I suffered and fought, and you will have what I attained with so much effort.

9. My teaching teaches you: Although you have attained the peace your heart enjoys in the light of your spirit soul through great trials and sufferings, you should distribute those jewels among your fellow men without trying to know whether they have merits to possess them.

10. My word has had the same effect on you as when it brought Lazarus to life. A breath of death had entered your hearts and destroyed every hope they had held out for survival in the war that constantly threatened your peace. But at the same time as the news of the war arrived, you learned that the voice of the Master is heard in the bosom of a gathering of simple and humble hearts, and without asking you more deeply whether this is true, whether such a miracle is possible, you have come in desire for Me because you know that I am peace.

11. when you heard this voice, all the strings of your soul started to move and you cried out: "it is you, my Lord, who speak! Yet your faith has not yet become absolute, for although you are with Me, you still fear, like those disciples who sailed with Me in a barge. When they saw that the waves of the sea swelled up, they cried out: "Lord, Lord, save us, we are perishing.

12. Why do you fear, O people, though you are under the protection of My mercy? Why do you distrust my power? do not allow your effort to hear Me to become useless and barren Remember that many come from faraway places to hear my word. Others must overcome the skepticism of their family. Still others feel compelled to leave their earthly work and worldly duties, and this sacrifice must not be barren.

13. Think: If you are able, instead of doubts and mistrust, to put all your faith in my word, if it is written in your soul with the fire of your love, it will enlighten you in every moment and encourage you in every one of your trials.

14. Much is it that your soul fears from the chains of bondage, because it already knows the taste of that cup of suffering.

15. You love peace above all, and that longing of your soul is what has drawn Me to you, O people For you know that peace is concentrated entirely in me. It would be in vain if you were to seek it in the various human institutions, among power men or among the most advanced theories of modern science, because mankind has lost this treasure. If man wants to win back this gift he has thrown away, he must seek it irrevocably with Me, as it happened with you.

16. Clear and comprehensible to all my children is the teaching I have given you. For I want to prepare you so that you may be the messengers of this Good News, who show mankind the best way to seek me to find peace.

17. Here is fulfilled the word I gave you when Jesus thanked His Father in the "Second Age" because He hid His wisdom from the learned and the educated but gave and revealed it to the humble. Yes, my people, for those whom you call learned men inflate themselves and want to put down the common people by teaching them only what they take to be the crumbs of the bread which they have received from Me. The poor, on the other hand, the "little people," who know quite well the hardships that life brings with it, and also the privations connected with them - when they can once call something their own, they feel that it is all too much for them, and so they share it with the others. I now add: when the greedy man becomes a generous man and the haughty man a humble one, they will instantly share in all that I have ready for him who knows how to live virtuously. For my love is not partial, it is all-encompassing, is for all my children.

18. You must know all these things. For if anyone wants to become wise in my teaching, he must not forget that in order to attain this he must first be humble like Solomon, whom I made king and so wise that his name was famous and respected in the world of that epoch, which he astonished by the wisdom of his counsel and his judgments. But all his power, knowledge and glory were destroyed under the power of my righteousness, when he broke my commandments.

19. People, fight and work for peace, as Israel took the Promised Land after so many difficulties and conflicts that it had to go through and overcome. I know that your soul understands Me well when I speak to it of Israel, because this seed you carry in your being, and that history is written in your Spirit.

20. There is his experience, development, and knowledge; there the book is opened in his soul, showing him the law and sparing him from falling into error. I have caused your soul to reincarnate at this time, far from old earthly possessions which would have made you materialistic, as it happened with other races and peoples, so that your only passion would be to make a spiritual breach for mankind, to show it where to turn its steps and to lead it to the peace of my kingdom of justice and love.

21. Today you come in desire for mercy, and who can say that he has not received it? The sick have been healed, the weary wayfarers have found peace, the hungry and thirsty for spiritualization have been satisfied. But there are still some among those who follow me who have not awakened, who doubt and demand proofs to believe. To them I grant what they need, according to my will. But it is not earthly possessions that I give them. I have the goods of the soul for my children, and of them I will give unrestrictedly to him who asks me for them with his works of mercy and love for his fellow men.

22. I seek the spirit soul, which is part of my being, to teach and guide it, will exalt it and let it come to me, but not all recognize me, nor do they understand to receive me. The world and its innumerable trials have embittered your heart, and you have no more strength to think of spiritual life. But I tell you that today, when the world has turned hostile against you, you have to seek refuge in my infinite love with still more fervor.

23. My teaching slowly drips down on you like unceasing drops of crystal clear water. Little by little it lays the foundations of faith, of hope, of trust in the work I have recommended to every soul.

24. The forces of nature are unleashed against man. You are not to fear because you know that I have given you a power of attorney to defeat evil and to protect your fellow men. You can command those elements of destruction to pause, and they will obey. If you remain praying and waking, you will be able to do wonders and amaze the world.

25. Pray sincerely, commune with my Spirit, do not go to any particular place. Pray under a tree, on the road, on the top of a mountain or in the corner of your sleeping place, and I will come down to speak to you, to enlighten you and give you strength.

26. When you hear this Word, open your hearts and let its light enliven you, and later, when you are pure and prepared, go out into the world and spread the testimony of what you have received.

Many joyfully offer their first fruits to Me, while others fearfully hide their seeds. These used all their strength and yet did not receive the fruit they longed for. But I see their zeal, their love and I tell them Hope, persevere, and you will reap.

27. Watch, lest the bad seed prosper, lest it germinate on the earth. Work today, when the time is right for sowing, and I will help you to plant.

28. I have appointed your nation in the image of the second Jerusalem. Soon your brothers and sisters from different races will come to it, and when they see it blossoming, their lust for power will awaken, and they will want to plunder you. I warn you and tell you I have prepared your nation to offer peace to the weary wayfarers, bread to the hungry and light to the souls. I do not want the strangers to become masters and you to become slaves. I inspire you love, justice, righteousness, that you may live in peace.

29. Take advantage of the time and study my teaching, because already the year 1950 is approaching, in which I will stop speaking through this means. Allow that I correct you and bring you step by step to perfection.

30. Mary prays for you, and even if you do not see her, you feel that her love and her consolation sink into your being as a dew of grace. The afflicted have then been full of hope, sinners are purified, and you have all been blessed and "anointed" by her. Seek consolation in the Divine Mother for your sufferings. Do you think that she can deny her children her assistance and protection if they turn to her in love? No, people, in her Divine Spirit you will find only love, warmth and mercy.

31. You women of the world, take Mary as your model, remember the time when she lived with you as a virtuous woman and sacrificial mother, and you will feel your soul being filled with new courage.

32. And you men, who were created in my image and walk through the way of trials and feel divine justice, be inspired by courage, use your gifts and rule your lives with love and prudence.

33. To encourage you, I tell you: "eat of this bread and you will never 'die'. Drink of this crystal clear water and you will never thirst again.

34. In this era I have manifested Myself to you in this form to prepare your soul for Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue I speak to you at length so that you may recognize the divine meaning of my word and not be confused by other teachings.

35. I have set you on a path of renewal so that you may feel no shame when you are in my presence and that you may feel worthy to hear me.

36. I look into the innermost part of your heart. I also discover what you are yet to do. Therefore you need not be surprised that I sometimes correct you even before you have made a mistake.

37.  When the Father created the world and gave it the destiny to be a place of atonement, He already knew that His children would suffer weaknesses and transgressions on their way, that a home would be needed to take the first step towards renewal and perfection.

38. When the first human beings inhabited the earth, the Creator put His love in them and gave them a soul, igniting His light in their Spirit, while at the same time giving them freedom of will.

39. But while some endeavored to remain steadfast in good, fighting all temptations in the intention of remaining pure, worthy of the Lord and in accordance with their conscience, others, from sin to sin and from one transgression to the next limb by limb, forged a chain of sins, guided only by the voice of the senses, dominated by their passions, and sowed error and temptation among their fellow men. But on the side of these confused souls also my prophets came as angel messengers of my divinity to awaken mankind, to warn them of the dangers and to announce my coming to them.

40. The souls of darkness that cross the path of mankind confuse them by tempting them to idolatry, paganism, fanaticism.

41. My prophets, my messengers, my servants have fought against corruption and lies, have suffered and died for their fellow men, and have pointed with their index finger to the way of truth, justice and love

42. Seek the word of the prophets, and ye shall find in it that they prepared you already in those days, and spoke of events which would come to pass. See how Joel spoke to you of these times of spiritual revelations. Be aware that all the prophets fought against idolatry to teach Spirit to Spirit teaching.

43. When Christ was born, mankind had already sinned much, the Flood had already cleansed the surface of the earth. Sodom and Gomorrah had been consumed by fire, and Babylon had been destroyed. He demanded account for disobedience to His law and the blood of His prophets, and He too had to be condemned and killed - by His own children!

44. The "Word" became man and took flesh from a virgin's womb. He spoke of humility, of forgiveness, of love and spiritual upliftment and was persecuted and condemned. Although He was God, He suffered and died, He was mocked and scourged as a man.

45. Those who were able to penetrate into the mysteries of those revelations discovered the truth, and today they bow down before it

46. But in this time confusion is again manifesting itself, and men, full of pride in their false greatness, are trying to expel the name of Jesus and his teaching from the human heart-this is where the darkness comes from-while the Father, in fulfillment of Joel's prophecy, is opening a new age and pouring out his Spirit upon all flesh and soul. He lets Himself be heard, makes Himself tangible and visible by revealing Himself in many ways.

47. Nature opens its womb and surprises the world and science when it reveals secrets that have amazed man and are the voices that speak of a wisdom and a power that is above all human knowledge The graves preserve the dead bodies; but the souls escape and make themselves heard, to bear witness to the survival of the soul.

48. The eyes of men, whether they be children, adolescents, or adults, penetrate the material world to delve into the beyond and see the spiritual life.

49. Listen to these awkward and undemanding mouthpieces pronouncing divine teachings, and you will find that this rallies is one of the greatest of these times, announced many centuries before.

50. Who has not yet had dreams which were real prophecies, and which you have seen come true afterwards? Now is the time of light, of the awakening of the soul, which had fallen asleep through science, fascinated by the material discoveries.

51. Men have likewise called this time that of light because of their science. See how they cross the heights of the sky like birds. See how they dominate the seas and the earth, and how they have discovered light to illuminate the night. Every day they discover forces and elements to combine them and create new surprises for mankind; but this light has blinded them. Materialism and vanity have made them deaf to the voice of the heart and conscience.

52. Today the light of the HolySpirit is streaming down upon the world, so that men may lift up their faces and realize that there is only one God and that his law is one, in which they must all unite, so that the works of mankind may be great and worthy of the Creator.

53. Make no mistake; for before the "sixth seal" comes to an end, great events will occur: The stars will give meaningful signs, the nations of the earth will groan, and from this planet three parts will disappear and only one will remain, on which the seed of the HolySpirit will sprout as new life. Humanity will then begin a new existence, united in one teaching, one language and one bond of peace and brotherhood.

54. How far are you from the time when you lived under the law of nature and heard in your Spirit the voice of the Lord telling the first ones, "Grow and multiply, fill the earth.

55. Now spiritualization will make you return to simplicity and naturalness. But in your soul you have the light, which you have harvested on the long path of development.

56. The light of the Spirit, which illuminated man's first steps and accompanied him on ways and paths, on peaks and in abysses, will make him return to the beginning of the way. The Spirit never goes astray, because he is my own light. Have you ever heard him say to you: "Kill your fellow men - that he ordered you to reject the father who begat you or the mother who conceived you? Have you ever heard him tell you to make use of the forbidden? No, my children, the Spirit has been a good guide, counselor, and judge, for I am in the Spirit.

57. Therefore I have always told you that wherever you are, I am with you why do you seek Me, although I am omnipotent, in objects created by your hands? Why should you go to certain places of assembly and then say, "Here is the Lord, for this is His House," even though you know that I am universal? Why do you allow yourselves to be blinded by ceremonies and ornaments when you know that I dwell and manifest in the glory of nature and in the inner sanctuary of your soul?

58. Study my teaching as good disciples, and there will be more light in your soul.

59. While my word is coming down to you day by day, in some faith is inflamed, and in others doubt is raised. Some make resolutions for improvement, and others doubt whether it is really I who limits himself in this word to believe and renew himself. These feel the desire to see me in order to believe in me and no longer torture themselves. But since they do not see me with their bodily eyes, they seek spiritual and supernatural phenomena to ignite their faith.

60. Others close their eyes and try to penetrate into the invisible to see my face, and in their effort they have become tired. But when then their weary minds have fallen asleep while the uplifted soul dwells in the spiritual spaces, I have come down to speak to her, to give her my teaching, and to ignite her faith.

On awakening from that deep sleep, both the soul and the body felt renewed and saw life illuminated by a new light. Then you boldly remember your dream and tell her: "I dreamed of Jesus. Has the Master really been with me?"

61. Verily I tell you, the soul has many eyes to see Me Know this gift and develop it. For through it the word of that prophet will be fulfilled who said that the time would come when men would have prophetic visions and dreams.

62. Also I say to you, study these teachings well, lest you seek and believe in the false prophets and seers of this world.

63. At all times I have prepared your soul to connect directly with Me, and in this Third Age it should already have reached a great elevation. If this had been the case when I came in Spirit, you would not have doubted, nor would you have wanted to touch Me with your hands.

64. When I speak to you of the former times, you understand nothing because you have not even read the Scriptures

65. I am making known my third teaching since 1866, and although everything was foretold, many of you have doubted-some out of ignorance, others out of confusion because of bad interpretations of the Scriptures. This is why today, when I prepared the dining room and the table for you to eat the food of eternal life, I met you without preparation and had to rallies with infinite patience in anticipation of your upliftment and awakening.

66. Renew yourselves, give up your religious fanaticism, stop being hypocrites and egoists, and you will feel like new people. Then you will no longer have to wonder whether it is I who comes down to you. For the purity of your heart will make your soul feel my presence. Faith is one of the greatest virtues - attain it.

67. Again and again you meet blind, lame, hopelessly sick. These you must heal through your faith and ignite the light in the hearts of your fellow men.

68. Among you there are already examples of what you can achieve through your faith in me. There are many testimonies of the miracles you can obtain through faith.

69. Do not allow the year 1950 to surprise you weakly in your faith. For then your tribulation would be great because you would feel like orphans.

70. Today I present myself before the "wanderers" to show them the true way. I do not bother to judge whether their clothes are royal or wretched, but I seek a sanctuary in their heart.

71. I help him who falls to the ground overwhelmed by tiredness to rise again, and make him understand that, when he has blasphemed God, he has rejected my power and my light.

72. Pray that your mind may not be thrown off balance in the trials. For in a moment of violence you may become "blind" and lose all that you possess in your soul.

73. Now you may well imagine why mankind has lost more and more all that has made it spiritually great and noble.

74. I went to meet you because I saw how you were close to falling into an abyss - ready to ask that your days be shortened. But when you heard my word, you rose up again because you understood that you must live on earth until the moment appointed by my divinity.

75. To prove to you that your spiritual gifts are again at your disposal, I have told you: stretch out your hand in My Name when the forces of nature are unleashed and you will see that they obey you

76. These miracles will increase your faith, and when you think least of all, you will have turned into my "workers. Then you will receive deeper lessons from your Master, so that you may attain a great armament and know how to receive those who will come to test you and those who want to destroy you.

77. When you truly know how to bear witness to My words, you will see many of your fellow men praise Me and fulfill the commandment that tells you to "love one another.

My peace be with you. 

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