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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 256:

1. My peace is felt by your souls, people, when you hear my word of good will.

2. I am the divine gardener who tends the gardens in your hearts and waters them with the heavenly water of my love. I shed a drop of this divine love on every bitterness in mankind. I show you the path that leads to the Kingdom of the Father. Never will you discover the end of that path, but always will you attain progress and know new glories.

3. At present my word is grinding you down and giving you shape. I work on your soul with a fine chisel. You too, learn to work on yourselves and give you beautiful forms by fulfilling my law. I will then bless your work, so that you may then accomplish the realization of your great mission in this world, to bring your fellow men on this path of love.

4. I am your Master; but do not see Me separated from the Father, for I am the Father. There is no difference between the Son and the HolySpirit, for the HolySpirit and the Son are one Spirit, and that Spirit is I. See in my revelations through all times one God, who has taught you by means of many and various lessons: One single book with many pages.

5. Sanctify my name through your works, and you will find that light in you that will deliver you from the night of ignorance and sin.

6. Remember, people, who you were before you were formed by my word? Do you remember that before you were capable of many ungrateful acts, which you would be incapable of doing today? You cannot compare your life of today with your past life. In the past, you were lonely pilgrims on earth, who made their way without a light that would have made their existence happy and kindled hope in it. Today you are a student of my teaching, in whose source of love you quenched your thirst and washed your wounds. My love pulls out the thorns you have on your feet, and if your cross has nails, I will pull them out as well.

7. I am the light of this world and of all worlds and I want you to clothe yourselves with this light. My word is healing balm; heal with it, hear it and apply it. Every word is a drop of the source of life. Why are you sick, suffering and weeping, even though you carry God within you? Examine yourselves and correct what there is to correct, purify all that there is to purify. I tell you: cleanse the vessel both inside and outside, that is, that your soul, in its will and striving, should harmonize with your material or human part. I form your inner image - that which you hide from man, but cannot hide from me. If you form your outer appearance in such a way that your face is a faithful reflection of the soul, then sincerity and truthfulness will be expressed in your actions. The reason why people do not trust each other is that they show one face to the world while hiding the other.

8. Follow my teaching and make use of your gifts

9. Have you already examined your wounds? Have you let the balm I have given you flow into them?

10. If ye doubt the effectiveness of my balm, treat them anew. But if you believe, leave them untreated, and you will see how my love heals them, and when you then seek them, they will have already closed up. To others I will grant that they find their health through faith, prayer, the power of thought. There will come multitudes of spirit beings who will unite their power and strength and will "anoint" you, and you will heal with their help.

11. My word must come true: "Your faith and your merits will save you. For afterward, when you are healthy, I will send you into battle to attain the highest in your life: love for your neighbor.

Would it not please you to be light for the others? Would it not please you if your words had truth essence? Would it not please you to have something to teach those who seek comfort with you? For if it pleases you, you can do it, for much depends on your good will and your effort to achieve it. All the rest I do.

12. The spiritualizer says, "How beautiful is life! The everyday man, the materialist, says, "How bitter, how sad, and how gloomy is life!

The man without a higher disposition bumps into everything, everything hurts him. He who is spiritually exalted does not even notice the adversities of the way. When a superior mind occupies itself with others, it does so to praise the virtues of others or to excuse their mistakes, never to judge or condemn. The low-minded mind judges, slanders, spreads the wrongs of others and takes pleasure in them.

13. To those who judge and deal with the affairs of their fellow men, I ask: Does your burden of sin seem too light for you to take pleasure in adding that of others? If you cannot free yourselves of your burden - why do you still multiply it with that of your fellow-men? Why do you prefer to seek jewels among your fellow men instead of seeking them to enjoy their light, to deal with filth, to defile yourselves?

14. Many dwellings have the Father's house. But those who dwell in the high spiritual regions help men to free themselves from their burdens, or they help them to bear them, but without judging them, nor to delight in their misery.

15. I have seen you blaspheming one day and repenting the next day. I have seen you deny my rallies, and afterward testify that they are true. I have seen you slander one day and the next day defend what you have slandered. It is good that you correct your errors, but it would be better if you did not commit any more evil so that you would not have to correct it. I saw you one day doing good to that who did not need it, and I saw you denying it to the truly poor. But I will not accuse you nor judge you, I come with the light of my teaching to enlighten you so that you sin no more. I can also tell you that I have seen you helpful, generous, charitable and understanding, and that these merits have always been taken into account and given credit by Me. But understand that there should already be more wheat than weeds in your hearts.

16. Do not pray without feeling, moving your lips mechanically. Pray with feeling, without speaking. Use that ease with which you made false vows in the past and swore in vain, today to tell the truth.

17. Do not take anything strange away. Whoever takes what is foreign must repay it with pain and shame. I point to no one, but I want everyone to take from my words what concerns them.

18. I will not accuse you nor call you to account for what you did when you went your way in the darkness of ignorance, immaturity, and materialization. But if today, when you have full knowledge of what my law is, you remain in the unlawful, in the impure, you will have to answer to God for your actions, who will prove to be implacable for you in your own conscience.

19. You are all my seed, and the master reaps it. If among the good seed there is the taresome, I also take him lovingly into my hands to transform him into golden wheat.

20. I see in the hearts the seed of tares, of quagmire, of crime, of hatred, and yet I reap and love you. I caress and purify this seed until it shines like wheat in the sun.

21. Do you think that the power of my love is not able to redeem you? I will, after I have cleansed you, sow you in my garden where you will bear new flowers and new fruits. It is part of my divine task to make you worthy of me.

22. I come to rejoice in you, to speak with your heart. My presence gives you strength to fulfill the mission I have entrusted to you.

23. But you - do you not feel the pain of men? Do you not feel sorrow when you see death taking away the sin of this world instead of the light of conscience?

24. As disciples of Jesus in the Third Age, you have a very great mission to accomplish, since you are among those who have heard my word and learned from me.

25. Know that through science people also seek communication with the hereafter. Set out to bear witness to my teaching if you do not want it to shake you awake.

26. The scientist, who has often denied my existence, explores nature in all its parts, explores the earth, the seas, the space, and at every turn he meets Me, because out of every discovery he makes speaks the love with which I have created the whole creation.

27. You must speak much so that my light may reach all your fellow men and make them realize that everything created - from the atoms to the largest star clusters - is destined to bring forth life, food, well-being and perfection

28. Make my teaching known in a perfect manner, so that the ignorant may not attribute imperfections to it. Sow well, and the generations that come forth from you will not suffer your faults, nor will they reap pain as heirs.

29. I want the pure and healthy seed to spring from you, bearing blessings everywhere.

30. Sow the way of life with good works of example, do not distort my teachings. In this, take as your example my apostles of the "Second Age", who never fell into meaningful cults, to teach and explain my teaching. Not to them can one ascribe the guilt for the idolatry into which mankind subsequently fell. Their hands never built altars, nor did they build palaces for the spiritual worship of God. But they brought the teaching of Christ to mankind, brought health to the sick, hope and comfort to the poor and afflicted, and like their Master, they showed the way to salvation to the erring.

31. The Christian religion which you know today is not even a reflection of the teaching which my apostles practiced and taught!

32. I tell you again that you may find in those disciples perfect examples of humility, love, mercy, and exaltation. They sealed the truth which their mouth spoke with their blood.

33. Mankind will no longer demand blood of you to believe your testimony; but it will demand truthfulness from you.

34. My teaching has always taught men not to be materialistic. But it is far from teaching you contempt for the goods of the earth. I say to you: Love the earth, its wonders, its beauties, its delights with that love with which you shall love all things created by me. But be ready to reject everything when necessary, and do not forget that your soul is only temporarily in this life and must return to the world which left it, from which it longs spiritually for its peace.

35. Today you ask Me from the bottom of your heart whether you should despise material life and forget everything you love on earth to serve Me better. To this I answer you that whoever should believe that I have said this is in error, and that he has not grasped my teaching.

36. how can you believe that I deprive you of what material life offers you, when I have created nature for the sustenance of my children? Nothing of what I have created can be against you so that I forbid it; but use everything with moderation. When I have told you to turn away from debauchery and materialism, I have always referred to base passions, vices, shamelessness, or the use of the harmful and the bad.

37. Today, as I give a detailed explanation of my teaching, I must make you understand that everything you do outside the laws governing the soul or the body is to the detriment of both.

38. Conscience, intuition and knowledge are the guides that will show you the safe way and will make you avoid falls. These lights belong to the Spirit, but it is necessary to make them shine. Once that clarity is there in each of you, you will cry out: "Father, your redeeming seed sprouted in my being, and your word finally blossomed in my life.

39. I inspire you great thoughts to move your heart to great works. But verily, I tell you, this teaching will not be limited to this people, because spiritualism is world-spanning. The teaching or revelation of the HolySpirit is not meant for one people only, but for all people.

040 Like a torrent that sweeps away all things, so will be the flood that will form the spiritualist masses, a flood that no one will be able to stop, because their violence will be insurmountable. And the one who wants to stand in the way of their course as an obstacle will be swept along by the current.

41. Who on earth could have the power to stop the development of souls or the execution of God's counsel? No one. The only being with absolute power and righteousness is your Father, and He has decreed that every soul shall progress to perfection.

42. If my divine laws were violated by men for a short time, I will see to it that my voice, like the sound of a loud bell, is heard even by those who are dead for the spiritual life.

43. The voice of this people will likewise resound in the hearts like the sound of a loud bell, which wakes and calls to prayer and meditation. But it is necessary that you clothe yourselves with humility, and that your hearts be filled with charity, so that your works may shine forth among mankind as true examples.

44. Stop loving your own person so that you may begin to love others. Do not seek honors for your name and worry only that your works are pure, then you will enter into immortality. Verily, I tell you, he who sows with humility will leave an imperishable trace of his walk in the world. On the other hand, he who works in my works in the desire for the admiration and glory of the world will experience that his works will soon be forgotten, and that his name will not even be known to the third generation after him.

45. I have entrusted to you a beautiful task, but at the same time one that is difficult to accomplish. But that is why it is not beyond your strength, because only a small part is assigned to each one to be carried out.

46. The redemption of mankind will not be accomplished by a single man, not even by a people. It will be I who gave you his blood, through which I expressed my love, and who at this time will cause men to rise up and seek the way that Christ taught.

47. Watch and pray constantly, for now is the time when the dark and confusing powers are unleashed, when the dark hosts surround and destroy men

48. Have full understanding that my rallies have been made with you to heal your soul, to set it free, to renew it and raise it to the light; to reveal to it great knowledge and to explain to it the secrets not understood by men, and also to reveal to you that which has been hidden from you

49. Keep my word full of essence and eternal life, feel my power in you. Do not worry: I know everything, even the last of your sufferings is present before Me.

50. My justice takes care of your affairs. I wipe away your tears, I offer you a staff to lean on in life, and I kiss you on the foreheads so that you may feel anointed and loved by your Master.

51. Do not fear the little pebbles on the way, learn to walk over them without hurting yourselves, which is the same as: to live exalted above the wretchedness of human life

52. Pray for the nations with such faith and compassion that your influence will be felt by your fellow men, and you will feel that my mantle of love envelops you all.

53. In every time I have granted you for the development of your soul, you have acquired more and more light.

54. This light is that which illuminates your intelligence and your feelings

55. Even before you would come to earth, I already knew your path of life and your inclinations, and to assist you on your life's journey, I placed on your path a heart that would enlighten the path through its love for you This heart was both that of a man and that of a woman. With this I wanted to give you a help so that you would become a staff of faith, moral strength and mercy for those who need it.

56. You are afraid to open your lips to speak openly of my coming, and within you there is a struggle between the desire to do good and the fear of being rejected. Then you prefer to hide yourselves with your gifts and tasks which you have received from me. But remember, children, that to hide the gifts you possess means as much as to deny me and to deny yourselves your development.

57. Believe me: if this people were united and had set out, full of faith and courage, to spread this good news in words and works, the knowledge that I am presently making myself known to men would already have reached the ends of the earth.

58. If you still feel weak, I tell you: eat and drink, because I do not want to see hunger or thirst among you.

59. Do my will, and the reward will come quickly when you feel my love in you, when you foresee the peace of the hereafter as a door inviting you to go through and see my face

60. I teach you all to lift up the soul in prayer. Some already know how to refresh themselves through this grace, others have not yet been able to do so because their previous impressions have left a deep mark on their minds, because they have not forgotten religious customs and traditions. But all of them are committed to purifying their rituals, to renewing them and to elevating their souls.

61. Blessed are those who have believed in my presence through the mind of man, for they will enter with firm step into the time of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

62. You have approached Me to receive the comfort and warmth you need as a rest in your life, since it is like an anvil that steels souls through great trials But your trust in destiny is great, and you know that you will emerge from this crucible pure for the fight.

63. Day after day your spiritual prayer reaches me, whose language does not know your earthly nature, because it is not words spoken by your lips nor ideas formed by your intellect. The prayer of the Spirit is so deep that it is beyond human abilities and senses.

64. In that prayer the Spirit enters into the regions of light and peace where high spirits dwell, and there he saturates himself on that essence and then returns to his perishable body to transmit power to it.

65. Now is the time when man frees his soul, when the chains that bound them for a long time are broken, and true peace enters into his heart.

66. Be vigilant of the Spirit, so that you may not fight those who, like yourselves, set out to accomplish missions entrusted to them by my divinity - that you may know the true prophets and the false ones, confirming the works of the one and destroying the works of the other For this is the time in which all powers have risen up to fight. See how the good fights against the evil, the light against the darkness, knowledge against ignorance, peace against war.

67. You are currently becoming receptive to the HolySpirit and awakening him who sleeps so that he may see the light that removes boundaries and limitations to make of all human beings one family united by love.

68. I want all my disciples and my "children's disciples" to hear Me on the last day, to receive them in representation of humanity. My arms will spread out; but I do not want it to be like that second time on a cross. I want to embrace you in an embrace of love, with which this rallies of the Divine Spirit through man is over.

70. The hour has come in which even those who are dead for the life of the soul hear the sound of the loud bell.

71. None of those whom I have chosen in this time shall become arrogant because he believes himself superior to others through his spiritual gifts. For you cannot yet compare yourselves with John - the one of whom I said that although he was the greatest among the prophets, he was lower than the least in the kingdom of heaven.

72. Live for the Father by loving His children, who are your brothers and sisters, and you shall attain immortality. If you fall into selfishness and shut yourselves off in your self-love, the seed you leave behind will hardly survive your memory.

73. Be gentle and humble of heart, and you will always be full of my grace.

My peace be with you.

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