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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 346

1. I give you my word to smooth your heart, to make your Spirit feel my peace.

2. I am the light and the life, and whoever comes to Me receives some of this grace. As Father, I suffer when you lose spiritual goods, when you nourish materialistic inclinations because of your freedom of will and thereby draw pain upon yourselves. When you suffer and weep, it is because of your own godlessness. But I remove the darkness from you and cleanse your path from thorns and boulders so that you seek my path, so that you forget your past and look only toward your future.

3. I will always be with you, will be the good counselor and faithful companion, speaking to you through your conscience so that you will not fall into temptation.

4. You are like a plant which the Father has tended. As a good gardener I am among you, pulling out the nettles and removing the gnawing worm. I nurture your soul so that it is in harmony with Me.

5. You are shipwrecked, to whom I show the lifeboat so that you do not perish in the waves of the troubled sea Walk on the water as I said to Peter, but do not tell Me like he did: "Master, save us, we are going under. Once faith together with love forms a single power, you will experience a great power in your soul, and even your body will be able to walk on the water because the power of your Father will support you. But never have the intention to put your Lord to the test.

6. Blessed is he who is well pleased with the Father's works, for I compensate him tacitly by giving him the multiple of what he has given.

7. Great is the number of the afflicted, the blind, the confused But I as a father approach them, to let them be granted my mercy.

8. This rallies will be with you until the year 1950 and will remain written in your hearts. But until this time comes, I am guiding you so that you come closer to Me. I have been teaching you because the Third Time has come and in it you have heard the voice of the Heavenly Trumpet which has awakened your soul.

Some of you have asked me, "Father, why have I come again to live on earth? And the Father answers you: So that your soul may regain its lost purity. But verily, I say to you: Blessed is he who has come to make amends, for he will be in my kingdom, because he is then purified and has fulfilled his mission.

9. You represent a part of the Chosen People of Israel, to whom I have given a garment of light so that tomorrow you may set out as teachers, as leaders of mankind In this day and age I call all my children, and everyone who is with me and loves me will set out to fight and to work.

10. Temptation still surrounds you, but the time will come, which I have announced to you, in which temptation will be bound, so that on your ways there will only be the light, which leads you.

11. You are in the time of struggle and work, in which you are to purify yourselves and clear up your past. For it is not your "flesh" to which I have entrusted the inheritance, but your soul, which has come forth from me.

12. I must purify, purify the soul so that it may be on its way back to me, to merge with my Divine Spirit for all eternity, so that it may enjoy my heavenly kingdom.

13. Beloved children, you who have come in small numbers, verily, I tell you: my piercing gaze discovers everywhere my chosen ones who feel in their Spirit that now is the time of my presence They have not heard my word as you have; but in their spirit they hear a voice telling them that I am again among mankind, that I have come "on the cloud" spiritually. To some I will grant to look at myself with the eyes of the Spirit, to others by means of presentiment, to the rest I make my love strongly perceptible, so that they may feel the presence of my Spirit.

14. I am currently knocking at the doors of men's hearts. Some I meet prepared, others are asleep because they have remained in the various sects and religions and have strayed from the path for a short time. But the time has come in which my loud bell calls out to them so that they all come to me, receive the resurrection of their soul and unite to feel my peace on earth and reach the Promised Land.


15. A great lord full of virtue and power was seated on a high throne, and in his sphere of power great multitudes of people, millions and millions of creatures, surrounded him. But none of these crowds could approach the ruler, they could only see him from afar. But in their hearts they longed to come closer, to be very close to him.

Suddenly a door opened, and in it appeared a bleeding lamb and a headline that read: "Here is the light, here is the open door for anyone who wants to enter ─ for anyone who carries virtue in his heart. Come, come forward!" A radiant light was seen, and the crowds went towards this door full of rejoicing. Some arrived and entered that building. But not all of them got there, because they came across thorny hedges on their way and could not go any further. Others encountered great barriers that prevented them from entering through that door.

But that ruler, that almighty Lord, looked down on the crowds of people from on high and told them, "Enter, enter, for the Lamb has shed his purest blood to show you the way by which you shall all enter my kingdom.

16. Blessed children: With my sublime love I have given your soul freedom and set you free from the chains of sin. Through my most precious blood I have given you the opportunity that your soul may work for its reward and rise until it reaches my kingdom.

End of the parable

17. Do you understand Me, people? That ruler is your eternal Father, the Great Jehovah. The door that opens is Jesus, your Master, the sacrificial Lamb who came to the world to save you and who shed His blood to the last drop to give light and resurrection to your souls.

18. In this day and age I have again entrusted you with a physical sheath to make amends, to turn away from sin and all the inclinations of the world, to climb step by step the mountain where I await you with open arms

19. I have taught you the way to lift yourselves up in prayer, that you may turn away from sin, that you may reject temptations. For it is written: There will be no more death of the soul because I am the way and the life, and the time will come when I will remind you: "Where is, O death, your power? Where is, O grave, your victory?" For in truth sin is the cause of death, and I remove sin in this time by the light of my HolySpirit.

20. The time will come when you will see the harvest of what you are sowing one by one among mankind. I have entrusted to your hands the implements to cultivate the fields and to nourish mankind with their good fruits.

21. I work your heart with the fine chisel of My Word and enlighten you with the light of the HolySpirit. I am the very best teacher and have come to give you the teaching, to forgive you, to guide you on the way of truth, and also as the very best physician I am among you to heal your soul from its leprosy and release it from its pain.

22. I give you my teaching so that you apply it, that you carry love and purity in your heart and although temptation comes to you, it finds no room in you because I make you strong through my light and through my love, so that you reject every weakness

23. Blessed people: Look at the world with its wars, as it empties the cup of suffering. But from all this I have saved you, do not attribute it to chance, blessed people. You are the blessed people, so that you may prepare yourself with my word to show it to the world, for this is my will.

24. You are my instrument, Chosen People of Israel, to your hands have I entrusted my power and my light, that you may drive out the darkness of mankind.

25. By your obedience and the fulfillment of your commission you will be spiritually transformed and united with the spiritual hosts so that you may continue to be my servants in that high beyond and never again separate from me.

26. I have entrusted this time to you for your preparation, so that you may renew yourselves and ascend the mountain step by step.

27. Verily I say to you, my love and the light of the HolySpirit are poured out on all mankind. But wars have surprised the nations, as my apostle John saw in the Second Age. Have I prepared these sufferings for you? Am I death? No, my children, I am life, and I have given life to all my children.

28. In every reincarnation that I have entrusted to your soul, I have always given you the call to true life. But this light is not only for you, Chosen People of Israel, because you are the representative for all mankind.

29. I speak to your Spirit, knock at the doors of your hearts and make myself perceptible through conscience so that you may recognize the responsibility that rests on your spirit.

30. I have shown you one way, for I am one God and one law, and at all times I have given one and the same teaching so that the soul may do my will.

31. With loving words I make you know that you were not able to fulfill your mission. For I see that mankind has gone astray and in its blindness and in its materialism has let itself be led astray, which man has created, and so it is as if this man has worn a dark bandage on his soul and got rid of my grace.

32. Know, my people, in how many errors mankind is caught up in. Through their ignorance they seek Me in their materialism, and their heart worships false gods. Therefore she has not felt my presence spiritually. My children rejoice in beautiful words and believe to walk in the way of light and truth, without recognizing in this time my Spirit as saving star, sending its light from infinity.

33. I have chosen you out of the world, and although you are uneducated and insignificant, I have expressed My word through your mediation to explain My truth to the world through the light of the HolySpirit, so that this mankind may no longer fall into error, and that their Spirit may possess life of grace, and they may feel Me in their heart and have spiritualization.

34. I have chosen you to make you owners of my grace, and that you may go ─ as soon as you understand Me ─, to save your fellow human beings from perdition, to rescue the shipwrecked from the sea rich in evil, to free the slaves of temptation.

35. In the third time I will make the call to all alike, that all my sheep may return to the hurdle.

36. I rescue the soul from darkness and wake it from its sleep, for I created you and love you greatly, and in the Second Time I shed my blood for your salvation out of love for mankind.

37. I have given you many spiritual benefits, so that you may prepare yourselves and become soldiers of my divine cause. I have entrusted my messages to you by revelation and intuition so that you may understand my will.

38. I have told you, beloved Israel, that the time will come when evil mouthpieces will arise to give access to a false Jesus, and in their material striving they will deceive and say that through them the Master speaks. False "leaders" and false "prophets", false "soldiers" will arise, who will try to lead you astray from the path of light and truth with their word and material striving.

39. I have warned you. Remember that I have told you every year Prepare yourself, beloved people, take advantage of my presence and gather in your heart my word so that tomorrow it may be your encouragement and so that time may not catch you unprepared.

40. I have entrusted to you three last years that you may gather yourselves up and prepare yourselves to be an example for the voice-bearers, that they may recognize you as true soldiers and real disciples of the Divine Master. But this grace has stopped many of you and has not been taken note of. I said to Israel: Look at mankind as it is shrouded in its darkness, fanaticism and idolatry, and for this reason the striving for power, greed, self-importance has awakened in its heart, making it proud, and all this is abominable in my piercing eyes! But I have enlightened you, have taken you by the hand, so that you set out to show the world the way of light.

41. Already in the Second Time I gave you My prophecy to announce to you the trials that would happen I said that the earth would quake, that the forces of nature would be unleashed, that epidemics, lamentations and death would devastate the landscapes, that news of war would fill the hearts of men with fear.

42. I am He who presents Himself as Light before mankind ─ I am He who gives orientation to the soul and entrusts to it my power and my love so that it may rule the body, and that it may do my will.

43. My justice will stop the warlike urge of mankind, and men will love one another.

There will be no more egoism, nor self-importance or lack of understanding. All will govern themselves according to the Divine Law; all will obey the will of the Creator. There will be peace on earth, and the nations will no longer rise up against each other in war. Science, too, will acknowledge me. All will set out and seek the same path, have the same purpose, and in this world there will be morality, mercy, and true concord.

44. It is you, beloved people, who will clean the ways and make them passable. For great crowds will come after you, and these crowds I will equip with my word.

45. What time shall this be, O Israel? You do not know, but I tell you: rise up to fight, so that mankind may receive my peace and love, and that they may remain protected by my divine mercy.

46. Very short is the time span in which you will still have my word through the human mind But some speak ─ according to their intelligence ─ and say: "How should the Father leave us, since He is love? He as love has the duty to be close, very close to us ─ today, when we are in danger, when we have not yet understood His teaching, when we have not yet accumulated in us the many things that He has given us, and when we are still weak. He is the loving God who cannot leave us to the mercilessness of the passing of time. He is the highest love, who cannot rebuke us if we violate His law. He as love cannot call us to account if we do not obey his highest will. His word will only be taken away from those places where one has not fulfilled his law ─ in certain places his light and word will be abolished. But in the places where we actively work, He will remain with us."

But the Master tells you: "I knew that human incomprehension would be an obstacle to my true Word. But in the temple of the HolySpirit the ideas of all sects, all religious communities will be united.

47. For a long time the Master has been with you. I have prepared you, marked you as my chosen ones with my light, given you my kiss of peace that you may live steadfastly and obediently. To him who has prepared himself it is given to penetrate into the mysteries of the Father, that he may know that my work is not a mystery.

48. Do not feel abandoned in the world, make use of the mercy, peace and consolation that I bring you daily in my words I want you to know how to lead yourselves tomorrow and receive the vibrations of my thoughts. It is necessary that tomorrow, when you no longer hear Me through a voice bearer, you apply my teachings and learn to receive my light spiritually. My spiritual world will be with you at every spiritual rallies.

49. If you are prepared, there will be no obstacles or distances for you that will prevent you from bringing this message of light and peace to mankind. You will be an example of humility and meekness to your fellow men; through you I will give them life and encouragement. Blessed are those of you who have grown old while working in my hall ─ Those of you who as young people turned away from the excesses of the world, for you will enjoy eternal joy. But do not seek the reward in this world and do not expect to be praised, for these vanities would deprive you of the grace I have entrusted to your soul. Respect the good or bad ideals of mankind, but you should only listen to my voice through your conscience so that you may be united and humble, so that you may prove yourselves worthy of the esteem of men.


50. In one area there were a lot of needy people. But a lord who possessed great riches and goods sent for them and indicated to them the day when he would give them what they lacked. When that time had come, the needy came to that Lord and said to him, "Lord, we have rushed at your call, we are now in your presence.

The look of that Lord was full of compassion and mercy in the face of the nakedness and poverty of those in need. Then he asked them where they had their homes, to send them the gifts of love that he would give them. Then they told him, "Lord, we have no home or shelter. Where the dark night surprises us, there we will rest." Then every lord gave them generously of his riches and told them: "If you lack more of this gift of love, come again when you need it. Now go on your way."

51. In like manner came before those lords the orphaned wife and widow, and he put the gift of love into their hands. Then came the young men and the virgins with their weeping without peace and without comfort, and that Lord who saw all things likewise gave them of his riches, and covered their nakedness with his mantle. Then came the old men, whose strength was exhausted, and to them he gave encouragement, peace and well-being.

52. Both the one and the other left that city. But the day came when that Lord, who had given them many things, had the desire to see those multitudes again, to see whether they had known how to use the riches, or whether they had fallen back into poverty. But that Lord saw that the pain embraced them again.

End of the parable

53. The Master asks you, "Of whom have I spoken to you? And you answer Me, "Master, of ourselves."

54. After 1950, when you no longer hear Me in this form, the great trials will be among mankind. But you, beloved people, trust in my power, in my love and in my mercy. You are to be an example for your fellow men, so that I may save them from destruction through your mediation.

55. Mankind empties its cup of suffering, and its lamentations come to Me. But as love and mercy I have always been with men. I am Father, but what to do in the face of mankind's lament? Exude my love and encourage souls as at all times.

56. He who is weak will suffer more by what he receives from the world than by what has been given to his soul as a task. Those who look at you with a shameful look and see that you are weak and violate my law will also be those who blaspheme and show you your lack of fulfillment in my commandments.

57. Often have I warned you against the temptation that lurks around you to lead you astray. But you must be steadfast soldiers in battle and not weak in trials, nor weak in the insidiousness of wickedness.

58. Small is the number of my people, who have truly prepared themselves to receive my wisdom.

59. I have made myself known by means of the humble, the humble, the intellectually uneducated, to give the world proofs of my power and my wisdom.

60. Through different organs of understanding I have given you my word to correct you and give you my love, my light, my mercy, to teach you virtue, so that the hearers may rise to the life of grace.

61. Man is hungry and thirsty for my truth, but his heart harbors hatred, weeds, ill will, and blindness has taken hold of him, because the different worldviews have sought to beguile him with a different teaching and law.

62. Seek communion with your God, beloved people, and do not bow down before material objects, nor worship them, for I have never taught you this, nor have I brought mysticism to you I have poured out into your souls only My light and Mercy so that materialism does not stand in your way.

63. When you watch and pray, when you study and research, you will receive much from Me when the year 1950 ends. For you are developed souls, to whom I will entrust much of my mercy. But I have told you that if you do not know how to bear witness to Me for lack of preparation, the stones will speak and bear witness to My presence among mankind.

64. In my words I have explained to you what you have not understood, so that you may remove the faults you have brought into my work For how could you set a good example to your fellow men if you have not first purged yourselves from your former habits?

65. I have forgiven you and adorned you so that later on you may do the same good to men. I have entrusted my word to you as a lightsaber, so that you may rise up to fight and eliminate the darkness and fanaticism that has penetrated the human heart. For this is like a bad seed that has multiplied greatly, and therefore mankind has strayed from the path of truth and has not been able to strive for perfection for the soul.

66. I come with the intention that the world may recognize its errors; so that it no longer strays from the way which I have marked out for it. In this way there are no thorns and stone splinters that make your feet bleed.

67. Man rises to put Me to the test without realizing that you are all subject to the great trials in this time. For the world has become proud of its science and its riches and has denied me as its king and lord. Therefore men will also deny that I have made myself known to you through the human mind. But those who so deny me will be afflicted in their soul with love and mercy so that they awaken and recognize that what they have created is transitory, and that the sublime and eternal life is in me.

68. People, do not leave the last moments of my rallies through the voice bearers unused, for with my word I prepare you so that you may withstand all trials, that you may have the weapons of light with which you will fight against the blindness and egoism of mankind.

69. Do not feel weak nor insignificant, for I have given you abundant gifts with my mercy, with my teaching and with my love, so that you may rise as the soldiers of the Third Age.

70. The human heart will feel my love and glorify my divine name As a Father, I refuse my mercy to no one. I will remove the darkness of the blinded, for the light of my HolySpirit dispels the darkness of the world to set souls free, and it is these souls that I have saved at all times.

71. If you spiritualize yourself, Israel ─ who will be able to drive you back on your way? What look will then be in you like an arrow? You will see only smiles, happiness in your hearts and hands that stretch out to embrace you, and this will be like an anticipated reward for your struggle, so that it will not be only pain that you experience on your path of life.

72. I will still entrust to you many things in my teaching, so that you may be warriors who carry the weapons of light, the sword of love, and hold high the standard of faith, hope and mercy.

73. What is still lacking in you, O Israel, that you, united in thought and work, may rise up, that you may renew yourself, that you may be the clear mirror in which mankind may recognize its imperfection.

My peace be with you! 

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