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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 353

1. The Father's heart opens lovingly to receive you. For I see your sufferings and allow my mercy to be bestowed upon you.

2.Tthe source of grace pours out in this third time, and if in the second time I prepared my apostles with my words, in this time I enlighten all mankind with the light of my HolySpirit For I will make all worthy to call themselves children of God.

3.  You are the Chosen People of Israel, the strong, the spoiled, and will have to go forward to the multitudes of all mankind, because you are all my children. In this time I mention the sinner, I give the "Prodigal Son" the opportunity for the redemption of his soul.

4.I do not want anyone to be lost, I do not want one of you to depart from my womb, because my love is unique. Here are my mercy and my perfect love.

5.Neither do I betray you, nor do I look upon the shame in your heart. I hear your repentance when you say to Me: "Father, let us walk in this path without blemish. Then I forgive every sin. I also hear when you say to Me, "Father, we want to follow your path" and I tell you, "Enter this path, which is full of virtue. It is the pure way, on which sin will be removed from your heart."

6. You ask Me that I grant you to communicate with your loved ones, and indeed, on this day of grace, the Master tells you: I grant you this grace for the last time For truly, I say to you: After this year these rallies by the human mind will no longer exist. But those souls, for which you ask me for light, will only make themselves known to you from Spirit to Spirit. That is why I prepare you so that your soul lifts itself up more and more so that you receive this grace.

7.You will never be defenceless, people, for I have never departed from you, always I have protected you with the tenderness of My mercy it is you who have at times separated yourselves from Me

8.Today I remind you that there is a Father for you, a most loving Father who gives you His Mercy to lead you on the true path

9. Man has put a dark bandage on your eyes and has led you away from the safe way, has led you to the abysses, to the darknesses But verily I say to you, blessed people: I do not want you to perish. Therefore I give you a new opportunity for your salvation.

10. I am currently writing the word "love" in each of your hearts ─ love, which is the best defense of the people of Israel ─ love, which is the most powerful weapon for all mankind ─ love, which will really bring you into the kingdom of light.

11. In the past you have been erring, walking like the "Prodigal Son" on the ways of the world ─ Distraught in your soul, disappointed in your heart, with sorrow imprinted in the depths of your being, and you found no word of comfort, nor a hand to guide you, and at times the mirage of the desert appeared before you. And then, when you thought you had discovered the safe path, you understood at that very moment that you had been mistaken, and that the light which had appeared before your eyes was but deception.

12.At that time you entered into the way of light. It was no accident that brought you on this path ─ it was my will. For verily, I say to you, beloved people: "No leaf of the tree moves without my will. For the purpose of every creature is in me.

13.The Father tells you In the Second Age, when the body of Jesus was carried to the tomb cave, My Spirit prepared to give light to the souls who were in darkness and to free them from their chains. From that moment on, those souls that were condemned to "eternal" night received the light.

14. My word shall be fulfilled, the souls shall receive the resurrection through my grace and through my love, and shall seek ever more exaltation in the spiritual valley. For they have recognized their Lord, their Savior, who can precede them. They will sing Hosanna to the Lord, and I will really grant them another grace: That of transforming them into your guardian angels, so that they may lead you after 1950. You will receive their messages and advice through intuition, and in the moments of trial you can call them in my name. Their will is my will, in their love for you is my love, because they have washed in the purest waters of the Lamb and made themselves worthy of this grace.

15. You are the Chosen People, to whom the law has been given so that mankind may reign through him. And now is the time for this mankind to rise up in the way of light and truth by obeying my commandments.

16. I have given you my divine light in three times, but I do not bring you fruit with a different "taste". My teaching in this Third Time is the same spiritual teaching as that which I have always entrusted to you.

17.At all times the soul has materialized. That is why mankind is disoriented and does not know how to lead itself spiritually on the way which brings it to perfection.

18. The Master has been with you to choose and prepare you to transform you into workers who sow my word in the hearts yearning for truth. But doubt and lack of spiritualization has been the reason why my work has not yet been recognized by all mankind.

19.Small is the number of those who have heard me in this time. My Universal Ray has illuminated you and prepared you so that all my children may hear my call through your mediation.

20. Prepare yourself, O Israel, to take up with confidence and courage the sword of love with which you will fight against the darkness that still lurks in this form even in the last days of my rallies.

21.My Divine Word has made itself known through the human mind to give you, through the essence of My Word, armament and life for the upliftment of your soul, so that you may be an example to mankind.

22.Into your soul I have put My teaching to uplift it by making its body yield, so that you may be the messengers of My Word, so that men may not become a barrier that prevents the advancement of the spiritual work.

23.The world nourishes paganism and idolatry. I have never given you any teaching that promotes fanaticism or denies the spirituality that exists in my work. The forces of nature have witnessed Me, but the world is in a deep sleep and allows the soul to remain in the abyss and in darkness. Arise, O Israel, with obedience, with power in your Spirit, to speak to the world and awaken it.

24.Since you have not prepared yourselves, since you have not gathered my teaching, nor studied it, I will therefore no longer make myself known to you through the voice bearer ─ no, for my will is one, and it is revealed by making my word come true throughout the world ─ in the visible and in the invisible. After 1950 I will continue to guide and inspire you from Spirit to Spirit.

25.You will not perish, for then I would no longer be God. But everything that came out of me must return to me. But the soul must purify itself and earn merits in its struggle to spread out its pure harvest before my piercing gaze.

26.Rise with courage to face darkness, to face deceit. Show the truth which you have received in this time.

27.The shepherd Elijah will go forward and explain to you what you have not understood. Train yourselves, be like gentle and humble sheep who testify to the world what they have received from my divinity.

28.Mary will cover you with her mantle, and out of her motherly heart will flow Divine Tenderness, so that you may carry it in your heart and it may be your encouragement.

29. Pepare yourselves, people, for hard times will dawn on you, and it is not my will that you seek guidance from the blind and needy man who has nothing to give you, out of lack of preparation. I have made myself known in this time to bring light to the blind and to show him the way.

30.Remember that the Master told you long ago that you will have to fight against the deceit of the false voices. For in the coming times false workers will appear.

31. I is not my will that you are weak or without knowledge. But if you feel so, it is not because you have lacked my teaching, but because you have not imprinted it in your hearts. Many of you trust that I will be with you even longer as Master, manifested through the human mind. But I tell you that you are to be awake because this time is nearing its end. Therefore I tell you that you should be prepared because among you will appear the teachers who will give my teaching to the world.

32.Mankind will seek me, it will seek my work, it will seek you. The man who has blasphemed most will be the one who will seek me earliest, and you will then have to be prepared to speak to him about my teaching.

33.Israel, never deny my mercy, and do not close your lips to hide my truth. No one possesses this wisdom as you do, and even the most limited mind will not ignore any of your words at the appropriate moment. If you are prepared, words will spring from your lips that will amaze the world.

34.Do not miss this opportunity, Israel, always be ready to fulfill the commission and give the light to those who are in darkness. Trust in my word, for in the course of time you will see that only one teaching will survive on the surface of the earth: that of love.

35. Geat crowds of people will set out tomorrow, and you must then give them guidance, must eliminate their idolatry and fanaticism, must pray that my light may shine in their minds, in their souls, that they may turn their gaze towards the Infinite, and that they may see my presence which will tell them: "be welcome to the Father, you have prepared yourselves with faith and hope for me to receive my word, and I receive you".

36.Since the earliest times I have prepared your souls by bringing them nearer to the way of virtue and have given you my inspiration.

37.I have at all times made righteousness, love, and obedience to my law clear to you. This struggle has appeared to you laboriously, and to go this way difficult. Therefore, I work on your hearts unceasingly. My Word is like a chisel that approaches a hard rock and continually works it to give it shape, to create a sanctuary on whose altar shine the virtues I have given you. There I will dwell to contemplate your faith and receive your prayer ─ there you shall, according to my will, keep my Divine Word as in a chest, so that tomorrow, when you believe you are abandoned and surrounded by the misfortunes of this life, you may remember that you carry a treasure with you in your heart, that your soul is the owner of it, and that you shall show mercy to the multitudes of men who are thirsty and whom I see hungry for truth. Give them the bread which I have given you, which is the bread of life, which nourishes the soul.

38.My word is like a loud bell which at present calls the souls to give them courage, strength and faith.

39.You have wandered without orientation, like a wanderer who cannot find the goal of the way. But the Father has approached you in this time of struggle for the human being. Since the vicissitudes of life oppress you and injustice is at its climax, I have come as radiant light that drives away darkness.

40.I have called you because you are one of the twelve tribes of the blessed people of Israel. I did not want this time to pass without your soul feeling my peace and enjoying at the feast the best food I have given you at my table.

41.I spread out my fatherly arms to welcome your souls, to imprint my word in your hearts, to show you the law, to make you feel my divine presence as the HolySpirit.

42.I await your upliftment and spiritualization, so that my mercy may be fully bestowed upon you. The chains of sin still bind you. Therefore the Father says to you: I have subjected you to a severe struggle, but I have given you the necessary strength to overcome the obstacles.

43. Fee yourselves from sin, free yourselves from hatred and from evil, and come to Me to prepare you with my teaching For tomorrow you shall be messengers of this truth.

44. D not be confused and do not falsify the way I have taught you by adding to my work the different beliefs of the world. For then will I call you to account as evil disciples who have put out their lamps and laid down to sleep like the foolish virgins of my parable.

45.the way I have marked out for you is like a crucible in which your soul purifies itself to come to Me

46. The crucible to which the Father subjects you is the one who makes you know the right way and advises you to purify your soul through your good works, through your commissions and spiritual reparations

47. I is necessary that you purify yourselves so that you may feel my presence and receive the inspiration of my Divine Spirit. This is why I have also taught you to pray.

48. M peace must be in every home, your children should be like a seed of peace You shall lead them by righteousness, by love and mercy, by good examples. In every home I will take up residence as a pilgrim and there I will speak of my law, which is in the conscience of the fathers of the families, so that they may follow my will.

49. I will enter the homes of men and will remove their greed. I will teach them to live as brothers and sisters, so that they may love one another and live in peace.

50. Blessed people: this period of time, in which I am speaking to you right now, and whose end is near, will mark the beginning of the end of evil, the climax of corruption, which has nourished the world in this time

51. The light of the HolySpirit will shine on the whole world in all its splendor. All my children will see its clarity, and it will serve to resurrect them to a new life of peace.

52. When will these events be, my people? You do not know. I leave prophecy only written in your hearts; but when you are ready, it will not be difficult for you to feel my presence, and to hear my voice from Spirit to Spirit.

53. Tomorrow you will be united spiritually as I have asked you, and so you will set out and accomplish your difficult mission. You will unite your thoughts, your ideals and your will so that I may accomplish mine among you.

54. Blessed people: imprint my word in your heart, think, study and research, then you will feel the taste of this food I have left you. You will set out, you will go to your relatives, to the various provinces, and you will be like messengers of my peace, my light and my grace, which I make you to be the bringer of.

55. In this corner of the earth where you live, the light of my Spirit has come down to illuminate your existence and transform you from selfish beings into real brothers and sisters of your neighbor.

56. "Workers of my fields" I call you in my words because I have come to you to teach you the perfect way to cultivate love in the heart of men.

57. I do not yet demand of you the fruit of the vine because you still have to learn much from Me to be able to offer Me a fruit worthy of Me Nevertheless, you should often remember that my rallies in this form will not be eternal but temporary, and that you should learn until the last of my teachings.

58. The loud bell, which you have heard for so long, and which called you spiritually to the assembly, now makes its last blows. Its sound is heavy and full of righteousness; for now it is no longer the rejoicing call that invites the ignorant to the spiritual banquet, or the call to the sick to rid themselves of their heavy burden by mere hearing of my word of life. Now it is the wake-up call that summons the disciples who have received the divine teachings for a long time ─ it is the voice that commands all those who have received proofs of my truth, gifts, commissions and benefits to gather around their Father and Master so that they may hear his final teachings, his final rules of life.

59. Blessed are the souls who, conscious of the significance of these moments, avoid the temptations of the world and the meaningless pleasures, to be with me in Spirit. For they will know how to interpret and obey my divine commandments. They will be able to continue tending the vine, and at the end of the daily work, when they hear my call through the Spirit, they will be able to offer me the pleasing fruit of their spiritualization, their love and exaltation.

60. The year 1950 is written in the Spirit of this people because it is the year established by my will for the completion of this stage of my rallies through the human mind.

61. I have sent you my teaching that you may find in it encouragement and light in suffering. For the time of great trials is coming for mankind, and I want my people to survive them unharmed and victorious.

62. Still I see you weak in your faith. It is enough that the elements of nature are unleashed, and already your heart is filled with fear. Why? Have I not told you that the forces of nature must obey you and respect you when you are on the path marked by my law?

63. O people, it is because your conscience tells you at every turn that you are not doing your duty as good disciples.

64. I do not lie, nor exaggerate when I tell you that the nature kingdoms can hear your voice and obey and respect you. The history of Israel has been written down as a testimony of my truth, and in it you can discover how the people of God have been recognized and respected again and again by the forces and elements of nature. Why should this not apply to you? Do you think that my power or my love for humanity has changed over time? No, you multitudes who hear this word, the light of my Spirit floods you, my power and my love are eternal and unchanging.

65. Now I want this people, the new Israel, to appear among mankind full of faith, power and spiritual light, to give the world likewise a testimony of the truth of my existence, my love and my righteousness, just as that people of the First Days gave testimony of the existence and righteousness of the living and true God.

66. Remember that you are the captive people, which is the New Egypt the world, and that Pharaoh is the ruling materialism, which enslaves and tortures. But also remember that you should unite in battle and continue your wanderings together, so that you will never be defeated by your enemies. Then you will see all those miracles and powerful works that the people of Israel experienced on their way to liberation repeated, although now in spiritual form.

67. My people, beloved people: If you truly love the freedom of the Spirit, if you are hungry and thirsty for justice, if the chains of shame and misery you carry with you are really heavy on you, unite spiritually, pray truly, strengthen your resolutions, let yourself be guided by the light of faith, of inspiration and ideal, and set out for the new Promised Land, whose existence is as certain as the land of Canaan was for that Israelite people who in the First Days withstood the trials and tribulations of the desert until they attained the fulfillment of the divine promise.

68. It is my voice that waketh you up, and if ye will not hear it, it shall not come a second time to awaken you to morrow.

69. Israel: Make you tireless in the way of my teaching, which I have put in your heart and in your soul. I am the Master who approaches you to speak to you in the intimacy of your heart and make you feel the fire of my love to lift your soul to the light and grace of my Divine Spirit.

70. I tirelessly grant you my mercy to save you from destruction. As a physician I anoint you with My balm, and as a Father I approach you, comfort you and make you recognize your imperfections.

71. Blessed Israel, I ask you what will you do tomorrow when the Master will no longer make himself known through the human mind? you are not yet able to comprehend the greatness of My Work and this is why I have told you to study and fathom My Word so that you do not fall into fanaticism and idolatry I have spoken to all of you, with all of you I have been at my table, and all of you I have put in the best place. I have shown you the humility of my Spirit so that you too may be humble.

72. Recognize, beloved people, that now is the time when you should be gentle and humble so that you may be the true spiritualists who carry the essence, the love and the power of your Father within yourselves, so that you too may set out in this way. For I have taught you with the light of the HolySpirit, and if you are disciples at present, you shall be masters tomorrow.

73. I will give you all that you need to feed the world. You are to go to the nations, peoples, villages and provinces and pass on what I have entrusted to you. And through inspiration you will have an inexhaustible source of light, grace, love and teaching for your fellow men.

74. Never have I taught you unnecessary and bad things My law and My work are pure and far from materialism. Therefore I have done away with fanaticism and idolatry and have even taken away from you the material symbols which embody the spiritual. I have taught you the pure and perfect way of praying and seeking Me.

75. It is not my will, Israel, that tomorrow you should turn the prayer houses into houses of fanaticism. For I have instructed you how to practice the spiritualist teaching, and when you have taken advantage of my teachings you will have the direct dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. In this way there will always be harmony and brotherhood with you.

My peace be with you! 

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