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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Teaching 248:

1. My peace be in every soul. Feel this peace deeply, so that the light may break forth, making the true paths visible to you, and you may turn away from the dark paths that you have walked for centuries, stumbling among thorny bushes. With how much tribulation you covered the beautiful planet that I entrusted to you so that you would dwell on it for a moment of your eternal life.

2. Only with peace in your soul will you be able to follow Me and understand Me. The teaching address that I address to you is for strong souls, for people who have become strong in pain and in love, so that later on they shine before mankind as models.

3. When you think of the example of Jesus, you will make the best use of my teachings. But if you insist on eating the bitter fruits that mankind cultivates, you will understand little or nothing of the Master's teaching. There are many dangerous and sly fruits because they promise sweetness on the outside and hide poison within.

4. I tell you again: Rest your soul and forget for a moment your problems at the thought that they are those of all mankind, as the world is going through a time of reparation.

5. You are like shrubs that sometimes have branches so dry and diseased that they need painful circumcision to remove their sick parts so that they can recover. When my love righteousness removes from the human tree the sick branches that damage its heart, it straightens it up. When a human being is to have a limb of his body cut off, he sighs, trembles and becomes a coward, even though he knows that it is done to remove what is sick, what is dead and threatening, what can still live. Even the roses, when they are cut, shed their lifeblood like tears of pain; but afterwards they cover themselves with the most beautiful flowers. My love, in an infinitely higher way, circumcises the evil in the heart of my children, sometimes sacrificing myself. When men crucified Me, I covered my executioners with My goodness and forgiveness and gave them life. With my words and in my silence I filled them with light, defending and saving them. Thus I circumcise evil, I ward it off with my love, and I defend and save the evildoer. Those forgivenesses were, are still and will be eternal sources of salvation.

6. Today, as in former times, I raise you up in your falls, I intervene in your error. Know that you have nothing to fear from me. Be afraid of yourselves!

7. I always show my children the easy, beautiful and safe way. I spare you the long, difficult and painful journeys on foot, which you create for yourselves through your works. If you get lost or are sluggish and delay your arrival on the way of light, it is only because you insist on it.

8. I give you new revelations so that you may likewise achieve new transformations. Nothing and no one will be able to prevent my teaching words from reaching souls in the form of scriptures. My word will destroy all wrong that has accumulated in human life.

9. I am not causing a small quarrel with it, but a great war of world views, in which the inspired will shine. I will give you the right word so that you may interpret my teaching correctly.

10. Come to the Master and learn from Him, that you may remove the bad interpretations which have been taught you about the scriptures of former times. Those wrong interpretations, which were like blind mirrors, have not made you see the truth.

11. They have spoken to you of the Antichrist, which refers to a revelation of my disciple John. Erroneously you have related this personality to many of your fellows, both past and present. Today I tell you that this Antichrist, as mankind has conceived him, does not exist nor will he exist. Antichrist is anyone who does not love, because Christ is the love of the Creator. Therefore, recognize that your world is full of antichrists blinded by materialism.

12. I tell you that it is better for you to be full of uncertainties and negations than full of false beliefs or lies that you take for truths. An honest denial that springs from doubt or ignorance does you less harm than the false certainty of an untruth. Honest doubt, which hungers for understanding, is better than the firm belief in some myth. The desperate uncertainty that hungers loudly for light is better than the fanatical or idolatrous certainty. Today, everywhere the unbelievers, the disappointed and the embittered prevail. They are rebels, who often see more clearly than others, who do not feel the ritual conduct as such, nor are they convinced by the assurances they have heard from those who guide people spiritually. For all those complicated theories do not satisfy their hearts thirsting for pure water, which soothes their fear. Those you consider rebels often show more light in their questions than those who answer them, because they consider themselves to be taught or significant. They feel, see, sense, hear and comprehend with greater clarity than many who call themselves masters in the divine teachings.

13. You also discuss the dreaded and terrible end of the world, which you consider imminent at every outbreak of war. Also to this I tell you today that that end, which you expect, will not come. My words of the Second Age refer to the materialized and scientific world, which does not honor me, nor love me, nor acknowledge me.

14. You have literally believed in the coming of men who will call themselves "Christ" and have finally believed and understood that these will be false Christs

15. You are desperate to misunderstand the symbols, and you occupy yourselves with them in such a way that you get into error and in the end do not know what to think. Do not think so much, purify your soul and your heart and come to me. I will give you the light and reveal to you what you need to know, both for your material improvement and for your spiritual ascent.

16. Who are the false Christs? All those who trumpet superiority and virtue and claim to be disseminators of good even though they do just the opposite.

17. Still you speak of the terrible righteousness of God, of the wrath of Jehovah, of the "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" of the day of judgment, when I will be the avenging judge. But how many days of judgment have you experienced during your existence? In those sad moments for your soul, I have not been your judge, but your defender. No wrath can exist in my Spirit. How then could I reveal it? In Me there is only harmony. You are those who take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. My justice is loving, and it is you yourselves who ask for the opportunity to purify yourselves. For I do not punish you.

18. To you who go astray I will soon receive and give you my power and my light when you call on me. It does not matter that you have in your body and in your soul the trace of great sinners. I will cause you to bless those who have offended you and to bless God because He has seen this miracle in you. Then you will begin to feel the love of Christ in your heart. Some think when they hear these words: How is it possible that the great sinners can receive this grace as well as the righteous who possess it through merit? O people, people you see no further than your eyes! I have always given you my benefits by grace even before you have earned them!

19. I respond both to a pure thought and to the sad lamentation of him who approaches me defiled, whenever even a spark of humility or insight escapes him because of his lack of love for his fellow men.

20. I am the defender of the weak, who in their great incompetence and ignorance shed tears. I am the divine hope that calls and consoles the weeping, I am the loving Jesus who gently caresses the one who groans in his pain and reparation.

21. I am your Savior, your Redeemer. I am the truth accessible to man.

22. Now follows another of my teachings, disciples: Verily I say to you, when you feel strong, great, or superior, you move away from me because your pride strangles the feeling of humility. But when you feel small, when you realize that you are like atoms in the midst of my creation, then you draw near to me; for because of your humility you admire me, love me, and feel me near you. Then you think of all the great and inscrutable things that God holds in him and that you would like to know and experience. It seems to you as if you would hear the echo of divine whispering in your soul.

23. I am the Master of your soul and its Savior. Your body is one of the so many tools that have been given to you. But most people tend to forget Me when they incarnate and go astray, influenced by the life that surrounds them on earth. This happens when the soul still lacks true greatness and elevation.

Others, who do not forget that I am their Lord and Father, show themselves insatiable in asking, but stingy when it comes to giving. They lack the generosity of the soul to be able to love. They think they understand how to ask, but they do not understand how to give. They make no effort to learn to ask, and even less to learn to give. The only thing they are to ask me for is that I carry out my will on them. For you have already recognized that my will is just, perfect and loving.

24. I tell you: "Ask and it will be given to you.

25. Do you consider this sentence or this request to be meaningless? Verily, I tell you, he who addresses it to Me and feels it has found a source of miracles. - As for giving, give everything that love advises you.

26. You try in the world to silence the purest sensations of the soul through right feelings of lust. But since the Divine Spirit is hidden in your being, you will all have to submit to Him, some sooner, others later.

27. Men will not be able to fight forever against God, against the only one who can raise you from your state of imperfect beings to the heights of perfection.

28. By my teaching I will show you the true meaning of life and teach you to interpret correctly not only my word of this time but also that of the past time. For by your wrong interpretations you have created fanatical ritual acts with reference to my words. Therefore, your materialism does not let you understand when I say to you, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away.

You think, "Is it possible that heaven will pass away as the earth? This shows your lack of deeper understanding. I wanted to tell you that the heaven you see and the earth on which you dwell would pass away, because time leaves its mark on them second by second, but that the essence and substance of my Word would not pass away, because it is eternal, because divine, and the divine is immutable. Your earth and your heaven, however, change and pass away imperceptibly for men, while my love remains unchanging. My love does not pass away because the whole universe is filled with it.

29. Jesus came to teach you love, not to satisfy your vain curiosity, but how few understand how to love in His name. Whenever you do good, you say, "I am noble, I am generous, I am charitable; that is why I do this. I tell you: If you would do those works in the name of your Lord, you would be humble, because goodness comes from God and I have given it to your soul. So whoever ascribes his good works to his human heart denies his soul and denies him who endowed it with these virtues. If, on the other hand, you do evil, you wash your hands like Pilate, and that act you blame on the Father, saying, "It was the will of God, it was written; God wanted it, it is destiny.

30. You say that nothing happens without the will of God to absolve you of your faults. But verily, I say to you, you are wrong, because your faults, your wretchedness, happen without the will of God. Know that the Almighty never compels you by force, by His power. You do this with your weaker brothers and sisters. Verily, I say to you, evil, unfairness, lack of harmony are your own; love, patience, peace of mind come from God. Whenever you love, it is the Creator of your soul who inspires you. If, on the other hand, you hate, it is you, it is your weakness that drives you and destroys you.

31. Whenever something evil happens in your life, you can be sure that it is your work. But then you wonder: Why does God allow this to happen? Does He not suffer through our sins? Does He not also weep when He sees us weeping? What would it cost Him to spare us these falls? I tell you: as long as you do not love, God will be something for you that you cannot comprehend, because the magnanimity of your Creator is beyond your understanding.

32. Become strong, great, wise, learn to love. If you love, you will no longer have the childish desire to fathom God, for then you will see Him and feel Him, and this will be enough for you.

33. My love answers you those questions that you sometimes ask yourselves in your sufferings. I only allow you to know the taste of the fruit you have grown so that you may feel something of what you have made others feel. But I also tell you this, that if you overfill your cup of suffering and I could spare you the pain, I still allow these and even death to be within you. For the soul is above all these insignificant sensory perceptions, which it tests by means of the body.

34. Jesus came to men to teach you how a superior soul bears scourges, insults and thorns, so that when you are "crucified" you may have the courage to stand up to the executioner or the slanderer, to love him and bless him.

35. So that you may leave the world and the body behind you.

36. But today, on this morning of grace, when my word returns to you by means of the human mind, I welcome you.

37. Mankind, you prepare yourselves to remember the birth of Jesus.

38. Feast of Christmas, of joy and remembrance.

39. For the rich and the powerful it means worldly satisfactions and pleasures. For those who follow Christ, who had neither bed nor home the night he was born, it is a feast of privations, but of spiritual joy.

40. Christian mankind, you who make your preparations to adorn your altars and to arrange your feasts, verily I say to you, your heart is empty. have you not considered that those altars you build and those images with which you portray Me are but a joy to your eyes and a replica of the Divine, very far from reality? I have always dwelt in the temple of true humility. Likewise, I have taught you to fulfill your task with all love and self-denial.

41. Today I see that that teaching has been robbed of its power, that its meaning has been forgotten by this Christianity. For even those who bring their families in need call themselves Christians. Those who display splendor and power and those who stir up wars also call themselves Christians. But not all will follow that example and that path, for many will awaken to the knowledge that the greatness of the soul is based on the nature of the heart, in which the pure feelings that God inspires in man are at home.

42. 2000 years have passed since I came into the world as a human being. I only remind you of this so that you may realize how far you are from fulfilling my teaching. My example as a perfect human being began from the moment of my birth, continued throughout my childhood and youth until it ended with my last breath at the cross of torture. This story, written with my blood, is the book of life and the beginning of human redemption.

43. I lived among the people to make them understand that the love of the Father is so great for them that I finally limited myself to live with them as a man, far from all the ideas that the leaders of the people had of divinity, following the law that Moses had left them. How could they have understood the Son of God in his poverty while they lived in wealth? How could they have bowed to Jesus, the carpenter's son, while feeling privileged?

My teaching of love and humility was not understood by them. My cradle was so miserable that none of them came near, not even to caress Me or to look at Me lovingly. But nature was certainly aroused by my presence as man, and in its various realms stretched out its arms to me to welcome me, while the light of the Eternal, symbolized in a star, announced the coming of the Messiah to the world.

44. Now, at this time, when I did not have to be born as a human creature, nor become man, to be persecuted, the light of my Spirit shining down on you will be seen by mankind, which will be able to recognize where my Word is currently flowing down

45. Today I come as light, as essence, to fill with peace men of good will, who knew how to commemorate this day with spirituality and joy and who offered their heart to Me as a gift.

46. Suffering and wretchedness is what you offer to your Lord, in remembrance of the fact that your Master also came into the world to suffer

47. I receive this offering and light an unquenchable flame in your hearts Since I offered myself as a sacrifice to show you the way to your salvation, do not forget that I am always ready to stretch out my merciful hand to save you.

48. Your spiritual childhood is over, and you must now understand your development

49. I have given you my substitution because I told you: "He who fulfills his task as a disciple will be like his master. Sow love, put peace in hearts, do miracles. Rise to the life of grace, raise the "dead" to the truth.

50. Spiritualists, be the interpreters and messengers of my word. On this day I caress all people who, according to the teaching they have received, remember my coming.

51. At the rapture of the voice bearer, my divine ray, my inspiration, will descend upon you so that you may understand my word. I will see you united in one desire: peace among mankind.

52. Blessed is he who comes in desire for Me, for he shall have the light of my Divine Spirit. He who seeks Me does so because he has felt in himself that the time of his upward development has come.

53. The human mind tries to break the chains of bondage that have kept him bound. I have told you that now is the time when the mind and the soul must seek their freedom. For before them an infinitely wide field spreads out, in which they can learn and achieve more than what their heart has shown them. In this way man will perfect himself and attain more wisdom. Then truth will be contained in every human thought.

54. Today I speak to you through many voice-bearers and through them I leave a textbook for your soul, just as I left a legacy of wisdom and love to this mankind in the Second Age For the foundations of my teaching are love, that universal and supreme power which aims at uniting all beings in one family.

55. This divine attribute you must possess, for where there is no love there can be no mercy. But I have filled you with love so that whenever an opportunity arises to exercise mercy, you do so, knowing full well that it is not subject to and fixed upon a certain form. So that you may develop the abilities necessary for this, I have given you a part of myself that lives in you. It is your soul, enlightened by the Spirit, which lets you understand that you have come forth from Me.

56. Therefore, you can understand that the divine power can manifest itself in everything that is life, because life is everything that surrounds you. I have taught you not to limit your God to one single form. I can take all forms or have none, because I am the Creator.

57. When your intelligence leads you to the principle of life and you discover therein how creatures come into being and transform themselves, you will be amazed when you understand the explanation of many of my teachings. There you will discover that God is revealed in everything, from beings imperceptible to your gaze to the greatest worlds and stars.

58. In this way you will understand that man is not a creator of life and natural forces, that he uses and transforms only that which is already created. For this purpose I have placed man in creation, and so that he unfolds all the gifts and abilities with which I have equipped him.

59. Creation is God Himself, and the time will come when men, who do not recognize the relationship that exists between the Creator and man, will understand that man takes everything he does from the divine power.

60. Man has a development, as everything that forms creation has. He was immature in the beginning. His intelligence corresponded to the primitive life he led. But God saw to it that he would unfold from within himself, that he would recognize what was good and what was evil, so that he would discover in himself his soul side and his physical side, for in the beginning his soul could not.

Thus man gradually developed, knowing where he came from and where he was going, in the knowledge of his abilities, which had to lead him to perfection. Thus he reached this time, in which I revealed to him that for the perfection of the soul a single life on earth is not enough.

61. For this you can have a clear proof when you realize that the experience of man today is greater than that of men of past times. For the soul brings with it the light gained on the earlier ways of life. But you have called this time the century of light because of the advances in human science, for the divine light shines in every mind.

62. It is I, the Father, who speak to you. For him who doubts, I make my word clear and precise. It is revealed according to the ability of the voice bearer. His brain receives the transmission of my wisdom and expresses it according to his ability. But the meaning is the same for all transmitters.

63. I receive all and bless you.

64. Here is the perfect judge among you, knocking at the doors of your sensibility to make you understand the small meaning that your thoughts, words, and works can have in the face of his omnipotence, justice, and truth. Your soul has been able to develop in such a way that your Spirit not only judges the faults of your present existence, but also reveals to you old debts to my divine justice.

65. Once your feelings have attained a greater spiritualization, the memory of your past and intuition will be clearer in you. Now it is only a vague idea that you have of all this. But still it helps you to carry your cross with surrender and confidence, in the certainty that in this way your soul will be cleansed and saved.

66. Those who once mocked Jesus when they saw Him wheezing with the cross on their shoulders are those who today willingly took up their cross to climb the hill. Those who cried out then, "Crucify Him," have now dedicated themselves to the task of serving Me and loving Me.

67. Those cries penetrated my heart, those feelings of hatred and blasphemy hurt me. But I did not give them death; I forgave them and gave them new life, because they did not know what they were doing.

68. Spiritually I am still crucified, although you have removed my body from the wood of the cross. Blood and water still flow from my side and all wounds are fresh because you still do not love one another, because there are still enmities and wars.

69. Verily, I bless you: Prepare yourselves so that you may clearly hear the voice of conscience and that the eyes of your Spirit may recognize the truth of all that I have said to you.

My peace be with you. 

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