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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 317

My peace be with you!

1. Beloved disciples: I see you prepared, you have gathered yourselves spiritually to obtain the grace to hear and understand my word. In your way you have had my presence ─ whether it gave you a miracle, gave you my protection, or spoke to you through your conscience. I will dwell in your heart to be your guide and master.

2. "I am the way, the truth and the life," I tell you once again. My word is the bread that feeds your soul, my presence brings you the peace you long for. How many trials you have experienced in the world! You have sought peace and consolation in earthly pleasures, and when you did not find it, you returned to Me to tell Me: "Lord, only with You do we find peace and consolation for our soul.

3. Israel: Learn to seek Me in your prayers in this time of afflictions. If the trials should ever be greater, seek Me as a shining lighthouse or as a lifeboat. Trust in Me, for I will lead you to the safe haven. Everyone who seeks Me finds Me. Every soul that rises up in faith in me attains its salvation. Therefore I sent you into the world and told you: Watch and pray for men, for they have not heard my word, and only the people of Israel hear my teaching for awakening and preparation. And to mankind the Master will say: Here is the trustee of your salvation; here is the people of Israel, who are my disciples, who will come to you to give you my lesson, to give you the Bread of Eternal Life, which you would not receive as long as I gave it through the human mind because the means I chose to manifest myself in this time appeared imperfect to you.

4. How many have heard my word, and when they did not understand it, they have gone astray from the path. I will call them again, will give them proofs of my truth, and they will have to believe in me, because the seed of life and spiritualization, which I have sown in their heart, will blossom in faith. This truth will shine in them, and they will confess before their fellow men that I have been with men and have made myself known through the human mind.

5. How could men judge my works and penetrate into my innermost judgments? But I have given them freedom of will, a will of their own, and because of these gifts I have subjected them to testing. Those who have believed have triumphed in the test, have strengthened their faith, have risen to the regions of the Spirit, feeding on the meaning of my revelations.

6. Verily I say to you, the meeting of my Spirit with yours has happened in the hereafter. I have taught you to seek Me by ascending the ladder of prayer and meeting Me with this sincerity in the spiritual because I have not humanized Myself in this time. I have used only the mind and heart of my creatures to make myself known through them.

7. I have given you this book of instruction so that those who have come last may likewise come to know my revelations. I have repeated the lessons, have seen that many have entered into my work and want to know everything from its beginning. Therefore I have repeated my teaching for you. I have told you that Elias, by transmitting Roque Rojas, opened the Third Age so that you would meet the Divine Master in your own way.

8. Blessed is the one who listens to Me with love, who comes to Me and opens his heart to receive the essence of My Word because he obtains light. Through this wisdom he will understand my work, will know how to carry it out after 1950 and rightly call himself my disciple.

9. I will call you all "my disciples". But remember that the good disciple must be faithful to the teachings and take his Master as an example.

10. Remember that your spiritual struggle here on earth is great, and your soul lets you imagine that once it enters that life which awaits it beyond this world, it must continue to struggle to ascend. When you think about it, you finally experience a certain sadness at the thought that there is no rest when human life comes to an end. This sadness does not come from the soul, but from the "flesh," which is weak and faithless because its nature is not eternal and it must despair in the face of eternity.

11. For the soul eternity means its greatest blessing. When it thinks of bliss, it knows that it will have no end, and when it thinks of its reparation, it knows that it will have sufficient time to make up for its transgressions and to perfect itself.

12. Spiritual rest, as it understands and perceives your earthly nature, does not exist. The rest that awaits the soul is activity, is the multiplication in doing good, is the benefit of every moment. Then the soul recovers, gets rid of self-reproach and suffering, recovers by doing good, recovers by loving its Creator and its brothers and sisters.

13. Verily, I tell you, if I would let your soul remain idle so that it rests, as you imagine the rest on earth, the darkness of despair and fear would take possession of it; for the life and the light of the soul and its greatest happiness are the work, the struggle, the incessant activity.

14. The soul that returns from the earth to the "spiritual valley", bringing with it within itself the weariness of the flesh imprinted in it, and seeks the beyond as a resting place, to rest, to forget, to erase the traces of the struggle for life ─. This will feel itself as the most unfortunate being and will find neither peace nor bliss, until it awakens from its lethargy, realizes its error and rises to spiritual life, which is as I have just told you ─ love, activity, unceasing struggle on the path that leads to perfection.

15. Here on earth your soul must feel oppressed against it, since on it everything is limited and transitory. Here it really must recover from so much sin and so much unfairness as there is in human life. But it is not a need for rest, as the flesh conquers it, but a disgust with all that is bad, a repulsion of all that is unfair, a weariness to fight and suffer again and again because of immorality or for unjustified reasons.

16. If men had made a pure existence out of this life here, and had prepared their body as a worthy dwelling for the sojourn of a soul, then no exhaustion would be known, nor would there be disgust or aversion, and therefore the disembodied soul would not come to the spiritual world with the desire for rest through rest. On the contrary ─ it would arrive full of strength and faith to continue its day's work ─ that struggle, which it was never able to stop in the world, and which not even death could stop.

17. I want that at the end of the fight, when all my children are united forever in the spiritual home, they share in my infinite happiness as Creator, in recognition that each of you participated in the divine work, building up or restoring it.

18. Only as spirit beings will you discover that of all that I have created since the beginning nothing has been lost, that everything in me is resurrected, everything comes to life and is renewed.

19. So when so many beings have been lost for a long time, when many, instead of works of life, have done destructive works, they will discover that the time of their aberration was only temporary and that their works, however bad they may have been, will find restitution in Eternal Life and will be transformed into co-workers of my unceasingly creative work.

20. What are already some centuries of sin and darkness, as mankind had them on earth, if you compare them with eternity, with a time of development and peace without end? You have moved away from me because of your freedom of will and will, through conscience, cause to return to me.

21. The "flesh" was too stubborn and unruly to follow the instructions of that inner light which you call conscience, and it was much easier for it to follow the impulses which led it to the licentiousness of its instincts and passions

22. For a long time mankind has walked the path of life on this earth in a heavy struggle between conscience, which has never been silent, and the "flesh," which wants to make its cult and law out of materialism, without either matter or Spirit having triumphed to this day, since the struggle continues.

23. You ask me, who will win? And I tell you that it will not be long before the absolute victory of conscience, which is brought about by means of the soul in the "flesh.

24. Do you not suspect that after so much struggle and so long struggle the body, which is human and perishable, must bow to the Spirit, who is my eternal light?

25. Understand that after such a long struggle, man will finally attain that sensitivity and yielding that he has never had before to that voice and that spiritual life that vibrates and lives in his being.

26. All of you are moving toward this point without realizing it. But when you see the victory of goodness and justice one day on earth, you will understand the reason for the struggle, the battles and the trials.

27. With this preparation I want to see you, so that you may sow your way with good examples and thus bear witness to all that you have received and heard from Me.

28. Once this rallies is over, you will consider my teaching as supernatural, beyond your comprehension, and you will ask yourselves: "how is it possible that the Lord has spoken to us in our own language in this time of a greater development of mankind?

29. Hear, disciples: already in the past times it was written down that I would come and make myself known to all my children, and so I would prepare the coming of a time of peace among men by bringing them to the practice of spiritualization. Now the fulfillment of this prophecy is there, today I prepare you, surrounded by the spiritual world, while other souls in the hereafter wait and come for my instructions to dwell among men in the times to come. Among them are those who will rule the nations ─ those who, by virtue of their great virtue, will cause men to obey my commandments and set them on the good way. They will come after you.

39. My work grows more and more until finally all souls unite in the fulfillment of my law, and this earthly home becomes a world of perfection. Those who inhabit it at that time will feel my love at work in all created things and will prepare themselves to live in a better world. This earthly world will be only temporary for your soul, it will go to other regions, other levels of the beyond, in the desire for its perfection. Remember that I have told you: "In the house of my Father there are many dwellings. And in this time of greater development, when you better understand my teachings, I have told you: "In the Father's house there are an infinite number of dwellings. Do not think, then, that you have already attained the greatest spiritual height when you depart from this world. No, disciples. When your stage of development on this planet is over, I will guide you to other homes, and so will I forever guide you on the infinite ladder of your perfection. Trust Me, love Me, and you shall be saved.

31. Do not stand still, people. Make haste, for you know the way. Fulfill my law, live lovingly and be charitable to your neighbors. Then all the gifts I have given you will be like lights illuminating the path of men.

32. why do you sometimes doubt yourselves and Me, although I have told you that you are part of My Spirit? why do you doubt to possess My attributes? Since you have come into this world to make amends for your past transgressions ─, why do you blaspheme when you encounter trials in your way?

33. Thus I prepare you, disciples, thus I imprint the book of my teachings in your heart. If you long for consolation for your sufferings, seek My word in your heart, and it will flow out of it like a spring of crystal clear water.

34. I am teaching you in this year 1950, the last of my stay among you. I want you to achieve the spiritualization I have asked you for. You have understood your Father and have repented spiritually. You have loved Me, and from some have fallen away the unclean garments that covered their soul, and others I see striving for their purification. Remember that to follow my teaching you must get rid of all materialism.

35. I have put my light in your conscience so that, guided by it, you may remove every imperfection and the virtues which I discover in your soul because of my Word may blossom. I have made you receptive to love and also to pain. I have told you: "Love one another" so that you may feel my Word in all its purity. Share your peace with your fellow men, help them to drink their cup of suffering.

36. Remember that I have told you In my eyes you are all my children. When I allow you to develop, and you have your struggles in you, it is because I ardently desire that you attain your perfection.

37. It is time that you begin the spiritual work that has been entrusted to you. See how barren the fields are, because the seed of love and mercy lives hidden at the bottom of your heart.

38. I have come with my teachings to strengthen you in good. I lead you on paths of love so that you may go to your fellow men with my message of light and consolation. If the time of my preaching has been long for you, this was done so that you may receive the content of my teaching and never falsify its meaning. For you are the New Israel ─ the people who will bear witness to my truth.

39. At every turn the voice of your conscience awakens you and makes you understand that you have a high destiny among mankind and a great mission to fulfill.

40. Is there not a power in you that will not let you fall, and a voice that will not let you slumber? When you stray from the path or forget your mission ─, do you not feel a restlessness that does not let you rest? For this power, this inner light, this voice that speaks to you inwardly, is your conscience, in which my law and your missions are indelibly written.

41. Let yourselves be lovingly guided by this inner guide, and verily, I tell you, every spiritual anxiety will disappear, leaving in its place a deep peace and true satisfaction

42. If you make use of these precious moments, tomorrow you will not shed tears for lost time, you will not lament errors nor fall. Remember that it is your good works that must bear witness to Me. Or do you think that your fellow men can recognize my truth also through imperfect works? Do not forget that "the tree is recognized by its fruit.

43. Fear not to be too few and too insignificant. An invisible army of light beings will march with you, preparing your way by opening doors so that you may pass through, tearing down obstacles and overcoming difficulties.

44. Against a world of darkness you will count on this world of light. To overcome the influence of war, you will count on the angel of peace. Against illness, pestilence and death, you will have with you the mercy of those invisible beings who stand ready to pour out their balm of mercy and consolation on mankind.

45. Never have my disciples been unprotected by Me, never have they been abandoned by those beings who dwell in regions of light and harmony

46. Who inspired those of my disciples of the Second Age that they might remember the divine word of their Master and write it down as an inheritance for all generations? Who led my disciples on unknown paths to distant cities? Who freed Peter from his prison while his prison guards slept, and who stood by those apostles of my truth in the most difficult hour of their sacrificial death? The spirit beings, your brothers and sisters whom men have called "angels.

47. Oh, if only you knew the value that this influence has on your lives! You would be more willing, humble and obedient to their calls and their indications. But you are creatures of little faith because you would like to touch and see the spiritual life with your bodily senses. And since you have not attained this, you have felt cheated in your faith.

48. Verily, I tell you, if your faith were firm, you would not have the desire to feel the presence of the spiritual with the senses of the flesh, for then it would be the soul, with its fine sensitivity, that would perceive that world that pulsates unceasingly around you.

49. Yes, humanity, if you feel distant from the spiritual world, those beings cannot feel distant from men, for there are for them no distances, no limits, nor obstacles. They live in the spiritual, and therefore they cannot be far from the life of human beings whose highest destiny is that of the upward development and perfection of the soul.

50. You are all brothers and sisters, all souls possess the same qualities, even your body was created equal to that of others. Why then have you split up into social classes and nations, humanity? I love you as an only child, and in the same way I forgive you. But be worthy of this grace, obtain your salvation. The time will come when, reflecting on my teaching, you will love one another, inspired by my love, and will not condemn your faults.

51. Counsel and correct in your ways with love, but do not feel superior to your fellow men. Only love and live with justice as I have taught you.

52. Prepare yourselves, for tomorrow you will be leaders and teachers of mankind. In that time of which I speak to you, you are to lovingly pass on my teaching as I have instructed you. You are not to judge your fellow men with severity ─ in the opinion that you are thereby pleasing your Lord. Verily, I say to you, even if you teach men in my name, you will not be free from sin. Watch and pray. But when I see you punishing the transgressions of your fellow men without love, I will speak to you through conscience and tell you as in the Second Time, "He who is free from sin, cast the first stone.

53. My teaching is for all times. At present I am repeating for you the lessons of the past ages so that you may better understand Me. As you hear Me, so did the disciples of the Second Age hear Me. As you are taking the first steps in my teaching, so did they. As you struggle to overcome your imperfections, so did they struggle and finally triumph.

54. Just as you doubt the gifts I have given you, so there were also among those disciples those who, thinking that the Master was not watching them, secretly put his word to the test. When they took my examples as an example, the fruit of their preparation was revealed in their works. If they did not watch and pray, no miracle happened through them, and they returned to Me with doubts in their hearts. But when they heard again the truth of my word, they repented of their transgressions and promised with tears not to doubt me anymore.

55. Likewise I see you in this time, disciples: some of you have faith and good works as invisible weapons, and see that my word is revealed in the fulfilment of their commission. But others of my children have claimed ─ without obeying my law ─ that I grant them a miracle before the eyes of men, which makes them recognizable as my messengers, and when they did not receive it, they doubted me and denied me.

56. I forgive them; for even if they doubt today, they will believe tomorrow ─; if they do not accept my teaching today, they will give up their own lives tomorrow to confess and testify to the truth of this revelation

57. I bless those who live by my law and those who reject it, for through these latter I will, when they have grasped the meaning of my teachings, give great proofs to mankind. For they will be the reliable means for my Divine Spirit to pour out on their fellow men in power, truthfulness, and love.

58. So I have my joy in you, disciples, so the Father encourages you for the time of the trials you will go through.

59. Remain mindful of the voice of conscience, and verily I say to you, you shall continue to receive my teaching. Although this rallies by the voice bearer ends in 1950 ─ listen to conscience, then your fellowship with God will be eternal, and there will be nothing and no one to separate the disciples from their Master.

60. Trust in my word. Verily I say to you, all prophecies will be fulfilled for the satisfaction of the prophets and for the joy of the people of Israel.

61. Watch and pray, for the times will change. Unite yourselves with my law of love, and there will be no trial to stop you in the way. Live the examples I gave you in Jesus, then you will certainly pass. No one will be able to silence my word on your lips. Verily I say to you, not even the scaffold will cause you to forget my law. For the remembrance of the Lamb sacrificed will make you strong, and you will sacrifice yourselves to my divinity.

62. How many of you will leave the most beloved ones to make your way to those who are to hear my word through your mediation? How many of you will give up your material goods out of love for my teaching and live in the greatest poverty. But if your body should give up the earthly goods in this world, I will adorn your soul with my love in eternity. But do not worry, O beloved children! I do not demand sacrificial death from any of you. I have only said to you in my words: All that you should give away in my work, you will receive a hundredfold in return. Sow your path with good works, and you will reap the fruits of it in the hereafter.

63. So I prepare you this morning in which the Christianity remembers Jesus' passion. You too, disciples, are experiencing the ever-present sacrificial death of the Messiah and are nourishing yourselves from the examples of the Divine Savior.

64. People of Israel: Be the light of mankind, remind them of my promise to come back, which I gave them through Jesus, and tell them that I have kept my word.

65. Those prophecies have been forgotten by men, but I remind them of them through my new apostles.

66. Disciples: In the rallies of my word my fatherly love and peace is present. Take it in yourselves at ─ you who still live in the valley of tears.

67. Drink your cup of suffering with patience. For after this bitterness you will enjoy the bread and wine of my love forever.

My peace be with you. 

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