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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 267:

1. Beloved children, you who unite your souls to await my presence among you - be blessed.

2. You seek the fruit on the tree of life, and I give the fruit to each of you.

3. The radiance of my love is the breath of air that gently moves these trees.

4. Life, disciples, is the most beautiful and richest book that the Creator has bequeathed to His children. But it is necessary to learn to read in it to discover how many beauties and wonders it contains. Who better than I, the Divine Master, can show you, page after page and lesson after lesson, the contents of this book?

5. For a long time it remained open on one page because your indifference prevented Me from offering you a new lesson You had stopped. But the time came when you turned your eyes to the book which spoke of life, eternity and light, and you saw the Master turning the page already known to show you a new teaching.

6. The knowledge which this book gives you proves to you that your past has not been unfruitful for your soul. For now, enlightened by the light of knowledge, you discover the reason for many teachings, you find the meaning of life and the essence of God which exists in all created things.

7. Blessed are the souls who, on their long journey, have already crossed the vast deserts of the trials they have gone through, the crossroads of the path, and have left behind the dark woods with their ambushes and their dangers. Those who have gone through the great trials will be those who understand my word with the greatest clarity and who can hardly fall into an abyss.

8. The book that exists in each of you is likewise great. Do you understand of what book I speak to you? Of the one that refers to your past, to all that your soul has experienced, and whose history is growing day by day. Once you are "in my bosom", you will rejoice to let it pass once more by your spiritual eyes and to see how much you have struggled to climb the mountain of your perfection.

9. Now you are living through an epoch of pain, and it is absolutely necessary that you understand its meaning, for in this way you will finally understand that the effect of pain on sinners is purifying. Later, you will all experience that I have designated a garment for each of my children, but that in order to possess it, it is necessary that you clean "the vessel" inside and outside until it is pure. Do you know what this garment is? I will tell you: this garment is the truth.

10. Who can say that he is not able to be my disciple, or that he is not strong enough to bring my message to men, objecting that he has no experience, that he has experienced too little, or that he has not understood his fellow men?

11. No, my children, you have not lived too short, nor is what you have experienced too little. The doubt and lack of trust come from the body shell, from the heart, which despairs because it does not know the power and the light that his spirit soul has accumulated on the path of development.

12. What do you know of your past, and how far back your origin lies? What do you know about where you come from, which paths you have already taken, and where you are directing your steps?

13. Let no one consider himself immature or ignorant after he has reached this third time, and certainly not you, who I have called "firstborn.

14. Why do you fear the future? Do you want to leave all the experience your soul has accumulated in the past unused? Do you want to abandon the seed without reaping the harvest? No, disciples. Remember that no one can change his destiny, but he can delay the hour of his victory and increase the suffering that exists in every way.

15. Until you are convinced of this truth, I will not send you with the Good News to the provinces and nations, because you would not have any conviction in your words and the world would not be able to recognise you as Christ's messengers

16. I am currently bringing you closer to the simple, spiritual and plain worship of God, so that instead of engaging in outward rituals and wasting time, you may confine yourselves to doing justice to the essential, which is active charity, as I have told you many times.

17. You have already lived through spiritual childhood and youth, and today you are facing the thresholds of a new age in which you will attain the maturity that is fullness

18. Few are those who hear me; few, therefore, are those who experience it. See this humanity that lives in the time of light and stumbles and falls as if it were walking in the dark. Examine its cup, see its wounds, feel its desolation, make yourself known to its Spirit from afar, and when you have mercy and love for your fellow men, weep with pain, and you will feel full of compassion. Then a noble and magnanimous impulse will spring from your heart, which will move you to be tireless sowers of love, balm, and light. But if you continue to hide fearfully from the eyes of the world - do you think that your heart will then become sensitive and purified in the feeling of compassion for your neighbor?

19. Do you want to win souls for yourselves? Then come with the balm of my word and with the anointing of your mercy.

20. Try not to prove to anyone that his beliefs or rites are imperfect, for the result will be negative. Go to the one in need, seek the cause of his pain and comfort him. Then you will experience how from his lips comes a sincere confession that tells you that you are bearers of the truth.

21. Verily I tell you, I too am closer to my children in the moments of pain, in the moment of bitterness, than even in the rites and ceremonies they celebrate to my glory For from the deep pain springs the invocation full of truthfulness, while in the ceremony the tradition, the power of habit, the routine and even vanity are expressed.

22. The time has come when you shall all hear my word anew, speaking to you with full clarity. For my task is to save you, but not to expose your faults.

23. It is necessary that everything returns to its original truth, and that is why the struggle of world views will flare up among men. In the midst of the materialism that prevails in this world, men will appear with great inspirations, and these lights will be the preceding signs of the arrival of spiritualism on earth.

24. Seers, prophets, enlightened and inspired - they will all announce to mankind my presence in Spirit. They will have the task of laying the foundations for the building of the temple of the Lord - the temple made of hearts, not stones, with the flame of faith burning within.

25. This temple shall be glorious, and from it you shall see the sanctuary which my omnipotence created from the beginning, that all my children may dwell in it.

26. Today, when you see so much hardness in the hearts, when you see the rooting of traditions and fanaticism in the hearts of men, their renewal, their transformation, may seem to you impossible, and that the teaching of spiritualization is coming into effect. Nevertheless, I tell you that since all are destined to come to Me to dwell in the light and know the truth, my will will will continue to be fulfilled because otherwise, instead of being saved, you would have to perish. Think about it, and you will understand that the evil in you, which are your imperfections, though permanent, will pass away.

27. Great is the trial that weighs upon mankind. Your intuition tells you that the world is under my divine judgment, that the pride of men has been visited by the Father, and that the power of this judgment is daily increasing. But see how man does not abandon his pride, does not confess his transgressions, does not repent of the crimes he has committed, in a word, does not bow to divine justice. They themselves prolong the time of suffering and drag many innocent people with them to perdition. How long will this time of suffering last? Until people open their eyes to the truth and bow to the only existing power that I am.

28. People, do you not feel happy to know the reason for what is happening in your surroundings and to have found the means to contribute to the salvation and peace of your fellow men?

29. If you experience this happiness, it is because you have understood my word, and you know how to carry out your difficult mission with love.

30. From 1866 to 1950, my word, this light of the Spirit, has resounded among you in the same form as you experience it. During this time many voice-bearers have developed their gifts, prepared men and women who have formed the core group of my servants, my "workers".

31. Through the minds of my chosen ones my Spirit has made itself known. But could you believe that these creatures, through whom the Master has spoken, are fully conscious of what came from their lips? I say to you: Although they feel that it is something infinite that has descended upon their minds, it is not possible for them to evaluate and comprehend the greatness, the scope, of what their lips have spoken without their knowledge.

32. After 1950, that is, after my departure, this people will make my work known to mankind, but not according to human will, but according to my will. The voice-bearers through whom I have spoken have not been able, at the moment when they expressed my radiation, to understand what came out of their mouths. Tomorrow they will be amazed when they see the fulfillment of my prophecies, of all that I announced through them. Then those who were always fervent will embrace their mission with even greater love, and those who sometimes lacked faith will kneel down in repentance for having doubted for moments. Their faith will inflame, and they will be loyal to me until the end.

33. Someone in the midst of the crowd of people who hear me asks me, "Master, is it possible that someone who is your voice bearer and on whose organ of mind your ray rests, doubts that it is you who makes himself known through his mediation? To this I answer you, "Yes, there are those who have lived in doubt, although they are my voice-bearers and have doubted even at the moment of the rallies. Yet - how great was the word, the light, the truth and the consolation that those clumsy lips gave out, which were transformed at the moment when inspiration poured into them.

34. Why do you think the teaching was great when I poured myself into it? because they have been the most tormented, who on many occasions have made the greatest effort to rise up to find the best way to do Me justice; because they are those who approach Me with more purity and always seek to make themselves worthy of the office they hold

35. How often does their doubt come from their humility, because they are those who, from the moment I consecrated them for this ministry, felt confused and asked themselves: Is it possible that I, a small creature, an unworthy sinner, an insignificant being, should be chosen by God for such a great task?

36. Beyond this doubt do you recognize the love and reverence of those of my little children? Do you now understand why some doubt, and why I nevertheless make myself known through their rallies?

37. How often does the voice bearer who believes in my presence content himself with this and does not put in his preparation the necessary feeling to be inspired, from which his cold or monotonous expression results, just as the one who let himself be dominated by vanity has always been the poorest in essence and the least in light.

38. You have had my most perfect, most complete rallies through those voice-bearers who, in a complete surrender to their Master, in an ecstasy of faith, love and humility towards Him, have disposed of the world and the body shell with the ideal of being useful, with a thought directed towards their brothers and sisters in need of light. How few have been able to prepare themselves and receive me in this way!

39. Have you not discovered a transformation in the inspired voice bearer? In the highest moments of the teaching address, have you not had the spiritual sensation of the divine light shining through those lips? These are the hours in which the most glorious pages of the Third Testament were written.

40. Blessed are you who unite your souls in the times of trial. From the first to the last, you have all been afflicted, lest you should sleep or fall into temptation.

41. Already the hour is drawing near in which I give you my last teaching, and you must be prepared for this day, because I will then demand your first harvest from you, and at the same time I will give you the seed and the teaching so that you may continue to till my fields

42. While some understand the meaning of the trials and bless my will, others do not know the reason for them and seek to oppose them.

43. Remember that I have long ago announced to you these days when hurricanes will be unleashed and chaos will reign in the bosom of your people

44. There were very few to whom my word remained present and who "watched", making them like the wise virgins of my parable Most of them forgot my prophecies and let themselves be taken by surprise, allowing their dismay to take hold of them.

45. This is the storm wind which I announced, as did the Baptist, in whom Elijah incarnated, and which would come to tear down every bad tree and to tear down from the good trees the dry leaves or the unripe fruit.

46. "Will this confusion pass?" you ask Me anxiously, and I say, yes. But first you will have much to fight and weep.

47. To those who truly long for the victory of light and union, I say that they should remain in prayer, in the study of my word and in the exercise of what I have taught you, that not your will but mine shall be done Then you will truly triumph.

48. I will give victory to those who strive for spiritualization, who remove from their heart even the last trace of materialism and idolatry - to those who obey my will and interpret my teaching correctly. I will encourage some as well as others, and so they, reflecting and preparing, will wait for the appropriate time to speak and say, "This is the Father's work, this is spiritualism.

49. I will manifest myself among them precisely in the moments of their study and meditations, and give them new revelations as an incentive to persevere on the path of spiritualization.

50. During the time of my rallies you have carried out various tasks, some of them within these places of assembly and others where you have been asked for: Each of these tasks I have given a different name, and so there have been leaders, voice bearers, gift bearers, and other appointments.

51. When my rallies and those of the spiritual world end at the end of 1950, I want that those designations which you have had until then disappear from among you, and that you come closer to each other, so that no one will think himself superior, and no one will feel himself inferior

52. In that time you will no longer need those names unconditionally. You will not be less respected or loved because you no longer officially hold the said offices. The essential thing is that you remain in truth, and that your works of love deserve the gratitude of your fellow men.

53. To all the people I say that the highest and most beautiful title man possesses is to be a "child of God," though it is necessary to earn it.

This is the purpose of the law and the teachings: to inspire you the knowledge of my truth so that you may become worthy children of that Divine Father who is the highest perfection.

54. With these words I encourage you to advance with perseverance along the path I have laid out.

55. So I comfort you in this hour of trial, that you may not despair nor let your faith be quenched.

56. Leave with Me through your prayer that abundance of sufferings, worries, desires, and petitions which your heart contains.

57. I know all these things, all these things come to Me. But I will give you according to my will, and when the time is right.

58. If I let the dew descend on the flowers, how should I not send my radiation to your soul?

59. Here I am with you in essence, revealing to you the new message

60. I am teaching you in this time the spiritualization that will replace the false love that men have assured Me.

61. I give you the opportunity to love Me truly by serving you and loving you, so that my example may teach you to love one another and show you that it is not necessary to give a coin to exercise mercy, because it makes you understand that the one who considers himself poorest has an inexhaustible wealth of goods to offer to his fellow men.

62. That so great field, on which you can sow the seed of love, has been given the name "spiritual farmland," on which to work I invite you all, so that you may see your gifts come to light when you unfold them in the exercise of goodness

63. I have given you inspiration, healing balm, intuition, strength of soul and peace. But I have also distributed among my listeners various tasks. Some have received the task of receiving my light in their minds and transmitting it through the Word. Others have received the gift to receive the spiritual world through the mind. Still others have been given the gift to see something of the hereafter and of the future through the gift of vision, that is, through the spiritual face.

64. Some have also received the gift of discernment, and others the gift of the Word.

65. Since my rallies through the human mind began, I wanted you to put your gifts into practice and begin your spiritual mission, so that when the day of my departure came, you would already have covered part of the way and not feel too weak to begin to fulfill such a difficult mission.

66. Some have correctly interpreted the divine wishful thinking and made an effort to fulfill it. But there are also those, and these are in the majority, who have misunderstood the meaning of this work.

67. These are the errors that I reproach this people for, because I do not want men to mock those who have been taught for so long.

68. why materialize me by enumerating each of your errors individually, which have been committed and are being committed in your ritual acts? Your conscience and the counsel of the spiritual world are sufficient so that you do not lack corrections and teachings.

69. I tell you that those who love my work most unselfishly will be those who are quickest to abandon their sensual rituals and who are easiest to correct their errors because they have always longed for spiritual improvement, and it is no sacrifice for them to abandon their customary practices because they know that they are thereby taking a step forward. Those, on the other hand, who have sought to create a personality within my work, a livelihood or flattery for their vanity by means of cult forms, cult practices and rites, will have to fight a lot with themselves to be able to give up what the spiritual work means to them without being it. For in my work you must allow only the louder, the superior, the perfect. But all that which contains unfairness, materialization, and falseness in itself is man's work.

70. When will you understand the meaning and purpose of this work? When will you understand that, because it is mine and has been entrusted to you, you must respect it as it is, without adding anything of your own to it?

71. O beloved people! I have pulled you out of the dirt and into the light. But there are many who are desperate to continue living in darkness. These will have to be surprised by the trials that are already looming in the distance.

72. As Father and as Master I have fulfilled my task among you. It is for the people to pray, to meditate and to act according to the divine will.

My peace be with you! 

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